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Can you please draw a cute kitty following Adrien everywhere? I thought this could be cute & funny because I reckon Adrien honestly wouldn't mind it ❤

(ANIMATED GIF)  Here you go, anon!  I hope you like this super quick little animation!  <3  Animation people, please don’t judge me, lolol

At home:

Adrien:  “PLEASE, Father, can we keep him?  I’ll take care of him myself!  Please, please, please?” 

Gabriel:  “We are not adopting some filthy stray.”

Adrien:  “But Father… I LOVE HIM! What would Mom say?”

Cue Adrien’s giant puppy dog/kitty cat eyes:

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Gabriel*internal screaming* He did NOT just use the Mom card on me.

Gabriel:  *pinches bridge of his nose*  “Very well.”

Adrien:  “THANK YOU, FATHER! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”  *Skips away merrily*

Gabriel*sigh*  FML

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Just donated $5, XD! Um, so Cap drabble??? *scratches head trying to think of a good one* Bucky!Cap finds a hurt puppy after a mission. Cue puppy-dog eyes at Sam and wanting to keep it. XD!

The puppy was young – old enough to be a little awkward, but young enough he was still obviously a puppy – and probably desperate. He looked thin, and he didn’t shy away from Bucky’s arm the way most dogs did. 

“Cap,” Sam called, from a few floors up, looking down into the alley. “We should move, man, emergency services will be here soon and we can’t do anything more here.”

Bucky made a soft shushing noise, directed more at the puppy than at Sam as it limped towards him. “That’s right, brother,” he muttered. “Come to Captain America, truth justice liberty, blah blah…”

Steve, who had rescued everyone from little kids to heavyweight wrestlers in his day, used to pick up the odd cat or dog (once, infamously, a snake) but he usually handed them off to emergency services. Firemen were suckers for kittens. Bucky hadn’t rescued any animals As Captain America yet, usually because of the arm, but also because he wasn’t sure he was capable of giving one away once it crawled into his lap. 

The puppy – black wispy terrier-fur, a long foxlike snout, bright blue eyes – snuffled at Bucky’s fingers, then ducked under them and made straight for his feet, still limping but making very good time. It grabbed onto the criss-crossed laces on his boots and began worrying it with soft, squeaking growls.

“Funny, I got a best friend who used to be that way,” Bucky told him. 

“Cap, did you hear me?” Sam asked, landing next to him in the alley, wings folded in. The puppy looked up and whuffed disdainfully. Bucky gathered it into his hands, careful of the front left leg, and straightened up.

Sam looked at the dog, then at Bucky, whose eyes were wide and hopeful behind the helmet’s mask. 

 “We can give him to a fireman,” he said, voice indicating he knew it was hopeless.

“OR,” Bucky suggested, “We can name him Scout and he can be Captain America’s sidekick.” 

Sam sighed. “Are we gonna take him to the vet in-uniform, or do we get to go home and change first?” 

“Uniform,” Bucky said, turning and marching confidently out of the alley, now that he’d won. “I bet they give us a discount for being superheroes.” 

18!Wonho [ Fake ]

The 18 series is based off of these lyrics from ‘18′ by Anarbor
Each will end & work out differently. Read a/n at bottom for explanation to *fake

So if you wanna piss off your parents
date me to scare them
show them you’re all grown up
If long hair and tattoos are what attract you
baby then you’re in luck
and I know it’s just a phase
you’re not in love with me

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▪ Tattoo artist
▪ Drinks
▪ “Probably flirts with any piece of ass he sees!” - parent
▪ “You will not be dating him under this roof!” - parent
▪ He overhears
▪ Rolls his eyes
▪ Yanks you out of the house
▪ Think he’s brain washing you
▪ He’s literally the bane of your parent’s existence
▪ Slowly your arms are filled with tattoos
▪ “Isn’t he a great artist?” - you, with a shit eating grin
▪ Acts like the biggest asshole ever in front of them
▪ Enjoys provoking them
▪ Enjoys it more when you just snort
▪ Pretty good actor
▪ Parents are just waiting for him to slip up
▪ You to end up pregnant
▪ Anything they can use to prove you wrong about him
▪ It’s all fake
▪ In reality
▪ He’s the softest squish ever
▪ You got tired of being babied by your parents
▪ You found him in a shop
▪ Of course, you both knew it wasn’t love
▪ At first
▪ You needed someones help and he had free time
▪ So you decided to put on a little show with him
▪ He already had the leather jacket
▪ Throw in some hair gel, and eyeliner
▪ Rough him up a bit
▪ For parents who have a straight A student
▪ Who does everything she’s told
▪ That’s a nightmare to see
▪ You became the closest of friends
▪ After all - you were pretending to date
▪ Pretty much gives you the world on a platter
▪ You enjoy the artwork he puts on you
▪ Very passionate about said art
▪ Basically lets you do what you want
▪ “Can I dye your hair-”
▪ “What? No- Why?”
▪ “Because…”
▪ Cue puppy eyes
▪ He stares at you for a few minutes
▪ Determined not to break
▪ “U g h f ine- Just the tips.”
▪ You make an absolute mess of your shitty apartments bathroom
▪ “Do I look good?”

▪ “You always do.”
▪ He really does love you
▪ Neither of you expected to be here
▪ You were unaware of his growing love
▪ You were just happy to be out of your home
▪ One day you woke up to the smell of burnt food
▪ Wobbled to the kitchen
▪ It took you a moment but you realized just how good looking he was
▪ It escalated from there
▪ What was there not to like?
▪ He had a steady job
▪ Kept food in the house
▪ Takes care of you
▪ Helps you in any way he could
▪ Treats you like a goddess
▪ “If you keep staring at me, I’ll catch on fire- everything okay?”
▪ “I think I love you.”
▪ He literally drops the food on the floor
▪ “Oh thank god you do?”
▪ Confused
▪ “Wait, what do you mean tha—-”
▪ You get cut off by him lifting you up, and kissing you
▪ Because
▪ “I’ve wanted to do that since the first time you told your parents to fxxk off.”
▪ You permanently move in
▪ He continues treating you like royalty
▪ What could you say? Trying to piss your parents off was the best choice you’d ever made.

