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they’re all sweaty and gross after training but they still find the time to be cute


“I know it’s gonna hurt, but you’re worth fighting for”

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Description: You’d kept your Dyslexia a secret from Spencer for a while now, you didn’t want the BAU’s resident genius to look down on you because of something so trivial; but like all the profilers were trained to do, he eventually found out.

A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested this! I don’t have Dyslexia so I spend a lot of time before writing this doing some research so it was at least somewhat accurate; I hope I did it justice!

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Work From Home.

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Author’s Note: This is by far the dirtiest smut I’ve written so far. First Steve Rogers smut I’ve ever written. Definitely not the last. AGAIN! I’ve had little to no experience in this, so yeah…. 

Based on ‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six months now, meaning you two still had things to learn about each other. When Steve was sent on a two-week long mission without you, you couldn’t help but tease him during a debrief meeting. However, your actions did not go unpunished.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, Sexting, masturbation, toys, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, boss kink, orgasm denial.

Words: 3476

I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’
I ain’t wearin’ na nada
I’m sittin’ pretty, impatient, but I know you gotta
Put in them hours, I'mma make it harder
I’m sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired

Two weeks. That’s the longest you’ve been separated from Steve since you two got together. And it was killing you. You missed him, worried about him, craved him. And it was driving you nuts.

You knew that whenever he goes on missions, contact was nonexistent for the sake of his and your safety. It just made his homecoming even more exciting. It spurred something in the both of you that made you guys get barely any sleep on his day back from a mission. This prolonged time away from each other only fueled your need for him. You were just straight-up horny, and touching yourself just wasn’t cutting it for you. Every night, you wore just a loose T-shirt and underwear to bed, trying to get off.

So you almost screamed in excitement when you got a text from him.

The team and I just got back from the mission. I’ll be home as soon as debriefing is done.

You bit your lower lip in anticipation at the thought of him being just a couple of floors above you. In less than a hour, he will be in between your legs, which made you more than impatient.

Hurry or I’ll get started without you. 👄

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Feuilly works in a watch and clock shop. It started as an interest in steampunk during high school, which developed into an actual fascination with gears and the inner workings of machinery. He still holds onto a bit of steampunk though, especially the menswear because the suits are absolutely stunning.

Bahorel just found this really cool mini grandfather clock at a thrift shop, but it’s broken beyond what he knows from his 10 minute google search. So he looks up the closest clock shop and heads over for an actual professional to do.. whatever it is that they do.

As soon as he enters the shop, he’s greeted by this impeccably handsome man. His face is freckled and boyish, a tuft of red hair poking out of his gear accented top hat, but his suit is honestly more fashionable than anything Bahorel has ever seen. He even has a pocket watch dangling from his suit jacket. He looks like he’s straight out of a comic.

He was going to just drop off the clock and go. Keyword: was.

And if all of the clocks in his apartment mysteriously stop working, well then that’s just a convenient coincidence.