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AU where Castiel is that one hot lifeguard at the beach and Dean is the lovable idiot who's constantly swimming out too far in what he claims are attempts to one up Sam (who's just reading on the sand at the moment), but are really just attempts to grab Castiel's attention (Dean doesn't know when he started taking whistles and amused glares as validation, but hey, if it works). Sam, afraid of seeing Dean actually get injured and aware that Castiel actually needs to focus on his job (part 1)

casually walks up to Cas with a determined expression plastered on his face. Dean panics, thinking that Sam is about to reveal his (pretty obvious in retrospect) crush, and sprints out of the water to do damage control. Cue Sam borrowing the spray bottle and walking away, and Cas giving Dean a lecture about dangerous currents. Dean just kind of nods throughout the lecture, focusing very hard on how devastatingly handsome Cas isn’t (he swears) while angry. They end up grabbing ice cream later.(2)

“I’m sorry about my brother.”

Startled, Cas turns to see Devastatingly Handsome Man 2 talking to him. The only reason he hadn’t spoken to Devastatingly Handsome Man 1, currently swimming hell-for-leather toward shore, was his assumption that Devastatingly Handsome Man 1 and DHM 2 were a couple.

“Brother?” Cas echoes, watching DHM 1 face-plant into the waves. Dripping with water, smudged with sand, wearing only soaking swim trunks that cling to his thighs and make a dome of the bulge of his cock. He’s, well, he’s devastatingly handsome. Even if he hadn’t been splashing around like a fool, Cas would have had one eye on him all weekend.

Except that he wasn’t single.

Except that…

“Yeah, yeah, the dumbass running toward us?” DHM 2 shakes his head. “It’s, well, it’s because of you. He thinks you’re hot, and I guess he figured if he made an ass of himself and pretended to be drowning you’d have to, I dunno, give him mouth to mouth or something?”

“Sam, for the love of - stop talking!” shouts DHM 1 breathlessly, trying and failing to find the purchase to run up the sandy shore. He even looks handsome flailing to keep his balance as the ground gave way beneath him at every step.

It isn’t fair.

“He was trying to get my attention?” Cas says flatly. DHM 2 - Sam - nods and rolls his eyes. “Right.” Hopping off the raise lifeguards seat, Cas walks casually, balancing easily on the shifting mounds of sand, meeting DHM 1 half way. “Your brother tells me that you’ve been engaging in dangerous behavior to get my attention.”

“Yes, I–”

“So while I’ve been forced to keep an eye on your-” -devastatingly handsome- “-antics, had their been a real emergency, I would have been distracted, and someone might have actually gotten hurt?”

“I’m sorry, but–”

“Furthermore, he tells me that you decided on this ridiculous plan because you found me attractive, and hoped I’d - what did Sam say - ‘give you mouth to mouth resuscitation?’”

“Sammy, how could y–”

“Well, if that’s what you wanted, you should have just asked,” Castiel concludes.

“No, I no, I was totally out of line, but…” DHM 1 trails off. “Wait, what?”

“If you were interested in having me kiss you, you could have asked me to kiss you,” repeats Castiel. Sam smirks. DHM 1′s mouth falls open. “Did that never cross your mind?”

“Oh. Uh.” DHM 1 looks around, looks away, brushes the sand from his legs and smears muddy tan streaks over his swim trunks and lower back. “I guess…uh…no?”

“My name is Cas,” Cas says.


“I’m on duty right now - no fraternizing allowed - but I finish at 3 PM,” says Cas. “That’s 15 minutes. Don’t be late.”

“Right…right! No, I definitely won’t be.” DHM 1 - Dean, that has a nice ring to it - gives Cas a devastatingly handsome smile and allows his brother to drag him away by the arm.

Climbing back up the lifeguard stand, Cas pulls out his cell phone, scrolls through his contacts, and dials up Gabriel.

“What is it, my man?”

“Hey, so…I need you to come on shift a little early today…”

“Dammit, I had plans, Cas! Not ‘til 5, you said!”

“Sorry, but I’m going to need you here at 3.”

“That’s, like, now!”

“Don’t be late…”

“This is about that guy you’ve been ogling, isn’t it.” Cas can hear Gabe’s eyeroll over the miles separating them. “He’s, like, married to that moose. You’re wasting you’re time.”