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* [ Fake ] means that he was never the bad guy. Each one of the 18 posts with have a different one.

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How do the bros react to a long argument with an s/o? Like do they still sleep in the same bed? Does someone take the couch? I hope this makes sense

Things get very quiet with Noctis when he and his s/o are fighting for more than a few days. There are no conversations between him and s/o, not in person or over text. Fights with Noctis mean an intense silent treatment from both parties. Usually during these fights, Noctis retreats to his own apartment until he and s/o finally make up again, which they always do. 

Prompto is always heart broken during long fights. He becomes irritable very easily during these rare occasions. He, however, doesn’t want to avoid his s/o. Prompto tries everything in his power to come to a solution with his s/o, but that often leads to further argument. He and his s/o still share the same bed at the end of the day. Prompto tries to snuggle with his s/o in hopes to lighten the mood, but his s/o scoots away. *cue puppy dog eyed Prompto* *fight ends automatically*

Gladiolus is stubborn… and so is his s/o. Whenever he and his s/o have a fight, it’s a doozy. It’s usually the other Chocobros that have to split the two up… if they don’t…. they’ll fight all day and all night. Gladiolus, however, still shares a bed with his s/o. They sleep very far apart with their backs turned to one another. Usually, after about a week’s time, his s/o will say, “Gladio, I’m cold.” To that Gladio responds by scooting over to them and wrapping his arms around them. “I’m really sorry, Gladio,” his s/o says. “Me too, babe.”

Ignis is very civil during a longterm argument. Like Noctis, he can avoid his s/o for a long while. He won’t give them the silent treatment, per say. He will greet them with a “good morning” but that’s as far as he goes.  He still brew’s his s/o coffee in the morning, but doesn’t make eye contact with them at all. At night, Ignis takes the couch, wanting to give his s/o… and himself… some space. After about five days, he and his s/o have had enough. They approach one another with their apologies written in their eyes. They kiss and make up and proceed like nothing happened. 

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Yay, so glad that the inbox opened! Could I ask you friendship headcanons with a female friend for Chuuya, Dazai, Ranpo and Poe please?


• You are, without a doubt, always Chuuya’s date to any type of Port Mafia function. Long have the rumors passed that Chuuya and yourself were anything past the point of friends, and now it’s just expected of Chuuya to bring the most stunning date to the party. Chuuya is the perfect gentlemen as well and always ensures your drink stays full and the smile stays on your face. Regardless of your own dancing skill Chuuya is always pestering you to the dance floor and complimenting you on how amazing you look (even if you step on his toes every other step).

• Chuuya is adamant about you knowing how to protect yourself because he can’t be there all the time to offer physical support or ward of danger with the flick of his finger. Whether you’re an experienced fighter or someone who has never swatted at a fly Chuuya takes it upon himself to, at the minimum, teach you martial arts for self-defense. Naturally Chuuya wants to take it easy on you and he will unless you call him out on him, then he only holds himself back to match your current skill level. While he’s a master at his art he sometimes gets a bit carried a way, and if he ends up pushing you too hard he immediately offers to massage whatever is sore or treat you to a good lunch and a massage at one of his favorite spas.

• Shopping is a bi-weekly tradition even if you’re the type of woman who doesn’t like shopping Chuuya still pesters you for your womanly opinion (even though his style is fine on its own). Other than updating his closet Chuuya tends to spoil you as well and ends up shoving outfits in your arms to try on. Regardless of the dollar amount in your bank account Chuuya always pays, and if you try to slide your card to the cashier he threatens to snap it in half. Shopping is usually followed by lunch to catch up on life especially if Chuuya has been busy lately and unable to spend as much time with you.

• Nights you spend drinking together at bars end up being the rowdiest solely for the fact that Chuuya gets extremely protective of you the more red wine he drinks. If there’s even the tiniest hint of irritation when a man saunters up to flirt with you Chuuya more often than not knocks him right in the jaw if his verbal warning doesn’t scare him off.  Unless you want to go home with whoever is trying to flirt with you Chuuya steps in with slanted eyes and a threatening gaze that cements his point and sends the person stumbling away with a mouth full of blood.


• Dazai is often using your existence as a barrier between himself and the women he just can’t seem to shake off after a few rounds of flirting and possibly a night together. When his long, cliché speeches as to why he must leave these women in the dust doesn’t work he comes running to you with a big hug and proclaims very loudly how he’s so happy he found the love of his life with fireworks in his eyes. One of three things happen after this; the woman he’s trying to run from ends up crying and leaving—the woman glares at you and vows her revenge on Dazai and yourself—or the woman continues pursuing Dazai. Because of this there is a heavily growing group of women around Yokohama that aren’t your number one fan.

• When you’re both hanging out somewhere Dazai plays into the assumption many strangers have that you’re an item. He’ll make up ridiculous stories of how you met, like he saw you on a train and he chased it all the way to the next station just to ask for your number. Or if he’s really in the mood to fuck with someone he’ll say you met in an online forum for people who love lizards and you both have a dream of opening up a lizard farm in the heart of the city and plan on having a family of eighteen to help maintain the lizards. Dazai often slings his arms around you during these stories and mutters overly sugar coated cliché phrases like “isn’t that right my beautiful darling sunshine love of my life apple of my eye?”

• Normally Dazai raids your fridge on a daily basis without warning; even if you’re fast asleep he’ll break in and rummage through your food like a starving raccoon. If he’s feeling extra specific he’ll jump on you and whine about how he needs your, the only woman he loves in his life, to cook him food before he dies from starvation. Cue the puppy dog eyes and toddler like antics until you give in a cook for him or let him drag you to whatever restaurant serves what he’s hungry for.

• Dazai fake proposes to you all the time to get free dessert, a free meal, or anything at a discounted price. He makes a massive scene in order to get someone to either pay for your food or for the restaurant you’re eating at to offer some sort of dessert. This is when Dazai strikes and ends up ordering a buffet list of food. If he really wanted to he could talk anyone into giving him food for free, but what fun is that when he can embarrass the hell out of you at the same time? If you end up going along with his game it turns into a “who can get more for free” competition and usually you both end up leaving the place with full bellies, coupons, endless leftovers, and sometimes a bottle of wine.


