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this is a SUPER belated birthday gift for @pingouinprince aka the Loveliest Person Ever!!! 

this is from what are, objectively, the Best headcanons i’ve seen yet

highlights of the auckland p!atd concert

-during the guitar solo of bohemian rhapsody all lights were on kenny and everyone was cheering him on
-before playing i write sins “THIS IS A BRAND NEW SONG”
-gay pride flag on the mic stand during girls/girls/boys
-dallon’s finger wag in “love is not a choice” i could picture the fucking smirk on his face
-dallon’s hair flips
-”you’re all beautiful”
-”this song…this one’s about my buddy, spencer.” cue everyone screaming
-everyone clapping and swaying their arms at the end of nine in the afternoon
-”That sign says fight me, brendon. Not only is that an invitation, i believe in equal rights to everybody.”
-backflip during miss jackson
-brendon’s fucking high notes????????????
-someone onstage (it could’ve been kenny????) dabbed
-victorious (the last song) had confetti blasting fucking everywhere that people kept
-brendon/etc doing a bow at the end
-”this means the world to us. i want to thank you from the bottom, top, left, right, and everywhere of our hearts. thank you.”


jjongdi, goodbye ♡

and tonight was the last night with jjongdi.

for the past three years, you showed me a lot and introduced me to a lot of people, slowly opening up my mind to show me how to be sympathetic, grateful and comforting towards things that are around me, people around me. thanks to you too, that i met a lot of people who cared about blue night as much as i do, and they are all good people that sticks with me until today. of course, it had been hard to prioritize school work over blue night but somehow i managed it through. 

i have my alarm set up at 10:45pm (blue night is 11pm for me) it would go off everyday, my friends who are familiar with it will be like, okay time for you to go~ your radio is on soon~ there won’t be alarms anymore ;;

jjongdi! through blue night i knew eddy kim, oksangdalbit, blue night’s girlfirned - nine unnie, go young bae + soran, and more. there’s different genres of music you played, a different world for me. i’m thankful for all of it. i really am.

for the three years of happiness and love you showed and showered us, thank you ♡ rest a lot, never fall sick jjongdi! we’ll meet again. mbc fm4u, thank you.

Work From Home.

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Author’s Note: This is by far the dirtiest smut I’ve written so far. First Steve Rogers smut I’ve ever written. Definitely not the last. AGAIN! I’ve had little to no experience in this, so yeah…. 

Based on ‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six months now, meaning you two still had things to learn about each other. When Steve was sent on a two-week long mission without you, you couldn’t help but tease him during a debrief meeting. However, your actions did not go unpunished.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, Sexting, masturbation, toys, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, boss kink, orgasm denial.

Words: 3476

I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’
I ain’t wearin’ na nada
I’m sittin’ pretty, impatient, but I know you gotta
Put in them hours, I'mma make it harder
I’m sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired

Two weeks. That’s the longest you’ve been separated from Steve since you two got together. And it was killing you. You missed him, worried about him, craved him. And it was driving you nuts.

You knew that whenever he goes on missions, contact was nonexistent for the sake of his and your safety. It just made his homecoming even more exciting. It spurred something in the both of you that made you guys get barely any sleep on his day back from a mission. This prolonged time away from each other only fueled your need for him. You were just straight-up horny, and touching yourself just wasn’t cutting it for you. Every night, you wore just a loose T-shirt and underwear to bed, trying to get off.

So you almost screamed in excitement when you got a text from him.

The team and I just got back from the mission. I’ll be home as soon as debriefing is done.

You bit your lower lip in anticipation at the thought of him being just a couple of floors above you. In less than a hour, he will be in between your legs, which made you more than impatient.

Hurry or I’ll get started without you. 👄

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Renegade Rage

Summary: You’re already pissed off, and Dean is just making it worse. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Well, sort of implied at the end.)
Word Count: 1330
Warnings: Language, bar fight violence, drinking.
Genre: General.
Challenge: @atc74 and @mamaredd123‘s Fabulous 300 challenge! My prompts were: fight, rage, and Renegade by Styx. I’m only about two months overdue on this. Sigh. Sorry it took me so long ladies, but here it is! 

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Imagine teasing Tom about how you would have beat him in Lip Sync Battle and you do a full lip sync/strip tease to Beyonce's Rocket. His reaction would be priceless omg

“Okay so you’re girlfriend is up next. Any idea what she’s going to be doing?” LL asked Tom. “No freaking clue man.”, “Well okay.”

The music started and you took your cue. Tom realized the song and blushed furiously as you swayed on stage. “Oh my God.” He wiped his forehead and watched you sexily act out the song. 

You turned to him and mouthed the words:

I just wanna show you now
Slow it down
Go around
You rock hard
I rock steady

Chrissy Teigen was fanning herself and clapping, “Yes bitch!” You walked over to Tom and pulled him out to the chair that sat center stage and gave him a full on lap dance.

“Wow, is that even safe for TV? I felt like we just intruded on a very private moment.” LL laughed after the song was over. 

