cuff socks


Hey guys! Here’s a video I uploaded and totally forgot that I even did, back in July. It features socks, cuffs, and feather tickling. Hope you like it, sorry for the delay, whoever asked for this. :) 


Small, but firm.

5 actual outfits Viktor Nikiforov wore as a preteen

(along with his middle part bowl cut)

1. taz and bugs bunny baseball tee with yellow sleeves, overalls with one strap undone, rolled up at the cuffs with thick white socks and light up skechers. topped off with rollerball glitter on his cheeks and a rainbow tattoo choker. 

2. oversized baggy jeans with a beeper on his front pocket, a brown bowling shirt with the top 3 buttons undone, dark brown kangol hat and diamond earrings (Yakov made him remove them immediately and the holes filled back in. Viktor refused to talk to him for a week.)

3.  tucked in white crew neck, bedazzled jean jacket with puffy sleeves and a pair of rhinestone skates on the back, high waisted mom jeans in matching demin and torn out at the knees, bedazzled on the back pockets with his initials, backwards purple hat

4. lilac velour tracksuit with one leg rolled up, the jacket zipped down to his mid torso with a white t-shirt underneath, air force 1s and a floral fanny pack.

5.  navy and burgundy plaid button up with short sleeves down to the elbows  over a white v neck, hemp necklace, khaki cargo shorts, thick white socks, adidas slide sandals, an army green bucket hat, a discman in his pocket with the headphones around his neck

anonymous asked:

My dad gave me one of his old sweaters. It's yellow and thick and baggy and says "Chaps" across the front in a font similar to Metroscript (very retro basically). Any ideas?

Black distessed skinny jeans (cuffs rolled), frilly socks with creepers Or vans and a choker x