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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Shura’s cat problem

Shura absolutely adores cats and is a very proud self-proclaimed cat person. He thinks Yurio’s cat magnetism is the best magic in the world. Unfortunately, he did not inherit it, which leads to much heartbreak for his poor glass heart, which he did inherit from his mother…

(Featuring OC kid Shura)

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Newt Gets Graves A Kitten

@qed221b @ladyoftheshrimp @fantastic-beasts-smut - I blame ya’ll.

And you especically, QED, for this adorableness right here.

Newt gets Graves a kitten, because he knows how helpful animals are in the healing process and while it’s been a year since Grindelwald, some scars just don’t want to fade away. Those tricky scars of the heart. 

So he gets Graves a kitten. A small, fluffy kitten with blond wisps of hair and eyes too big for its head. Feeble in its youth. Its cries are more chirping than cat-like. He puts a big, floppy bow around its neck - the red ribbon practically bigger than its whole body and giving it the illusion of wings - before quietly slipping into the bedroom they share. 

“This is him,” Newt whispers into the little kitten’s too large ears, lifting him up and out to show him the slender back of the man laying in bed before them - dead asleep. “Now off you go, just like we discussed.”

And then he sets the little beast down and lets it loose. He watches as it determinedly wobbles to the bed, obviously set on a goal. Smiles as it sets its tiny claws into the soft silk of their sheets and climbs the tall rise of their bed. Walks closer to watch as the little fur ball then makes an unsteady beeline for the man in the bed – as though completely aware of what Newt had said to him when walking home with him this morning from the shelter.

He can’t stop himself from laughing when the little beast finally makes it to Graves’ face. It reaches out with a tiny paw and taps his face kindly, as though asking for attention, before finally flat out sitting on the man’s face.

Graves jerks up, eyes wide and hair sticking out in every which way, and blinks first at the now upended little fur ball on his pillow, then at Newt – bewildered and confused from waking. Newt only laughs harder as he watches Graves slowly try to connect the dots, everything moving slowly from sleep. His hands seem impossibly large as he gathers the struggling little kitten up to better study it.

Bright green eyes, blonde fluffy coat, tiny little paws and a soft little chin that it rests atop his knuckles, staring up at him. Newt sees it the moment something melts in Graves – too tired and too early to hide the emotion before Newt can see.

“Do you like him?” Newt asks, bemused as his partner’s eyes rise from over top the little cat to stare at him, baffled and sleepy.

“I don’t understand,” Graves says, and Newt feels another piece of his heart melt for the man currently naked and in his bed, holding a kitten and blinking sleepily at him.

“He’s yours.”

“He’s mine?” Graves repeats.

“Yes,” Newt chuckles.

“You got me a cat?” Graves asks, eyes falling back down on the little kitten.

Newt pauses, suddenly worried that this had been a rash decision. He shouldn’t have surprised his partner with something so big, that required such a commitment, without talking to him first. His thoughts begin to tail spin. His hands tremble as he wrings them.

“I, uh – yes. That is… if you want him?”

Graves just squints at him for a long moment before suddenly collapsing back into the bed again, taking the kitten with him.

“That’s great,” Graves mumbles into his pillow, the kitten tucked happily beneath his chin and purring merrily away. “Kitten Newt won’t leave me alone in my bed at hideously early hours every morning.”

Newt squawked, indignant; a huge and spreading smile on his face despite his affronted tone.

“You’re replacing me?!”

“Technically you replaced yourself.”

“Move over, I’m coming in there.”

“Nope, I have kitten Newt now. There’s no more need for you in my bed,” Graves says, one eye cracking open to catch Newt’s gaze as he smiles, unable to hide his mirth.

“Oh you’re going to get it,” Newt growls as he stalks the bed.

“Not in front of kitten Newt!” Graves gasps, dramatic and scandalized.

Newt crawls onto the bed where he’d normally sleep and gently covers the little kitten’s eyes with one finger, ignoring its plaintive little meow as he leans forward to capture Graves’ lips in a soft, sleepy kiss.

