cue sad music

Let’s talk about Tweek x Craig, mkay? :

Notice the difference in the eyes:

Craig has the ‘panic’ or ‘worried’ expression. He’s just straight out terrified. While Tweek just has bags under his eyes, but his eyebrows do show expression. But he’s not as bad as Craig though.

Tweek’s family came off as accepting, even proud of their son.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say Craig’s family didn’t even mention the rumors, making Craig even more paranoid. Which is why Craig’s face is more worried than Tweek’s.

After the fight

When PC principal calls Thomas to tell him his sons has been in a fight, PC principal reefers to it as a 'Lovers quaral’ which causes Craig to say “God Damnit.” Would Craig be worried about that certain wording, especially when PC principal is saying it to his homophobic father?

But look at Tweek.

Notice the difference in their eyebrows.

Tweek doesn’t react until Craig reacts negatively. Then just goes along with it.

The break-up scene

Things obviously go way out of hand, totally off track. And Tweek’s performance actually took an impact on Craig, “I was totally wrong about you. I opened myself up, and let you in…” Could this line have triggered something in Craig in some way? Because then he stood leaning forward with his mouth open, up until Wendy gave him an angry look. Before Tweek said this, Craig was just angry, now he’s stunned, and in shock.

Even if it was acting, really good acting- could it have actually emotionally got to Craig? Craig knew he was acting, that’s why we was angry, but then- he’s wide eyes with a gaping mouth. Whatever it was, it did something to Craig.

And then we have the walk of shame, cue iconic sad music.

Craig’s house: Usuing masculinity trying to cover up homosexuality

This scene is very important, he’s working on a bike. Why a bike? Most kids in his grade are still riding tricycles. Now, take what I say with a grain of salt but my closeted gay friend said most closeted men try and prove their masculinity such as working on mechanics or heavy lifting (ect.) “I always felt I had to prove my manhood just because I was gay, or else the other guys would tease me about going shoe shopping or some other gay stereotype” I’m NOT saying all men are like this, but I’m saying this could POSSIBLY refer in Craig’s case.
And men’s confidence and self-esteem can greatly depend on how ‘manly’ they feel, and how manly they believe other men and women see them as being. There’s no way Craig would be able to ride that bike, his short legs wouldn’t even reach the pedals. But maybe Craig was feeling his manhood was in danger, just because he may have feelings for a guy? So it should be no surprise that some men go overboard to prove – to themselves and everyone else – that they’re not only ‘real men,’ but super-manly.

Tweek confronts Craig

Craig doesn’t wanna hear it. Basically tells Tweek to fuck off. He was angry, angry that the school hates him, angry that he’ll never get any “chicks” and angry that Tweek just betrayed him.

Tweek opens up to Craig, stating he made him “believe in myself in a way I never have before.” And that Craig “changed something in him”, I’m pretty sure this is where Tweek accepts his feelings for Craig- it doesn’t matter the gender, it just matters how they make you feel. And to Tweek, Craig is his rock. His support. His reassurance. Craig has made Tweek feel something that in all his 10 years of living, he’s never felt before. Craig is someone special to him, Craig makes him a better person. Then it hits craig-


Making him realize, maybe he does actually have feelings for Tweek. Or at least, something sparked between them in that exact moment. Maybe everything Tweek just said, he felt he could relate to all of that with Tweek. BUT–

But then after Tweek’s line, you could hear Thomas cry. I’m sure Craig heard it too. Right when he cries, Craig looks down, saddened. Reminded of his unaccepting father, which then causes him to tell Tweek to “go be gay with someone else.” Tweek is obviously saddened by this, saying “Alright Craig, alright.” If they were actually “doing this for the town” wouldn’t it be easy to go be gay with someone else, instead of being stuck on one person? All the town really cared about was a pair of kids that were gay, didn’t matter who. But Tweek didn’t want anyone else but Craig.

Coming around

Cut to Thomas Tucker, explaining to his wife “I can see how much they’re both hurting, but… Can’t you understand that in my time we just didn’t accept this?”

So there we have proof that Craig was showing obvious sadness around the house. I don’t think it was about everyone hating him at school either, as we all know Craig is known to either be angry or he just doesn’t care. He was angry about the school. But not sad. He was saddened over Tweek. He’s never showed any sad emotions on-screen up until now.

