cuffed sweatpants

home sick tonight, so in my delirium I drew underworld jadekat smooches. can’t believe I actually finished the series? go read it if you haven’t it’s 150,000 words of dark comedy patron shipping split up into 6 convenient stories that took me two in a half years to complete.

end of series fact I just made up: karkat exclusively wore high-water cuffed denim sweatpants. for the whole series. it’s horrible.

Just some tweaking needed (such as the shadowmap on the feet which I just used my slouchie one as a placeholder), these turned out really well.

They don’t work with all shoes though. Mainly boots. This was my one concern making these, but it was when I made them for TS3 too. The main issue as you could imagine is that shoes clip through the cuffed part of the leg. But honestly, who is going to wear these with hiking boots? I think it is a small sacrifice to make for them. There will be a warning as well when they are uploaded. I will play around to see if I can improve it, but I don’t see much that can be done. Maybe there is a setting to remove the lower mesh when certain shoes are used. I know it works for cowboy boots. I will have to investigate.