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Adrinette Month Day 1: Made For Each Other

“Master, are you finished yet? Am I allowed to see?” A small green kwami floated around the room, waiting patiently for his master to answer.

“Almost finished, Wayzz. Come, see what I’ve been working on.” Fu replied, gesturing to what was in his hands. The kwami floated over to where his master’s shoulder was, peeking around to look at what he had been working on tirelessly the past few months. Recognizing the items he let out a small gasp, looking over at his master.

“Master! Don’t you think these items are being made too soon?” Fu let out a small chuckle.

“My dear Wayzz, I think you underestimate the strong bond between the two.”

“But master, they’ve only just turned eighteen! And they only revealed themselves four months ago.” The kwami reminded his master, floating around him to fully face the elderly man. Fu only smiled back, a small glint of mischief in his eyes.

“I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how quickly things have been developing, Wayzz. You know they’re meant to be.” A loud, abrupt and frantic knocking on the door interrupted their conversation. They both glanced to where the entrance was. The kwami was busy wondering who could be visiting at this time of night, especially when it was a Saturday. Meanwhile, it seemed as if Fu already knew who were coming to visit. He let out another chuckle, moving to get up and cursing his aching joints all the while. He was getting far too old for his liking, his back protesting his movement and begging him to go rest. Ignoring what his body was telling him, he moved over to his front door.

As soon as he opened the door he was greeted by an enthusiastic embrace, a blur of dark hair and sun kissed skin from spending hours outside defending Paris from akumas. Fu smiled and returned the embrace, looking over and being face to face with a small black kwami with cat ears, complete with a tail and whiskers which were twitching with impatience.

“My oh my, I didn’t expect a visit from you all at this hour. What’s the rush?” Fu asked with a knowing grin. The kwami scoffed, rolling his eyes.

“You know full well why we’re here. And it finally happened, too. I didn’t know how much longer I could take Adrien’s indecisiveness.” Plagg grumbled, buzzing into the home in search of cheese and a warm place to nap while everyone else chatted. He knew it would be awhile before his chosen decided it would be a suitable time to go back home.

“I’m so sorry Master Fu about Plagg. He still hasn’t learned what manners are yet.” The blonde scratched behind his neck sheepishly, slightly embarrassed at how rude his kwami was being.

“It’s fine, Adrien. Do not worry. I don’t think Plagg will ever understand what manners are.” Fu looked down as Marinette pulled away from him finally. Unable to contain her excitement, she proudly showed off her left hand, where a small modest ring glittered in the dim lighting.

“Isn’t it great? Adrien finally asked Marinette to marry him!” Tikki flew into view, gesturing towards the ring and twirling once in excitement herself. Fu always knew Tikki had a soft spot for whenever past Ladybug’s and Chat Noir’s got engaged or decided to become romantically involved. Marinette blushed, looking over at Adrien, whose face was also slightly red. Fu hummed in approval, taking in the sight of the two. Still caught up in the glow of their engagement, he watched as the two leaned in towards the other. Adrien wrapped his arm around Marinette’s waist and kissed the top of her head. Marinette’s blush increased, her face almost the exact same red as the suit for Ladybug, gently resting her hand over Adrien’s.

“Well, this has to be celebrated! I’m so happy for the two of you. Come inside, I have a surprise for the both of you as well.” Fu grinned and gestured for the young couple to come inside. For inside the living room, on a small table, rest a wedding veil and a pair of cufflinks. The wedding veils design was intricate, from far away it looked to be a beautiful design of lace and fabric but upon looking closer was actually a design of small ladybugs. The cufflinks beside the veil was of a black cat, with its tail curled around a ladybug. Two gifts made for the two who seemed to be made for each other.


for Father: Custom made golden cufflinks, designed with the words “ أَب and “ ابن ”– “father” and “son” in Arabic.  

for Pennyworth: A South Indian antique tea-set with six individual blends, from India and South-East Asia.

for Grayson: Duel performance staves from ancient Chinese theatre; unfortunately, I could only find those used in opera, and not in circus.

for Todd: A decorative khanjar from the al Ghul’s own personal inventory. An apology, if you will, albeit a few years too late.

for Drake: Only because I didn’t want to sour Father’s mood on Christmas Day; a leather-bound notebook from Italy.

