cue awkward silence

jeff atkins as your boyfriend

  • i haven’t even begun and i’m sobbing
  • jeff is one of the very few decent jocks at the school and one of the most sweetest boys ever
  • despite him telling Clay so much about how to get Hannah and how to be a smooth talker he literally face planted when he tried to ask you out the first time
  • he got so flustered & embarrassed he just pretended he asked you to meet him outside to help him with maths homework (that’s when he properly asks you out in the library w/ flowers awww)
  • you two went to the cinema for your first date where Clay and Hannah gave you free popcorn & drinks, while laughing at Jeff cause he finally grew the balls to ask you out
  • “At least I can ask the girl i want out, can’t say the same for Clay.”
  • cue awkward silence between clay n hannah while the two of you quickly skadaddle away to watch the movie
  • it went rlly well Jeff even pulled the cliche yawning and wrapping his arm around you thing
  • he drove you home and you gave him a lil peck on the cheek before you went inside, he was still blushing when he went to sleep that night aww
  • he tells you such cute things in Spanish but won’t tell you what they mean unless u speak Spanish then he’s stumped
  • you don’t take his letterman jacket he gives it to you when you went to one of his baseball matches since you were cold and bc you are obviously his no.1 fan??
  • he loves wrapping you up in his jumper and how it smells like you once you give it back if you give it back lol 
  • he got so giddy when you kissed him for the first time when he brought you out to get ice cream for your 3rd date & he finally asked you to be his girlfriend
  • when he went home that night he told his mom & dad everything and doesn’t shut up about you for the next 3904820 years
  • he always leave cute lil notes in your locker like “head up hermosa!” or “you look stunning my cariñoa”
  • Jeff is basically a koala bear, you’re trying to study in the library? you’re in his lap and he’s nuzzling you. You’re talking to a friend? He’s wrapped you up from behind. You’re both at home chilling? He’s nappin’ on ya booty
  • he’s usually covering you in kisses & makin u red but once you kiss that lil sweet spot on his jaw you can bet your ass he’s as red as a lobster
  • his kisses are either quick and simple or loooonnnnggg and sensual ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • he forever teases you about the time you two were in the middle of heated makeout session on his couch and his parents suddenly came home an hour earlier than expected 
  • they were just happy Jeff finally found someone good for him :) 
  • and you and his mom end up bonding & Jeff knows he’s found his soulmate  
  • you had gone to Jessica’s party with Jeff  & you two were the wingpeople for clay and hannah the whole night
  • Until he went on the dreaded beer run :’(
  • except it wasn’t a dreaded beer run because you convinced him to stay at the party with you and let some other jock do it, because you two had to find out what happened between clay & hannah
  • so sadly a different student died that night nd Jeff beat himself about it for a long time because he wasn’t the one in the car but you were there for him every single time
  • there’s those tender moments when Jeff will feel really vulnerable and stare at you with such intensity and love & you will kiss away all his worries
  • on more than one occasion Bryce would make a fleeting comment about you and you had to literally sit on Jeff so he wouldn’t throw fists at him
  • Clay becomes the third wheel at Jeff’s study sessions but Clay is just happy ya boi has found the one for him
  • Jeff always takes you out an spontaneous road trips, you sitting in the passenger seat, legs on his lap and the windows rolled down, blasting your shared playlist
  • once you two get more comfortable in your relationship there’s been more than one mishap when your guardian(s) gave out to you about those hickeys on your neck :))
  • his lockscreen is of you wearing his letterman jacket while looking out at the sunset (artsy amirite)
  • yours is of him caught offguard with ice cream on his nose, aw
  • he always remembers the little, insignificant things about you as well as your anniversary dates!!
  • he doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does he’ll turn into a grumpy child and won’t talk until you pepper his face with kisses and have a movie marathon w/ him, only then is he a happy camper 
  • in all jeffery atkins issa perfect boyfriend who deserves the entire world :)))
TalesFromYourServer: "I seated myself, so I want your employee discount!"

I am a hostess at a family restaurant and met this lovely lady during my shift today.

Me: welcome to (restaurant name)! How are you today?

Lady: cold proceeds to walk past the host stand to seat herself

I’ve dealt with these kind of people before, so I internally sighed and followed behind with her silverware and menu. It was a really slow day so I wasn’t in a rush to seat her. First the lady sat down on a 4-top in front of the fireplace, mumbled that it was too hot and moved to a window seat. She mumbled again that she felt cold air and moved to another table, and so on and so on. She probably “tested” out five different tables. The servers were watching us with amusement. Finally the lady settled down in a corner table and as I was setting down her things, she started reciting her order.

Lady: coffee, grilled chicken tenders, lima beans, coleslaw, fries.

Me: I apologize ma'am, I’m just a hostess, but I’m more than happy to grab your coffee while your server takes your order.

cue an awkward silence

Lady: what the hell is a HOSTER

Me: I greet customers at the door and seat them to their tables.

Lady: I just did that MYSELF. My tax dollars are paying for you to do something I did?! I want your employee discount.

I started chuckling thinking she was kidding. Then it hit me. She wasn’t joking around.

I was completely stunned and mumbled some kind of apology and got my manager. I could hear them bickering and then I heard this gem.

Manager: ma'am, if you would like an employee discount, feel free to fill out an application and maybe you’ll get one IF you’re hired. If you can work 6 hour shifts 5 days a week and attend college at the same time (my situation), then you are more than free to use the employee discount. Unless you have an actual complaint, don’t harass my hostess.

The lady was speechless. She mumbled something about how immigrants are ruining America (I’m Asian and the manager is Hispanic), ordered her food, complained to the server, and left.

Working in the food industry is draining, but hearing your manager stand up for you is absolutely priceless.

(I apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors, it was a long day)

By: shinethedog

Musical harmony

Sherlock x fem!reader

Request: Sherlock x femReader or Mycroft × femReader involving his violin and her ukulele🎶👀 something cute please thanks!

I hope it lives upto your expectations

Summary:Reader is sherlock’s girlfriend. While being bored in their shared flat with john watson because they went on a case and left her because john said “it was too dangerous.” She plays her ukulele and later sherlock and john comes home and sherlock joins her.

Warnings: none, i don’t think so

Originally posted by kattlejuice

3rd pov

(Y/N) has always been talented with instruments. She knew how to play a ton of instruments, but ukulele was always her favorite. It brings her joy with the cheerful music it brings. She loves it. Fun fact: sherlock didn’t know any about this except her playing violin and piano.

(Y/N)’s pov

It’s so boring!! Why John!! I groan as I watch this stupid tv show. I stand and try to find Sherlock’s gun. Oh wait he took it. “Oh great!” I mumble sarcastically. I walk around and went to my old room which just became the storage when I start  sharing a room with Sherlock. I almost trip over something. I look down oh it’s my old ukulele. Yay! my escape from major boredom. I go to the living room (or whatever you want call it.) I started to play the tune I play with my piano when i do duets with Sherlock. I remember the cords perfectly and where my fingers would go. I starts to play  and I close my eyes to focus on the sound of music. I hear a door open, but I’m so into it I didn’t check who it is.