“Brothers,” Cas crows triumphantly.

“Brothers?” Gabe echoes, a perfect mirror to Cas’ earlier reaction.

“Brothers,” confirms Cas.

“So the tall one is also single?”

“Don’t know for sure, but I know that he’ll be alone on the beach starting at 3…”



The bassist has no choice. Andrew nods in time as a count-off, and the bassist joins in. Now we’ve got the bass and drums playing, laying out the beat. Andrew looks back at Fletcher. Drills into him with his eyes – the kind of look Fletcher has so often given him. And, subtly, so that only Fletcher can see it, Andrew mouths out two words: Fuck. You.  

It hits Fletcher. Realizing he too has no choice, Fletcher eyes the rest of the band. Raises his hands, re-assuming control – or trying to make as though he has control – and cues them in. - Whiplash (dir. Damien Chazelle), screenplay


Tumblr ate this post and my answer to an ask about “get it" and “drop/give” so I will try to address you again asap anon! It just takes me 5ever to write a thorough response, much less do it twice :(

While “vest on” is a signal to VSEPR to be on his best behavior, I want him to know everything I teach him regardless of his “clothes”, so I teach and reinforce cues both with and without a vest and in lots of different places.

 We went to petsmart to reinforce cues, practice impulse control, and work with distractions too today!

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Here I am! May I ask for a scenario where Cor is forced to leave Insomnia for a week (because of a mission or something) and his lonely little daughter is terribly sad about it and someone (*cough* drautos *cough*) sacrifice himself and try to cheer her up? ;^;

Heyoooo! :D Okay, so ever since this was sent in, I wanted to write it! I’m glad I finally got up to filling this request! Hope ya’ll are ready for the cutesy angst/ fluff fest! Ya’ll indicated a mix of fluff and angst, and so here it is HAHAHAHAHA! <3


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Ever since his wife had died during child birth, Cor had tried his best to stay around his infant daughter Karina Leonis, better known to all as Kari, as much as he possibly could. The Crownsguard were exceptionally understanding about his single-parent situation and did their best to take up long-term missions and out-of-area jobs for themselves. This usually left Cor in a situation where he was able to complete his marshal duties between the hours of 8am and 6pm. The rest of his hours were usually spent at home settling his baby daughter in for a night of comfortable, sweet dreams right by his side.

However, Kari was now six years old and already enrolled in ‘big school’. She was lively, playful, beautiful and quite mature for her age. Cor had decided that it was time for him to start pulling his weight and move back into active duty out on the field. As a result of this decision, Cor had hastily and rather excitingly picked a week-long mission that involved him clearing out some small daemon nests outside of Galdin Quay. He had Monica Elshett and Nyx Ulric, the heroic glaive, accompanying him on the mission, so he was sure he’d have good company to the destination and then back from the destination.

All in all, Cor was convinced that he was going to have a smooth transition back out onto the field. This perception was crushed the moment he got home and tried to explain to Kari that he wouldn’t be home to tuck her into bed for the next seven nights.

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Yo, could I get some info on Goth and Palette in your Superhero AU? Y'know, like personality wise and their relationship with each other. Trashy's just curios o3o

In the beginning of the AU, their relationship is the same. Goth has a slight crush on Palette, Palette is oblivious as always, still just best friends.

In their superhero forms, their relationship differs ALOT. First impressions goes disastrous, Raven thinks Star Shooter isn’t worth his time, Star Shooter thinks Raven needs to cool down, it’s a partnership made in hell. Their first missions go badly, they keep blaming each other and end up in probation by their superintendents.

Fast forward, a mess happens in school and it’s overrun by mind-controlled staff with guns and knives. Palette and Goth get separated in a crowd of students and use this opportuninty to change into their superhero personas. During this time, Palette’s the first to change because Goth gets caught by one of the mind-controlled staff. Cue Star Shooter saving him, gaining a huge crush on Goth, and fleeing to find his partner. Goth quickly gets changed and goes out to meet Star Shooter in battle.

Raven and Star Shooter decided to put their petty arguments aside, because they want to save Palette/Goth, and try to work together. Turns out they’re a really good match and take out all of the staff. In comes the silly insults and compliments, which turns their hatred into a bit of a rivalry and somewhat friendship.