“Thank you,” Graves whispers into his lips after their kiss.

Newt just kisses him again.

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a little pic in the miraculous ladybug blindshipping au

yuugi has the biggest crush on the prince but atem at this point only has eyes for his partner. mostly. atem does think yuugi’s pretty cute tho. on the other hand, ladybug thinks that his cat is a huge fucking dork that flirts WAY too much.

Sterek Week Day 3-

Friday October 27th- Meet-Cute 

Stiles hates the cat that shows up at his house unexpectedly one day. His father doesn’t make things better when he bonds with the cat giving it left overs so it refuses to leave. The cat hisses and bites at Stiles (more like a rabid dog, really) so he leaves a note on the new neighbors door (who he can only assume is the owner) saying they need to come get their cat.

Cue a very quiet and sour man Stiles is NOT attracted to coming to retrieve said devil cat. The two do not start off well and Stiles could care less how well the angry man fills out a pair of jeans, he does not and will not ever like him.

(Yeah, right)

With his father slowly befriending the man and his stupid cat, Stiles is forced to learn things about Derek Hale. Things such as the cat was Derek’s dead sisters and it’s protectiveness of it’s new owner is very much justified. As Stiles learns more about Derek and the tragedy of his past, he starts to realize more and more that he and the cat have more in common that he thought.

They both want to protect Derek Hale.

I’ll admit, this was really hard to post. I had to sleep on it and I had a friends encouragement that meant a lot so hugs for them. The cat was fun and I’ve always wanted Derek with a crazy cat, lol.

In Line at the Grocery Store

LTL; FTP (Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster :))

So this happened to my mother-

A few years ago, she was at a busy grocery store. She had about a third of a cart… Lady (I’ll call her AW for Awesome Woman) in front of her had a full cart.

Note, this was a normal lane, not an express one.

Some idiotic woman (IW for short) cut in front of AW.

AW- What do you think you are doing?!

IW- I only have a few things. I’m in a rush.

AW- I don’t care. There’s a line.

-Cue cat butt face-

IW- I shouldn’t have to wait behind 2 bigger orders for a few thi–

AW- Get. In. The. Back. Of. The. Line.

-IW goes to the back of the line, within hearing range.-

-AW turns to my Mom. -

AW - Sweety, you have less than  me. Why don’t you go ahead of me?

Mom- Oh, Um… I don’t…

AW- Oh no honey, you’re fine. - giggles- I would have let her go ahead if she would have just asked instead of cutting in like an entitled bitch.

TL;DR- Awesome lady lets my mom, with a third of a cart, cut in after refusing a snobby bitch with just a few things.

Yes, Cat Grant can easily recognise someone behind a mask...

But after being ridicularized for insisting that her roomate was Wonder Woman and months of investigation that only proved her wrong she’s now a lot more carefull about claiming someone is secret superhero hidden in plain sight. 

And that’s the story behind why she could identify James and Barry as their alter-egos but not Kara or Clark as theirs. 


cheschire-kaat said:okay but dUde I really need like Siegrain showing Erza baby Jellal pictures just to embarrass him/piss him off YES


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If your still taking them 21 for Natsume Yuujinchou

21: ‘Are you okay for me to touch you? You can nod or shake your head.’ 

Tanuma is exuding calm in waves where he crouches an arm’s length away from their shaken friend, and Satoru is doing his best to mimic him. 

Even if calm is the last thing he’s feeling right now.

“What the hell?” he whispers under his breath, and Kitamoto shakes his head slowly, dark eyes wide and worried where they’re trained on Natsume. But Satoru feels panicky and prickly, and that non-answer isn’t good enough. “I don’t know what’s going on, Atsushi, he’s – he looks really scared, I don’t – “

Nothing happened. One minute they were walking home, making plans for the weekend, and the next a violent wind went screaming through the street for what felt like an hour – and when it cleared and Satoru could stand up straight without being blown sideways, Natsume was on his knees with his arms wrapped around his head, flinching violently away when Kitamoto reached out to help him up. 

