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These are just the ones I picked out of my drafts. I still have more, but these were the ones Sarah chose to present herself to. 

I will work on the others, I promise. I just need to get a bit better before I’m able to do them.


testing out the gopro with machete: snow fetch

corginaut replied to your post: Monday morning at the vet! No prob, ju…

Vet - “Your sausage is well-formed and features a smoked frito flavor. The ham-to-turkey ratio is within standard culinary limits so I think he’s ready for the dinner table.”

hahaha, not gonna lie, this cracked me up!

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que lindo saludos desde venezuela

gracias! omg, venezuela!

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The lyrics of Ghostbusters need to be repurosed to Barkpatrol.



I have finally reached 300 followers and although I don’t have another planned out for the occassion because I barely have anything since I had restarted my town and I am still working on it at the moment. But thank you all for following me.

Things I learned in my first few weeks of being 19

1. Spend time with others, but not too much. You’ll lose yourself in all the happenings.
2. Company is better, but learning to enjoy your own is the best.
3. People are not defined but what they do for you. People are defined by the things they say and their character.
4. Don’t expect anything in return.
5. Do things out of genuinity.
6. Competition is bullshit. Do things to constantly to improve yourself.
7. Talk to adults more. They have more experiences and knowledge. They have more substance.