Once the mess is cleaned, they are taken out of probation and go back to school the next day. Palette’s busy dealing with his sudden feelings and tries as much as possible to avoid Goth. This pisses Goth off and he confronts Palette at his locker lunchtime. They talk, Palette says he’s just not feeling well and Goth is worried. They go home together, Goth drops Palette off and says that they’ll hang out tomorrow. Cue Palette screaming into his pillow because now he feels awkward around Goth.
Ok um that’s all I really got to and holy shit I wrote alot I am so sorry but I really love this AU XDD

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hello! could you explain how, when you're traning dogs, you first get them to do the thing you want them to do before they associate the command with the action? like how did you get her to unroll the blanket or spin around for the first time? thankyou !!

Excellent question!

The conventional understanding of training goes like this: say “sit”, then push the dog down, repeat until they get it.

Kinda sucks, because now you’ve associated “sit” with physical force- even if it was “mild” and only used initially, dogs will show subtle stress signs from cues that are poisoned like this.

So, first we wanna get the behaviour enthusiastically, and THEN add the cue. Cue, not command. It’s an invitation, not a threat like “do it, or else…”

Here’s the main ways of getting behaviour:

• Luring.

Typically by having them follow food, or teach them that following your hand leads to food (ie, your empty hand becomes a stand-in for food, a hand lure)

Pitfall: You want the vast majority of luring to lead to good experiences. If you keep luring the dog into scary places/outcomes, then they will grow to distrust lures.

• Capturing

This is when you “capture” the behaviour in the wild, so to speak, by marking it. (Marker = a signal to mean they did the right thing in that exact moment, and have earned a reward, like clicking or saying “yes!”)

Rika’s nose lick/blep trick was taught by marking when she happened to lick her nose.

• Shaping

Like capturing, except the dog is on to your shenanigans and is deliberately trying to make the marker happen by offering you variations of behaviours to figure out when the click will happen.
They are the “operator”, hence “operant conditioning” as opposed classical conditioning.
Or, to word it properly: “Shaping is building new behaviour by selectively reinforcing variations in existing behaviour, during the action rather than after completion, to increase or strengthen the behaviour in a specific manner or direction” (from Reaching the Animal Mind glossary)

Okay, so now you’ve got a dog offering you the behaviour repeatedly, of their own accord. Wonderful. But you wanna get a cue on that sucker asap so that they know when to do the behaviour. To do this, you simply reward them for offering the behaviour till they’re doing it repeatedly, and then start adding the cue before they do it (once you’re pretty sure they’ll do it) and then start only rewarding it when you had given the cue. (This is called stimulus control)

Note:  Cue are not only words.  A cue can be anything- a hand signal or the presence of an object, for instance.

The dog likely already has a vague contextual cue for the behaviour- you sitting there with a bowl of treats looking at them. Oh boy oh boy. That means there’s rewards to be had, probably by repeating the same behaviour that worked last time, so you’ve got it happening reliably.

Or, if it’s a lured behaviour, you have a way of making the behaviour happen reliably. Ie, for spin, you start by marking the dog for nosing your hand, and eventually grow that into them following your hand in a circle. That’s your cue right there already, so it’s not that you’re creating a cue out of nothing, you’re actually replacing an existing non-verbal cue.

The specific example of unroll-the-blanket trick, I recorded the whole thing, literally that was the first time she did it. First, the food is in the towel: so It’s a lure. Then, while there was still food in the towel, I additionally marked her as she was unrolling (capturing of sorts), and finally there’s no food in the towel and I’m shaping her, you can see from 2:54 onwards, she’s no longer unrolling to get food from the towel itself, but is collecting it from me, then having a bit of a think before going back to unrolling. She offers a variation where she also has her paw on the towel and I try to avoid marking that. In our case, the unroll trick is not on cue. Or rather- the cue IS the presence of the yellow towel rolled up on the floor.

So how do you replace a cue? There’s a simple formula:

[new cue] followed by [old cue]

So if the old cue for spin is moving your hand in a circle, you say “spin” first, and then move your hand. Repeat. Now you can grow a pause between the new and old cue. You guessed it, they realise the pattern and start not needing the old cue. You’ll still help them out with the old cue if they need it.