Misunderstandings || Daveed Diggs Imagine

Note: Hi everyone! So I know this is out of my football imagine line but it has to do with my other obsession aka Hamilton aka Daveed Diggs. I hope you like it!

Warning:Swearing, but if you have heard Clpping, you should be used to it.

Anyone that has seen or heard of the Hamilton musical dreams of being part of the cast members, at least you did. Thankfully, you were part of it. Part of an amazing cast who cared so much for each other and were absolutely perfect. You were part of the Ensemble, but with the privilege of being able to fill in for any of the girls because you knew all the songs by heart and knew the script as well. You loved your job, who wouldn’t? Maybe it got tiring, but you still had fun and didn’t let that show, ever, until you were home.

“You haven’t met her, you haven’t had the chance” you hear Leslie sing as he recorded with his phone for social media. “You have seen her in the show, the one who can play Hamilton by herself, Y/N” he drew out your name. You were fixing your hair so you look at him through the mirror.

“You are the worst, Burr” you say in a French accent and both of you laugh as you turn around.

“Hey” he greets, kissing your cheek after he stopped recording.

“Your coffee is over there” you nod your head at the couch and he grins.

“Reason why I love you.”

“Les, have you seen- Hey” Daveed greets making you grin. So maybe you had a crush on him and the others have said it was mutual. The way his breath got caught whenever he saw you was what made them all realize such thing, but you didn’t notice it at all. Yes you guys flirted a bit too seriously sometimes but it was teasingly, or so you believed.

“Hi” you say, and right there and then you hear Alexander’s voice, being Lin’s, saying the word in Take a Break.

“I was looking for you” he starts. Leslie, in the meantime is sipping on his coffee on the couch, looking between the two of you.

“What do you need?”

He looks at Leslie briefly and then his hues turn to you. “I was wondering if-”

“Y/N, we need a big favor” Lin says as he bursts into the room making your eyes widen slightly, snapping away from the Daveed daydreaming you were in.

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“Jas has a sore throat and won’t be able to join us. Do you think you can fill in for her?”

“Of course. I just need to get the dresses, I’ll rush now.”

“Thank you, I owe you.” Lin blows you a kiss with both hands before he leaves. You turn to the guys, Leslie is grinning up at you while Daveed…doesn’t look very happy.

“You were saying?” You ask him.

“Nothing. It can wait. I’ll see you later.” And with that he walks away making you raise an eye brow.

“What was that?”

“It’s called ‘I wish I were Alexander in 'Say No To This’ if you get to be Maria. Also known as, a hint of envy with jealousy” Leslie answers and you face him.

“No way. Stop saying that. He probably forgot or regretted whatever he was going to say…” You frown but you still wonder what Diggs wanted to say deep down.

“There’s trouble in the air, you can smell it” he sings as he starts walking out of your room.

“I guess I’ll never be freed from references to the songs, huh?” You ask before you head out as well to get the wardrobe necessary for Peggy and Maria.

To say you were nervous was an understatement. You have played small dialogues like the girls in The Election of 1800, but to sing a whole song was a big honor and a big responsibility. But then, if Lin didn’t trust you could do it, he wouldn’t have asked you to get the part for today.

You fixed your dress for Peggy and walked out of the room, closing the door behind you. Everyone was rushing, as usual, and Groff was joking with Lin, still not in his costume, as usual.

“Y/N” you hear Daveed’s voice say behind you and your heart skips a beat. Your cheeks flush a soft pink as you turn to face him. “You okay?” He looked absolutely stunning with his hair pulled back in his bun and the soldier uniform…

“Uh, yeah, I am. Why?”

“You look nervous” he says with a smirk.

“I feel like I won’t be able to pull Peggy, right. I know everything but what if-”

“Hey. Lin trusts you, you will do fine. I believe in you. Just relax” he says, his thumb stroking your jawline and you feel the warmth radiating from it, you have to stop yourself from leaning into it. You were a hundred percent sure you were blushing.

“Thank you. That means a lot” you smile at him and he smiles back. Your gaze moves to look at his lips for a moment before looking back into his eyes, noticing he was doing the same gesture.

“Places!” A staff member shouts and breaks the moment between the two of you.

“We should probably…”

“Yeah” he agrees, his hand dropping before he walks away.

“Helpless” Pippa and Renee draw out before they lock their arms around yours to lead you to your place.

“I am not…” You groan and they laugh.

The first act went great, you acted as innocent as you could master, as well as a bit childish, when The Schuyler Sisters song came up. Then you have the moment during the wedding where you walked down with Daveed which made your heart beat quite fast the entire moment.

“Still nervous I see” he says as you two walk down and you tighten your grip around his arm as a sign for him to shut up, making him smile.

Then the boys did their little dance in Story of Tonight Reprise and you couldn’t help but laugh at their failed attempts. Oak tried and at least succeeded somewhat. Anthony did his pelvic trust and laughed as always. Meanwhile Diggs…Was being Diggs, incapable of doing simple moves. It was hilarious to see that scene, especially Lin not being able to hold back his amusement and chuckle at the three all the time.