• Is a lot more physical than he is with any male friends he has. He leans on you like you’re his personal pillow and always has his head in your lap when you’re just hanging out on the couch. When he’s extremely bored during a long car or train ride he’s often fast asleep on your shoulder or leaning against you in some form to get comfortable in those small seats.

• Lord help the man who ends up trying to talk to you while you’re spending time with Ranpo. Even if the dude is the nicest person on Earth and possibly your future spouse Ranpo is not willing to share any of his time with you. The first words that fly out of Ranpo’s mouth are enough to cut even the most confident of people down several pegs and if you don’t physically shut Ranpo’s mouth with your hand he doesn’t stop. Grumpily, if you make him, he’ll apologize only because he doesn’t want you to be upset with him.

• Sometimes Ranpo uses your presence as an excuse to watch trashy rom-com movies even if you don’t like them yourself. It’s not that Ranpo longs for some weird romantic cliché crap, but he does like turning his brain off every once and a while and it’s the perfect excuse to veg out if he’s had a really shitty week. A bow of popcorn and candy plus a warm blanket and his legs flopped over your lap is his favorite way to unwind (but he’ll never openly admit it willingly).


• Poe loves taking walks with you when he can’t sleep or if he’s feeling creatively clogged. He prefers walking during around sunset where there are less people but enough light in the sky so he can see where he’s going. Usually he walks relatively close to you and ends up letting you talk through most of the walk. Your soft voice soothes his nerves even if you’re literally talking about some ramen recipe you found online.

• The few times Poe ever feels brave is when he feels like he needs to step between you and someone, mainly when you’re receiving unwanted advances. He stutters and barely gets his words out and a lot of the time he gets laughed at but he doesn’t ever want anything to happen to you. Before it gets worse Poe throws a fist at the person’s nose hard enough to break it before he grabs your hand and runs for the hills. His hand hurts like hell but he’s proud he managed to defend you even if he’s a bit embarrassed about them laughing at his attempt before he got physical.

• Poe prefers hanging out at home rather than going places, and has a stack of take-out menus from your favorite places at his house. Usually he prefers his own home over yours, but if you’re really not up to leaving he’d rather spend time with you over being alone. Board games are his favorite thing to do over watching TV, and he always has some sort of classical music playing in the background. Poe does get jealous sometimes when Karl curls up in your lap but it makes his heart happy that Karl likes you as much as he does.

Last Slice Of Cake

@chihiro-and-byakuya requested NDRV3 guys reacting to their S/O eating the last slice of cake in the fridge so! I hope that this is okay!

Ouma Kokichi:
-He’s pretty upset because!! That!! Was!! His!! Cake!! That!! He!! Wanted!! To!! Eat!!
-S/O how could you hurt him like this T^T
-Starts crying
-Ouma are you okay
-Ouma please
-You offer to buy him another cake and the reaction is instant
-Okay S/O but you have to buy me whatever cake I want!
-Ouma those were fake tears

Shuichi Saihara:
-He’s disappointed but
-It’s fine
-He doesn’t mind
-You got the cake first
-He’s fine he can just get another piece
-You offer to share and he looks at you
-You really want to share the last piece with him?
-Thank you S/O but he’s fine!!
-He swears!!
-He’ll just get another piece from the store!!

-He doesn’t care that much
-He doesn’t really eat food
-Sees you eating it and just
-He doesn’t really mind
-Also it’s your favorite kind of cake
-And you once punched Ouma for stealing some frosting from a cake
-So he’s maybe a /little/ but scared
-Not really though you can enjoy your cake!

Kaito Momota:
-Sees you eating the cake
-You haven’t seen him there’s still a chance that he can take some
-Waits for you to put the plate down so he can have a bite but
-You don’t you just
-You just take the cake with you
-You walk around and try to find him and
-You find him and he doesn’t look at your face
-Just stares at the cake
-Kaito do you want some
-He nods
-You hold a forkful out to him and he lights up!!
-S/O you’re so!
-You eat the bite of cake and he just
-Looks so
-He trusted you!!
-Sad Kaito

Rantarou Amami:
-You’re eating the cake when he walks into the kitchen
-He nods at you and doesn’t really seem to notice that you’re eating the cake
-This might be because it’s 2 am
-Goes to the fridge then processes that you’re eating cake
-S/O is that the last piece?
-Will you share?
-You nod to him and he gets out a fork
-You guys share the piece and then go back to sleep

Korekiyo Shinguuji:
-He sees you eating the cake
-He doesn’t really care either
-He’s not really a fan of cake so

Gonta Gokuhara:
-Gonta wants to have some cake!
-Goes into the kitchen
-You’re there eating the cake
-Can Gonta have some, S/O?
-//shakes head
-//shakes head more
-Cue Gonta’s kicked-puppy face
-nO NO N O H E C A N N O T W I N
-You grab another fork and hand him the plate
-**mumble**Dumb adorable boyfriend**mumble**

Ryoma Hoshi:
-Ryoma doesn’t really like cake either
-He’s happy that you like cake and that you enjoy the cake that he got for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed these!! I’m half asleep and I have my doggo and my friend’s doggo to walk so I might write something else later but??? I’m not 100% sure!! Have an amazing day everyone!

RFA, V and Saeran with MC at the beach/beach carnival date >.0

Yayayay first headcanons lololol wish me luck oh god

so this is like a mix of at the beach and going to a carnival on the pier… y’know how in movies they have a carnival with stores and some rides on the pier??? yeah that

if anyone wants, i’ll make two separate ones for each but for now…. eh… i’m too lazy



- this kid omg

- he forgot that going to the beach during the day meant that other people would also see you in a swimsuit

- whoops

- high key jealous when he sees other people looking at you

- would def have a water fight with you

- scREAMS when there’s seaweed touching his leg

- so you scream

- and it’s just endless fucking screaming

- at the end of the day you two sit and watch the sunset from the ferris wheel

- blushes so hard when you lay your head on his shoulder. your hands are intertwined and you’re both just sitting in silence enjoying each others company (i’m gonna cry thats so ideal for me omg)

- the soft little bby aw


- you bet he’s jealous as fuck when you both get in the water and people are looking at you

