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Do you have a favorite sound effect from the show?

well back when i was watchin through all the arthur eps for the first time, my brother’s room was right next to mine and he said that like every twenty minutes or so he’d hear this one musical cue and that’s become sort of an in-joke for us, just humming that cue every now and again, so. it’s not a sound effect but it is one of my Favourite Sounds

also arthur’s Trademark Gasp is also a very good sound, very Classique

has anyone talked about how dangerous pixel is? and how tbh he, not sportacus, is the biggest threat to robbie? bc robbie hates sportacus’s lifestyle, sure, but sport never does anything that directly causes robbie harm. pixel, on the other hand, controls robbie with those remote-controlled shoes (after very menacingly saying “goodbye, robbie”), and literally deletes him when he’s inside pixel’s computer?? not to mention in “remote control” where he creates a device that can fully control anyone, and uses it on his friends??? feel free to add examples bc i know there’s more, but in sum, pixel is powerful

I work as a cashier at the wholesale club that is associated with the mart of wals. Im checking out this woman who has a young kid. Maybe 5 or 6.
Well this kid comes around the register while im looking for the barcode on a huge thing of paper towels, takes my phone from my pocket and slams it as hard as he can onto the CONCRETE FLOOR. So of course the screen breaks.
Now i can deal with kids. They dont always know any better.
What pissed me off to no end was the fact that, instead of punishing her kid and apologizing, the mom LAUGHS IN MY FACE, and says “Oh well, kids will be kids.”
Cue internal screaming as she pays for her order and walks out just as my supervisor shows up.

The repair is gonna be upwards if $60 to $80

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solangelo au where one of them is the new kid in school?

  • will is the new kid that people immediately befriend bc hes nice and happy and looks like he wants friends u know
  • he takes a little bit of time to get used to the school before he really tries making friends bc he can only do so many things at once and when he finds a group of people to sit with at lunch, he notices another kid sitting alone
    • he asks his new acquaintances about that other kid and they’re like “ooh nonono you dont want to talk to him hes weird and mean and nobody likes him” so wills like ok yeah sure but in his head hes like “there he is!! my newest friend!!! i’ll invite him to sit with us tomorrow”
  • but then when he does go to introduce himself the kid (nico ofc) looks over at wills new acquaintances and hes like “yeah no thanks” and will’s like “ok what if i sit here with you instead? im new here and im just trying to get to know people”
    • nicos like “you dont want to get to know me” and wills like “yeah i do so can i sit here?”
  • will sits with nico at lunch for like a week and they get pretty close, they help each other with their homework and bond of mythomagic but then one day will’s acquaintances come up to him in the hall and they’re like “you know if you keep sitting with that loser then everyone’s going to think you’re a loser too just come back to our lunch table and everyone will think youre cool like us” (or you know they would say words that people actually say outside of tv shows)
    • will’s like “ok but??? i like him better???? so im gonna stick with him ok bye” and goes to find nico 
      • cue the popular kids being like “your social reputation is dead solace have fun in loser land!!!” but will prefers it this way so its fine

ive?????? never been the new kid (thank god im too awkward for that) so im sorry if this is like the pilot episode of some tv drama starring the new kid in school, but i hope you liked it anyway????

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

Alright, so I had to instantly make a continuation of my mildly angsty sword fighter au post on what would happen to Marco after being reverted back to his young self.

First of all, this kid is LITERALLY 30 YEARS OLD MENTALLY!! He remembers every single moment he spent away from earth’s dimension, so it’s canon that Marco is mentally and probably emotionally a hell of a lot older than all of his current friends.

Talking to people just a few years younger than you is hard enough as you both struggle to relate, so imagine the struggle Marco is going to go through as he tries to interact with people who he hazily remembers were his friends. 16 years have passed since he last saw Janna, Jackie and even Star; his relationships with them are going to be vastly different to what they were before.

Would Marco even be interested in Jackie anymore after spending 16 years away from her??? He’s mentally 30, liking someone that you will be so weird to him, and he’s probably long since grown out of his school kid crush. That lack of romantic affection will be jarring to Jackie, as to her she’s just started developing a tentative romantic relationship with Marco, whose now just not interested.

Furthermorw, this Marco is going to lose his A+ streak at school as he cant even remember covering any of the topics at school. He’s going to forget people’s birthdays, their interests and even his own old ones. This Marco will be a stranger; a mature and serious kid that lacks any of Marco’s old dorky charm as he’s long since outgrown his social awkwardness.

Don’t even get me started on how Star will suffer as she watches her best friend run himself into the ground in order to build himself back up into the amazing sword master and hero he once was. Or the sense of awkwardness between them as Marco forgets simple facts about Star, or gets lost in his head over things that happened while he was away. Star will be constantly worried over whether Marco wants to go back to the other dimensions, back to being impressive and important once more.

