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Entry #33

Sometimes, the twins plan being theatrical and dramatic

Other times, the twins find an ancient dragon and ride it into a war, laughing and blasting fireworks and magic in every direction… somehow without any forethought of their actions

Every time, it looks absolutely fantastic and horribly reckless



anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite sound effect from the show?

well back when i was watchin through all the arthur eps for the first time, my brother’s room was right next to mine and he said that like every twenty minutes or so he’d hear this one musical cue and that’s become sort of an in-joke for us, just humming that cue every now and again, so. it’s not a sound effect but it is one of my Favourite Sounds

also arthur’s Trademark Gasp is also a very good sound, very Classique

  • you: Reaper is Sombra's dad
  • me, an intellectual: Moira is... Junkrat's mom

has anyone talked about how dangerous pixel is? and how tbh he, not sportacus, is the biggest threat to robbie? bc robbie hates sportacus’s lifestyle, sure, but sport never does anything that directly causes robbie harm. pixel, on the other hand, controls robbie with those remote-controlled shoes (after very menacingly saying “goodbye, robbie”), and literally deletes him when he’s inside pixel’s computer?? not to mention in “remote control” where he creates a device that can fully control anyone, and uses it on his friends??? feel free to add examples bc i know there’s more, but in sum, pixel is powerful

Don’t imagine Beca and Chloe dressing up and taking Beca’s step-sister out trick-or-treating and everyone thinks that Beca is a kid and Chloe is the guardian of the two

moonylady  asked:

thoughts on: malec + forehead kisses

LISTEN….. You cannot attack me like this, pumpkin. Honestly, I am so damn week for forehead kisses, okay? Forehead kisses and hugs. Me dying. 

I mean we haven’t seen one yet—@SH writers: how much do I have to pay you to make this happen???—but if it happens at one point I am totally going to lose my chill. I already lost it in 2x10 and 2x18 when they leaned their foreheads against each other. ajjshjashja God, I just love this so much. Like, apart from touching or hugging each other in that moment, too, but I feel like it is such an intimate moment? A fine line between being absolutely vulnerable but also feeling safe? It can be sweet but also kinda desperate because you know the other one was right here with you? And then eyes closed, listening to each other’s heartbeats. Breath brushing over your forehead? And just the overall thought of being so damn close?

Honestly, I have way too many feels when it comes to foreheads touching and especially forehead kisses. It’s just so…. gahhhhh. I need this to happen, okay???

send some asks that are like “thoughts on ______”

I really think there’s something to be said about current movements for social acceptance/reform and the emphasis placed on “sameness.” I see a lot of people that solely focus on how ‘everyone is human,’ ‘we all bleed red,’ etc., and while I absolutely think there is always a place for reminding everyone of our shared humanity and other similarities, I think it’s a fine balance between asserting that sort of unity without trying to erase people’s differences, especially in regards to marginalized communities. Yes, we are all human and we all have things in common, but people also have lots of different experiences and come from multitudes of different backgrounds and cultures, and have lots of differences physically, mentally, and otherwise! And sometimes, I think well-intentioned and compassionate people come off as dehumanizing in a rhetoric that ONLY focuses on sameness. I really would like to see more of an embrace and recognition of our differences, alongside calls for recognizing things people have in common.

Because sometimes what I want to hear isn’t “See, these people(you) are just like us!” sometimes what I really want to hear is “Wow, you do things differently, and you see things differently than me! That’s neat, please tell me more!”

What if Mama Midoriya, in her constant worry, just follows Izuku to school and becomes the Head of the Girls Dorm of Yuuei. Like, “look at all these children that need someone to mother them before they do something unforgivably stupid” and she ends up being the one to mother the boys and girls of Yuuei while they’re away from their families.

She tries anyways, because she’s so anxious and shy and more than a little clumsy that she ends up messing a few things up more than once and lots of the other kids end up helping her sometimes with things like laundry or cleaning their rooms and they’re rewarded with their own personal Mother of All Sunshine Smile ™ and they try they’re best even harder because Inko just wants the best for them and it comes through with everything she does.

Izuku is a little embarrassed at first because HIS MOM IS THERE TAKING CARE OF EVERYONE OH GOD but he loves his mom more than anything so he still tries to make his mom’s life easier by checking in with her daily and helping her with any of her little duties like more laundry or cleaning the bathrooms (he even manages to get the boys to adhere to a kinda schedule to help out his mom) and pretty much people love Inko and Izuku and feel like they’re a part of one giant family.

But then we have ALL MIGHT coming in regularly trying to father everyone. So it comes to the point where it’s like “Hey Inko-San, can I do this slightly dangerous thing?”

“Go ask All Might.”

“Hey All Might, can I do this slightly dangerous thing?”

“If Inko-San says yes then you can.”

Or on the flip side:

“Hey All Might, can I cook this weird thing I’ve never cooked before?”

“Ask Inko-San.”

“Hey Inko-San, can I cook this weird thing I’ve never cooked before?”

“Of course, dear! Let me try once you’re done, I know you’ve worked hard on it.”


“All Might, I need advice on this completely personal and slightly embarrassing thing.”

“Uhh, hold on, I’ll be right with you!” *goes to his phone* “Inko-San I need your help!”

And like, PARENTING everyone into a weird Yuuei order until it comes the point where it’s not uncommon for kids to call them “Mom” or “Dad” and no one blinks anymore. But then they think “Well, All Might’s single and Inko-San is single and they already work so well together, why aren’t they together?”

Cue every single Yuuei kid trying (badly) to get these two dorks together because they practically have a family together with Izuku as the kid anyways.