I have a feeling Craig automatically regretted what he said to Tweek, he obviously didn’t want him to leave, or to find someone else. It didn’t seem long after Tweek left, that Craig was being a lil’ emo in his room of darkness. The animators actually went out of their way to exaggerate the sadness in his eyes.

Thomas comes and comforts his son, as the Official South Park Wiki explains it– “Though he was raised in a homophobic home, when he realized his son seemed happier with his boyfriend, he decided to let go of his prejudice.” All he cares about in the end, is Craig’s happiness, and Craig didn’t seem happy without Tweek.

He told Craig, “Son, you need to listen to me. You can’t fight being gay. I used to think that being gay was a choice, but, you don’t get to decide. Japan picks who they pick, and that’s that. I don’t understand this stuff. but… I do know that if you try and resist it, you make yourself miserable your whole life. Everyone was so proud of you, Ah I was just being selfish. I wanna be proud of you too. I like gay Craig. I love you. Here’s a hundred dollars.” Now, a few sentences stood out. 'You can’t fight being gay’ Craig was obviously trying to fight it this whole time, but in the end, he missed Tweek. 'I used to think being gay was a choice but, you don’t get to decide’ I think Craig has already figured that out by this point. He was obviously upset about the break up, shown in the walk of shame plus obviously upset that Tweek left. ’I do know that if you try and resist it, you’ll be misserable your whole life.’ –and what is Craig right now? He’s absolutely miserable. He’s in his room. In the dark. Extremely sad. 'I wanna be proud of you too’ this whole time, Craig was worried about his father’s acceptance and what he would think, well in very statement, he finally got his approval. ’I like gay Craig, I love YOU.’ I think this speaks a lot. Thomas just said, gay or not, he still loves him. If he’s gay, great, if he’s not, that’s okay too.


After Thomas’s speech, Craig goes and finds Tweek, walks up to him, and holds out his hand. I could understand the speculation this ending could cause and why people would think that they’re just pretending. But I really loved it. It leaves it up to the viewers imagination on what happened.


But they gay, it’s official, so gtfo of here with that “They’re faking for the town.” Bullshit.

Anyway, thank you for sticking around if you made it this far. I appreciate it! :) Some of what I said, you probably knew already. But while waiting to play The Fractured But Whole, I thought I might as well make my own episode analysis to Tweek x Craig. I’m just a boy that is obvious creek trash. *Drops mic* Lys, OUT! *walks off stage while flipping my tail coat*

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How did you two meet? Tell us your love story! (as much as you want to divulge of course)

Alright. This has been sitting in my inbox for a while and I think it’s time I answered it. Buckle up!

The first time I met her was September last year at a pride party. I was there with a friend who knew her already. I didn’t talk to her much then because I’m shy and I rarely initiate contact with strangers.

Later that same evening, a whole bunch of us went to a club and if there’s one thing I don’t do, it’s dance. Never. Ever. As a result, I sat alone with my drink for a while. Which was fine.

That’s when she decided to talk to me and goodness, what a cutie. I have no recollection of what we were talking about (I wasn’t sober), but I remember being really attracted to her and that we had great chemistry. I didn’t see her again after that evening.

I asked my friend about her and he told me she wasn’t single at the time, so I quickly pushed that glimmer of hope right outta my mind.

[cue sad music]

Fast forward to March and I suddenly found her on Tinder. Yes, I was on Tinder. And then we matched.

Now, let it be known that at that point I had been on Tinder for a looooong time, but I had never talked to anyone. Again, I’m shy. Tbh I don’t know why I was even there when I knew I was never gonna talk to anyone anyway.
Yet, because I had already talked her, I decided to JUST FUCKING DO IT and I sent her a message.

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

Anyway, that worked. We started talking. Who would’ve thought? Amazing.

Then we made plans to meet at an another party or get-together. I dunno what to call it. There was drinking and then going out.
So yeah, I went with my friend who we both knew to someone’s house. I didn’t know them, but they were all nice.

And then she showed up.

And wow.

I mean, fuck.

Holy shit.