- kisses you in front of everyone

- you’re the best looking couple there tbh


- “Zen, love, this is the tHIRD TIME IN AN HOUR”



- def has one of those beach umbrellas or tents not that kind

- at the end of the day you’ll both walk along the pier getting food and looking at stalls

- definitely a kiss during the sunset on top of the ferris wheel

- awwwe


- organised af jaehee mode: activated

- reminds you to drink water every half an hour because “it’s hot MC and with all this exercise you’re quickly becoming dehydrat…”

- shhhhhhhhh just enjoy the beach love

- ends up just ignoring when people stare at you two. Hell yeah you’re perfect, she’s glad the rest of the world can see that

- but she will kick ass if someone cat calls. no one does that to her MC

 - 100% blushy blushy when you guys go swimming

- other than that you guys are walking around the beach shops and window shopping “no MC we do not need a hot dog suit for a dog we don’t even have a dog”

- just as it hits twilight, the pier lights up and you two end up sitting on the end of it with your legs over the edge, the ferris wheel behind you lighting up and making reflections dance on the waves before you

- you both stay together, whispering sweet nothings to one another and sharing soft forehead kisses (sO CUTE)



“MC, i can just rent a beach, or we could go to the Caribbean why are we at the public beach

- >.> just enjoy the time pls

- very high key jealous when you two start to swim

“MC, cover up. People are staring at you.”

“Jumin, no. just ignore them please” cue pouting/puppy dog eyes/anything you want to use on him to get him to crack

unlike Baehee, he ends up buying you a lot of stuff as you guys walk past the beach shop thingies, though you (demanded) agreed that you get to choose what ^^;;

- you two end up getting matching sunglasses (hell yes i live for sunglasses) and you demand that you take a selfie together

- at the end of the day, you both take a helicopter flight around the coast to watch the sunset

- soft kisses above the ocean???? yes please

- the helicopter ends up circling back around and you gasp and smile, pointing to the lit up carnival. he watches you in content as you continue to stare in awe at the bright colours of the ferris wheel.


- the tomato head still doesn’t get out much


- so excited bc he never got to go as a child????? you can see the happiness in his eyes and smile


- you spend a l l  d a y going around the booths, getting food and going on rides

- he’s like a child, his eyes lighting up whenever he sees something interesting

- towards the end of the day he disappears for five minutes???????

- then he comes back and drags you to the ferris wheel. after two minutes, you two get ‘stuck’ at the top.

- he pretends to be all disappointed but inside he’s just smiling the ‘i-did-something-i’m-not-telling-MC’ smile

- but you know

- ”Saeyoung…



- you two just burst into laughter and chill at the top for twenty more minutes just eating all your food and looking at the stuff you got


- the poor angel is blind i’M SORRY

- but lets pretend he got the surgery okay my heart still isn’t over it

- since he got the surgery he’s wasted no time in wanting to see what he considers the most beautiful

- You

- so you’re at the beach for the day and he’s just capturing all of your moments.

- your expression when you squeal and jump back from the cold water, you chasing seagulls, you making a daisy chain on the grassy hill during your picnic lunch, the way your eyes light up just as the lights on the pier do in the evening

- he smiles softly and laughs as you drag him over to the ferris wheel just as the sun begins to set

- he takes a few quick photos of the sunset and the ocean before turning to you and taking the most beautiful pictures of your awestruck expression as you go around on the ferris wheel

- then he puts his camera down and pulls you into a soft kiss

- i just love V so much i can’t make comments he neEDS A BETTER ENDING


- this soft pea tho

- he’s so precious

- when you first mention the beach his immediate reaction is “ah-nope, bitch bye” (except he loves you and would never call you a bitch) (unless we’re talking in the bedroom here amirite)

- then you mentioned the carnival…. and the ice cream

- that’s the tipping point

“Fine, MC, we can go. But I’m not saying i want to do this, this is for you.”

- which in Saeran-ese means: you mentioned ice cream and i’m 1000% for it but i need to keep up this bad-boy act

- you guys spend all day just wandering around and trying all of the ice cream flavours

- at the end of the day, the stands/shops just gave them to you for free

- His eyes are just lighting up because he’s never been to the carnival before and it’s so new to him

- my heart

- twilight is settling over the sky and, finally having finished all of the ice cream flavours, you two wander over to the ferris wheel

- you get on and just sit with each other in silence, both of you in peace

- your hands are intertwined and your legs are tucked underneath you as you just admire the view and enjoy each others company



Anywaysies, please request things. I’m thinking of making a figure skating one (…… okay but not only because of yoi) soon but it might have to wait it’s not 3:50 am here at all no

Thank you for reading my trash!!!!

Bye bye then!! poof

RFA + V and Saeran during a Zombie Apocalypse

a/n: thank u so much for the one who sent the ask!! i made a re-do that’s why i lost the ask but you know who you are you beautiful person ;) omg i had so much fun with this request oops so i hope u have fun reading too! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!


  • zen’s weapon would be either a real katana or a wooden sword
  • he’d be wielding a M1911 Pistol for emergency situations
  • i’ve always pictured zen to be knowledgeable about kendo ( it’s a japanese martial arts swordsmanship style ) since he was asked to practice it as a part of a musical acting script he once performed
  • he’s got a fast, smooth move and excellent wielding handwork of all types of swords
  • he would prefer a reversed-edge sword ( he will use the not sharp edge to knock out human threats )
  • but his sword is a tsurugi type so he’d just knock off those people by the handle of his sword
  • he’s also the one who stays fashionable out of everyone even when there’s an invasion of the undead
  • “Uhm Zen… we’re going to kill zombies not walk in a runway.”
  • “Whoa, hey now! I need to look good just in case we save the world!” somebody help this guy
  • he would be good on either offense or defense but he’ll be much more efficient on the defensive side of the team
  • he’s the one who can kill a lot of zombies in a horde attack
  • sometimes he’s on the front of the team or on the back ( he can be the tanker or the shield )
  • but sometimes he can be a bit careless too and a lil off guard of his own defense since he’s pretty busy protecting the group
  • he won’t even if it costs his life ever leave you
  • when you’re in danger, he won’t hesitate to receive all the attacks that’s supposed to be yours
  • he always has a medicine pack available for his own and an extra in case of an emergency
  • and he’s a bit oozy when it comes to blood ( his sword is always squeaky clean lolol )
  • and he’d sometimes yell while attacking a zombie, ( the rumors say it’s his battle cry LOLOL ) “Like I’d let myself look like you! It’d be a disgrace on my grave!”


