cue sigh


✓ That brother-sister dilemma finally oVER AND DONE WITH (*cue 8-episode sigh of relief*)
✓ great inner conflict/character exploration for ban ryu like fo srz~~
✓ That TOTAL BADASS PRINCESS who shattered everyone’s expectations (from voice to function) wow what a nicely-written cHARACTER??!?!!

don’t go home without me

“That is my cue,” Luke sighs, waving a goodbye to Ashton, followed by what appeared to be a flirtatious wink. “Try not to run into any other guys today?”

He’s gone before Ashton can give a witty response, but that was perfectly alright. Ashton knew it wouldn’t be the last time he’d see the Vice President, and he sure hoped their next meeting would come sooner rather than later.

or, Oil and Water, from Ashton’s perspective. 

This, my friends, has been the secret project I have been working on for MONTHS. It means the world to me, and I hope it means the world to all of you. A part 2 will be written, of course, to continue the story. 

I was given permission (and heavy, heavy encouragement) by the incredibly @dafeedil who first brought us the drug!verse in the first place. This is her Christmas present, and I hope that I did it justice for her. I love you Angie. 


headcanon where all of holsters sisters know immediately that holster likes ransom when ransom comes to visit and they chirp him. constantly. like. its lowkey vicious?? he is attacked by a 15 yr old girl on the daily?? like she’ll text him in the morning,
“hows justin?”
“oh, i bet he is. does he know youre in love with him yet?”
“go to school what the fuck” and then ransom walks up next to him and glances at the phone sometimes and hes like ??? and holsters like NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

and then his other sisters are more subtle abt it, his older sister collette lives in boston & sometimes she drops by and they have coffee and talk and sometimes shes just like.
“so. anything interestin g happening in ur romantic life?”
/cue holster sighing heavily and dramatically
“no its p stagnant rn”
“r u sure i mean… justins snapchats say different”
“u cant hide shit from me u punk” and holster is just like ??
“i see u…. i see that mixtape u made for him u transparent ass bitch”
but. it true. he cant hide. he a obvious hoe.

but rlly, its mary whos like real savage bc. she wont bring it up ever. she lulls him into a false sense of security. he is caught off guard when like one day on the phone shes just like.
“so grace tells me u had a gf for a day & then u broke up”
“yeah her names april”
“cute. how u think u only like girls”
“…i like girls”
“u also like a 6ft tall ‘girl’ named justin”
“not you too”
“when it stops being true then itll stop” and then hes just like
“IM NOT GAY FOR RANSOM” and like ofc ransoms in the room and u kno what happens next brah. some serious bromantic comedy shit. #graceknewfirst

Husband rushes to the bathroom to grab goggles and disappears talking about a project he’s not excited about. (??????????!!!)
A few minutes later I hear him scrambling into he closet saying something about tripping a breaker.
Even later he’s back with good news and bad news.

The ceiling fan in the living room is clean (good news) …..and now it is also broken as fuck (bad news).

Cue the loudest, longest sigh.

At the park
  • Beagle: I'm sniffing I'm sniffing important business finding smells much smell very explore wow
  • Lab: NEW FRIEND!!!!?!! BOOOOOOOUNCE bounce bounce bobbaunce bounce!
  • Beagle: ..... Not bounce.
  • Lab: BUT BOUNCE??????!?! :)))))))))
  • Beagle: you're bouncing on my smell
  • Beagle: Look, kid, you are more than twice my size and half my age and you have way too much energy and walks are Serious Business STOP BOUNCING ON ME MY VOICE IS MUCH LOUDR THAN YOURS
  • Lab: ......!!!?? you yell at me? Um :(((((( ????
  • Beagle: Humph.
  • Lab: solution - BOUNCE!!??!?!! Hopefully?
  • Lab: you yell again you don't like me how to fix this
  • Lab: I have limited social vocabulary?
  • Lab: um
  • Lab: how about
  • Lab: B... b....
  • Beagle: don't do it
  • Lab: BOUNCE!????!!???!??!!!!!! :))))))))))!!?

I had a dream in which both Keith was part Galra and also was Zarkon’s son. And for some reason Zarkon actually wanted to be a dad to Keith for some weird reason, but he still wanted Voltron idk. But like apparently Zarkon was trying to be a good dad but he didn’t know what earth dads were like so he just tried to do what he saw on sitcoms. Which didn’t work whatsoever because ‘THERE’S NO GRAVITY HOW WOULD WE EVEN PLAY CATCH IN SPACE’ and other things of course but that one stuck out.