“Are you okay for me to touch you?” Tanuma’s voice is gentle, almost mild, as he waits with endless patience for Natsume to hear him. “You can nod or shake your head. I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to.”

Another gust of wind has Satoru tensing automatically, but this one is there and gone again quickly, and as if on cue, Natsume’s fat cat comes waddling across the road from the bushes a second later. It pushes its head under Natsume’s arm with a grunt, and Natsume pulls it into his lap with a strangled-sounding sob. 

Satoru’s eyes burn with sympathetic tears, and he scoots closer despite Kitamoto grabbing at him to keep him back, because he can’t help it. 

Natsume is so cheerful these days that it’s almost easy to forget how quiet and thoughtful he used to be. Napping in unused classrooms as though he couldn’t sleep at home, avoiding big groups even if it meant eating lunch by himself behind the school building, showing up to class with cuts and bruises. The Fujiwaras love him, Satoru can see that for himself every day in the lovingly packed bento boxes Natsume unwraps at lunchtime, in the way Natsume lights up when he talks about them – but not everyone is the Fujiwaras, and there’s a reason Natsume moved around so much before they took him in, isn’t there?

That wind was so loud, and so rough. It almost knocked Satoru over. Maybe it reminded Natsume of something else, something bad he lived through that left a mark on him. 

“You’re okay,” Tanuma is telling him quietly. “It’s not here anymore.”

Natsume nods against his cat’s calico fur, and he keeps his face buried there as Tanuma wraps solid arms around him. Satoru is still crawling over, and Natsume lifts his head off of Tanuma’s shoulder to glance his way. 

“That wind was insane,” Satoru informs him. “I’m pretty sure the only way I’m going to come back from that is with Touko-san’s cooking. So unless you want me to pass out right here and probably die, you’re taking me home with you and feeding me.” 

It makes Natsume laugh, the sound soft and hoarse and surprised right out of him, and Satoru has never been prouder of producing a laugh than he is right now. Tanuma sits back, smiling with shadows in his eyes, and Natsume takes the hand Satoru offers him without flinching, letting himself be pulled back onto his feet. 

“Well, if you put it that way,” he says with a crooked smile, “what kind of friend would I be if I said no?”

“A good one,” Satoru assures him, holding onto his hand a tiny bit tighter, for a moment longer than makes sense. “No matter what, you’re a good one.”

I have a theory as to why Selina calls herself Catwoman and keeps saying things like ‘meoww’ and ‘I’m catnapping’ randomly. It’s to spite Batman.

Sure, she’s always liked cats and digs the whole ‘I’m a literal cat-burgler’ theme, but one day, she hears about this man who’s parading around calling himself Bat-man??
Like what in the fuck?
It’s like calling yourself lizard man or parakeet man. You just don’t do it if you have any semblance of sanity. Fuck 'criminals are a cowardly and superstitious bunch’. Every one’s going to laugh at a guy called bat-man.
And the worst thing is, it actually works?? There are thugs and hardened criminals and serial killers actually getting scared by a guy called the fucking BATMAN?? Just some guy walking around wearing bat ears at night, speaking in a growly voice.

'Fuck this dude,’ Selina thinks. 'I’m gonna be Catwoman and have cool cat ears.’

Cue 76 or so years of romance between some wierd dude called Batman and some wierd chick called Catwoman.

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Is.... Is Noctis Prompto's familiar?! THAT IS SO FREAKIN' CUTE!

When I first starting talking with @thefiresofmustafar about their totally amazing Witch!FFXV AU fic, one of their ideas was that Prompto would find Noct (who got turned into a kitty thanks to a cursed object he picked up in a shop) and he’d realize right away that he wasn’t an ordinary cat. He thought he’d found a lost familiar wandering around.

Turns out– nope! It was just a cute boy down on his luck and surprisingly okay with being turned into a cat! Hahahahaha

(Cue mounting embarrassment because Prompto would have acted VERY DIFFERENTLY around Noctis if he’d known that he was a human. Like not walking around the house in his underwear. Like not venting about something really embarrassing that happened to him at the apothecary. Like cleaning up a little bit around the house!!!)