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1.  Alas, poor Namjoon // AP Tests + Poetry

1.5. Joonie Boyz // Joony Wap + Trap Queen

2. #wce // Instagram + Smooth Namjoon

3. ANTM // Ice Breakers + Tyra Banks

4. Tongue Emoji // Daddy Kinks + Possible Homicide

5. Clutch Week/ Cuff Week // Homework + Wrestling

6. Two phones // College loans + Drug dealers

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5. Clutch Week/Cuff Week

Originally posted by vmih

Summary: In which Namjoon turns into John Cena when you try to nap.
Genre: Fluff

The only source of sound coming from your room was the soft music of Namjoon’s Sound Cloud playlist, the steady scratching of pencil on paper, and the occasional question of “what did you get for this question?” and “wait, Namjoon what the fuck did you even do, we didn’t learn that yet.”

This week was, as you liked to affectionately call it, a “clutch week”, or what Namjoon called, “a time where you need to ace everything that’s handed to you because the end of the quarter is literally a week away, and I am not getting a B for the quarter.”

This pretty much includes holing yourselves up in your bedroom and working until someone passes out on the floor from exhaustion, copious amounts of junk food (which is 90% Namjoon’s beloved Cheetos and 10% snacks you actually eat), and, what you hated the most, the exclusion of cat naps, something which your normal homework sessions are punctuated by.

And even though the crazed look in Namjoon’s eyes should’ve deterred you from even taking a moment too long to grab the textbook next to you, you find yourself standing up.

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