3rd pov

John and Sherlock arrive at the door of their flat when they heard a sweet tune that Sherlock recognizes as (Y/N)’s favorite tune in piano and violin,but it was in a different instrument.  They went in quietly to see where the music was coming from. They see (Y/N) eyes closed playing a ukulele. Sherlock signals John to be quiet. He nods at Sherlock as he picks up his violin and starts to play

(Y/n)’s pov 

I hear a violin playing the same tune. I open my eyes, but keep playing. I see Sherlock playing his violin. I smile at him he returns it. This was weird this wasn’t like him he wasn’t this nice, but I’ll take it. I stand up as John sits down and Sherlock and I circle around each other as we continue to play with emotion and passion. The musical harmony of my ukulele and his violin filled the room and it’s so magical. John is grinning from his seat and looks with awe at the two of us. As the song softly ends we move closer to each other. As we play the last cord. I kiss him when I pull away. He smiles and John claps. “Do you have any other instruments that you know how to play, that we should know about?” He asks. “ Yes a lot actually” I respond laughing a little. I lean in to kiss him again. When someone clears their throat rather loudly. We look to where that came from and see Mycroft and Lestrade at the doorway. Sherlock rolls his eyes and sits in his chair as he puts down his violin. I blush and do the same with my ukulele and sit down. “I told you not to ruin the moment, Mycroft!” Lestrade says. *Cue awkward silence* 





“Mycroft, how’s the diet?”

(30 mins later) Bonus:

“So how are you and lestrade, did you finally go on a date?”



(A/N): Sorry if that was a little cheesy and sorry about the mistakes. Hope you guys like it!) Feel Free to request!!!

baker! doyoung

ok so i am SO SORRY i have been so inactive…. school amirite ;))))

- aight so theres this bakery you always go to

- nd theres always an old man who makes rly good pastries n shiz 

- but one day,,,, he’s not there! well he actually is but he’s not the one at the counter

- instead, theres this cute ass guy 

- so u like choke on ur spit n try to look cool

- but when u get to the counter ur a complete fail

- “hey,,,,,is,,,uh- the old guy her- nO I MEAN MR”

- “bahahhahaha you mean my grandad? he’s in the back lemme get him”

- yoU almost died

- his voice????is???pure???honey????

- its so velvety n smooth

- soon later ur usually old man came

- “so i see u met my grandson, doyoung”

- “aHhahHHh yes”

- he thinks its rly cute how u started fumbling over ur words and being flustered

- ‘hey doyoung,,, go show her around the kitchen,,, maybe teach her some stuff??”

- lol granddad over here clearly could see the interest y'all had in eachother

- why not hook up his grandson with a cute girl?

- so u and doyoung head to the kitchen

- *cue awkward silence*

- “so…….”

- “so…….”

- lolol y'all were just flustered lil puppys

- suddenly, doyoung offers to bake a cake w u



- so then doyoungs starts teaching u how to use some kitchen equiptment 

- ofc the chile hand brushes happen


- lowkey you just stare at doyoungs hands n arms

- cause like

- ogmogmogmogmogmogm 

- they r so ughugHUGUHGD

- anyway

- so when y'all r done making da cake



- nd doyoung just blushes when you compliment it


- “hahhah u made it too!”

- dis boi is just too nice

- then

- all of a sudden

- “wanna catch some coffee with me later? you’re really cute and i know this good cafe that would be a good place to share a drink! buT don’t buy any pastries or shit cause they fake af”

- suddenly salty doyoung comes out bUT YOU LOVE IT

- “uh! yeah ofc!!!! and ew no cafe pastries suCk bUtTHole????so??disgusting???”

- you guys may have thought y'all were cute, but now u guys like each other even more

- time skip 2 cafe

- aight so y'all have sum americans rite


- this waitress comes over

- nd starts flirting with doyoung! while y'all r pretty much on a date!!!!

- but doyoung aint having it

- “uhm,,,,,excuse me,,,, do you not see that i am on a date?”

- u kind of choke on ur spit cause

- its a date yAAAAAAY

- the waitress then gets all flustered and walks away

- lololollololololollolol

- the dat went well

- y'all exchanged numbers

- twas all good

- a bit of dating! baker doyOUNG LEGGO

- so since his grandfather is a baker and taught doyoung all these skills n shit

- doyoung bakes for u all the time

- u aint complaining tho

- his croissants r TO DIE FOR

- always pays attention o what u say

- “uh itS REALLY GOOD I SWEAR but just a lil too salty?? idk my tongue could be lyi-”


- “nonono honey its fine you don’t have t-”


- jfc doyoung

- but he gives u discounts at the bakery

- like not even discounts just full on gives it to u for free

- u probs saved like $127 dollars within that month (sEE WHAT I DID THERE BAHAHHA)

- doyoung treats u like a queen

- and makes sure 2 put all his love into whatever he’s making u

- he’s a keeper 


Mafia! Taeyong AU

•ofc he’s the leader because he’s Lee mother fucking Taeyong
•he got the position from his dad who was the old leader
•cue sad childhood story that I’m not gonna go in depth about
•so Mafia leader Taeyong is probably one of the best there is
•looks scary af but is a smol ball of fluff
•like someone protect this boy
•loves his family (which includes the boys v v v much)
•doesn’t like hurting strangers
•doesn’t leave the office very much because he has a lot of paperwork and calls to handle
•sometimes goes outs to make deals because no one can say no to him
•always takes someone with him on these deals because he’s secretly an insecure boy who needs lots of reassurance
•scared that he’ll mess up the deal or makes the group look bad
•so he has a poker face when making deals
•also gets straight to the point to gets what he wants
•what he wants is to get out of there quickly so his nerves start to calm down
•does so much work because he doesn’t want his boys to be stressed and have too much on their shoulders
•is highkey stressed himself most of the time
•boys have to drag him out of the office to do something
•out of the office he is known as either ‘eomma’ or ‘taebreeze’
•does most of the cleaning and makes sure there’s not a spec of dust so his boys don’t get sick or allergies
•sometimes cooks if he had the time to
•even though the boys basically have to feed him because he’s so fucking busy
•takes care of the little ones especially
•basically a sucker for them but is still strict
•now you on the other hand, are Jisung’s older sister
•being the amazing noona you are, you start to grow suspicious when your brother isn’t going to school that much and staying out later
•so one day, while you were walking down the street, you see Jisung and a very good looking man
•but Jisung is supposed to be in school tho
•looks like the man is scolding your bby bro and only you can do that
•immediately thinking that man is a threat
•here comes super noona to the rescue
•bursting into the scene and slapping Taeyong
•maybe slapping him is too much
•anyways, going off on him telling him not to take advantage on little kids and the importance of school
•Jisung is there looking like 'noona, pls, stap it’
•Taeyong quietly listening because as I said before he doesn’t like upsetting people that aren’t involved
•when he finally got tired he just interrupted you with his deep voice
•'um… excuse me but I was telling your brother the same thing here’
•Jisung basically running back to school because you and Taeyong were scaring him
•Run,child, rub!!!!
•cue the awkward silence between the both of you
•Taeyong breaking the silence because he thinks you’re cute
•'do you want some coffee?’
•and that was how your relationship with Lee Taeyong began
•becoming best friends v fast
•like you two just connect
•there’s no denying it
•ask Jisung, he’s the leader of your and Taeyong’s fanclub
•not knowing he’s in the Mafia because he refuses to tell you
•is actually scared that his secret will ruin your friendship
•not risking it
•now to the juicy part
•let’s pretend that you’re a medical student or something
•it’s been like a year and a half since you met Taeyong and you falling deeper and deeper in love every minute
•basically Taeyong got hurt really badly
•let’s say he was jumped by a rival Mafia group when he was going to buy ramen for everyone
•now guess who has a bullet in his shoulder?
•Taeyong being a stubborn little shit that refuses any medical help because he doesn’t want to burden anyone
•being the good brother that Jisung is, he calls you up
•'hey, noona, I know it’s 3am but I really need your help. The love of your life is dying but he’s being stubborn’
•you blushing when Jisung said that Taeyong was 'the love of your life’
•but still running with a medical kit to help because he really is the love of your life
•when you get there you’re just like 'rtf’
•but you don’t ask any questions because you need to save this boy right now
•when you do finish and he’s on a bed and your besides it, checking his vitals
•he’s still unconscious (or so you think) so you start ranting about how he could have died and you’ve never confess your love yet
•he hears and suddenly pulls you in the bed with him
•'I like, maybe even love, you too’
•tells you everything too because you threaten to break up your non existent relationship if he doesn’t
•Jisung cheering behind the doors

Should I make a second part? Like one that’s like, 'dating Mafia!Taeyong’? Meh we’ll see

Second part:

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your blog! And I really like that mute reaction one you did, it hit me right in the feels. I was wondering if it would be alright to ask for a continuation of it when SS finally did speak if it is not too much to ask for. I hope you have a great day!