  • she is on the support side of the team
  • she’d either wield brass knuckles or a knife-edged police baton ( customization with the help of seven ) she’s actually good with any melee weapons
  • she’s on an advantage when it’s a close to medium ranged combat
  • she’s pretty knowledgeable about judo herself and has a pretty good stamina so she’s perfectly fine with defense
  • ps. she’s also the one holding jumin’s extra ammo supplies
  • would always always want to wear leather gloves as to not stain her hands with blood ( also not to catch any unnecessary germs )
  • she be aiding zen whenever he carelessly lets his guards down
  • she, alongside yoosung will be the ones who tries out seven’s data experiment just to know what characteristics of zombies might be used in their own advantage
  • she’s the one you can run to whenever you’re short of ammunitions or you need a reality check
  • "Do you think we’re going to die, Jaehee?”
  • "Yes, we will. If you base it on a survival probability rate scale of 1-100, we are only on 3. Unless we find a cure then we can survive.” gee thanks a lot jaehee
  • she is also a medical support by helping out yoosung by always carrying extra medicine packs with her so whenever yoosung runs out of it he asks few from jaehee
  • she’s the one running first towards you, no matter how far you are from her whenever you need help aka being cornered by a horde bcoz nobody dies under momma jaehee’s watch
  • she’d be teaching you basic defense stances so u can take care of yourself properly ( she does not want you to become a damsel in distress )
  • "Don’t worry, Zen. The zombies might be attacking you because they find you attractive.” uhm that is exactly not helpful at all lol


  • totes the one wHO HAS AN ARMORY FULL OF GUNS
  • he had been going to shooting ranges since he was a kid and he got interested in guns and gun works since then
  • "What? You have a house here?”
  • "A resthouse.”
  • "How many houses are under your name in this country?”
  • “About 20 of them.” ok but WTF??
  • “W- What were you doing, buying houses that many??”
  • "My interests may have…slipped.
  • he’d be wielding four Glock17 ( the two other are hidden on his ankles *tied* just for emergency purposes ) and one Marlin 1894 CB ( since these has one of the basic firearms cartridge -ammos- available )
  • ps. he has the fastest handwork while switching guns on a zombie horde attack
  • he also likes using an AK47 7.62x39 mm assault rifle
  • second one to kill most zombies aside from zen
  • has perfect aim aka always shoots bull’s eye
  • "Assistant Kang, have you brought my extra firearm cartridges?”
  • “Yes, Mr. Han. How many boxes do you want?”
  • "Give me as many as you can. It’s time to put these maggots to their rightful places.”
  • "Where exactly is that, if I may ask?”
  • "On their grave, under my feet.” jumin still be slayin zombies with his sassy mouth
  • he once killed a zombiefied child without hesitation ( in which yoosung strongly disagreed with and cried because of it )
  • "It could have killed you if I didn’t kill it first.”
  • he’d be the best protector/guardian for you since he puts a lot of efforts to keep you under his watch ( jumin never lets you get out of his sight )
  • he’s excellent at both offense and defense but never in assisting
  • has strong sensibility even in the roughest times
  • u can COUNT on him through extreme measures
  • because he is mistah TRUST fund kid


  • the medical support of the group!!
  • he’d be the one carrying all your medical needs so he needs to be badly protected
  • ps. he’s the most excellent assist in a group
  • but don’t worry he can protect himself perfectly fine aka you don’t underestimate this cinnamon roll he can actually kill u
  • his best wielded weapons would be two Smith and Wesson 54s and he’d be an excellent melee wielder as well ( probably an axe )
  • he’d be seven’s partner in analyzing things about zombies aka finding out what caused the virus and how to cure it
  • he’s not afraid to lay his life just to protect you has the self-sacrificing shounen disease
  • will come running on your aid faster then u can shout for help
  • he’d always make sure you won’t have any wounds, you are sterilized and that you are properly taken care of
  • but ofc when all of this first happened, he was he one who cried the most because what has the world gone into
  • such a worrywart when he sees a member having a wound he’d immediately clean it
  • "Yoosung, it’s just a scratch.”
  • "But what if it gets infected??”
  • "No, really. It’s just a scratch.”
  • "But.. but—” cue puppy eyes
  • “Fine. So you will stop worrying.”
  • do not underestimate his handwork in guns he’s pretty knowledgeable about it too and he’s got perfect aim just like jumin
  • he kind of enjoys killing zombies or going on a killing spree in a zombie horde attack uhm yoosung this isn’t a game omg
  • would go bat shit crazy if someone from his group gets wounded by an attack ( expect a massive amount of zombie bodies killed by this boi )
  • sometimes when he sees animals going to be attacked he’d risk his life to protect it all life must be protected under yoosung’s watch
  • also when he found out that animals can get the virus too he got depressed