The tension between us the whole time we were there? Oh my stars. We didn’t get a chance to really talk at all because people kept sitting down between us, but the way she looked at me. Guys, you know I’m weak. You know I’m scared of pretty girls. And I’m sure as fucking hell ain’t used to someone being attracted to me.

I was dying inside. But in a good way. She was hot, okay?

Originally posted by desingyouruniverse

Okay, so. It was finally time for all of us to go out and while we were waiting for the streetcar, she and I went to sit down away from the others. At this point it was all shy smiles and giggles, but then the gayest fucking thing happened:

We just started holding hands.

Like some gay ass Disney movie. Like, how I imagine Frozen 2 when Elsa meets her future girlfriend. It was cold as fuck too.

Y’all know that spark thing every fanfic writer talks about? Yeah, that is real. Sparks and flashes of heat and heartbeats and butterflies and whatever you wanna throw in there. It was there. It was happening.

And as we were riding the streetcar we kept on holding hands and just staring into each other’s eyes and smiling and giggling. It was gross tbh. I’m sure the people around us would agree.

Originally posted by screeeecchhh

Eventually we all arrived at a bar and found a table. This was when we got some time to actually talk (while simultaneously holding hands under the table of course) and golly. This girl charmed the heck outta me. Ugh, I don’t even know how to explain it. It was great.

So the time came for us to leave for the next place: A club. The very same club we went to the first time we met. And for some reason most of the people we were with decided to stay behind, expect for one. So while we were waiting for our friend to join us she suddenly, and I kid you not, backed me up against a wall and planted a big ol’ smooch on me mouth.

Originally posted by enfoss

Oh lord.


That escalated quickly until I opened my eyes to see our friend coming up behind her and just stopping in her tracks when she saw us. She gave us a few more moments before the three of us moved on to the club.

After that we were pretty much inseparable. When we arrived, we didn’t do much else but make out. The others showed up eventually too, but I barely noticed.

I took her home with me that night and you don’t have to guess what happened.

The morning after was everything but awkward. It was pretty damn sweet actually. We spent hours cuddling, fucking and talking. I’ve never in my life been so compatible or comfortable with what was basically a stranger.

Later that day I met up with her again for a movie date. The rest is history.

Now, 5 months later, I am completely head over heels in love with her.

[cue sad piano music]

“This is Rozy. Today Rozy lost what little she had. Every year, thousands of slightly unhinged sociopaths with a dubious medical education like Rozy endure extreme moral bankruptcy. For just two dollars a day, you can feed Rozy’s crippling alcohol dependency for several hours - At the cost of only a coffee, doctors like Rozy could make it through their bleak, unscrupulous day without risk of emotional breakdown. Have a heart, sponsor Rozy today.”

This message was brought to you by Doctors Without Ethics. Please call 555-PLAGUE and donate today. 

-Cue sad background music-

Today I found out one of my ships was “weird and inappropriate”. Can you imagine? My OTP? Who knew? Supercat… two consenting adults? I’m at a loss for words because now that I know this, I don’t think I can ship them anymore. Thank god someone brought this to light for me or I would have unknowingly continued to ship them for the rest of my life. Yikes. That was close, folks. Thank your for caring enough to set me straight. 😘❤️💚

Just kidding. It didn’t work…I still ship the fuck out of them.

ID #78452

Name: Luna
Age: 17
Country: Netherlands

No joke, I feel kinda lonely,*cues sad music* which is why I’m here. Yes I have friends but I don’t feel like I can share just about anything with them. On a more positive note, having a penpal always simply intrigued me. Talking to ‘strangers’ gives a kind of rush I guess…