Thanks so much for your encouragement! I’m really happy you liked the reaction so much to as for a continuation! I hope you enjoy!

And in case anyone out there hasn’t had the chance to read the original, here’s the link:

Curie: Finally, I’ve done it! Look at everyone; I’m so proud of zhem! I knew my students had zhe potential to be wonderful doctors, and I was right. I thought zhey would roam zhe Commonwealth and help zhe occasional settlement here and zhere, but they stayed to open zhe Commonwealth’s first public hospital, right here in Sanctuary!

“I-I’m proud of you Curie.”

What was-? Zhat voice sounds familiar but…

Sole?” I have not heard zhat voice in years.

I threw my arms around zhem. Am I shaking? Oh, I’m crying again, like when zhey first lost zheir voice, but now it is a happy crying. I love zhe feeling of zheir arms wrapped so tightly around me, but even more so zhe rumbling in their chest zhat compliments zheir voice. I look up at them and smile through my tears. Grabbing zheir cheeks, I kiss zhem. Finishing, I lean back and tell Sole,

“I’m proud of you too.”

Deacon: I always found that face cute: crinkled nose, slightly pursed lips. Usually I’m the cause of a face like that, but Sole walked up to me this time, no prompting or jeering on my part. They opened and closed their mouth for a few seconds, floundering for words, kind of like the pet fish I had when I was a kid. Wait.


 “A-Are you trying to say something boss?” I took my glasses off. I needed to see this without shades in my way. Their eyes looked surprised at me, but they kept their focus.

 “I-I’m sorry.”

 And cue awkward silence. 

I crushed them into a hug and buried my nose in Sole’s hair. “Welcome back boss. Missed you.”

Cait: Left, right, duck, ri-shite! I almost took one straight to the teeth. Gotta be more careful. Ergh! Circle him… circle him…

Maybe you should take more time to rest in between these fights, y’think so Cait? I did promise Sole I would take it easy in the ring this time around. Not like the cage fightin’ I did back in the Combat Zone. Just some good-natured, friendly… fair-

“C-c-c-c-CAIT! T-TWO O’CLOCK!”

Wha- Woah! Nice callout. Thanks- Sole?


“Cait? Cait, can you hear me? Wow, he got you pretty good.” I could feel somethin’ wet dabbin’ at my face.

“That light is way too fuckin’ bright, and who’s shoutin’ right in me ear? I’m gonna give ‘em a good punch to the face if they don’t shut up! … You’re gigglin’ now? Do ya got a death wish?” I pressed my hands against me forehead, blinkin’ a few times against the white lights. When I could finally get a good look at the giggler, I saw Sole.

“So it was you who made the callout! Heh, I knew you had it in you. C’mere!” I pulled Sole down onto the bed with me and rubbed my knuckles into their head. They laughed, and damn, it’s been too long since I heard that.

Nick: I could feel smoke curling up against the gaps in my face; Sole likes watching it rise into the rafters. We were already in bed for the night, their head resting on my chest, my back against the wall, and I started singing something to help Sole fall asleep.

“Living for you, is easy living. It’s easy to live when you’re in love.”

“And, I’m so in love,” cough, “There’s nothing in life, but you.”

“Sole?” I tilted my head down to look Sole in the face. Their voice had been weak and scratchy, but it was there none the less. “W-When did this happen?”

“Today I tried,” cough, “talking again, with Curie and,” cough, “I was actually able to talk a little bit. I was waiting for the right time to,” cough, “tell you.” They smiled that impeccable smile up at me, and boy did that get the coolant pumping. I hugged them close to me and let my head fall back on the wall.

“Living for you is easy living. It’s easy to live when you’re in love. And, I’m so in love. There’s nothing in life, but you.”

Danse: “Danse… Danse.” It was late, and I had already been asleep for at least a couple of hours when someone shook me awake. I heard my name; the voice was unfamiliar. Well, maybe not entirely unfamiliar, but definitely not a voice I had heard in a while. I rolled over to face my partner,

Sole?” I dragged two hands down my face and over my eyes, heart pumping enough adrenaline through my system to push me past the initial post-sleep drowsiness. “Sole, did you just… say my name.”

“…Yes. I… I think I did. I had a nightmare, and I just… needed… you…”

Without another thought I pulled Sole to my chest with all the strength my arms could muster while taking deep, relieved breaths. I held them for a good long while, feeling their soft, warm, and tickling breaths against my neck, and I knew for the first time in months that everything was going to be okay again.

X6-88: I suppose I was satisfied with Sole’s progress, even though they only answered in truncated phrases. We sat beside the lake on the rocky shore. Ocassionally Sole would select a pebble from the ground beside them and toss it into the lake in such a way that it skipped across the surface of the water.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I queried.

“…My dad…” They replied. Short. Typical. But also nice.

“Can you teach me how to do that?”

Sole smiled at me: a rare sight as of recently.

“Of course I can X.”

I let a small laugh escape me.

“That’s your first full sentence since you started talking again Sole… I’m proud of you.”

They smiled again, and placed a smooth pebble in my hand.

MacCready: “Grognak entered the cave of the Sphinx to end the curse once and for all! Upon confronting the she-beast, it growled, ‘Grognak! Flash me those… sweet barbarian tarberries? Well, I guess that’s what you get when random wastelanders decide to play mad-libs with old comic books.” I sighed; and this was a rare issue too.

“…Hehe… hahahaha-cough-hahaha-cough- aheheheheee- cough cough cough. Oh, i-it hurts, but-cough-hehehe!”

Oh my gosh, “Sole! You can talk! You can talk!” I grabbed them by the shoulders and sensed the ever-growing grin widening across my face. This was definitely making it on the list of my top ten favorite days.

“Y-yeah! I guess I can!” Sole beamed right back at me! “Well… go on then! I want to see Grognak flash his tarberries!”

“Haha! Well then, where was I?”

Hankcock: Just one more hit, then I’m done. If I had a cap for every time I promised myself that, I’d be the richest mayor in the Commonwealth. Wait, I already am. Well then, I’ll just count it as extra insurance. Heh.

I was laid out on the floor of my state room, wasted and bordering on an overdose. Suddenly a blurry face buzzes across my field of vision, and I can barely make out Sole’s unique features.

“Hancock! Hancock!”

I was sure I must’ve gone way past my limit because I swore I just heard Sole say my name. They hadn’t spoken in months. Man, I must’ve really been tripping.

“Farenheit! Help! It’s Hancock!”

“Argh! Geez, did a herd of Brahmin stampede across my forehead last night?” I rubbed at my eyes for a little longer than necessary because damn, who left the curtains open?



“You stupid ghoul!” Smack! “Don’t you ever do that again! You had me worried!”

“Ow! … Hey, Sole! You got your voice back!” Sole’s face tried to grimace and laugh at the same time; it was cute.

“Shut up! You almost killed yourself being stupid! Four canisters of jet? Really?” Sole’s finger poked near my face.

“Heh, alright alright. No more binging. As long as you promise not to spring the silent treatment on me anymore. Deal?”


“Now that’s what I like to hear sunshine.”