The break was up, and you went to place Peggy’s dress back in place and took Maria’s. You had to change your make up to be the seductive Maria Reynolds instead of the innocent, little Peggy. You were dressed now, applying the red lipstick before moving to work on your eye liner. There’s a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

“Just wanted to drop by to say that you looked amazing and did well” Lin says and you smile at him through the mirror.

“Thank you, and thank you for trusting me to fill the role for today.”

“Might not be for just today if that’s what you want” he says with a chuckle and your eyes widen. “Eventually we will all leave, but if you want to stay and have a bigger role, you know all you have to do is ask” he says and places his hands on your shoulders as he looks at you through the mirror.

“Lin, I would love to, but…”

“Think about it, you got plenty of time. We aren’t leaving just yet. I’d like to keep you” he says with a chuckle and pats your shoulders. “I’ll see you soon” he says, winking at you before he walks out. Then, seconds after, Anthony walks in.

“Can you help me push this in? I hate this” he says pointing at the ruffled piece of clothing on the front of his shirt just under his neck for his Philip role.

“You got frustrated?”

“I seriously don’t know what happened today that I couldn’t do it on my own. I’m a mess.”

“Hot mess” you tease and Anthony chuckles as you fix the piece. His eyes are looking at you and you try not to blush. It was a habit whenever someone looked at you for too long.

“Red suits you” he says and you look up at him.

“Thanks, I know” you joke and you both smirk. “There, that should do it.” You say as you step away from him.

“Thank you, beautiful. I’ll let you get finish, sorry to bother you.”

“Its fine, Ant. Don’t apologize” you both nod and you turn around to finish working on your make up.

Your cue is given and Leslie, Lin, and yourself get to your places. You walk as Leslie begins with the introduction to the song while Lin is writing. You can spot Oak, Anthony and Daveed looking at you from the side of the curtains so you shift your gaze to somewhere else.




You move around the stage accordingly. You totally have forgotten until the part of the song came when you had to kiss Lin. Your heart was beating out of control as you stand in your place and then you are rushing towards Lin, his head ducks a little so he is able to meet your lips. His soft lips caught yours and they move against yours slowly but with a hint of passion that you had to admit made your heart skip a beat. His hands were on your hips, and you feel the tiniest squeeze on your waist. This wasn’t how you thought kissing Lin would go, if it ever were to happen outside of the musical.

The rest of the song continues, and soon enough your hands are holding Lin’s as they travel down his chest as you stand from behind. You sit on his leg once he takes his spot on the chair and his hand moves along your thigh and up your body, head moving so your lips are a few inches away from each other. You can spot for a moment Daveed looking away and you wonder for a second if what Leslie meant was true.

The song is over and you rush away out of the stage to wait for your next cue in The Reynolds Pamphlet.

“That was amazing!” Pippa says happily as she hugs you.

“Do you think so? I got so into character I forgot…” you admit with a smirk.

“You did great. Everyone loved it” Renee assures you and you smile rather shyly, nodding your head in acknowledgement.

You watch as the others continue the act. It would be hard to meet with Daveed after your performance because he was on the other end of the stage waiting for his cue for the rest of the songs. You couldn’t help laughing at his movements as The Reynolds Pamphlet started, sitting on the desk, moving sideways, shuffling, throwing the papers, it was hilarious. There wasn’t a better cast in Broadway than this one, you were sure of that. You did your part of reading the piece of paper as they mention Maria Reynolds before you are off to hide again.

The show is done and everyone comes out and you all bow at the crowd, Lin and the others stepping back as they clap and they leave you in the front.

“Special thanks to Y/N, who covered for Jasmine as she was sick tonight” Lin says and another round of applause goes off and you bow again, cheeks a bright red and take a step back with a grin and the curtains close.

“Great job everyone! Thank you for being part of this” Lin says as he claps a few times at the others, being his encouraging self as always.

“Well done, Y/N, that was great” Oak says and you grin, instantly going to hug him. He was so huggable, like a personal teddy bear.

“Thank you, Oak. That means a lot to me” You say before you both pull away.

“Any plans for tonight?”

“Not really. Might as well go home and rest, why?”

“No reason, I might do the same.” He says and you both nod your heads before you part your ways to get rid of the dress and place it where it belonged. Everyone had come to congratulate and thank you for the performance, except Daveed.

“Les, have you seen Daveed?” You ask your friend out of curiosity.

“Not after the show ended, must be in his dressing room. Why?”

“Just wanted to know…He hasn’t told me what he wanted earlier.”

“Don’t think he will come to you right now” he blurts and you eye him, your face probably asking why since he spoke again. “He didn’t seem very happy about Lin’s hands all over you.”

“He knows it’s just an act.”

“When you are jealous, nothing is” Leslie points out and you frown.

“Should I go talk to him?”

“You absolutely should.” He says with a nod. Leslie knew what was up, besides the others, because he knew from the beginning. Stealing glances, the closeness, the teasing, the almost constant flirting. Leslie played a part in this story.

You rush to get the heavy makeup off your face and get dressed before heading to Daveed’s room. You knock on the door and Ant opens it, Oak at the end of the room, but no Daveed.