NOw, what interests do I have? Great question! I like;
the dankest of memes, and yes, I like them (almost) offensive. I’m an edgy teen*cringe activate*
anime; epic with good plot really makes me bust a nut, my guy(tips fedora).
music: reggae, classical, R&B, trap, hip-hop, kpop(i love kpop memes also, there are some gems, especially BTS ones), khiphop, kR&B, indie, EDM, Punk rock, etc. Point is, as long as the beat go hard or the flow is nice enough, I’ll listen.
Movies, psychological thrillers are my shizzle my nizzle(someone please stop me). So yeah, Shutter Island, Memento, Inception, Jacob’s Ladder, etc. I also like GOOD horror, no pussy shit. If we could share some recommendations, that’d be pretty nice I guess *shrugs shoulders, too cool to care*
Books; I really just like good stories. Not to sound like an elitist snob, but I prefer classics like The Catcher in the Rye, Demian, Kafka’s works, and some Dutch works I don’t think anyone will reckognize.(Also did I order a lot of Haruki Murakami that i’m super psyched to read) Coming-of-age stories I can relate to and psychological stories I like best.
Philosophy’s also pretty dang cool.
Shows: Boondocks, Rick&Morty, Ozark, Breaking Bad, The Blacklist, Hannibal, Avatar, The Last Airbender (This is not a bit, 100% serious. Most def in my Top #3 earhtly creations) I rarely finish a show though.
Lastly, I like having real in depth conversations with people, and at times useless talk about who found the best twitter meme that day.

Preferences: I would like to use Whatsapp, email or the tumblr chat thingie. Prefered demographic would be 16+ I guess… Unless you is a reaaaal cool 15 year old, then we can still hang, no worries. I dont take myself too seriously, and hopefully neither do you. And then there is the usual; dont be a Charlottesville Nazi please, or a member of the KKK, a lizard person, an SJW or simply an all-around dick, ya feel?

*Cue sad violin music*

Folks: I just love Orihime *sniff* it’s so terrible how Kubo treated her *sniff* he saw her nothing more than fanservice and Ichigo’s baby momma *sniff* he made her give up her dreams and sacrifice her personality for a man *sniff* he doesn’t even want to elaborate on the pure hearted girl from the beginning *sniff* I would have paired her with Ulquiorra for character growth *sniff* I love you snuggle bunny Orihime! *sniff* Why doesn’t Kubo want you to be happy? :(

Narita: *Writes one innocuous line about Orihime being in the Shiba residence after trying to heal fallen shinigami soldiers after the war*

*record scratch*

Same Folks: Does Kubo think we’re stupid? That poor excuse for fanservice can’t even begin to replace Queen Rukia, the real heroine of Bleach! This is sick, he keeps trying to make everything the Inoue Orihime show. Kubo’s a failure and should stop. Why is he trying to shove titties in our face? Moron is still trying to legitimize the failure ending ship  Orihime has nothing to do with the Shibas!  This is pathetic, Even more so that Orihime herself. Fuck you Kubo you hack! 


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(bh crit incoming) I get that bh had to summarize and shorten things but sometimes i just…

brohood: “we loved our mom. we were happy. then she died and we were sad.” *cue inappropriately triumphant music during the rushed transmutation scene*

03: *hooks you with a short clip of the transmutation at the beginning of the first episode, later shows trisha’s importance to the boys, shows the process of her getting worse, shows her death in front of the boys, shows the funeral and tears shed, shows how much they wanted and needed their mom back, shows the grittiness of the transmutation and the horror of the situation, doesnt show what happened in the gate until later to leave it a mystery and to make sure the audience is focused on the drama of the scene rather than confuse them with plot stuff*

We Had Dragons

A Possible Ending For HTTYD 3…

(cue sad, but slightly hopeful music)

HICCUP (voice): This… is Berk. For awhile… we had dragons.

They’ve all gone away now. None of us know where…

Being the chief, I rarely have time to think about it.

But, sometimes, when I get an afternoon off, I’ll have time to ponder this…

(shows HICCUP walking in the cove)

(voice) I often think about Toothless.

I wonder if he’s happy. I hope he is, wherever he lives now…

(suddenly, ASTRID appears, and walks up)


HICCUP: Oh- hi.

ASTRID: You miss him. I can tell.

(HICCUP sighs)

HICCUP: Yes… do you… do you ever wonder what they’re doing now?

(ASTRID smiles, bittersweet)

ASTRID: All the time.

(the music becomes slightly more intense, more joyful. Shows Berk growing, ASTRID and HICCUP marrying and starting a family. Music slows…)

(Hiccup is back in the cove, sketching in HIS notebook. HE is older. A new father. Suddenly, HE snaps HIS notebook shut and stands, melancholy. A sad moment)

HICCUP: Miss, you, bud.