On the bright side, soon Marco would begin to grow used to his body and train it up to a decent level of strength so he can do all of the amazing stunts he used to do, including wielding the sword he kept from his travels.

Cue most of the kids at his school getting ridiculous crushes on Marco with his intense and mature personality, his vast knowledge about cool tricks like Motorbike stunts and crazy sword wielding skills, and his rocking bod.

Additionally, think about his amazing friendship with HP, who often pops into his dimension to simply chat, give moral support or help him train.
(Maybe even a jealous Star in the background because did no one else pick up that flirtatious tone Marco and HP between one another? Those two have so much history)

JuminxV childhood HC

I have so many new headcanons about JuJi 

jumin is in love with V–sorry JuminxZen fans


  • Very ostracized child due to his inability to emote
  • Most kids in the neighborhood refused to play with or even talk to him because he was a bit too proud 
  • Could not pick up the social cues that the kids hated him–he just thought they were jealous of his wealth or otherwise not worth his time
  • Was teased so badly after yelling at his project partner for his incompetence…teased so badly that even Jumin was mortified
  • He decided that other people were obsolete, completely unnecessary
  • Everyone ignored him after that, giving him scornful looks in the halls and in class
  • V didn’t
  • V annoyed him day in and day out, snapping countless pictures (with his top-of-the-line Camera) from the time Jumin got out Driver Kim’s car at their private, all-boys Academy, to the time he got back in to go home
  • V had a faster Chauffeur and always made it home first. He’d be waiting at Jumin’s gated garden with his camera with a silly grin
  • Jumin hated him for a while, tried his best to deter any possible affections, but V was super persistent
  • On October 5th, Jumin sat alone in the small vineyard behind his home
  • It was his 9th birthday
  • His father’s current girlfriend wanted to throw him a huge party and invite all his friends…(He was a Han, he had to have countless friends, right?), but Jumin declined
  • He pretended it didn’t bother him, he pretended he didn’t care–after all, friends were dispensable.
  • So why did the tears fall?
  • Jumin digs his fists into his eyes when V appears. No tears. Jumin Han didn’t cry. 
  • V’s expression is filled with nothing but warmth and understanding, but he pretends not to notice. Instead, he hands a thick, leather-bound book to Jumin
  • Jumin scoffs, but V is standing there with that stupid grin on his face, so he opens it
  • It’s a scrapbook of all the photos he’d taken that past year with funny anecdotal stickers like, “WOW!”, “SO FUN!”, and cat paws
  • There were motion shots of Jumin running away with angry expressions, beautiful, candid shots of him in the garden when the sun was just beginning to set
  • There were photos of V straight up cheesing with a peace sign as he takes a selfie with an annoyed Jumin in the background, photos of the beach vacation their parents took them on together, photos of the kittens they played with at the pet store
  • There is a blurry photo of Jumin holding the camera out in front of him with a confused frown. V is behind him laughing hysterically.
  • The last photo is the two of them, just them
  • They’d fallen asleep on the train ride home from the Apple Orchard V’s mother took them to. Jumin’s head rested on V’s shoulder.
  • Scribble next to it, in V’s terrible, terrible chicken-scratch, were the words, “If you ever feel lost, close your eyes and take my hand. I will be your guide, for you see, we are only as blind as we choose to be,” and then a big dorky BFF bubble sticker.
  • Jumin stares at the photo, grips the book tight, then looks up at V
  • Jumin Han smiles 
  • Jumin Han cries
  • And, in that moment, V wished he had his camera…because this was the most vulnerable and truest side to Jumin–and he thought it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“This is the oldest poster we have hanging up,” murmured the General, “So cheesy.”

“But you love it.”

The old soldier smiles. “I do.”

is there a pattern with my special interests and the Favorites

sportacus and robbie rotten were ADHD and they were my favorites when i was highkey into lazytown for a while

now that i’m even higherkey into dw the doctor is my Favoriteboy especially eight and twelve who are The Most ADHD™ of the doctors i’ve seen

i mean. i’m not saying that i really like ADHD characters but that’s exactly what i’m saying

Slow Burn - Part 2

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,385

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1

“Your brother? Well, this is a first.” You laugh. “I’ve never had my date try to set me up with someone else.”

“Yeah, this is a first for me too.” He says chuckling. “But I think you two would hit it off, so why not?”

This could either go very good or very bad.

“What’s his name?”

“Not telling.”

“How old is he?”

“Not telling.”

“Um, what’s he do?”