As for me? Why would I ask for anything? I’m the heir to a billionaire fortune! I could buy anything I wanted!

((Damian just wanted to spend more time with Bruce tbh))

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For the fic thing could you do Hartwin & very possessive!Harry please? I really like your work btw thank you so much!

ok i have so many feelings for possesive Harry I’m gonna do a five times thingy.

He deserved the glares Merlin sent his way when he found out that he was having a suit made for Eggsy. And he might have deserved the eye roll he got when he showed his oldest freind the intended design for the suit. One that was actually very similar, though with a little more modern cut to than his favorite. What can he say, he can’t wait to see Eggsy wearing something he had made for him. 

Something deep in his chest settled in a contentness the probably should have alert him. The thought of Eggsy in a finely cut Kingsman suit sent shivers down his spine, it represented the claim he had over Eggsy. Well the claim Kingsman would have….


He’s heard Eggsy talk about his old friends, how he had been helping the old neighborhood countless times. But with a handsome fellow name Jamal who kissed Eggsy firmly on the cheek while they hugged eachother tightly was more than he wanted to handel. So he did what any man would do, he sat far too close to Eggsy. Casually brushing his young protiges hair back when it fell out of place. 

Making it clear to the other young man who was now eyeing him that Eggsy was his.


Eggsy didn’t bring up the incedent with Jamal and neither did Harry, he didn’t regret his actions even if he felt a bit guilty. Eggsy wasn’t his to claim no matter how much he wanted to. He needed to know that Eggsy wanted to also. So he gave Eggsy gifts, things like cufflinks in the same design he loved. maybe he sent Eggsy a bottle of the colonge he so happened to find (his favorite out of a show room purchased after a mission in paris) that cost more than what was probably a years rent in Eggsy’s old estate. 

Little things than made him feel contented and made Eggsy beam though it did seem to make Merlin a little murderouse, he’d probably catch hell from him sooner or later. 

Then there was Eggsy’s first honeypot mission, A young arms dealer just making a name for themselves nut with access to a load of information with very little danger compared to trying to infultrate the cindicate through the much more experienced members. 

Eggsy was magnificant, or so Merlin said. Harry had to excuse himself to break everything in an adjoining room. He’d have to do something about this, his own jealousy was quite unbecoming. Also from Merlins angry grumbling it sounded like he wasn’t going to let it continue. 

So he made a plan, invite Eggsy to dinner as a celebration. Propose a relationship and hope he hasn’t been mistaken. Maybe a kiss instead of a cold uncomfortable silence.

The plan obviously goes to shit when he sees Eggsy, in a crisp shirt and and one of the cardigans Harry had bought him a few weeks ago. There is a small red hickey protruding from the collar of the shirt and he vision goes a bit red itself. Ms. Yavva seemed to have been a little enthusiastic with her teeth.

Eggsy, ever the kind young man asks him if he’s all right before Harry is shoving him roughly against the entrance hall wall. It’s everything he’s ever wanted, Eggsy is warm a pliant beneath his hands. Hands that have reached around to grip his hair and his ass respectively. 

Eggsy is moaning into his mouth as he pushes a little harder, loving the way the younger man cants his hips into Harry’s everytime he gives a little nip, or goes a little deeper. As first kisses go it’s definitely his favorite.


The first time they fuck, theyre both pleasantly warm with good wine laughing as they stumble into bed. At least until Harry is moving up Eggsy’s body, following the memory of the hickey that had taken nearly a week to dissappear completely. He takes his time, leaving several quickly purpling marks un places were only Eggsy would enjoy them. 

That is until he’s biting hard into the tendons of Eggsy’s neck, moving with Eggsy as the younger man shouts and whines while reaching for the back of Harry’s head. The feeling of his hair being tugged is enough to drive him on further. Biting and laving at the redening spot that was firmly above the collar line. Everyone would see it, more importanlty they would know exactly who left it there.