Piper: “So yeah… Nat’s reaching that age where all the boys flock to her like radroaches to a hot brahmin carcass. Fortunately, her big sis taught her how to throw a mean punch. Heh, she broke one kid’s nose the other day; took her to get some noodles after she told me what happened.”

“Hhhh- hhhhh-haha-hahahahaha-cough-hahahaha!”

“Sole… Are you… laughing? Hahaha! O my gosh! I haven’t heard that in so long! Sole! Hahahaha!”

I wrapped my arms around Sole’s shaking shoulders. I couldn’t believe it! Sole, laughing! And after all this time! I had already given up hope after the first year, but I guess miracles do still happen. That, or karma finally got its crap together. Whatever it is, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that laugh.

I need to buy Nat another bowl of noodles.

Preston: I had to put the knife I was using to cut the carrots down on the cutting board to listen closer.

“Hahahahaha! Fetch Dogmeat! Hahaha!”

I walked to the window of mine and Sole’s Sanctuary home, and out there in the backyard was Sole tossing around an old beaten up Frisbee with Dogmeat, laughing. I began laughing myself. I-I hadn’t heard that in years! And I thought I never would again. It’s just as beautiful as the first day they stepped out of the vault and into my life.

Sole waved at me when they noticed my laughing. I waved back, and I could feel an enormous grin stretching across my teeth.

“Hey you over there! With the dog! I love you!”

“I love you too Preston!”

Oh man. I smiled wider and felt like the luckiest man alive because I knew I was gonna be the only one who got to hear that every day, from now until the moment I die. I love you too Sole, I love you too.

Dogmeat: “Dogmeat! Come here boy! Come here!”

That’s my master! I haven’t heard them call my name in forever, but I would never forget the way they sound! I can tell that they’re happy by the way they talk to me in that squeaky voice. They only use it whenever they pet my tummy, so I walked over to them and rolled over.

“That’s a good boy! Who’s my baby? Who’s my sweet puppy? You are! Oh yes you are!”

Codsworth: “Sole? Sturges said you were looking for me? I’m always happy to be of service, as you know!” I rounded the corner of the hallway and came face to sensor with a mischievously smiling Sole. “Sole, what is that smile for? Are you hiding something?”

“Just this.”

“S-Sole!” It was hard to believe it even though I heard them speak with my very own audio receptors. Sole… spoke! They actually spoke! “Sole, y-you spoke! I-I’m so happy, when did you find out?”

“This morning! I woke myself up by talking in my sleep hahaha! Who knew I could talk this entire time?”

“Oh Sole! This is just wonderful news! If I could give you a hug, I would!”

Sole latched their arms around my body-piece and hummed into the metal.

“Thanks Codsworth! You’re the best!”

I chuckled.

“No no my dear, it is you who are the best.”


“GOOD! HUMAN SPEAK AGAIN! INTIMIDATE ENEMY! But, what wall ever do to human?”

So I've decided how I want Destiel to become canon...

There are so many amazing interpretations of how Destiel should become canon out there but I’ve finally decided on my own personal favorite…

Let me set the scene for you: The show starts… Camera pans around the bunker… Random empty rooms, right? Ok, so we get to Dean’s room: Dean is laying in his bed, laptop on his lap, one earbud in, soft smile on his lips, very peaceful. Then we go to the war room: Sam is seated at the table, frown on his face. He sighs, stands, and wanders into Dean’s room. Dean, still dopily staring at his computer screen, doesn’t react to Sam in his doorway. Sam clears his throat rather loudly, but there is still no reaction from Dean. Finally Sam goes “Dean!” and Dean practically jumps out of bed, throws the laptop shut, earbuds go flying. Sam, confused, says, “Porn?” Dean immediately goes “No, of course not, just… It was… Look it’s…. It’s nothing! Forget about it!” Sam, quiet for a moment, contemplative. Eventually, the silence gets to be too much and Dean goes “What do you want?” Sam squints at Dean but says “So get this…” And then proceeds to blab about a case. Dean agrees that they should go check it out.

Skip forward a bit and the brothers are walking to the impala. Dean stops at the passenger door, opens it, gets in. Sam, standing at the trunk loading up their gear, stops cold. Now he was pretty sure something was up with Dean back in his bedroom but Dean just willingly got in the PASSANGERS side of the car? So Sam is, understandably, a little freaked out now but wary of freaking Dean out too, so he slowly and quietly gets in the drivers side of the car. He stares at Dean, starts the car, stares at Dean, puts Baby in reverse, stares at Dean again. Sam says “You feeling alright?” Dean, now back to staring dopily at his computer screen, carefully angled away from Sam’s view, glances up, grunts out a “Yeah, of course, let’s go” and looks back at his computer. Sam tries to brush the weird encounter off.

Cue some cool Impala driving shots, maybe a couple of Sam being concerned and Dean looking like he’s just seen Heaven itself… (again). They get to the motel, unload the car, carry on with the case as usual. Intermittently we see Dean staring at his computer with that same look on his face and whenever Sam sees it he gets all perplexed. So finally, they’ve ganked the ghosty or whatever the hell they were hunting and they’re heading home but Sam has just about had enough. “What the hell is your problem dude? You’ve done nothing but stare at the damn screen for the last three days straight. Even YOU can’t be looking at porn THAT frequently!” Dean, after hearing Sam’s outburst, shuts his computer slowly and turns to Sam. “Look dude it’s nothing-”. Sam interrupts with bitch face #64 and says “Don’t pull that crap with me Dean! What has got your panties in such a twist?!” Dean blushes and is quiet for a minute. Sam says, softer now, “Dean, you can tell me anything, you know that right?” Dean stays quiet for a minute more. “It’s a long story,” he says softly. Sam chuckles, “We’ve got a long drive…” Dean sighs, sits up straighter, clears his throat and turns to Sam…

View cuts out of the impala and we see both brothers getting out of the car in front of the bunker. Both are uncharacteristically quiet until Sam says “I still can’t believe you’ve been in contact with BECKY!” Dean sighs “Would you get over it Sam! That’s really not the point of all this!” Sam throws his hands up and exclaims “I know but… Of all people… Really? BECKY?! My ex-wife?!?!?” Now it’s Dean’s turn to look completely exasperated… “Dude you were married for all of like two days!” Sam huffs and brushes off Dean’s comment. “Whatever Dean… So, are you sure about all this though?” Dean sighs softly and says, “I really think so dude… I mean after Becky explained all the fandom crap to me… I don’t know man it just seemed to all make sense…” Sam laughs softly, a smile tugging at his lips, “Then you’ve gotta tell him!” Dean pales, eyes wide, “No way dude I could never!” Sam goads him on, “You have to!” Dean shakes his head rapidly, looking legitimately terrified “No really Sam I can’t! I really really can’t!” Sam stares at Dean for a minute before saying “Ok, fine, whatever.”