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Uncles ziam attending Brooklyn's first ballet recital and being overly supportive. Zayn telling people "That's my godchild over there!" Bonus: if Brooklyn does something goofy on stage and they're like "Was that part of the routine?" And Caroline's like "Nope." And they all laugh fondly because that's so very Brooklyn.

I turned this into a stupid ficlet rather than a lovely drabble, sorry nonnie. Hope you enjoy.


The hall that the ballet school’s performing in is old. High arched ceilings, a brick building that stands next to the church that’s been here for centuries.

Liam and Zayn have been here once before, to watch a Christmas show when Brooklyn was 3. 

Back then, the ballet school’s budget didn’t stretch to constructing sets or having anything other than a few smelly old heaters scattered around the hall, the smell of burning had meant they’d had to be turned off and everyone had sat in their winter coats shivering and clapping even more than they would have done normally just to keep warm.

Two years have passed.  Two years in which a cash injection from benefactors who wanted to remain anonymous transformed the ballet school and the hall.

The hall’s warm as toast now.

The school can now do what they planned to do all along and that’s invite children of parents on benefits, who couldn’t normally afford the cost of the lessons, never mind anything else, to be part of the lessons 

They can afford sets which transform any building.  Like this building.  As Liam and Zayn walk through the door, it’s like they’ve walked into a Winter Wonderland, there’s Christmas trees, there’s artificial snow, and then either side of where the seats are in front of the stage, it’s like they’re in an enchanted forest.

There’s snow, okay its artificial, but it still creates the effect, which falls as they walk forward and just as they reach the back row of the seats, there’s a stall with 2 women dishing out steaming hot mugs of mulled wine for the adults and hot chocolate and marshmallows for the children.

It’s not even halfway through December yet, but in Liam it stirs up that feeling of excitement that he always feels this time of year nevertheless.

They accept a mug each and there’s a flicker of recognition on one of the women’s faces and she goes to speak, but then thinks better of it and stays silent.

“Cheers babe,” Zayn presses his mug forward and clinks it into Liam’s as they step away from the stall. 

“Cheers to you too love,”Liam replies then they lift the mugs upwards, not taking their eyes off each other as they each take a sip.

Zayn immediately pulls it away, pulls his face and grumbles, “Tastes more like  Lemsip than bloody wine.”

Liam rolls his eyes, “Well,  give it here, then Mr Grinch and I’ll have yours too, and you can have a hot chocolate with marshmallows just like all the other kids in this place,” he finishes the words with a pinch of Zayn’s cheeks.

Zayn holds up the middle finger of his free hand as his response and he looks like he’s about to say something when they hear their names being called and Liam looks to his left towards the seats, and she’s there waving and then she’s not alone, she’s  got a lady stood next to her, about the same height as Caroline. 

Liam and Zayn glance at each other, shrug and Zayn continues to mumble discontentedly about the mulled wine as they walk towards Caroline and whoever the lady with her is.

Caroline and the woman meet them halfway just as Liam drains the contents of his own mug and places it on the tray of one of the caterers as they walk past.

Liam puts his hand out,  ready to shake the woman’s hand when Caroline takes hold of it instead and then jerks her thumb in the direction of the fire exit in the corner of the hall.

Zayn follows behind as Caroline drags Liam towards the fire exit and the woman falls into step with Caroline and Liam.

They reach the door and Liam expects Caroline to open it, but instead she drops her hand from Liam’s and then places it on the woman’s arm.

“Sorry for the dramatics boys, but Helen here has always wondered who her anonymous benefactors are, and I know we can trust her to keep it quiet, if you two want it to remain quiet that is.”

Helen blinks, her mouth falls open before she regains some composure long enough to say.

“You are joking, right?”

Liam and Zayn shake their heads in unison before Liam explains.

“We were sat over there in the corner for the Christmas 2016 show and Brooklyn was one of the Christmas angels, except she was an angel in a duffel coat, like all the other angels cause it was freezing, and we almost froze our peanuts off.”

Zayn picks up the story then, “Yeah, and we were driving home and had the heat on full blast and Caroline was saying that never mind, no heating, there’d be no ballet school come next Christmas if they didn’t have a miracle.”

“And you were our miracle,” Helen finishes with a watery smile,  “I don’t know what to say.”

She looks between Liam, Zayn and Caroline, who puts her hand on Helen’s forearm and then Helen takes a breath.

“I’d love to thank you publicly, and well, I know it easier for you now, and well no time like the pre-.”

Zayn shakes his head, glancing at Liam as he does who gives  a brief nod of agreement, before he says. 

