I absolutely love doing casual witchcraft

It’s the little things like:

- being to lazy to get up and shut a door that someone has left open so you whistle for a strong gust of wind and your door slams shut. 🌬

- walking up in the morning and cradling your hot cup of tea or coffee whispering a mantra of “give me your energy goddamnit - I need yo sweet caffeine” ☕️

- friend/family member coming down with a cold you take one look at them and “you look absolutely miserable, sit yo ass down and let me make you a cup of tea” ~ cue casual witchcraft 🤒

- wifi modem is being a weak ass bitch so you place a quartz point on top of it “are you happy now?"📡

- putting up "you don’t see me” or “you don’t want to bother me” glamours up when studying or on public transport. 😎

- pouring magic into the food when cooking so that “_______ always tastes better when you cook it” ~ “I’m just good with spices” 😉

- Torrential rain outside and you didn’t bring an umbrella ~ cue casual witchcraft ~ rain stops for a few minutes while you walk to your car and then starts back up again. ⛈

- enchanting the shit out of your cell phone so the screen never cracks 📱

- painting sigils on your fingernails/toenails so that you’ve always got “spells on you fingers and spells on your toes” that are ready at a moments notice 💅

- warding your laptop against viruses and so no one can hack into it (having a little computer crashing curse waiting for those that try 😈)

- spell bag in the glove compartment of your car so that you never get into a car accident 🚗

~ casual witchcraft ~