We see Dean relax minutely, maybe he opens up the computer AGAIN and then there’s a flutter of wings and suddenly Cas is in the room. “You called, Sam?” Dean spins around throwing his laptop shut with a shout of “What the hell!” Dean looks between Cas and Sam, Sam and Cas… Cas, confused as usual, looks between Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam… Sam is just sitting on one of the bunker chairs, smugly smiling at Cas and Dean, Dean and Cas. Cue lots of awkward silence. Finally Sam claps his hands and stands. “Well I should be going. Remember Cas, Dean has something extremely important to tell you. Under no circumstances are you to leave without him telling you.” Dean’s eyes are wide with betrayal and Cas’ head is tilted in his uniform “I don’t understand” pose. Finally he nods at Sam and turns to Dean. “Well, Dean?” Sam snickers as Dean’s face heats up and Sam leaves the room, abandoning Dean with a very expectant Castiel. Dean and Cas stare at each other for a few moments before Dean laughs nervously and says, “Sam was just kidding around Cas, no big news here.” Cas looks perplexed for a moment before he nods slowly. “Hmm… Sam warned me that you would say that in his prayer to me. I was expressly told to ignore your futile attempts to get me to leave.” Dean curses under his breath, closes his eyes and pushes his index fingers against his temples to try to alleviate some of the throbbing. There is silence for a few moments and then a quiet “Dean?” much closer than the last time Cas spoke. Dean shoots upright and finds himself with a face full of angel. “Jesus Christ, Cas…” Dean mutters but Cas remains close to Dean and continues to stare intently at the hunter. “You know you can tell me anything at all…” he says slowly. Dean huffs, “Not this.” Cas looks deep into Dean’s eyes, Dean looks deep into Cas’ eyes and suddenly, two of Cas’ fingers are on Dean’s head.

We see the whole episode play backwards in fast motion until we get to the very beginning where Dean is on his bed staring dopily at the computer. Camera pans around until it’s behind Dean and voila! A picture of Cas’ face, smiling, looking up at Dean in the picture. Screen changes and it’s another picture of Cas smiling at a bee that landed on his finger, another one of Cas looking stoically hot, etc, etc. Then the entirety of the episode plays forwards in fast motion until we are back to Cas’ fingers on Dean’s head and Cas steps back slowly, Dean cursing under his breath, blush high on his cheeks. Cas does his standard head tilt and says quietly “Dean?” Dean curses again, stands up, paces a little. “Look, Cas, I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so whatever. I’ll just say it…” Dean is silent long enough that Cas prompts, “Dean?” Dean looks up at Cas and blurts out “I love you Cas! There! Happy?!” Cas looks stunned for a moment before he says, “Well, of course, Dean. I already knew you loved me.” Dean scoffs and mutters fondly, “Not that kind of love you stupid angel. Not platonic love.” Cas looks confused again before he clears his throat and says “I know Dean. I know it’s not platonic. Our love has never been platonic.” Dean looks up, eyebrows high on his forehead. He takes a step closer to the angel and says “But how did you know Cas? I’ve never told you I loved you before.” Cas scoffs and takes a small step closer too, “of course you have Dean. You tell me you love me all the time…”

Screen fades to season 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 iconic Dean/Cas moments (i.e. “Cas is family” “I’m not leaving here without you” “I prayed to you Cas, every night” “please man I need you here” “don’t make me lose you too” “I’d rather have you” “don’t ever change” “I need you” etc.) and then screen fades back to Dean and Cas in the war room and Cas is still speaking: “And I tell you I love you all the time too…” screen fades to season 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 iconic Dean/Cas moments (i.e. “And I did it, all of it, for you” “I could go with you” “I always come when you call” “I’m doing this for you, Dean” “I gave everything for you” “Dean and I do share a more profound bond” “I was getting too close to the humans in my charge” “I’ll watch over you” etc.).

Back in the war room, Dean’s eyes are a little misty. He smiles at Cas and Cas smiles back at him. Camera pans down their bodies and we see their hands at about waist level, intertwined together, a hunter and his angel, an angel and his hunter, finally holding onto each other like they should have been for seven years.

Screen fades to black and we hear Sam say, “Finally.” Cue credits. Episode done.


Alright, this is my second imagine (WOOHOO I MADE IT THIS FAR) please have mercy on me and I hope you like it! SORRY IF IT’S AWFUL I MADE IT IN A RUSH!

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‘Hey bastard this store is already closed oh wait you’re hot never mind please do come in’ AU + Peter Maximoff

You sighed and looked at the clock for the billionth time today. Your mother forced you to get a job after  you miserably failed three tests in a row, and she told you “it would be great practice for future careers.” Oh please, how did helping old women with their groceries help you do something worthwhile in the future?

Your coworkers were long gone, probably off to a party or just going to bed. You thought about what you were going to do when you got home to pass the time and took out a snack. At least your mom had the decensy to give you something to eat.

Finally, after 30 long minutes of torture, your shift was over and you could go home to your soft and fluffy bed. Just the thought made you sleepy and you yawned, stretching your arms and getting up to lock the doors and put the closed sign up.

But just as you were about to close the main door, an idiot suddenly appeared, knocking on the glass door.

“Hey bastard, this store is already closed,” You opened the door a tad bit to yell at the unwelcome stranger, but when you got a better look at their face, all thoughts of closing the store disappeared. “Oh wait, nevermind you’re hot, do come in!”

He smiled as you opened the door fully this time, and you swear you died a little by the small gesture.

The boy took off his hood to reveal shiny silver hair and hot damn. He was cuter than you thought.

“Thanks for letting me in! I was going to go to the other store across the street, but it was closed and this one was open so yeah.” He said rapidly and you almost didn’t catch what he said.

Pull yourself together, Y/N. It’s just a really, really cute boy.

“I’m Peter, nice to meet you!” His words snapped you out of your trance, and you gave him your hand.

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you too! So, are you getting anything?” You asked politely, not wanting to be rude. As much as you wanted to talk to this guy more, you also wanted to go home and sleep.

“Oh, yeah! I just remembered why I came here. Sorry for making you stay later.” Peter apologized, rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s totally fine!” You reassured him, going back to your chair.

He went off to the candy aisle and you hid your face behind a newspaper as you stared at him. God, he was cute. He seemed like a nice guy too. Peter.

You yelped when he saw you staring and you went back to pretending to read the newspaper about some athlete who won a race. He chuckled and went back to grabbing what he needed.

After a few more minutes, Peter came back with a massive pile of Twinkie boxes and sweets. He smiled awkwardly, ready to pay for the sugary treats.

You smiled to yourself and scanned the items. Too bad you might never see him again.

“H-Hey, do you have a boyfriend?” Peter asked nervously, his fingers playing with the buttons of his silver jacket.

“No, I’m single.” You smiled and screamed inside. Calm down, Y/N, he’s still here.

“Oh, okay.”  He responded. Cue awkward silence. Damn it.

You finished scanning all his items and placed them all neatly in a plastic bag. “Here you go! Have a nice day. Well, night.”

“Thanks, you too!” Peter smiled at you and waved as he walked out the glass doors.

Sighing, you looked down and put your coat on. Oh well, it was nice to meet him.

But then you noticed something. A small little white piece of paper lied patiently next to the cash register, which you were sure wasn’t there a moment ago.

Curiously, you picked up the note and flipped to the other side.

Call me
*insert random phone number here*

You grinned and danced around the store, indifferent to the fact that someone might be watching. You went home that night, a smile permanently etched on your face.

A Surprise


They’re the only thing you look forward to every year. You always drop small hints a week before to make sure your boyfriend, Cristiano, and your friends knew exactly what to get you.

Except this year you didn’t have anyone to drop hints around.

They were always too busy or sick to go shopping and hang out at your favourite cafe with you. So you took extra hours at your office to keep yourself occupied for the day, since Cristiano came back late from practice there was no point in lounging around the house all day in boredom.

So here you were, spinning round and round in your chair behind your desk in pure apathy. You spun around at lightening speed, facing your desk to answer your ringing phone.

“Hello?” you answered cooly, trying to make it sound like you meant business.

“Y/N,” your co-worker and your somewhat friend, Alice, called you from her office. You two were never really close only saying ‘good mornings’ and ‘see you tomorrow’ here and there. But ever since you took extra work hours, you began to chat a lot more often.

“Your uh boyfriend’s here to see me- YOU! He’s here to see YOU!” she stammered.

You didn’t have to see her to know that she was trying to keep her eyes off Cris. You couldn’t blame her though. He was quite the eye-candy after all.