  • the virus probably came from his secret agency
  • the central intelligence of the team & a perfect battle formation planner ( totes would work well with jumin when devicing plans aka escape routes and how to go heads to heads with a horde )
  • the brain behind every successful zombie attack defense of the group
  • he has the most weird yet convenient weapons available
  • he’s gonna provide laser markers for everyone in different colors
  • “Do you like rainbow colors? I have a rainbow one.”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “…yeah!”
  • he can fucking drive a military tank
  • “Ohhh! This is the infamous WWII Nazi Tank!! Ohhhh! This is so brilliant!!! I get to drive a vintage classic!” he’s squealing in happiness excuse him for a moment
  • “…just drive, Seven.” 
  • he once made weapons out of nail guns, nails and a magazine
  • also made a deadly weapon out of a baseball bat and an unused mop
  • he also helped jaehee and yoosung to level up their weapons aka customizing them according to their capabilities
  • he invented a zombie tear gas bomb where zombies becomes immobile for a few minutes if it you throw it and it explodes at them ( effectivity rate of weapon will be good enough for an entire horde )
  • he works hard to find a cure for the virus because he somehow feels guilty and has a gut feeling that the mania came from his own secret agency
  • would ask yoosung to be the tester ( a kind word for bait ) just to try out his theories regarding what senses are still active when a dead man becomes a zombie
  • would probably hack WHO’s data base just to get data they gathered regarding the source of the virus and how it has spread wildly in an instant
  • would test out his developed experimental cures with yoosung
  • he has secret armory of weapons he made way back
  • he may have anticipated for a zombie apocalypse to happen
  • he’s best in both assisting, attacking and defending aka he’s the real tanker-shield-support of the group
  • he’s pretty knowledgeable about guns too and kind of collects some of his own ( and probably modifies it to his own liking )
  • “Wow, Seven! How were you able to make such weapons?? These are all good!”
  • “I… may have always dreamed of having a Zombie Apocalypse!”
  • “…uhm, what?”
  • “You may not know but… I’ll let you on a secret~” whispers
  • “Gamers have been waiting for this day to come!” grins goofily you can even see stars on his eyes wtf LUCIEL
  • would literally die for you also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • totes knows how the virus came to be but keeps quiet about it
  • would try to solve the problem by himself aka giving his life to be a dummy in an experiment so they can find a cure
  • would do all sorts of things just to save you
  • just like jumin and seven, he’s good in guns too but he prefers close combat fights with melee weapons just like jaehee
  • his favorite weapon is a Nagamaki sword and a H&K .40 caliber Universal Service Pistol configured with a laser and a flashlight it comes very handy for him
  • he had gone under extensive training of self-defense
  • he can wield a sword and has good handwork with it like zen
  • aka the most versatile member of a group meaning he can be a tanker, a support or a shield
  • when the bus you were all riding crashed, throwing you out into the open and you got separated with the group because the bus exploded and they all came running to the other side to avoid it and you were trapped on the other
  • he came running after you
  • “MC!! MC, are you alright?!” and oh god did he sound so desperate
  • would probably be the most calm out of everyone he’s been through worst
  • would teach you how to heighten your other senses aka your hearing and feeling senses
  • “Listen… Not all things should be burdened to the eyes. When your eyes becomes a dead weight to you, your other senses remains active… you can strengthen them as well.”
  • he would teach you techniques when fighting in the dark since he’s the most efficient in it
  • the most secretive part of a group but still whenever a crisis arise, he’s the most dependable one
  • he has this crazy high will to save everyone
  • would work closely with luciel as a part of the group’s intel
  • probably knows more a lot about zombies than he lets on
  • has extremely good wilderness surviving skills
  • very efficient medical skills ( aka the fastest to provide first-aid to a hurt member )
  • also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • and a bit of martial arts here and there would probably be knowledgeable about judo and maybe small karate
  • likes to work alone, never does well with team work
  • would probably get irritated over jumin’s bossy attitude
  • “…who are you to order me around?” glares
  • “I am the one who’s trying to save your sorry ass.” glares back
  • lots of glares
  • his preferred gun model is a G27 and has extremely excellent gun handwork ( much better than jumin’s tbh )
  • is fond of using shotguns and is efficient in aerial/large scale combat
  • his favorite weapons are FNH PS90, FNH Police 12 gauge tactical shotgun and an AR 15 Rifle
  • the excellent assassin aka the hitman of the group
  • he can kill zombies x20 faster than everyone else if he’s aiming from afar
  • would probably be irritated by luciel’s goofy antics
  • “…who said you can change my laser marker’s color?”
  • “But green suits you!”
  • No. I don’t like it. Bring me back the original one. Don’t just change my things without my consent.” glares
  • luciel never listens
  • is p much cold blooded ( he keeps on arguing with yoosung; one day saeran immediately put a bullet to a just-turned zombiefied old woman’s head without hesitation; they were just talking to her a few minutes before the turning and yoosung was determined to give her a cure but saeran just… yeah )
  • “…a single hesitation can lead to your own death.”
  • “What did you just say?! They’ve been alive too! They had lives before everything!”
  • “You won’t last a day with that kind of mind set. Tch.
  • but he’s a v important asset to the group and sometimes he teaches everyone how to use a rifle and a shot gun
  • but becomes irritated if u ask questions u should learn it immediately the first time he demonstrates and this happens rarely

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this may be a bit strange but,, rfa's reactions to mc being obsessed with pugs?? loves them as much as jumin loves elizabeth and yoosung loves lolol



  • finds it adorable beyond b e l i e f
  • seeing everyone so invested with cats in the rfa (well except zen lol), he thinks that your obsession is pretty cute
  • is obviously dying to meet your pug
  • thinks they’re funny animals
  • might buy you a pug charm for your backpack/phone
  • hopes you bring your pupper with you every time you come over


  • h e IS RELIVED 
  • is actually NERVOUS to meet your dog
  • totally afraid (for once in his life) that a living thing won’t like him
  • needless to say your dogger LOVED HIM
  • let’s just say you sometimes get jealous over him cuddling the pupper more than he cuddles you
  • notices that and immediately pulls you up to him
  • you’re his princes(ses)


  • isn’t too fond of dogs either
  • but pugs (specially your pug) means a lot to you, she’d be tolerant and let you bring him/her over
  • zen what? pugs are HER THING NOW
  • buys you matching pug coffee mugs
  • likes accompany you to take your pug on a walk


  • He’s pretty hesitant at first because he doesn’t know how to bond over dogs with anyone else
  • but when he actually sees how excited you get over pugs his heart would melt and he’d give the pupper a chance
  • once you suggest bringing your pug over he is NERVOUS AND EXTREMELY UNSURE
  • acting like a parent towards Elly
  • when he sees how good he/she and Elizabeth 3rd get along he’d feel like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders
  • eventually he’d grow to adore your pupper as much as he does Elly
  • but just your pupper
  • he’d N E V E R admit it
  • but he adores him/her
  • and you’ve caught him spoiling him/her and talking all sweetly too him/her and just ugh <3


  • oh bOI
  • you’d walk into your room (when you finally moved in) and it was ALL PUGS
  • wallpaper, sheets, floor tiles, evERYTHING
  • oh GOD
  • he’d change it later, he’d just wanted to see your reaction
  • once you told him about bringing your doggo over he’D BE ALL UP FOR IT
  • you were nervous about him not liking him/her because he’d usually fanboy over Elly
  • you knew he was called the cat abuser. CAT abuser. c a T
  • constantly hearing your pug growling at him
  • I don’t know what’s up with him/her, MC, it just started barking at me,” cue puppy eyes.
  • pulls at his/her tail (obviously not hard, not frequently)
  • steals his/her treats
  • you were ABOUT TO MOVE OUT before he promised never to tease your doggo again
  • he’d apologize so much and even make a pug robot just for you
  • afterwards, let’s be honest, he’d spoil him/her rotten as well
  • constantly cuddling it with him/her, cooing at him/her, and playing with him/her

I hope I did your request justice <3 

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kagami, midorima, kise, murasakibara, aomine, akashi getting a dog and raising it together w/ their s/o?