“Have you seen Daveed?” You ask as you frown.

“He left, he has a performance down in Brooklyn in an hour or so” Oak answers. “I thought he was going to tell you.”

“I think he tried, but then I was told about my role and had to rush things” you explain.

“And he was mad earlier so…” Ant says and instantly regrets it as you eye him.

“Ant…” You say in a warning tone.

“He…You know what’s up, don’t make me say it, please, he’d kill me.”

“Know what’s up?”

Ant and Oak exchange a look and you look at them curiously. “Daveed was going to tell you two things tonight, but the first one was asking you to go to his performance” Oak explains. “He…He got somewhat jealous about the whole performance, mainly the kiss” he says.

“He knows it’s just an act, but he couldn’t really let it go because he thinks there is something between you and Lin.” Ant says.

“Wait, what? Just because-”

“He heard you two talk before and it’s just a big mess. Just try talking with him, he is acting like a kid” Anthony says as he waves his hands around.

“I…Where exactly?”

Anthony and Oak decided to take you to the place Daveed would be performing. The place was crowded already.

“You think you can find him?” Oak asks as he looks around the place and then at you.

“I think so; I just need to get to the front of the stage. If he wants to acknowledge me, he will. If not I’ll try to sneak backstage. He can’t ignore me forever.”

“You have our phones, we are going home, let us know if you need anything.” Oak says and you smile.

“Thank you, both of you.” You say and hug them both before you wave goodbye at them. As soon as they leave, you start making your way forward until you are a few feet away from the stage.

It only takes a couple of minutes before the beat starts, your heart starts beating wildly. You have never seen Daveed perform before, but you did know of his music, something that not many people knew about you. You hear a couple of girls screaming and shouting that takes you away from your reverie and that’s when you spot Daveed.

His ripped jeans hung low on his hips and his tank top showed those arms that you always saw covered by his uniform or his hoodies. Your eyes wouldn’t tear away from his entire being. He looked different; he looked stunning and hot, obviously. He had started singing and you stare at him as if he were the most handsome person you have seen. A person who apparently liked you back, that got jealous for little things that were an act, someone who made you feel better when you were nervous.

At some point you start singing, rapping at the same speed as him. You had learned the lyrics after many failures and tripping over the words. You had to admit it was a big talent to rap like that naturally.

Get Up started to play next, still admiring Daveed doing what he loved the most. The way his hand moved as he rapped, the way his body just moved accordingly and his curls bouncing every time he moved had you grinning like a little kid. When the female part comes up, which he does not sing obviously, Daveed meets your gaze and you nod your head at him, but you get a smirk and nothing else because he moves to the other corner of the stage. Was he really going to ignore you? A wave or something to acknowledge you would’ve done it, right? As the final verses come, you move your way to the DJ, smiling at him. “Hey, do you have a second mic?”

“Uh, yeah? Why?” The guy questions, eyeing you curiously and so does the guard.

“I want to surprise him. I work with him on Hamilton. Part of the Ensemble” you say, hoping you gave enough information for them to stop looking at you weirdly.

“Oh, yeah. I recognize your face” he says and bends down to get the microphone. “Here you go” he says.

You look at the stage as you take the mic and turn it on as you heard Daveed speaking. “I’ve been doing this musical this whole time and I’m soft as fuck” he says, making you and the crowd laugh before he continues.

“Hey, do you know which song is next?”

“Let’s see…” he pauses as he stares at the computer screen. “Body and Blood” he says and you grin. “Think you can sing that?” He questions and it makes your grin widen.

“I’ll show you” you say and walk up to the stairs where the guard is. He steps to the side with a smile which you return and stay behind until the song starts. You use the instrumental seconds to think when you should step in and as soon as he starts, you know.

The first verses come up, you sing them to yourself before your planned stepped in gets close.

She might let you fuck but she wants…” and there you step in.

Body and Blood” You sing as you join him, stepping into the front of the stage.

Daveed’s eyes widen as he looks at you surprised and shocked and you can’t help but grin, the crowd cheering.

The song goes on and you step in in certain verses which he would let you sing to test that you did knew the lyrics. He looks at the crowd with wide eyes and then turns to you as you sing your favorite part of the song, tweaking it so you it is sang by your perspective.

I got my own home, I got my own set of power tools
My own unmarked van, plan meticulously laid out
And splayed on the walls, all scrawled on dated Polaroids of severed heads plated
I got vials of ketamine, rohypnol, and promethazine, blunts with amphetamines
And whatever your pleasure be, medically, I be readily
Providing the blast sometimes to dine with the finest of wines
Try and you’ll find cut glass to get you cut fast without cuttin’
I got a diamond tattoo on my upper thigh
Another fineness walks by and cuts eyes. ”

And from there Daveed continued as you catch your breath. Soon, the song had come to an end and the crowd starts cheering at both of you. “Give it up for, Y/N!” He shouts and the applauses go off. He gives you a side hug before letting go rather too quickly for your own liking.

You step down out of the stage but stay backstage since the show was almost over.