You slammed the phone down once you heard her say this and you were sure you broke the world record for running in heels. Cris had just lost a game last night and when he does lose, he never talks to anybody for about a day, he just sulks around the house in random places muttering to himself about all the mistakes his team made. And he’s been ignoring you all day, but it’s been three days since his loss. It didn’t seem that bad of a loss to ignore you for three days though.


But not strange enough for you to stop Usain Bolting to the elevator to reach the lobby. After being neglected by him for what seemed like ever you didn’t care if he even looked at you, you would take any sign of acknowledgement from him.

As soon as you exited the elevator, you heard them talking about something. And due to your nosiness, you instantly stopped to eavesdrop on them.

“That’s SO nice of you. Y/N is super lucky to have a boyfriend like you. I’ll be sure to get there at 6:15 to help you set up all the decorations and I’ll pick up the cake on the way so you can have more time to kick her out of the house.

Oh no. Oh hell no.You weren’t supposed to hear that. Curse your stupid need to know everything.

Cris was planning a party for you.

A fucking surprise party. For you.

After all these years of telling him how you adored surprises, not once had he planned a surprise for you. Hell, you would take a damn ‘hey babe, I got take-out on the way back from practice’ as a surprise, but nope. Not. One.

And now that you finally heard him trying to organise a birthday party. For you. You could barely believe your ears.

“Yes, that would be even better actually, gracias. Right now I’m taking her to a beautiful hotel so she and I can relax while a few of my teammates start the basic decorations in my house,” he said.

You wanted to rip your ears off of your head at this moment now. Maybe you could play it off and act like you don’t know anything about this.

You quietly removed your loud heels, turned back to the elevator and pressed the button.

“Shit,” you cursed under your breath.

When you call the elevator from the lobby and it arrives, it dings. Loudly. Only if you remembered earlier.

And when that ding echoed around the lobby, those two heads turned in your direction.

“Ahm uh hey Cris,” you said nervously.

“Y/N…um hi amor.”

You took a deep breath and walked towards Cris slowly. Those acting classes your mother forced you to go through better not fail you now.

“Why’re you here? Is everything okay at home?”

“Nope. I mean yeah everything is fine at home. I just uh came here cause I forgot what time you got off home. I meant work. But um Alice here informed on everything I need to know about your hours,” he responded. “Why’re you holding your shoes?”

You looked at your hand and forgot all about your heels.

“My uh feet were hurting.”


Cue awkward silence in the large lobby

Then he exhaled sharply, hung his head in defeat and grumbled. “How long have you been standing there?”

“I just got off the elevator what do you mean?” you tried to play off innocently. But Cristiano wasn’t having any of it.

“Y/N,” he said quite loudly, making Alice jump in shock.

“6:15….” you whispered.

“Hijo de puta,” he snapped while storming outside to call everyone and tell them to cancel everything.

“I’m sorry about that he just gets frustrated easily.” You quickly apologised to Alice before chasing Cristiano out the doors. “I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”

You watched as Cris practically flew to his car. “Cris wait!” You called him trying to talk to him about the whole thing and managed to get into his car before he sped off.

After he called James and Marcelo to tell everyone to stop setting up, he went off on you.

“Damn it Y/N, why do always have to be so nosy? If you weren’t, then you could be having the best party ever! But no. No you just have to know everything. Y’know I planned this thing for so long behind your back and I’ve actually been successful. Until now at least.”

You sat there in silence, not sure of what to say.

“I have been working my ass off for this thing. I was so close,” he mumbled the last part more to himself than you.

“DAMN IT,” he shouted and hit the steering wheel nearly hitting the truck next to him.

“CRISTIANO!” you screamed. You weren’t going to die before your birthday in a car accident. “Okay I get that you’re mad. Alright? We’ve all been mad when things don’t go our way. Please just calm down it doesn’t matter to me that much.” You tried to reassure him.

Thankfully by the time you concluded your talk with him, he was pulling into the driveway.

He got out of the car and forcefully opened your front door, making it slam into the wall. Also scaring the living crap out of your cat, who shot up the stairs. You followed behind him slowly and cautiously.

Cris paced slowly back and forth in the living room, running his hands through his slick hair then rubbing the back of his neck, signs he was in deep thought. Then he dropped his hands and looked directly at you with grief in his eyes. He walked over to you still holding his gaze and fell to his knees.

“I’m so sorry, maravilloso. I just wanted your birthday to be perfect. I wanted you to have the happiest day of your life. I knew how much you loved surprises.  I just wanted you to be happy. I shouldnt of taken it out on you. I am so sorry.” He apologised repeatedly while he embraced you around your waist tightly.

“Baby, it’s fine. It’s okay. Cris darling, I want you to know that I’m always happy when I’m with you. Always. I forgive you.”

You bent down and kissed his lips with heavy passion. 

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Cris.”

WELP! that took way longer than I thought it would! Anyway I hope you all like it :)

Mafia! Jaehyun AU

Requested by my first ever anon 😱😱😱
Hope you enjoy😋

•so like he would be 2nd in command or something
•idk but I know he would defiantly be in charge of the business dealsand drug section of the gang
•cus he’s so charming
•pretty sure he can charm his way into or out of any deal
•like Ten or someone would mess up something and he comes in and give them his dimple smile
•cue the person falling in love
•"um…. I want to have XXX with you"
•I mean what
•nope totally didn’t say that
•probably has happened before tho
•let’s talk about visuals
•like his hair would actually be pretty neat and brushed
•until he gets back from the casino
•you can find him wearing dress shirts and some form fitting pants to show off his ass
•his sleeves are rolled up and he probably unbuttons the first few buttons too
•like rude
•stay in your fucking lane
•get that shut away from me
•now let’s get into dept about how he even got in the Mafia in the first place
•let’s just say he was in high school
•specificity freshman year
•since he’s sort of a fuck boi he’s the type to go to clubs and no one would even question it
•he was at the club one day and happened to spill his drink on someone
•that someone happened to be Taeyong’s gang’s rival gang
•of course they’re gonna start a fight
•until the dude pulls out a gun and Jaehyun starts sweating
•before the situation can get more out of hand Taeyong and DoYoung save the day
•he starts to get closer to them
•especially DoYoung who became his bffl
•secretly have sleepovers with DoYoung tbh
•and that’s the story of how he got into the gang life
•at least this gang wasn’t “bad”
•I mean there’s flat screens and hoverboards at hq
•anyways let’s get on to how he met you
•so you were a random civilian
•jk you were Jaehyun’s highschool crush
•like that kid was so close to stalking you but that didn’t happen
•or am I
•you didn’t mind to be honest
•he was cute, friendly and HAS DIMPLES
•did I mention that I love his dimples
•I really do
•so you two never really talked to each other until one day
•this is after y'all graduated school
•you were at this coffee shop studying for an exam you had
•and all of a sudden some guys came in
•they were all really really cute especially the one with the dimples
•they did look suspicious tho
•being the curious person you are you sorta followed them
•kinda stupid but you wanted Dimple’s phone number
•the best and worst decision you ever made
•you were a few blocks away from them but could still see them
•all of a sudden you hear a gun shot and a bunch of footsteps heading your way
•you see all the guys running and trying to look for a place to hide
•you sorta signaled them to your hiding spot
•they followed anyways because you know, they didn’t want to be killed today
•there was another episode of Game of Thrones on and they didn’t want to miss that
•so you all hid until the one with silver hair said it was safe
•you secretly tried to sneak away because your brain said that they were not normal cute guys
•Jaehyun caught you and stared into your soul
•you were like
•"ummmmmm hi?“
•him being your ex-almost stalker recognized your voice almost immediately
•cue awkward silence
•"stal- I mean Jaehyun!?“
•taking you back to base with him because he wants you to be safe and was scared the people who shot at them were gonna find you
•ends up catching up with each other and meeting the other boys way early in your non existent relationship
•also ends up watching Game of Thrones with them every week
•they were a nice gang
•plus Taeyong and Jaehyun made really good food
•to be honest idk how you guys started dating
•everyone just assumed you guys were dating since you came over so much and y'all always end up cuddling
•it wasn’t official until ChenLe asked you guys about it
•"noona, are you and Jaehyun hyung dating?”
•he was so innocent
•you looked at Jaehyun who shrugged before shrugging yourself
•"yeah I guess we are"
•and the end
•or is it