Hell, I’ll throw in Kuroko in this too to make it GoM + Kagami lol

AKASHI: Akashi was an impeccable caretaker. He scheduled when to feed the dog, to ensure that he gave the right amount every single time and to not overfeed it. He’d use some famous branded dog shampoo so that the dog would keep its fur fluffy and soft. “Akashi, can I take it for a wa— ” “I’ll do it.” Then he walked out the door, your dog with him and disappeared. It’s been two weeks and you haven’t touched your dog once. Damn you, Akashi.

AOMINE: “Babe, pay attention to me. I’m cuter than that dog.” He grumbled. You’d seen Aomine sulk so many times over the dog that you got used to it. You just waved off his concerns and continued to pet the dog. “Give me that thing.” Aomine snapped and picked up the dog before locking himself in another room with it. You banged on the door, demanding that he let the poor thing out. “I’m going to teach you how to sit and stay.” You paused. That was nice of him. “So you can sit and stay outside when I want to fu—” “AHOMINE!”

KAGAMI: You rolled your eyes. “Kagami, don’t be ridiculous.” “Get that thing away from me.” “You are a grown man. You shouldn’t be scared of an adorable puppy like this.” You lifted up the cute, panting dog towards Kagami who yelped and backed away again. “I’ve enough of that with Kuroko and Nigou. I don’t need another do—” You let the dog lick his face as he went with his speech. His eyes widened. “THAT’S GROSS!” You grinned and brought it up to him again. Through all that, he was still standing on a table.

KISE: Wandering through the racks, Kise grinned from ear to ear as he picked things up, looked at them, before tossing it into his shopping bag. “Kise, it really isn’t necessary to buy these many things.” “But these clothes are so cute! They’ll be perfect!” You groaned as he dumped another pile in the bag. “Kise, it’s a dog. We don’t need it to model.” His eyes sparkled in delight. “A modeling dog! That’s it! We can make it into a model dog! I’ll talk to my agency.” He missed the point. “We can make a baby album for it.”

KUROKO: They were both the same. Always popping up randomly all over the place. It was wrong to let him play and teach the dog for too long because now — “Dammit, Kuroko!” You shrieked when he popped up out of nowhere again. Although you had gotten somewhat used to it, he still managed to scare you from time to time and now — “Nigou, you jerk!” Nigou did the same thing to you, always suddenly appearing in front of your eyes. “You guys aren’t getting any dinner tonight.” Cue the puppy dog faces. “Ugh, fine.”

MIDORIMA: “It’s my lucky item of the day.” He said every single afternoon before taking the dog out for a walk. Initially, when you had told him you wanted a dog, he had put down his foot and said no. “It’s a big responsibility.” And now he won’t let it go. You went out to look for him for dinner and that was when you saw the most adorable sight in the world. Midorima was smiling, nuzzling his face to the dog’s. You couldn’t even suppress your smile. “Sorry to interrupt your romantic time but dinner’s ready.” He was red from head to toe.

MURASAKIBARA: Whenever you came home late from work, you’d find Murasakibara on the couch watching TV. Only now, since you got a dog, the tiny puppy would be asleep soundly on his chest, rising and falling to Murasakibara’s breathing. That view always warmed your heart. “I’m home.” You smiled at him. He’d turned around, smiling and welcoming you back. The puppy would then wake up and bounce to you, barking the whole time. You could really live like this forever.


That was a rather simple event story.

Basically Mitsuhide sees Iori wearing glasses and he thinks they look really cool and wants a pair too! So shopping trip time for you, Mitsuhide, Iori, Joshua and Akito!

You bump into Ren, who was part of Shields but has since switched sides to Noir, and there’s some tension and awkwardness at first but everyone manages to remain civil with each other.

After Mitsuhide and Joshua get glasses, you all decide to get some ramen. However, the steam from the ramen fogs up Mitsuhide and Joshua’s glasses and they are at a loss for what to do… ^^;;

Then you all return to headquarters and Iori teaches Mitsuhide how to wipe his new glasses. Mitsuhide is a very serious student and he starts wiping his glasses the way he’s been taught but then Rabi (their fluffy pink mascot creature) flies out of nowhere and bumps into him… The glasses fly from his hands and shatter… Cue kicked puppy look from Mitsuhide… Akito immediately tries to cheer him up by saying they can easily get a new pair and that’s what you all end up doing. End.

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Is there any June/Rick in the Suicide Squad novel? :D

There sure is!! 
- Flag holding her hands under the table when she first brings up Enchantress in front of Waller, et al.
- June thinking that if she’d ever had a type it wouldn’t be him but she still feels  “something” and she questions herself as she takes a walk to try and clear her mind and who would be in the same place as her but him lol
- ^ first kiss happened #adorbs
- Flag’s a total blushboy all nervous around her like a dork
- June texting Flag where she is and he hurries his way there like a lovesick puppy *cue kissing noises*
- Flag thinking that “he definitely wasn’t in her league”
- Flag only hearing about love at first sight but “he was in love now” and would “do anything to save her”
- he’d risk the SEALs and the Squad to their painful deaths if it meant that she would survive
- ^ kill me
- “the only woman I’ve ever loved”
- June calling him honey, they’re married, cradling him (this is the vision though but STILL)

That’s all I got for now but I’ll continue reading and adding up to the list as I go :) 

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high school au where yugyeom & bambam are best friends and yugyeom can't stop rambling about this girl he has a crush on so bambam eventually gets really jealous and fed up and tells yugyeom that he likes him!!