Dog thinks something else is the cue.

oh my gosh, this one is SO common. Example:

The human thinks the recall cue is “come here” but each time she says it, she subconsciously turns her head and her hair swishes. That’s the cue the dog has learned. Then, they go to an obedience trial, and she does her hair up. No hair swish, no recall. <– an example from the same book.

I thought Rika knew her “go-to-mat” cue, but actually I only asked her to do that when we were having dinner, and thus her cue was “humans are sitting down with food” and she hadn’t learned the verbal cue at all.






One final note though. All this talk of marking and rewarding usually leads to this question: Well then do I always have to click and reward everything? No, and this post explains why. In short: the dog becomes good at the task. Like, if your toddler builds their first sentences, you praise them like crazy, right? But for your teenage child to earn such praise, they’ll have to get an A on a paper which contained a bunch of much more complex sentences- it’s not that you stopped praising them, it’s that they got better and the praise moved, after all stringing words together is easy for a teenager but not for a toddler. Hopefully that makes sense… 😁 /ranty ranty ranty

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awch would you look at that you made the fenandorks look gay lOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE I AM BEGINNING TO SHIP THIS


At the park
  • Beagle: I'm sniffing I'm sniffing important business finding smells much smell very explore wow
  • Lab: NEW FRIEND!!!!?!! BOOOOOOOUNCE bounce bounce bobbaunce bounce!
  • Beagle: ..... Not bounce.
  • Lab: BUT BOUNCE??????!?! :)))))))))
  • Beagle: you're bouncing on my smell
  • Beagle: Look, kid, you are more than twice my size and half my age and you have way too much energy and walks are Serious Business STOP BOUNCING ON ME MY VOICE IS MUCH LOUDR THAN YOURS
  • Lab: ......!!!?? you yell at me? Um :(((((( ????
  • Beagle: Humph.
  • Lab: solution - BOUNCE!!??!?!! Hopefully?
  • Lab: you yell again you don't like me how to fix this
  • Lab: I have limited social vocabulary?
  • Lab: um
  • Lab: how about
  • Lab: B... b....
  • Beagle: don't do it
  • Lab: BOUNCE!????!!???!??!!!!!! :))))))))))!!?

Imagine ghost!Nico possessing Jason because he has taken a liking to him in a human AU.

Jason lets him stay because he doesn’t mind having someone to talk to in his head. It makes him feel less lonely.

But imagine how hard it is for Jason to jerk off when he knows Nico is inside him. (Awkward.)

Sometimes, Jason ends up mentally arguing with Nico, and people around Jason would notice Jason’s irritated expression despite having visibly nothing to be irritated about.

And Nico could see that Jason kinda likes Leo, so he urges Jason to make his move. But Jason doesn’t wanna ruin his friendship with Leo.

Cue Nico taking control of Jason’s body and asking Leo out as Jason could only watch in abject horror. Jason was expecting things to go wrong when his body was not acting Jason-like. ‘He’ ate very little, walked with hunched shoulders, barely smiled, and didn’t participate much in class discussions or casual conversations with his peers.

Leo notices that 'Jason’ was behaving very strangely that day, but he agrees to go out with him anyway.

Nico lets Jason regain control over his body and says “You’re welcome,” in a very smug manner.

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Not every animal has the luxury of being able to put on a sweater when the weather starts getting colder. Deerling, on the other hand, has its own unique adaptation. Deerling’s fur color changes depending on the season, but why?

The most important answer is simply for camouflage. The harder you are to see, the less likely you will get eaten. A thick white coat will do wonders to make you look like a snowball, but in the middle of summer? You might as well be wearing a neon sign. So the advantage of being able to change colors becomes apparent. Many animals adapt to the seasons this way in our world, just like Deerling!

The last images are probably what Deerling itself is based off of – a Roe Deer. In any case, Deerling changes colors to better blend in with it’s surroundings. Pink for the blossoms in spring (or to stand out to attract mates), green for the abundance of grass in summer, orange to gain advantage in deciduous forests in the fall, and brown to be subtle during the winter!

How they manage this is a little more interesting. Hair and fur itself can’t change color, because it’s entirely made of dead tissue. The pigments and the color are set, so there’s no way to change color other than to grow an entirely new coat. And that’s just what they do! 