“That was awesome! Not many girls rap at that speed” the DJ says and you grin as you return the mic.

“Thanks. Took some good days of listening to the song and tripping over my words.” You giggle.

Seconds after, Diggs is saying his goodbyes before he turns to leave. You make sure you are standing somewhere where he can’t ignore your presence.

“Still here?” He asks as he walks down the stairs, not looking at you as he keeps walking, so you follow.

“Daveed we need to talk.” You say as you trail behind him. “There is nothing-”

“Between you and Lin? Doubt it after today” he says once he gets into his backstage room.

“You know it’s an act, Diggs. You know better than that” you say and let out a huff.

“That Lin wants to keep you?” He asks and you give him a questioning expression. “I heard him saying that and after that performance I noticed what he meant” he pulls his hoodie on.

“Can you let me explain?”

“Nothing to explain, Y/N-”

“Damn it, Daveed” you tug on his hoodie sleeve and push him slightly against the wall. “Is it not obvious or are you blind?!”

“I’m not blind at all, I saw everything. First row. He wants to keep you and he made sure we all noticed.”

You smirk and pull away, “Daveed, he said that to me so I can stay as Maria” you say and his hard expression turns into one of confusion.

“Wait, what?”

“Oh so now you want to listen to me? Be happy with those news” You say and eye him one last time before you turn to leave, hoping he’d want to ask more.

Heading to the door, Daveed gets in front of you quickly, making you take a step backwards. “Y/N, what’s going on? I need to know” he was concerned now and you grin to yourself.

“Do you want to talk here or you want to go for a walk?”

“Give me a sec” he says and you nod your head, walking out of the room.

You two walked out of club, staying silent for a few moments before he asked if you had eaten anything which you haven’t. You had rushed to get here with the other boys to meet Daveed here, but you didn’t admit that to him, you wanted to get over the conversation quickly and stopping to eat it would make things more awkward.

“I didn’t know you knew my songs” he breaks the silence, you don’t look at him, but you know there is a faint smile on his lips.

“I know most of them, still catching up” you admit with a smirk.

“Didn’t know you could also sing them, I have to admit I’m impressed.”

“I said so much nonsense the first times even with the lyrics on” you laugh, “I would run out of breath or just look into the lyrics hoping there’d be a verse I could step in and continue singing” you admit.

“You did well tonight. It was a good surprise after all…All of it” he is looking at you and you look at him, your head nods for a moment before you look away to hide your blush as you two walked.

After another minute of walking in silence, he decides to speak. “So?” He questions and you frown. He still sounded so angry at you, or was it you being paranoid? But you knew what he was questioning.

“What you heard was when Lin was telling me I could stay as Maria if I wanted. Like an upgrade” you explain. He looks at you strangely and you add quickly, “That’s why he said he wanted to keep me. I guess he means that he wants someone to stick around longer in the show to guide the others” you say and look at him before you notice you are reaching the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Would you?” Daveed asks, not looking at you.

“I’m not sure…It depends…”

“Depends on Lin’s approval to kiss other boys?”

“Daveed, that was an act, you know that. You kissed Jas once and I never said anything” so maybe you let out more than you should have. Why would you have said something?

He finally looks at you, his eyes showing confusion behind his cute nerd glasses, “Said something?” He questions and you groan internally.

“You know what I mean, but it was all an act” you repeat. “Lin is my best friend, we are close, and I guess that’s why the kiss was like it was and the whole thing.” You add after a few seconds, “We have chemistry, but not like that” you say rather quickly.

“Mhm” he hums and you stop in your tracks, arms crossing against your chest as he turns around, raising an eye brow and looking to the side. “What?” He asks before looking back at you.

“Why dont you believe it? Or believe me?” You ask. “Why can everyone else see it except you?”

“See what?” He asks, his tone exasperated.

“Oh my God” you groan and take a step forward. “I have talked too much, so why don’t you tell me what was wrong with you? You were supposed to invite me here, right? But as soon as I accepted the role you left. Why?”

He almost scoffs to the side, avoiding your gaze before he leans on the rail once you had reached the beginning of the bridge. You could see New York in all its glory. The shiny lights lighting up the whole city. From where you were, in the distance, you could spot the Statue of Liberty. It was a beautiful sight…A beautiful sight to try to push words out from Daveed.

Daveed hesitates, his expression was neutral and he speaks then, “What do you want me to say? That I am jealous?” He asks and the words make your heart skip for a moment. “I was going to ask you to come with me, but as soon as Lin walked in and you agreed I don’t know what happened” he started. “I am very aware that it was all an act, but then I remembered he said he wanted to keep you, and my mind played against me and all sort of things came to my mind I didn’t know how else to react” he was still not looking at you, but out to the river.

“So you were jealous?” You say, hiding a smirk as you lean against the rail besides him. “There is no reason for you to be” you pause, take a breath, and speak, “I like you, Daveed. Pretty sure everyone knows but you” you say and he looks at you from his spot, his curls moving with the small wind.

“Do you?”

