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       ENOUGH. as the sign clearly says, this law firm isn’t dealing with anything to do with pro or anti registration issues unless we’re getting paid. this is a company business we are running here. i’m sorry, i know it’s not what you want to hear, but that’s what was voted on. so: unless you have an appointment, i’d suggest you leave.  she’d really have to ask for a raise after this one. 

Just because I am.

Do not fall in love with the idea of me.
It will cloud your mind and taint your heart.
Feelings weighed by expectations offer nothing tangible,
for either of us.
Do not think me perfect.
My flaws will be jagged scars upon my personhood.
They will obscure the real beauty of the reality that is,
See this person before you as I am.
Note the complexity and contradictions.
Acknowledge the insecurities and the strength of my determination.
Accept that my intentions may have no reason other than,
“Just because.”
even if “because” is not really an answer. 

-B. Giles


I hope people realize if I do remake the twins blog it will be like a reset button. All past interactions will be like it never happened. I might just start rping them on kik with the very few people who do want to interact with them bc I am on kik and do rp there

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Once you receive this message, answer with 5 things that make you happy! When you're done, send this message to the ten most recent people in your notes! ^^

1: Oreo chocolate bars 

2: Family and friend time

3: Laura Benanti’s tweets

4: Random moments when I remember I’m seeing Queen Bey next month

5: The internet

Gemini Dream Countdown (3/7)