Working on sleeve cuffs today! These are for my 1890′s dress (which i’ve nicknamed the pumpkin gown because of the color). Once again I copied a pattern from 59 Authentic turn of the Century Patterns* and altered it to fit my arm.

It’s amazing how much more mobility a two piece sleeve pattern gives, even though it’s significantly tighter than sleeves i’ve made in the past.  I tend to use symmetrical rectangular patterns for sleeves since they are easier to draft, but this has worked out much better.

To allow them to be really tight I added closures into one seam. Instead of hiding the closures I chose to make them visible, but pretty to look at. I’m using bias cut strips that were sewn into tubes and formed into loops and small buttons that I covered with matching fabric.

The same closures will be used down the back of the bodice and skirt.