You have to roll your eyes at that and you reach to punch his arm playfully, “I swear you are trying to be stupid right now, Diggs. Do you think that if I didn’t I would’ve come all this way to clear things up? Go up stage and sing with you with the fear I’d trip over all the words?” You ask and he chuckles.

“True. You were still damn good” he says and you smile to yourself. For a moment you both stare at the city, you see him move and he goes behind you, arms snaking around your waist, his body warmth making you shiver and you let him pull you close to his chest. “I’m sorry I acted like a jerk today” he whispers into your ear and you hold back a shiver. His voice had changed completely as he spoke to you now, “I guess I was jealous that someone else I knew got to kiss you before I did” he breathes and your eyes flutter close. He was probably aware now of the effect he had on you.

“That isn’t anyone’s fault except yours” you say with a small smirk and he joins.

He turns you around by the waist, your hands moving to settle on his hips. Chocolate hues stare into yours and you feel your cheeks hot. “I can fix that…” he says and one hand moves to rest on your cheek, in the loving assuring way he did today at the theater. This time, you do lean against his big hand and he smiles before he bends down to press his plump lips against yours.

Your breath gets caught on your throat, your body tensing at the new feeling before you give in. Soft lips parted yours and you let out a small sigh of relief that it finally happened. Your lips matched his movements, slow and soft, resting the urge to bite on his lip. His posture shifts, hands moving to the small of your back and pushing you into his body which you were more than happy to obey. The hand on your cheek has started to stroke your jawline and it made you weak on the knees. If it weren’t because he was holding you, you might have slipped.

He pulls away first after a few more seconds, but as he does, he leans one more time to kiss you for a mere second, pecks your lips again and then pulls away. You slowly open your eyes but you can feel his eyes looking at you and your reaction. “Just like I imagined” you breathe out and he chuckles.

“So I wasn’t the only one imagining this moment?”

“Nah” you shake your head playfully and he laughs before kissing your forehead.

“Y/N…” he whispers.


“Would you go on a date with me?”

“Of course” you say with a grin before leaning in to kiss his lips, a soft peck, your lips lingering there for a moment before you hug him, his strong arms going around your frame and holding you close as if he’d never want to let go of you again.

Every Song Reminds Me of You

It starts in the shower.  There’s something about the acoustics in the bathroom, combined with the rush of water, that has always enticed John to sing.  Any song will do — from childhood favourites to whatever he’s most recently heard on the radio.  Whether John remembers the lyrics or not doesn’t matter; he’s quite capable of making up his own.

So, that’s how it starts.  The water cascades down over John’s body as he belts out his personal version of Amy Winehouse’s Valerie:

Since I’ve come on home
Well, my body’s been a mess
And I’ve missed your curly hair
And the way you like to dress

Won’t you come on over
Stop treating me like I’m your toy
Why don’t you come on over my Posh Boy?
My Posh Boy, my Posh Boy, my Posh Boy…

Huh… Where did that come from? John wonders idly as he towels off.  Posh Boy…  

The next morning, John has The Beach Boys stuck in his head, but the lyrics that spill out of his mouth in the shower become:

Well, Posh Boy, you look so fine
And I know it wouldn’t take much time
For you to help me, Posh Boy
Help me get her out of my heart

Help me, Posh Boy
Help, help me, Posh Boy
Help me, Posh Boy
Help, help me, Posh Boy

John laughs to himself as he borrows Sherlock’s overpriced shampoo, and keeps on singing.

Help me, Posh Boy
Help, help me, Posh Boy
Help me, Posh Boy
Help, help me, Posh Boy

Help me, Posh Boy
Help, help me, Posh Boy
Help me, Posh Boy, yeah
Get her out of my heart

Soon, John finds that he can’t hear a single song without unconsciously changing the lyrics to include his new secret nickname for Sherlock.  Singing in the shower is one thing, but now these songs have started taking over his life.  

John hates Justin Bieber, but this damn song was playing on the radio in the cab and he just can’t get it out of his head:

‘Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh, Posh Boy, you should go and love yourself
And if you think that I’m still holdin’ on
Well, Posh Boy, you should go and love yourself

At first, John is glad when he hears an equally catchy tune, thinking it will save him from the horrors of Justin Bieber.  Unfortunately, Train has turned the melody of Heart and Soul into an ear-worm that he just can’t shake.

Posh Boy song
The one that makes me go all night long
The one that makes me think of you
That’s all you gotta do

Hey, Posh Boy song
The one the makes me stay out till dawn
The one that makes me go oooh
That’s all you gotta do

As if that wasn’t bad enough, John rapidly discovers that everyday events are now becoming song cues.  Laying the fire on a chilly night leads to an internal:

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Boy, we couldn’t get much higher
Come on, Posh Boy, light my fire
Come on, Posh Boy, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

And each time Sherlock does something inconsiderate or foolhardy, John silently channels Hall & Oates:

You’re a Posh Boy, and you’ve gone too far
‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway

John snickers to himself at the thought of what Sherlock would say if he could hear the soundtrack in John’s mind.

It’s only in the shower that John allows himself to sing out loud.  That’s where he’s always felt free to let go of all of his inhibitions.  Lately, though, the songs that come to him seem to be filled with a meaning he might not be ready to face.