Hope you enjoyed anonnie 😁😁😁

biker boyfriend!jinyoung

→ requested [] & inspired by my biker!got7 a.u 
→ gender neutral! (or at least tried my best to make it this way) 
♥ as always special thanks to my princess @bangtanbrochachos​ for help♥ (me: sucks @ fluff) 

warnings: whole lotta crack, disgusting cliche fluff, i don’t know what i’m doing

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• ok so you were out with your friends at some outside fast food place and one of your friends spotted this really nice motorcycle and no one else was around and they were like wooaa that’s so cool let’s take a picture with it
•  so you were nice enough to take all the pictures for your automobile thirsted friends even though you knew it was a terrible idea 10/10 and when you were done they begged you on their knees to take one too ’just for fun’
•  and you were like okay yeah sure one picture will not hurt
•  & as you were leaning in to the motorcycle ready to take your pose some dude sprung out of nowhere with a napkin running towards you at godspeed and you were so scared you just froze like a deer in the headlights and your friend was nowhere to be found and you were like weLP this is the end
•  and the dude just pauses to catch his breath and takes a solution from his jacket, sprays it on the napkin and starts cleaning his motorcycle all panicked and you’re still staring w your mouth agape like wht just happened
•  and he’s like ‚’how dare you profane such a sacred object please leave suzy some space she’s fragile’ + then proceeds to mumble how children these days have no respect or boundaries touching op’s proprety & wht has this world come to
•  he almost wants to shoo you to your parents but then he suddenly stops and freezes and looks @ u like,,, oh ,,, wait,,, that is not a child,,,, that is an adult person,,, an extremely pretty one,,, who is probably terrified bc of what happened
•  and suddenly more guys in leather jackets with three mcchickens in each hand probably appear like jinyoung where the fck did you run off to
•  and wow he becomes a mess
•  and some brown haired dude shouts in the back ’btw that’s jinyoung’
•  he’s like ‚’oh i’m so sorry sometimes i can be a little hard to handle i totally blew this out of proportion i’m really sorry i scared you,,, and yea i’m jinyoung’
•  and he is way too embarrassed to ask for your name bc he just made a fool out of himself but you are a shy bun too tho eventually you apologise too and tell him your name
•  cue awkward silence and the same brown haired guy coming from the back being all ‚’uhh yea so i know this sounds weird but that person who just tripped over running with the nuggets pack – are they your friend?? we can totally pay for those as compensation for jy’s failure’
•  and you’d totally say no but your dumb friend just spilled all the chicken nuggets and ur like,,, i mean,,, i guess (addition you’re totally not influenced by jinyoung’s puppy dog eyes nope nu uh)
•  you end up having dinner with all of got7 and your friends at that fast food on their treat and catch yourself taking that huge order with jinyoung and making small talk and you think wait this guy is not that bad till at the end of the dinner he throws u a napkin with an equation on it which says ’solve for my number ;) ;) ;)’ and u stare @ him done with life and he’s like ’uuhhh actually can i please get your number’
•  you end up texting for a few weeks and you discover that he’s pretty put together ((not adding v clean and proper)) so you agree to go on a date w him but,,,your first date did you mean complete disaster no joke no scam
•  ok so first date you dress nicely bc gotta make an impression and everything and he actually takes you a fast food similar to the one you two first met at jackson’s pleads (tbh he wanted to book some 5 star restaurant but then js reminded him that they have to pay for jaebum’s 22k golden studs added to his jacket and mr.krabs jinyoung ensured
•  but the lady there is nice and makes him burgers with the meat in the shape of a motorcycle and she even lits up a fake candle for the romantic effect and u end up having more fun watching him struggle than you would at that fancy pancy restaurant
•  and you really like getting him out of his serious state so you do your best to tease and play w him so he chases after u every chance you get and you’re the members’ idol bc you can do that to jinyoung without catching those hands and have your food supply cut for a month but shh don’t tell anyone
•  you thought you were going to ride in the back of his motorcycle to get home but he’s like ?!?!?!?!??! and shakes his head like a wet poodle and tsks and he’s just ’no darling do you want to hurt yourself i don’t think so’
•  you end up going home by bus and u sit next to some old man bc that was the only seat left and jy won’t let his darling stand up ((well, until the guy’s snoring and poor jinny has to sit with u on his lap the entire ride embarrassed bc ~you~ but also bc he looks like he’s going on a date with his dad))
•  takes you out on evening dates because he can’t afford walking with you at night bc he’s way too concerned for your safety even though,,, he beats ppl up for money,,, and could probably uppercut a dude twice his size
•  he’s so protective god help you tbh you’re his little peach and he has to protect u from all harm though he’d die if you’d ever find out he calls u his little peach
•  you convincing jinyoung over text to add colourful bow ties to their biker dress code bc he has to at least try to be festive during the holidays
•  and he does because he is whipped© and he gets the most terrible one which is a red one w purple stripes but you look so happy about it you’re shining so he can hold himself together abt the teasing for now (rip yugyeom when they get home)
•  jaebum whispering in the background how jinyoung is the group’s infernal poodle w that colour scheme
• you being worried sometimes that he could do much better but he arranges cuddle sessions in which you’re both reading and tells you you’re already badass for dealing with him and the rest of disaster7
•  he’s protective but don’t get me wrong he’s also super playful w u good luck dating the biggest tease in the world
•  the type to get drunk and try to sensually poledance on a street light
•  you dying laughing and hyping him up by trying to sing leave your hat on and he suddenly stops like ’what of course i’ll leave my hat on it’s 5 degrees outside do you want us to catch a cold’
•  he remembers that it’s actually cold and comes to u to give you his scarf and wraps ur face up like a burrito ((jy: now this,,, is what i call appropriate significant other material)) says jy before going back to pole dancing bc he’s ”working it” && you make a mental note of not leaving him alone w yugyeom and bambam again
• you being like ffs jinyoung and throwing him the money for his taxi at his feet before u leave to get yourself a goddamn coffee
•  puppy jinyoung being like babe!!! babe look !!! I made money I have fans!!! and he’s super giddy before he sees that there’s no one in sight and sulks like :’(
•  him sending you links to posts on bambam’s instagram with the both of u with captions like ‘MY SOULMATE PROPOSED TO ME???’ and videos w said title but it’s just clickbait so you can watch bambam’s video on how to match your nail polish with your apartment and him mentioning how u gave jinyoung a onion ring that Saturday
•  enjoy your jinyoung bc i’m assuring he won’t let anyone treat him quite like u do bc he likes u tht much even though he always teases
• you blowing him kisses and him smacking them away but pouts and acts offended if you stop doing it
• you kissing his cheek and him closing his eyes and saying ‘ew’ but if you want to pull away he gently grabs you by the neck and is like ‘wait nono come back’ and shyly kisses ur nose and then goes home and asks bambam to contour the spot u just kissed bc it’s HOLY
• jinyoung chasing after you on your third date bc you managed to steal his pear chapstick tripping, falling onto his knees frozen but then screaming ‘rock n’ roll’ w the hand signs as a save && resumes to his chase
•  you stop at an alley corner to catch ur breath + lean against the wall and apply the chapstick on ur lips before he catches up to you n leans w his arm against the wall towering over u and realises he failed 2kforever
•  and you look v smugly @ him and you’re like ‘hmm this tastes good’
•  cue jinyoung pausing looking away and being like ‘oh yeah? i think you should let me show you how a kiss should taste~’ and u look at him shocked but then nod ur head and he lifts your chin and kisses u and you’re both dazed after and look @ each other cutely like wow we just did that till you both come back to your senses