External cues control them what color of fur to grow. Things like temperature, amount of daylight, and humidity will effect the hormones that Deerling’s body produces, which in turn effects the pigments that make it into the hair. Some mammals in our world have even been shown to change differently throughout the years because of climate change.

Deerling changes the color of its fur to gain better camouflage and other advantages through the seasons. It produces different amounts of hormones related to external cues like temperature, which then effect the pigments that determine the color of fur it grows.

OKAY, but based on the raws for daiya no b, the instruments they chose for the main characters so far, are REALLY fitting. I was in band in highschool, and and anyone else who else played instruments in a band would agree with me (hopefully)

Source: hyoubuqueen

Based on what i see so far:

Clarinets: (Tanba, Nori)  They are  the ones who are the base noise but they make a huge difference. They’re not sharp sounds BUT a good clarinet tone is hard to attain and takes many years of practice. They’re very mellow but they’re important to the underlying sound of the whole song. Hence Tanba and Nori’s humble/shy personalities yet they make all the difference to the team and often try the hardest.

Percussion: (Jun) Percussion encompasses all the rhythm instruments like drums, timpani etc as well as embellishments like cymbal/triangle. They’re extremely imperative because without percussion there is no mood or pace and the song sounds bare. Jun is the tempo of Seido, he sets the rhythm AND THAT’S EXTREMELY FITTING. They also have to have a good ear for tempo.

French Horns: (Zono, Nabe) They have to have a really large lung capacity. They’re the melody that is really deep but the sound resonates. They’re kind of like a mask, a huge layer that arcs throughout the song. There are often not too many french horns because they’re an instrument that isn’t as popular. But the sound is very unique.  They’re also an underlying layer, but they cut through all the other sounds as very profound parts of the music.

Flutes: (Ryo, etc.) HIGH PITCHED NOISES;  THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE REALLY ESSENTIAL  and are often the “topping”. They have fast riffs; if a flute makes a mistake IT’S REALLY OBVIOUS–also the flute section has a much harder time to stay together so some talent/practice is needed.  Because of this they have to be detailed and careful and really know their job. HENCE RYOSUKE. Along with the trumpets they have many solos and ALWAYS play. 

Saxophones: There are two types shown in Daiya no BAlto or Tenor Saxophone: (Kuramochi) This is the saxophone that is higher in sound, and usually the one throughout the saxophone group that has solos. Baritone Saxophone: (Tetsu) The lower end of the saxophone, and the instrument itself is larger. Together, the saxophone sections blends together the harshness of brass sounds. Saxophones are huge in supporting the music and the brass section. They’re like caramel, and when they have a solo it adds flare to the song.They have to be reliable support HENCE MOCHI AND TETSU. 

Trumpets: (Eijun, Masuko, Chris) Oh my goodness the trumpets. They’re usually dubbed as the more hot headed of the band, the ambitious ones, the mood making ones. They are the more brash instruments in the band, yet they are the FIRE. Especially in fast paced, cool,  songs they really bring the blaze. They make the music exciting. HENCE EIJUN. They’re as important as flutes, because first there’s so many and hard to connect, and second, their sounds are quite evident. They also have a sense of pride because a piece often rests on their sound.  Basically, they’re entrusted with one of the most important jobs, and are usually the center of attention because you can ALWAYS hear them. They also have to have large lung capacity.

Trombones: (Furuya) Trombones require a lot of technique and are a leading instrument of the lower brass section. They can make the most resonating sound, so dynamics are this instruments forte. While having lots of single notes, this instrument needs consistency and determination because learning to breathe during the music is really difficult. SO STAMINA as well as strength and lung capacity. The instrument that isn’t dubbed cool at first but is essential to a song’s volume. The trombone sound reverberates and makes the rest of the band excited to keep pace. It’s perfect for Furuya.

In general, this post is nothing but my excitement for an official band au ( I hope im not missing anything or anybody) and my band history crying out. So i wanted to share lol BUT I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. 

