Quincy Freeman, better known as “Cue,” has had an undying passion for food ever since he could remember, but recalls that this particular love affair officially began after Cue tried In-N-Out Burger fries while on a road trip with his dad and his Uncle Ronnie. Since then, the blogger has been on a several-year journey “eating everything from everywhere.” Cue the Critic is the place where the charismatic Cue can share, express, write and generally make the rest of us jealous with his extensive culinary adventures. This particular endeavor started out in 2013 after Cue was finally convinced to start his own foodie site, which initially began with a single post on the history of the Bloody Mary, and soon began to take shape as an impressive collection of food-related goodness. The blogger’s love for food permeates the site and we can see that there are few out there as sincere and dedicated as him. As the blog says in its motto, you can consider the site as “your definitive guide to gastronomic suicide.”  Cue explains that what this exactly refers to is the fact that most of the things we eat, no matter whether they’re at our home or in a restaurant, typically have the capacity to eventually kill us. Because of this, you might as well enjoy the best possible tastes and flavors out there and enjoy the process. This is more or less what Cue tries to help us achieve, with his entertaining stories, commentaries, mouth-watering photographs and all around good mood atmosphere. The site’s unique layout will surely be a feast for your eyes with the bright, tasty photos being the central focus of and organizational structure of the blog. You can search through the different categories on the site which include everything from burgers to health and wellness, and are sure to not only provide you with some great tips and information but likewise keep you smiling while you’re at it. We highly recommend you check out Cue the Critic!

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predictions: birdman for best picture (cue every boring movie critic mourning boyhood and the end of cinema) eddie redmayne for best actor, julianne moore for best actress, patricia arquette and jk simmons for supporting, linklater for director, budapest for original script and american sniper for adapted, american sniper will win all the film editing/sound mixing awards and budapest will win all the costume/set awards