cue tears in 3..2...1

This is terrible quality and I apologize. But this little moment overall takes the cake for best J2 moment. During the Supernatural panel at Nerd HQ 2015, Jensen and Jared were asked at what moment did they realize what the purpose was for their characters and what were they about. Jensen answered, then things took a deeper turn when Jared replied that he figured out exactly who Sam was during the season 8 finale because he felt like the directors were writing his own personal life story due to the fact that he claimed he was dealing with the same aspects in real life, like how he constantly feels like he has to prove himself or always wondering if he let’s down the people that he loves.

This is what gets me. At this point, the panel had quickly turned from side-ripping comedy to a more serious tone as we all were listening silently to what Jared had to say. Everyone who watched the panel saw a spark go off in Jensen’s eyes. He immediately went from idly listening to protective-big-brother mode while Jared explained how he thinks of himself when compared to Sam’s speech in the season 8 finale. Jensen turns to his friend, no, his brother, and gives him a genuine expression of concern. Though he doesn’t say anything, you can tell that he’s asking Jared, “Are you okay?” And that’s what rips my heart out. This exact moment can clearly be seen in this screencap. The love that these two have for each other is astounding, unique, and definitely incredible. I am so glad that they will always have each other’s backs through tough times, like Jared’s situation, for example. I can say without hesitation that these two inspire me every day to Always Keep Fighting.