*****Bonus: THE CONDUCTOR AKA MIYUKI KAZUYA (idk if he’s staying as a student conductor or the actual conductor). I’m sure that ones pretty self-explanatory–the conductor has to have all eyes throughout the band. He has to know and hear all the parts as well as anticipate what comes next and predict potential difficulties in music. He has to be the expert and gauge everyone’s level to make them work with the rest of the team. Also, he has to be able to mend the bald spots and some lack of skill in order to connect all different parts in the music as well as the people. He’s in control, cues everyone into their jobs, and in the end, if he hiccups then the whole thing falls apart. He  has  to be crazy and passionate about his job. He’s pivotal, and that’s Miyuki Kazuya for you.

I’m pretty sure no one’s going to read this.

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I have a headcanon that the different types of Galra are like how there were different species of human. Homo sapiens and Neanderthals and home forensis (not sure I spelled that right)

My personal theory is that the galra naturally have very malleable quintessence and their bodies adapt to match whatever environment they grew up in. Kinda like the Alteans’ chameleon abilities, but slower, and they can’t control it. (Cue galra throwing their children into horrible situations and seeing what interesting traits manifest in them as a result. apply this to galra!keith as you see fit). Also, the galran empire as a whole is probably a homogenization of a lot of different alien races that were absorbed into their ranks over the course of thousands of years. besides, when in doubt, you can always fall back on space magic

But heck! Science is fun to imagine with so let’s run somewhere w this subspecies idea.

Other ppl have said this before but all the galra we see appear to fit into one of three categories: the ones with scales, the ones with fur, and what are basically dark elves. (the more human-looking ones could potentially be only part galra BUT that’s a theory for another day). vld has taken some artistic liberties w/ the original designs but they still pretty much follow these guidelines so those are the ones we’ll deal with too.

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So Many AUs, So Little Time

 Not gonna lie, I have so many AUs I’m working on that I’m going to be writing Hartwin until the end of time. (Okay, maybe not that long.)

1. Bookstore AU [Part One][Backstory]

Harry Hart is the anonymous author of the Kingsman book series and the owner of the small bookstore Galahad. He chooses to live a quiet life running his bookstore, interacting with his editor and best friend, Merlin, and his dog, Mr. Pickle. This all changes, however, when young actor Eggsy Unwin bursts into his quaint bookstore seeking shelter from his fans.

2. Business AU i’m leaving on a jet plane (don’t know when i’ll be back again)

The first time Harry met Eggsy was when the young man had fallen into his lap. Or the business!Harry/flight attendant!Eggsy AU that no one asked for, but I wrote it anyway.

3. Mamma Mia AU [Outline]

While planning his wedding, Eggsy comes across his mother’s old diary which contains a list of three men who could be the father she never told him about: Lee Unwin, Archibald Knight, and Harry Hart. He invites them all, convinced he’ll know which one is his father at first glance. Unfortunately, it turns out that that’s not quite the case and Harry Hart also happens to be very much Eggsy’s type.

4. Suits Crossover/AU [Suit Up] [xx

In the aftermath of V-Day, Merlin reaches out to the American branch of Kingsman for additional support and recruit nominations. Harvey Specter, once a Kingsman nomination, now Kingsman’s and Manhattan’s best closer, brings Donna and Mike to London as his nominations. Harry Hart is alive, Mike and Eggsy sigh and pine over their handsome, older mentors, and Donna, Roxy, and Merlin are just sort of fed up with all the pining and angst that occurs.

5. Gymnastics/Olympics AU [xx]

Harry Hart is the primary judge for the Men’s Gymnastics Floor Routine during the Olympics, Eggsy is a young and fit gymnast, and Merlin is tired of having to deal with a turned on Harry.

6. NBC Hannibal AU [xx]

Harry Hart is an analyst for Kingsman, a handsome gentleman with a habit of collecting dogs. His main dog is named Mr. Pickle, a small dog who commands the other strays he pulls in from time to time. The thing with Harry, however, is that his extreme empathy allows him to see into the minds of criminals, something he has problems controlling. Cue his doctor, Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, a young psychiatrist, talented cook, and someone incredible invested in Harry’s mental health.

7. Think of the Children series 

Harry and Eggsy have been together for two year when they adopt their first child, Lee Archibald Hart. Six years later, they have another child via surrogate, Lizbeth Roxy Unwin. 

A Domestic Hartwin series co-written by marteenysqueeman.

8. All That Could Have Been series

Harry thought, seconds before the bullet ripped through his skull, about Eggsy. It isn’t the life you had that flashes through your brain as you die, it’s the life you could have had.