When you were a young boy
Did you have a puppy
That always followed you around?
Well, I’m gonna be as faithful as that puppy
No, I’ll never let you down

‘Cause it grows stronger, like a river flows
And it gets bigger, Posh Boy, heaven knows
And it gets sweeter, Posh Boy, as it grows

And do I love you, my oh my?
Yeah, river deep, mountain high
If I lost you would I cry
Oh, how I love you, Posh Boy
Posh Boy, Posh Boy, Posh Boy

That one he shrugs off by telling himself that it was triggered by Donovan comparing him to a puppy following Sherlock around.  The next one he figures is just an expression of his lifelong admiration of Paul McCartney:  

And when I go away
I know my heart can stay with Posh Boy
It’s understood
It’s in the hands of Posh Boy
And Posh Boy does it good
Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa
Posh Boy does it good

And when the cupboard’s bare
I’ll still find something there with Posh Boy
It’s understood
It’s everywhere with Posh Boy
And Posh Boy does it good
Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa
Posh Boy does it good

Whoa-whoa, I love, oh-whoa, Posh Boy
Only Posh Boy holds the other key to me
Oh-whoa, Posh Boy, oh-oh, Posh Boy
Only Posh Boy does it good to me
Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa
Posh Boy does it good

John is just a huge fan of Paul McCartney.  That’s all.

Each morning, behind the muffling safety of the water, John runs through one song after another.  As time goes by, he washes away his denial.  John is in love with a Posh Boy.

John is in love with Sherlock.

It’s bound to happen eventually, and one day it does: John starts singing as he makes tea.

Posh Boy says
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help
Falling in love with him

There’s a gasp from behind him, and John whirls around to see Sherlock sitting at the table.  In a blind panic, John dashes from the kitchen, races up the stairs, and shuts himself in his room.  The only song running through his mind now is shite, shite, shite, shite, shite, shite, shite…

Idiot! John berates himself.  Why did you run off like that?  You could have bluffed your way through this like it meant nothing, but no, you had to go and turn it into a Huge Fucking Deal.  Fuckity fucking fuck!

John hears Sherlock’s footsteps on the stairs and frantically casts around for an excuse for his behaviour.  Hmm…  He thought he heard someone breaking into his room.  Yeah.  That’s why he ran up here.  John grabs his gun and aims it at the window, freezing in a pose that will show Sherlock that he’s managed to scare off the intruder.    

Sherlock doesn’t enter the room, though.  Instead, he pauses outside the door and begins to sing.  It takes a minute for John’s fevered brain to register what he’s hearing.

Doctor, doctor, give me the news
I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you…

This was written for @alexxphoenix42‘s prompt: “John calls Sherlock his Posh Boy as MUCH AS POSSIBLE.”  Check out the other responses to her prompts at the alexxphoenix42 appreciation collection.

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I dedicate this song to you // SHAWN MENDES

All around me the crowd was chanting. Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, Shawn. I couldn’t stop smiling as I thought about how proud I was of my boyfriend. He’s worked so hard to be where he is now, and to hear his fans chanting his name to get him to come on stage mage my smile broaden. 

I had joined him on tour recently and tonight was my first show since I’ve arrived. I may have freaked out only a little when Shawn gave me a pass to enter the crowd and see it from the fans view rather then backstage. I liked it better in the crowd anyway, I felt like I could truly admire Shawn and his talent.

Another 15 minutes have passed since the opening act had left and I was extremely excited. The lights being to dim and the crowd roared, becoming even louder. Joining in with the enthusiastic atmosphere I jumped along with everyone else.

Suddenly a figure walked onstage, the crowd reacting by raising the volume, and I felt giddy with what would happen next. A beat began on the drums and the lights flashed shinning onto Shawn.

Shawn began humming and right away the fans joined in singing Mercy with him. it was amazing watching him sing along with the audience and how they sung back to him.

Then his gaze flicked over to my area of the small arena where I told him I would be, I watched as he searched trying to find me. It was useless trying to attract his attention when all the other girls around me were trying to do the same thing. 

Overhead the lights flashed, illuminating the audience and his eyes snapped to me, his face breaking out in a massive grin, momentarily stuffing up his lyrics.

I laughed when he seemed to not remember where he was up to, eyes still connected to mine. Just that you’re honest with me, the fans sing and he catches back up, belting out the lyrics. Shawn winks at me before turning his attention to his guitar.

I nodded my head to the beat as the chorus began. a tap on my shoulder caught my attention. I turned my head and it wasn’t hard to see who did it when we were all close together. A girl a few inches taller then me stared straight at me.

“Did you see that? He stared at you for like a good 5 minutes” She yells over the music. Her eyes turn cold as she takes in who I am.

“Oh.. Really?” I say smiling.” I didn’t realise,” I mumble the last bit turning back to the front. Our relationship had been going strong for around 9 months now and we had succeed in keeping it on the down low. 

Eventually however, Shawn and I got tired of keeping our feelings secret and we didn’t exactly showed the world we were together but we weren’t hiding it either.