“Caroline told us you told the kids that it was a present from Father Christmas, and well you can’t go back on that, let them believe that, let them believe in that till they get bored of ballet or are too old to care and are just so in love with doing  it that all they’ll be is grateful they were here, and we’ll be the coolest secret Father Christmasses the world’s seen for as long as you need.”

Caroline snorts out a laugh, “That was such a lovely speech Malik, and then you messed it up with coolest anything.”

Zayn narrows his eyes, then shrugs and says, “True.”  

Right at the same moment Liam does. 

Caroline opens her mouth, likely to complain about how predictable they are when a bell rings and Helen claps her hands together.

“That’s my cue, or the kids’ cue anyway,” she  glances between the three of them and then takes a step forward closer to Liam and Zayn and she tentatively places a hand on their arms 

“You probably think you know how much this means, but you don’t, you never will and now I’ll just have to make sure that I listen 120 more times than I normally would to your music, but even then that would never be enou  gh, please come and see us anytime.”

Liam smiles, places his hand on top of the one that’s resting on his arm and says.

“We will.”

She manages half a smile, the tears threatening again, and then she’s gone. 

They watch after as she disappears and then Caroline clears her throat and they turn to her, before she starts to walk in the direction of their seats, before she turns briefly.

“She’s right, you know, you two, you’re not that bad for a pair of soppy losers in love you know.”

Zayn and Liam grin at her, smug expressions threatening to break their faces.

“She loves us Liam.”

“She does Zed, she can’t help it.” 

As they reach the seats, she sweeps her hand in a  gesture that says,”After you,” and they feel the gentle nudge of a knee against their arses as they find their seats.

“Just be grateful it’s not a slap round the chops you cheeky sods, never too old for an arse kicking.”

They sit down then,  glance at each other, the three of them smiling before the sound of sleigh bells fills the air.

“Break a leg Brooklyn,” murmurs Zayn as the lights dim, and the spotlight finds the stage.

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Concept: Erik leaves notes for the costume department to make suits for him and they always comply. Cue little kid working with their mom who makes him the most misshapen, multicolored socks(they're trying, okay) and their mom says they can't give the OG those socks, but they sneak them in anyway and Nadir finding Erik in his lair with the ugliest socks in existence on.

the ghost man appreciates the effort that went into the socks and is glad that the kiddos are working diligently and learning what they can to be the best when they get older. but for now, they’re socks. he loves to dress nicely, but there’s a point where he admits it’s irrational to be impeccable about his appearance when no one (other than, you know, that damn persian) is going to see him so he Might As Well wear ugly misshapen socks. as long as they fit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What if Mama Midoriya, in her constant worry, just follows Izuku to school and becomes the Head of the Girls Dorm of Yuuei. Like, “look at all these children that need someone to mother them before they do something unforgivably stupid” and she ends up being the one to mother the boys and girls of Yuuei while they’re away from their families.

She tries anyways, because she’s so anxious and shy and more than a little clumsy that she ends up messing a few things up more than once and lots of the other kids end up helping her sometimes with things like laundry or cleaning their rooms and they’re rewarded with their own personal Mother of All Sunshine Smile ™ and they try they’re best even harder because Inko just wants the best for them and it comes through with everything she does.

Izuku is a little embarrassed at first because HIS MOM IS THERE TAKING CARE OF EVERYONE OH GOD but he loves his mom more than anything so he still tries to make his mom’s life easier by checking in with her daily and helping her with any of her little duties like more laundry or cleaning the bathrooms (he even manages to get the boys to adhere to a kinda schedule to help out his mom) and pretty much people love Inko and Izuku and feel like they’re a part of one giant family.

But then we have ALL MIGHT coming in regularly trying to father everyone. So it comes to the point where it’s like “Hey Inko-San, can I do this slightly dangerous thing?”

“Go ask All Might.”

“Hey All Might, can I do this slightly dangerous thing?”

“If Inko-San says yes then you can.”

Or on the flip side:

“Hey All Might, can I cook this weird thing I’ve never cooked before?”

“Ask Inko-San.”

“Hey Inko-San, can I cook this weird thing I’ve never cooked before?”

“Of course, dear! Let me try once you’re done, I know you’ve worked hard on it.”


“All Might, I need advice on this completely personal and slightly embarrassing thing.”

“Uhh, hold on, I’ll be right with you!” *goes to his phone* “Inko-San I need your help!”

And like, PARENTING everyone into a weird Yuuei order until it comes the point where it’s not uncommon for kids to call them “Mom” or “Dad” and no one blinks anymore. But then they think “Well, All Might’s single and Inko-San is single and they already work so well together, why aren’t they together?”

Cue every single Yuuei kid trying (badly) to get these two dorks together because they practically have a family together with Izuku as the kid anyways.