Warnings: Minor swearing

Word Count: 1.5k

Author: TJ

I was taking a break from working on my 2jae fill (that is getting way too long >.<) when this kinda happened… whoops xD Anyways, hope this satisfies, anon!

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Whenever I’m feeling down I just think about Otto failing at stereotypical villain stuff. Things like him trying to do an evil laugh but starting to cough real badly halfway trough (remember the “he said my laugh wasn’t evil enough” line from the first book? That means practicing their evil laugh is an actual subject/class at HIVE JUST IMAGINE THAT)   he tries to do the whole “I’ve been expecting you” thing but he topples over when turning around in the chair (or he forgets that the chair he’s sitting on doesn’t have wheels so he awkwardly has to turn the chair around himself)  or trying to make a dramatic exit/ storm out after an intimidating speech and then goes “shit where am I going I don’t need to go there” or “wait this is MY office why am I leaving?!” or awkward backpedaling because he left something important in his room…. 

(Also I bet the thing that ‘killed’ Darkdoom was because he put a 'self destruct button’ on his great invention. Nero denied ever having Darkdoom as his student until the news of his 'death’ blew over because of that) 

Or Otto during a mission with Raven finding abandoned kittens in an ally and taking them to the safe house, like;  "But Raven, I can’t put them back, they’ll starve!“ cue pouting and puppy eyes and Raven going "DO YOU NOT GET THE CONCEPT OF BEING A VILLAIN” (but she’ll totally cave under the guise of just wanting to get rid of Otto’s constant nagging about it, it has nothing to do with how adorable the kittens are, nope not at all, and Otto’s puppy eyes have absolutely NO power over her haha why would you say that, what are you talking about I can kill right now so shut up) 

Or Otto getting really sleepy after warm showers (which is why he only showers cold in the morning) so when he stumbles out of the bathroom he’s already half asleep and it’s the most adorable thing ever because he yawns and rubs his eyes and just generally looks like a three year old and it’s the most un-villain like thing ever

 Idk idk Otto failing at being a stereotypical villain is my most favorite thing ever so please add some if you can think of any 

Just A Girl and Her Dog (Negan x OFCs) Chapter 1

Originally posted by pretty-dead-dog

Author’s Note: I’m not sure if this is going to be chaptered or not, but I’m betting on yes. This is shameless self-insert, as well as a shameless insert of some good friends. Yolo, deal with it. Not sure how crack this will be, but I have a feeling it’ll be pretty crack eventually. Bear with me, this is my first ~official~ fic, and I haven’t written in years. I also don’t have a tag list, so I’ll be tagging a few blogs I know I guess?? Let me know if you guys like it! Constructive criticism is always welcome here. Also, let me know if you want to be added/removed from the tag list.

Synopsis (for this chapter): Negan finds a young woman alone with her dog in the woods, and signed up for a lot more than he thought.

Warnings: Language obviously, sexual references, dogs?, eventual smut (not in this chapter)

Tags: @greasernegan @whothehellisjay @negans-network @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff @ladylorelitany @negandarylsatisfaction @mypapawinchester

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omg so my cousin got her wisdom teeth out and it's making me think about what would happen if Sirius got his wisdom teeth taken out muggle style he would be such a child

OK OK so, 

  • Sirius Black is THE biggest baby ever when it comes to pain. He can’t deal. You know how little kids cry bc they don’t understand that the pain will stop? Yeah well Sirius still hasn’t grasped that it will stop either.
  • And like, he can endure pain, but you he is going to moan about it, a lot. 
  • Sirius likes sympathy, OK, and he’s mastered the puppy dog eyes
  • (and maybe it’s bc walburga was never ever sympathetic to his pain) (so for his childhood he learnt never to cry or complain) (and then he found friends who actually cared if he was hurting) (this is in brackets so I don’t cry) (it doesn’t count if it’s in brackets) 
  • but
  • they don’t work on Remus
  • like not at all
  • “Mooooooonnnnnyyyyyyy….. rub my feet?”
  • “Sirius, you had your teeth taken out, not your bloody toenails. Why do I need to rub your feet?”
  • “Well you can’t very well rub a tooth can you! Anyway, the pain is manifesting in my feet.”
  • “I’m busy. Rub your own feet.” 
  • Sirius, whilst rubbing his toes crossly, “Moooooooonnnnnyyyyyy my love, light of my life, guiding star…. can you get me some ice cream?” 
  • “Sirius, the dentist said no food for at least 3 hours.” 
  • “Ice cream isn’t really food though, is it, moonshine? It’s more like… a cold hug for your stomach.” 
  • “No Ice cream.” 
  • Cue puppy dog eyes and Remus’ eye rolls. 
  • By this point James has gone away bc Sirius puppy dog eyes do work on him and he doesn’t want to be conned into giving up his new broomstick or cleaning Sirius side of the room.
  • “Mooooooooonnnnnnyyyyy it hurts.” 
  • “Sirius, every bone in my body literally breaks and then heals again, every single month. You really think I feel sorry for you because of an achey tooth?” 
  • “Moony!” Sirius cries, clutching his chest, “I’m wounded. I’m always very empathetic and considerate of your furry little problem.” 
  • Sirius adds in a dramatic sniff for effect, and considers going to stand in the rain so he can look even more pitiful
  • However it is true that he is always very nice to Remus
  • so Remus feels a bit guilty for being mean
  • “No ice cream, and I’m absolutely NOT rubbing your feet, but we can cuddle if you want.” 
  • “Yes,” Sirius whispers, voice small, bc a lot of it is drama but he also just really really hates being in pain or sick
  • So Remus climbs on the bed with him and Sirius puts a pillow on his chest so it doesn’t make his mouth ache when he leans on him and Remus rubs his back
  • “It will stop hurting soon, Pads. You know that, right?” 
  • “Yeah,” Sirius says. “Hey Moony?” 
  • “Yeah?” 
  • “If I stop complaining, will you get me ice cream tomorrow, when it’s better?” 
  • “Yeah Pads, I’ll get you ice cream. Now shut up and go to sleep. I want to nap.”