A series about the could-have-been’s if Harry hadn’t gone to Kentucky.


The Great British Bake Off is the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. 

Where Eggsy and Harry compete against each other, fall in love, and eventually start their own bakery business after one of them wins GBBO.     To be co-written by marteenysqueeman.

10. Youtuber AU [here]

Eggsy Unwin (mugsandpugs) and Harry Hart (mannersmakethman) are two British bloggers who live together, making videos of any and all subjects while their fanbase questions their relationship with each other.

AKA the Phandom has infiltrated Kingsman.

11. Porn Star AU [here]

Harry is a popular porn star under the production company, Kingsman, and Eggsy is the cameraboy he’s pining after.

12. Wedding Fic [here]

Basically this one is all secondarysushicorps‘s fault? Kallie is a terrible influence on me and my writing schedule. About half way through the fic. *long sigh*

13. Harry Potter AU

Eggsy is a troubled Hufflepuff and Harry Hart is the DADA professor who would hate to see his potential go to waste. Obviously they fall in love.

14. One Direction AU [here]

Harry Hart is Harry Styles, and Eggsy Unwin is Louis Tomlinson. Together with Roxy and Merlin , they make up the hugely successful and popular band Kingsman. (This one is getinthefuckingjaeger‘s fault.)

15. Guidesman Fic [based on this]

Where Eggsy was already a spy before Kingsman, sent to watch over and guard Harry.

16. Time Traveler’s Wife AU [here]


Updated: 9/1/2015 for Kallie.

bc it’s fun to think of percy as a kid and it’s interesting to think of habits of adhd:

  • young percy had little motivation to do what was necessary, whether it was school or home work although gummi bears could be a good motivator
  • he lost track of time and could stay up til midnight or later just playing with his toys, ending with sally groggily entering the room and percy what are you doing? you should be asleep
  • it also took him quite awhile to fall asleep, bc his mind would wander even more than during the day
  • he could be an absolute grumpy gus in the morning mornings where gabe was there didn’t help 
  • awkward social interactions, where he doesn’t pick up on social cues, lack of impulse control, says the wrong thing at the wrong time
  • when he was really little, his tantrums were the worst. it wasn’t until he was a little older that he tried to control it for sally’s sake (although it didn’t always work)
  • the boy was always moving. some part of him would be twitching, jiggling or bouncing
  • it was hard for him to be quiet. no matter what it was as though was physically incapable of whispering
Okay, so how about this McGenji headcanon.

After Genji’s resurrection, Mercy’s main goal was to make him as human as possible. Genji lost a part of his sense of smell making it weaker in comparison to his other senses so Mercy makes a tweak to him that is supposed to make his sense of smell more accurate. Or so they thought… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In doing so, it makes his sense of smell heightened as well as his other senses. Like a cat, the smell of menthol/nicotine riles him up for some reason; it causes hyperactivity and arousal, all that jazz.

While learning English with McCree, (since I love that headcanon) Genji can’t control himself. Cue crying and begging Genji.

And I wouldn’t be upset if someone wrote a fic about this :^)

Also @genbooty @ignile & @khateeah can I have your opinions on it, I fell in love with this pairing from you guys


I wonder… what would have happened if the end of Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider didn’t happen the way it did?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, the gist of it is that the Ghost Rider was actually the result of a binding between Johnny Blaze and the powerful demon and eater of souls, Zarathos.

Towards the end of the original series, the soul of Johnny Blaze was ripped from his body into a soul-devouring crystal by a sorcerer, Centurious, who had a nasty history with Zarathos.  Zarathos, left to inhabit Johnny Blaze’s body without being restrained (he really hated Blaze), tried to go on a rampage… but soon grew weak, and realized that he needed Blaze after all, if only to survive.  Soon after Zarathos retrieved Blaze’s soul from the crystal, the evil sorcerer who had been using the crystal was, himself, sucked into it, leaving Zarathos minus a target for his vengeance.  Enraged at being denied his revenge, Zarathos wanted to chase after Centurious into the crystal to destroy him personally.  Cue a struggle for control between Blaze, who had just regained his body, and Zarathos, who was eager to leave it.

Brace yourselves, I get reeeeally long-winded under the cut.

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