Anyway Keith and Lance started dating and Shiro tried to give them the ‘be safe’ talk and added in the possibilities of alien STDs that might make humans explode and halfway through it Keith screamed ‘WE GET IT OH MY GOD STOP BEING SPACE DAD AND STOP’

And so Shiro just pauses and is like ‘…You’re right. I should stop being space dad’ cue relieved sighs ‘…And leave it to the professionals’

And Keith and Lance get the most horrified looks on their faces and then ten minutes later they have Zarkon in their dining room which would normally be something for all of them to be concerned over but this time it’s just Zarkon ranting about being safe and alien STDs and ‘THIS one normally causes a rash but for humans I think it’d grow a second head IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT SON’ ‘PLEASE STOP’

And as soon as that talk was over they all fucking knocked Zarkon out and sent him back to Galra base cause again he STILL WANTS VOLTRON


Despite the obvious change in her nature, Lusamine did not feel all that bothered buy this new form given to her, and as amatter of fact, the coldness in her heart did not shift nor fluinch.

For obvious reasons.

To ease her mind and soul, however, she had now decided to explore the surroundings that belonged to her own Froslass. Not to meet up with her, but just to feel somewhat at home with this new self.

Cue a long, discouraged sigh.

What was she supposed to do with this…?

admiralsfleet  asked:

I believe this has been asked before but how do you think Medusas sisters would react to Sakura? Would they tease her or probably go "Oh hello new sister"?

Aaaaa, I wish I can answer this properly but I haven’t actually finish FHA yet.

But from the little I saw of them in FHA, I think they’ll first scrutinise her and tease her, maybe even insulting Medusa a little just to see Sakura’s reaction. “Ara, our useless sister must have been troubling you~ You see, she’s such a handful” *cue the sisters’ sighs*

Sakura would then feel a little awkward because… they’re Rider’s sisters! She has to be polite but still can’t help but stand up for Medusa who has been helping her so much. But she’s also a little timid because they’re so beautiful as well. “No, no, it’s not like that at all! It has always been me who have been troubling her…”

Perhaps then, they’ll grow affectionate towards Sakura and then call her their new sister?

and now ur an old man in ur red suit… in some kinda of designer suite… and now there’s u even older… did we step into a time stream? at least the room has higher ceilings and they used the light panels on the floor…

and cue the dying version of urself in bed… and there’s the monolith! the fuck are u?!

OH! there! the fetus image!!

*sigh* and cue the dundundundun music… -_-

fetus Dave sees the world… and THE END.

well THAT was an experience i don’t care to revisit. but thanks Kubrick, for the confusion. somebody tell me what i just watched?

Things my 10 year old brother said while watching Voltron: Legendary Defender

- “it looks like transformers but cooler”

- “oh my god they’re not gonna form voltron and its gonna be lance’s fault”

- (in reference to keith and lance) “oh god they’re competing”

- “of course shiro knows what to do”

- “is that keith?? oh. it is. he’s wearing a helmet. I don’t recognize him without his mullet”

- (in reference to Coran) “He’s so british. He looks like an elf.” 

- (imitating Coran) “CLEAR YOUR MINDS!”

-  “oh my god guys, I can’t believe lance is gonna die. again.”

- “BRUH oh my god I can’t believe keith died again”

- “how are they supposed to feed each other??? like they’re all in the same position!” (cue loud irritated sighing)

-  “oh my god he’s purple we’re all gonna die”

- (in reference to Allura flicking food goo at Pidge’s face) “headshot.”

- “I would love being in the green lion.”

- “I love Pidge. She’s so small. I mean I think she’s a girl. She’s a girl right?”

Mickey had been informed that a REPORTER would be visiting the Facility, and had been explicitly asked to BE NICE. Unfortunately, her definition of ‘being nice’ involved ‘avoiding at all costs’. 

What was more unfortunate ( at least, in her mind ) was that that had not worked AT ALL. She was downing her second cup of coffee for the day when she saw the stranger ( she kept surprisingly good track of those who were regulars in the Facility ), and was legitimately considering wheeling around and walking the other way … but was JUST close enough to make eye contact. So she chugged the rest of her coffee and nodded in a nearly polite manner.

“You’re the …” Cue the inaudible sigh; “Reporter lady.”

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      ❝ Sorry I’m late — mom’s been on my ass all week about training. ❞ Cue a heavy sigh, followed by a dismissive shrug as the deity made his way over to the nearest seat. ❝ It’s almost as if they expect me to do my duties or something.

From Sarah J. Maas’ newsletter:

Say one day, Aelin, Rowan, Dorian, Manon, Chaol, Aedion, and Lysandra were eating lunch together when they find a lamp. They rub it and a genie appears! The genie says that he’ll grant them ONE wish EACH. What do you think those wishes would be?

Rowan: For Aelin to give him an hour of peace and quiet and stop calling him a buzzard.(And if the genie wisely declined to grant that wish because smoke was literally coming out of Aelin’s ears, then Rowan would refuse to wish for anything, because he’s already got everything he wants and needs. *cue Aelin and Lysandra sighing dreamily*)

If this isn’t Sarah confirming Rowaelin is endgame, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.