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Lucas, drawn in PS. 

I had this up last night for a bit but wanted to fix some things. I also added a background (Ronin came out in summer of ‘83 and idk seems like something Lucas would be in the middle of reading).

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Lucas from Stranger Things. Portrait is of Lucas sitting cross-legged on the floor. He’s wearing brown corduroy pants and a long-sleeved dark brown shirt with orange and white cuffs, white socks, a wristwatch, and gray Sauconys. The carpet is goldenrod shag. The background is a faded collage of covers and art from Frank Miller’s Ronin.]


Small, but firm.

CYOSTODA - Part Two: Dean Picks Dare

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam, and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA

Word Count: 1205

Warnings: Swearing

Following on from Part 1 by @littlegreenplasticsoldier, where you get into a game of Truth or Dare with Dean, Sam, and their motel neighbour, Leah.  You’ve just asked Dean Truth or Dare.

CYOSTODA Mastermess here

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Dean’s staring at you, those gorgeous green eyes flitting over your face, and you can see the wheels turning, can practically smell the smoke. He locks eyes with yours as he runs his tongue over his bottom lip and you fight your urge to follow it’s path so hard you can feel your eyeballs shake with the effort. Dean smirks at you, like he knows full well what he’s doing to you, which let’s face it, he probably does.

“Dare.” he finally says, low and sure.

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Wrapped Around His Finger

Series: Yuri!!! On ice

Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

Rating: Explicit

Summary:   Victor wants Yuuri now, and is willing to give his entire self to him. Yuuri feels like experimenting.
(Set 2 months after the Barcelona GPF)

Word count: 5455

Notes:  You can read it on AO3 or under the cut. As usual, betaed by my best friend and official betaer.

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anonymous asked:

Can I get a color palette and maybe an outfit idea for Lilac Pearl?

LIBTotally! Here’s your color palette for Lilac Pearl!

Here’s the reference image for her!

For the outfit, this is the SUPER fun part! As she’s a Pearl and if you want to stay canon, it’s important to have her have that basic “Pearl” look. Their outfits are generally very elegant and delicate, with transparency and poof in parts of their outfit. For example, Blue Pearl has a transparent skirt and Yellow Pearl has transparent sleeves. These both fold in on themselves and give a poofy and light look to them. If you need a little bit of inspiration for working on the design, I recommend looking at different ballerina outfits!

Another thing I would recommend with maybe related the design back to the “Lilac” flower itself to give her more character. Lilacs come in bunches of flowers that part in four petals. You could put this in somewhere maybe as the transparent bit for her outfit as a skirt, sleeves, collar, cuffs, or even socks. You also might be able to design her base outfit as a flower or just try to incorporate something that can be shown or interpreted as a lilac.

Another important thing that you need to base your design off of is personality. With all the gems that we’ve met, first looks are important and give the audience a general impression of who they’re looking at. For example, if you look at Blue Pearl, her eyes are covered so she looks timid and shy. Meanwhile, Rose’s curly hair and soft features give a sweet, and loving feeling. If you want your Lilac Pearl to be a set personality, try looking into different accessories, colors, and shapes within your design to give a clear first impression of it. 

If you were to ask my opinion on an outfit design of a Lilac Pearl, I would probably suggest these kind of features to incorporate into a design. Most likely a poofy four-petal flower skirt, a sleeveless base that acts as shorts and has a similar collar to Blue Pearl, a light transparent trim along the collar, some poofy sleeves near her wrists, some poofy socks, and some slip on shoes. I hope this helps you in creating your gemsonas!

-Mod Charoite

I take over a zone of patients and everyone is happy, everything is dandy….for about 1 hour….and then I get a patient who comes in with multiple complaints. First suspect urinary retention, since he led with that and his belly was distended. Easy fix (usually). I get a catheter and notify the MD. Then, as a throwaway complaint, he says “….and my feet are numb.” I feel his feet through his socks and warning bells started going off in my head. I tell the correctional officers in no uncertain terms, they need to get the cuffs and socks off the patient NOW. no pulses, no movement, no sensation, no cap refill, dusky, cyanotic…..

And that is why I am Murphy.