ASTRID: Hiccup?

(he turns to see his wife coming up. He is surprised)

HICCCUP: Astrid! But, the baby-

ASTRID: -will be fine for a few minutes. I decided it was more important to check up on you. I know that this is the day, ten years ago, when you met Toothless.

(HICCUP is uncomfortable. ASTRID steps closer)

HICCUP: I’m fine…

(ASTRID envelops HIM in a hug. HE leans into it as music trails off)

HICCUP (voice): This… is Berk.

Some lands have stories.

Great stories.

Of the past…

Some tell that they had dinosaurs, or dingos…

But, we had… (emphasis on had)

(HICCUP looks up into the sky. HE momentarily sees a flash of black that looks like a dragon. TOOTHLESS, more specifically. Bewildered, HE shakes his head. The mark is gone)


(soft piano ending)


Wrote this awhile back… decided to ruin your day by posting it now…

can we just talk about this picture?




can you see how CHANSOO looks so happy creating that big heart shape with their hands? chanyeol fangirling so hard inside and kyungsoo being squishy all over.. >.<




then we have JONGDAE here.. singing passionately while confessing his love for the fans by creating a heart with his two hands..







but then we have Suho

<cue sad music and ugly sobbing>






patiently waiting for someone to complete his heart…

Shadowhunters S02E02: A Door Into the Dark

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

  • Simon’s self-satisfied look when Clary declares he’s the only person she can trust, and you just know he’s thinking that maybe, just maybe, she miiiiiight want to touch his dick a little bit more than her brother’s right now #awyeah #littlevictories 😎
  • Jocelyn: “I’m a victim here too.” now I know where Clary gets her Clary-ness 


dats one evil baby

  • I’m impressed Clary doesn’t outright believe that Jace is some kind of “flower killing monster” so she can immediately turn it around into a woe-is-me “of course I’d fall in love with the baddest boy” self pity fest (if you can’t tell Clary isn’t my favorite character) (but points here, bc honestly this is bullshit we all know Jace was a fabulous baby)(#notmybabyJace)
  • Alec: “Bold of you to show your face here” I’m not even sure what Clary did this time but yasssss Alec
  • FUCK you know what I just realized??? Both Alec and Clary think of Jace as their brother and yet they both wanted/want to touch his dick and i think Jace can only attract his faux siblings this is weird anyone else think this is weird
  • Alec blaming Clary for literally all his problems and I’m so into him right now
  • Valentine casually attending karate matches at dojos around NYC is going to be the plot of my new fanfic
  • “When did the briefing start? Nobody told me.” “That wasn’t an accident.” I AM SO INTO EVERYONE PUSHING CLARY OUT THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE EPISODE

remember a few minutes ago when i was proud of clary for not resorting to a woe-is-me self pity fest? *cue sad music*

godammit clary

  • silently appearing behind someone and saying “hey bud. como estas” is how i introduce myself to all new acquaintances
  • “He just doesn’t get it does he?” – rando mundane who thinks he’s important enough to pass judgment on Jace and its just like where is that demon baby when you need him bc someone needs to be taught a lesson
  • “They say the best fighters in the city come here” “It’s only a matter of time before Valentine hits this place” brought to you by dialogue to set up the scene and explain the motivation

the face Clary makes when she runs away to art school after abandoning her family and friends because shit got too tough

and then her reaction when her parents come looking for her

this is why she fucking sucks

like I get it. *she doesn’t belong anywhere* etc etc – she has a point. but maybe now isn’t the time to throw a hissy fit and distract your parents from helping find Jace which is supposedly your motivation for running away in the first place. y couldn’t she just stick to listening to The XX and crying in her room for a bit before giving herself a pep talk via her own inflated sense of self importance so she could avoid getting kidnapped by a character we all forgot from season 1?

