Next To You - Phan one-shot

Warning: Get the fucking tissues! You’re going to need them for this event. (probably)

WK: 1,072

Dan was nervously pulling at the cuff of his tux jacket; the cufflinks fitting uncomfortably around his wrist.  He let out a long exhale of breath and ran his hands through the curly strands of hair, disheveling it even more. Out of nerves, Dan brought his hand up to his mouth and gnawed on the already chewed down nails.

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under-appreciated lines: falsettos

-both of mendel’s “i’m jewish” in four jews in a room
-“shave your legs”
-whizzer’s little moan in “mEn in cufflinks”
-“would he kill you?” “…yes.”
-trina’s “wh iZzeR” in i’m breaking down
-STEPHANIE J BLOCK SLAYING “I’ll wait for youuuuu”
-jason’s “i’ll buy confetti, and…..sing” IS SUCH AN INNOCENT LINE
-“oh, those, BIBLICAL TIMES”
-andrew rannells’ falsetto. “whizzer says it doesn’t dearie!”
-just the entirety of march of the falsettos
-“i think…girls are.”
-Marvin’s “isn’t he an asshoooole” in Year Of The Child
-“you’re looking sweeter than a donut” :,)
-Trina’s tired “I don’t know” when Whizzer asked if Marvin was still queer
-Marvin nutting over the bald spot
-How winded Marvin sounds when saying “That’s not nice” in A Day in Falsettoland
-Mendel’s ‘God’ voice. “Moses, everyone hates his parents!”
-“I’m a psychiatrist, get lost!!”


Happy birthday @amorverus

“With that magnitude and scale of destruction, it can only be caused by a prince of hell,” Jace said, his voice loud in the war room.

The other shadowhunters nodded and murmured in agreement and Magnus’ eyes flickered to Alec who stood a couple of meters away from Jace and was staring intently at the news report on Mauna Kea’s eruption and the unending rain of soot, ash and fire, that was slowly turning Hawaii into a wasteland. He stood tall with his arms crossed behind his back, the very picture of the perfect soldier. The only thing that gave away his agitation: his furrowed brow and the way he shifted, almost imperceptibly from one foot to the other.

“The question then is, which prince of hell is it,” Lindsay, the dark-haired, glasses-wearing shadowhunter that always shifted just out of the way every time he showed up at the institute said. Her eyes met his and had everyone else turning to look at Magnus. “Which one of them would you say it is?”

Magnus shook his head. “None of them.”

“What,” Jace asked and finally looked up at Magnus.

Magnus shrugged. “If a prince of hell was walking on earth, the death toll will be way more than the fifty-seven people that the reports say have died. Why expend so much energy if the kill would end up being so low? Especially if they go through this much to flaunt their power?”

“And what would you know about the princes of hell warlock,” he heard one of the shadowhunters sneer.

Alec’s head snapped up. Before Magnus could reach out to calm him, a voice spoke up.

“Clearly more than you. A prince of hell indeed. Stupid nephilim.”

Magnus spun around. That voice. He knew that voice. Hoped to everything that was good and pure that he would never have to hear it again. Clearly the heavens paid no mind to the children of Lilith because sitting right on a chair at the corner of the room was a slender man, dressed in a deep blue, almost black tailored suit. Shoes that were so polished, Magnus was sure he would have been able to see his reflection in them. He’d replaced his preferred diamond cufflinks with ones of black opal, a blue garnet tiepin kept his tie in place. His hair was combed back, and kept in place by the barbed wire crown he wore. Cat eyes eerily similar to his when he dropped his glamour stared back at him and Asmodeus’ lips curved into a mocking smile.

“Hello Magnus. It’s been a while.”

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I work in makeup store that does free birthday gifts.

Was tasking and talking to a co-worker friend about how she signed her boyfriend up for the birthday gift and she was just going to take it since it was eye shadow… this led her going on a mini-rant about how our store needs to have male orientated birthday gifts. We’re a 1 brand-specifc makeup store that sells makeup, tools to put it on, and stuff to take it off. THAT’S IT.  I asked her what we could possible get for guys and she was like, ‘idk a tie or cheap cufflinks or something?’

A huge part of our clintelle is makeup-purchasing males… why wouldn’t they want free makeup on their birthdays if they specifically come in here NOT on their birthdays and PAY for it?

Like as a female, if I walked into a hardware store for my free mini-birthday hammer (or something lmao) and they handed me a cheap set of earrings insteadI’d be a little miffed. You don’t go to a brand-name makeup store for a tie, like you don’t go to a hardware store for earrings. Give me my hammer, and I’ll give you your mini eyeshadow palette!

Sorry but it just really rubbed me the wrong way!

It’s A Hate-Hate Thing {Lim Changkyun} ~Happy One Month!!~

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Prompt: Y/N and Changkyun have been fighting for two years and their friends are tired of it, so they take matters into their own hands and handcuff Changkyun and Y/N together hoping it will help them get over whatever they have been fighting for, for the last two years, the only problem is: Y/N has no clue what is it herself.

Pairing: Changkyun x Reader

Word Count: 5.2k

Warning: smut, rough sex, 

|| Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist ||

**This is hands down the longest story I’ve written with an actual plot and smut scene~

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