When I looked back at the stage Shawn was almost finished singing his first song. When he caught my gaze again he tugged his ear- our sign for asking ‘are you okay?’. I nod my head once and smile, causing him to smile back.

The last note sounded and screams filled the arena. once it settled down to a low hum, Shawn spoke.

“Hey guys,” the sound was almost deafening but I couldn’t complain when I too screamed with them. 

“How’s everyone feeling tonight” Shawn asks, trying to rev the crowd up. 

“Okay so tonight, its a special night tonight,” he pauses to listen to the fans. “Not only am I playing in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia,” the screams grow louder. “Let me just tell you how stoked I am to be here” he laughs. I shake my head at his failed accent of an Australian. 

“Shh, shh” He says trying to quiet the crowd again, the grin still spread on his face. “So you guys may not know this but I also have someone very special in the audience tonight” cue the screaming to intensify, “and well, Y/N, I dedicate this song to you,” 

I groan, of course he would do this. Earlier tonight Shawn and I were chatting about what songs he was putting on the set list. 

“Dedicate Lights On to me” I joke flicking his nose gently. 

“You want me to?” Shawn says laughing.

“Of course, get on stage and be all like, Y/N I wrote this amazing song for you and I’m going to sing it to you with my beautiful, talented voice that should hopefully make everyone in the room faint from how good it sounds,” I say lowering my voice to replicate his. 

“I’ll do it” he says, his fingers twirling my hair as his arm rests across my shoulders.

“Really?” I ask, surprised that he’s actually going along with it.

“You mentioned it and I think its an awesome idea,” Shawn chuckles at my regretful expression.

“I was just joking, when you think about it, its kinda embarrassing,” I say, my cheeks growing hot.

‘Nah nah, you can’t take it back now, I’m doing it,” He says, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

“I wasn’t being serious,” I whine sending him my best puppy dog eyes.

“Too late” 

The guitar begins and I raise my eyes back to Shawn. You didn’t.  I mouth to him, not sure if he will understand me. He grins. I did. He mouths back.

I chuckle, I guess I am having a song dedicated to me after all.  

Spring Cleaning & Cleansing with Your Badass Deity

It’s seriously super simple, because who has time for elaborate rituals, right? Clean your messy space, cleanse the energy, and honor your god/goddess all at the same time? Sign me up.

As spring starts to give way to sunnier days, and life emerges fresh, it’s always a good idea to bring your deity into your space and cleanse the room with them at your side. Not to mention, its also probably time to throw out those pizza boxes that have been collecting in the corner all winter. So consider this like epic spiritual maid service. You do the physical cleaning, and your deity will gather up any nasty energy and toss that sh*t out the window.

But wait, what do I need?

  • Some candles.
  • Incense or a cleansing herb mix to burn.
  • Music.

NOTE: All of the above can be tailored to work with your deity! Example: I work with Odin, so I use red candles, I burn dragon’s blood incense, and the song…well that changes depending on my mood.

So how do?

Easy, that’s how.

Step one: place your candles wherever is safe to have them burning, but be sure to place one on the windowsill, with the window cracked open, so fresh air can enter. That is muy importante, because circulation is key. Energy needs to flow. If you want, carve a symbol into the candle that represents your god/goddess. They’ll like that. Everybody loves fan art.

Next, light the incense/herb that corresponds to your god. Super easy!

Finally, cue up your favorite song that represents the mood you want to capture in your cleansing - something that empowers you and sends chills down your spine. I like to use “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, because it’s a song about power and strength and pain, and about using the shitty things in your life to fuel your fire. I like to keep it real.

Then…start cleaning! Repeat as often as you’d like! I try to do this once every week, even if things aren’t that messy, because man does it make my space feel better afterwards!

(And yes, it really is that easy.)

I've Got a Rock 'n' Roll Heart

I’ve Got a Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: Reader gives Jensen a birthday present he’ll never forget.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 904

Thank You @ellen-reincarnated1967 for encouraging me to write this.

Note: No disrespect to Jensen, Daneel  and their beautiful family. For the purposes of this story Jensen and Daneel are not together. Also the song used in this story and in the title are I’ve Got A Rock N’ Roll Heart by Eric Clapton. I did make one change to the lyrics, that will be explained in the story.

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Regarding Blank Check Wizardries

So I’ve been rereading SYWTBAW and I stumbled across something that I’d forgotten – it is Kit, not Nita, who suggests using the blank check wizardry. Nita actually worries about the ramifications of the spell, but Kit shrugs it off and says, “I don’t think the price’ll be too high.”

Cue the Song of Twelve.

Imagine how Kit must have felt when he realized that Nita’s looming death was payback for a gamble that he had made. Imagine the guilt crushing in, harsher and deeper than any ocean, as he clung to his fierce denial out of sheer desperation. Imagine how painfully he must have wished that he’d insisted on casting the blank check spell alone – which was his original intent – instead of letting Nita stubbornly join in. Imagine the extra agony wrapped up in the words read the fine print before you sign.

I didn’t think that Deep Wizardry could wreck me any more, but here we are.