•  (((( ‘god jinyoung you’re so cheesy’

‘wonder why you like me so much‘

‘who said i like you’ )))

•  jy biting his lip and shaking his head while a voice in the darkest corner of his mind is like ‘ok so either ur in love or in love’
•  tbh at this point you don’t even need to go to the pilates class hakyeon suggested for both of u bc you gotta prepare already for your second daily running session™


//as requested to come next by an anon, boyfriend!eunwoo, here it is! and eunwoo is highkey messing up my bias list rn like hes trying to take sanha’s place gtgtG

  • eunwoo is so perfect im screAming :)))
  • he’d be so sweet & funny like wow can you imagine 
  • okay but hes the type of bf to make you lil things 24/7
  • eunwoo: “babe, i made you a minion figure :))”
  • you: “wow, it’s cute. i’ll add it to the collection”
  • idc whether you like minions or not, it’s gonna happen
  • okay back to the cutesy stuff
  • he seems like a really good cuddler js js
  • morning cuddles, afternoon cuddles, night cuddles
  • your first date would probs be to a carnival bc idk it just feels right - eunwoo and carnivals
  • you guys would spend most of your time on rides but you’d play games too
  • you know those dart games where you can win lil stuffed animals and shit? there’s gonna be miniONS
  • thus when you find out about the minion obsession
  • eunwoo: “we should play that game!” 
  • you: “you told me earlier you were bad those, though”
  • eunwoo: “shhHHH… minions
  • so obviously you guys are gonna win the minion no matter how long it takes :))))
  • for the rest of the date you walked around and acted cute 
  • you can gaurentee that like a billion ppl thought you were dating bc yesyes you guys already look&act like a full blown couple
  • he finally takes you home after you guys leave and you’re just sitting in his car for a bit
  • eunwoo: “thanks for tonight, by the way…”
  • you: “o uh you too, I had a lot of fun :)))) *screams internall y*”
  • cue the awkward cliche silence in every teen romance movie ever
  • I can imagine all the thoughts going through his head
  • like can you see i T???
  • eunwoo *in his head*: “just do it you soggy french fry my godDD!!”
  • so he eventually works up some courage and asks you a very very very very very very very ver Y important question ;)))
  • eunwoo: “can i kiss you?”
  • you: *cue even more internal screaming and freaking out*
  • you just kinda sit there not knowing what to do so you just go for it
  • and you just lean in a heyheyhey yeh you got a kiss, eunwoo :)))
  • just sweet and soft - and you both know that you will become so much more
  • and you guys do become SO much more
  • you guys are the complete couple goals like everyone ships it
  • so yesyes eunwoo would be a pretty cute bf, love and appreciate our beautiful smol pls

anonymous asked:

How do you think BAP would react to walking in on their gf masturbating?

This one took quite a bit of thought…. I was torn between making it into mini scenarios or just trying to work out their reactions in a generic scenario.  Anyway, this is what I’ve got.  Thanks for your request!

Yongguk: He’ll be pretty shocked to say the least.  There very well may be a slight moment of panic when he questions himself and his abilities to satisfy you.  Therefore, you can guarantee the rest of the night will be spent with a special focus on your pleasure.  Excuse me while I wallow in jealousy.

Originally posted by kainia

Himchan: This is seriously just an open invitation to him.  There is absolutely no time wasted between undressing and joining you.  Like, holy hell that hungry look he’ll give you right before he pounces.  Hot. Damn.

Daehyun: I can imagine the most adorable glee-filled expression he’ll give you upon walking in, but that look will quickly mutate into that disgustingly suggestive smirk of his.  “You got started without me, Jagi?He’s such a little shit of a bias wrecker.

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Youngjae: There’s a brief moment of surprise as he blushes in the doorway and takes in the sight before him.  His eyes would remain locked with yours as he walks into the room and takes a seat in a chair in the corner before insisting that you continue with exactly what you were doing while he enjoys the show. 

Jongup: Cue momentary awkward silence as he processes the situation and wars with himself on his own actions. With a deep breath, Guppie would lick his lips and give you a look that lets you know that some serious business of the best kind is about to go down.

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Zelo: Blushes.  There’s so much blushes as he apologizes for interrupting your personal time and makes to flee the room.  Give him a little assurance that you would rather personal time with him and your wish shall be his command.  Go ahead and corrupt this child.

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ok storytime about that girl in the poem i just posted

i usually leave for school earlier than 7:30 lol so i never like saw her even though i had to pass our old school everyday but my mom leaves at 7:30 or later and she told me she always sees her in the mornings so it turns out she’s always late lmao also mom asking if we’re still friends, cue awkward silence

alsooo she’s bi i think? she dated a girl and her mom’s gay and has posted about her daughter being gay too and like pics of them attending lgbt events together and shit OK YES I WENT THROUGH HER MOM’S INSTAGRAM I’M SO PATHETIC but yeah rn she sorta has a thing with a guy

and like, we did talk for like a week after the ig thing but it stopped and now we don’t talk anymore i guess she just didn’t want to talk to me again shrug emoji

Service with a Smile CH 14

A/N: Thank you for the wait.

Okay, but. One–I’m starting to… really question why I titled this “Service with a Smile,” but I’m just gonna live with it, whoops. Two–it has been. So long since I’ve written anything for HTTYD. Forgive me if this is terrible, but it’s also kind of a prelude to the fifteenth chapter. :’) Three–I thank you all for your continuous support! I have more stories in the works! <3

(The events of chapter 13 will be expanded upon throughout the next few installments! Hope that clears any confusion–please feel free to send me any asks. Also… if there are plot inconsistencies, lemme know. I am so out of touch, it’s sad.)

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…We should probably talk,” Astrid had said, after she successfully stood up and wrung her hair out. Water splattered onto the perfectly paved cement of the garden, from both her blonde tresses and the droopy fabric of her dress. He winced, because it was only now that he realized how disheveled they both were after that incident. While he tried to reassure himself that it was a joint effort that got them soaking wet, the way she shivered and held her upper arms and hugged herself concerned him.

About?” Hiccup prompted, despite already knowing the answer.

That. Us. You know what I mean,” she responded, gesturing to the fountain with a vague hand and a quiet huff. Though she showed no signs of regretting the kiss they shared, if their close proximity was any indication, Hiccup still worried. She was obviously cold, too–and the only thing he could offer was a wet suit jacket that would only worsen her condition.

It almost seemed like a really, really fucked up metaphor.

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Imagine if the karaoke machine from Scaryoke had some way of recording you when you sing. Imagine Mabel discovers this and immediately gathers the family so they can all listen to the debut of ‘Love Patrol Alpha’ again.

Imagine them having to explain the context to Ford. (“You summoned wHAT??!!?”)

Imagine Ford laughing his ass off during the song because come on. Those lyrics. Stan singing. Imagine Stan trying to defend himself (“You’re the one who wrote what to do! Don’t tell me you didn’t have to prance around singin’ some dumb 80’s song back when you first figured out that weakness!”)

Imagine Stan and Ford both going quiet when the song ends and they hear the recording of Stan and the twins chanting “Pines! Pines! Pines!” while the last of the notes fade out. Cue awkward silence because childhood flashbacks.