oh hey Dot

where do you go to get facials because i think i want to…avoid it

  • Simon getting distracted by a gold snake statue to the point of forgetting what he was doing so he could stroke it. kids, that’s the y chromosome at work right there
  • ‘Meanwhile, back on the evil barge off the coast of Manhattan’ – just a taste of my fanfic, “Dojo Valentine” lmk if you want to beta for me

just normal sibling stuff happening, nothing to see here

I like how Jace isn’t sure if he can be attracted because it’s his real sister or if he can’t because it’s his dad pretending to be his sister, which is kind of like realizing your life is a horrible garbage nightmare or an even more fucked up version of a horrible garbage nightmare

  • when we find out that Clary was spelled into telling Jace that she could see the future, which was honestly a surprise because did anyone doubt that she would immediately jump to that conclusion 

I don’t think there was an actual reason for Alec to take his shirt off to track Jace but here’s a screencap of it

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I come to your blog to read your quips and you never disappoint..."nutfuckery at the corner of nobody's buying it could this shit be any more obvious". Another masterpiece. Now, I'm just a regular gal living in nowhere, US. IF (and I haven't decided) Sam is not dating this chick who in the hell is financing this roadshow in the middle of filming? Why her? Who is dropping all the info to FB groups? WTF is private S wanting to cut ribbons at the grocery? Won't this hit press soon and then its out?

Please bust out a Ouija board and tell my mother’s spirit I don’t disappoint, at least on the Internet. Also, tell her I’m sorry we buried her with no hair but it’s my sister’s fault. She forgot to send the wig with the guys from the funeral home. (True story.)

The bankroller for this farce is anyone’s guess. The network? Someone’s management agency? Sam and Cait go dutch and split the cost of maintaining privacy like it’s an awkward first date? MM started a GoFundMe for plane ticket money and a TBD level of exposure and had her BFFs drop links into FB groups? 

*cue sad Sarah McLachlan music* 

For just pennies a day, you can help someone in desperate need of upping their amateur hour PR game.

Why her? Because she agreed. Who’s dropping info into very targeted, closed circles? Probably people who already know her and get a charge over helping a local A-lister and national W-lister do supersecret Hollywood stuff.

Private Sam is trying to sell a public narrative. If he wasn’t, he’d be a hell of a lot more careful to avoid detection. Nobody saw him on a U.S. bound flight? Nobody recognized him at any of the airports? No second cousin or friend of the family accidentally let it slip there was a famous actor visiting for the weekend? Two fans who just so happen to have access to FB groups are the ONLY ones who saw him, got a pic and then did the absolute most in at least one caption to sell said public narrative? He’s in NC! Taken just minutes ago! MM is there! She’s worth the flight! Ppptttthhhhbbbbttttttt. 

And no, it won’t hit the press beyond very specific fandom-adjacent writers who are trying to cater to the OL fandom. This is in-house news and nothing more. Sam is not regular gossip fodder and nobody cares if the lead actor on a show outside the U.S. is dating a nobody. That being said, it begs the question who they’re trying to convince.

*cue sad music here*

so its gonna be 2016 and ed has had an amazing amazing year, i know we wont see him a whole lot of 2016. but 2015 was such an amazing year. i cant begin to describe how proud i am of him. headlining wembley, having a movie, nominated for grammys. all these amazing accomplishments will never be forgotten, i will never forget seeing him this year in September (2015), on February 1st of the new year itll be 3 years since i saw ed for the first time (2013), i saw him in louisville i live about 40 miles south of there. my dad got me tickets for christmas. he was gonna buy me tickets for the red tour but my sis stopped him and he got tickets to the plus tour instead. best night of my life. i will never ever forget seeing him in that tiny venue filled with a whole bunch of people. then a year later i have to go to nashville to see him headline an arena. an arena. ed went to playing in a small venue of kentucky and then going to a huge arena in nashville (in 2014) filled with a thousands of more people than what louisville had. seeing him grow and develop within a year from being small to being a legend. i always thought this would happen and im so glad i got to be along that journey with him. it was unbelievable. ive had such an amazing year with him and ones before that, i will have more amazing years with him to come, even if he wont be around for 2016 i know in 2017 he will have another amazing year of the 3rd album and touring again. itll be another unbelievable accomplish he will make. the word proud doesnt even describe it but itll have to do but i am unbelievably proud of ed and what he has accomplished through all of these year and for the next years to come.

“Give me a few years, I’ve got some big plans” - Ed in 2011

Happy new years guys <3