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Ohhh that suited Sidney pic giving me all the ideas. What if G is his client and he's being oh so professional and not starting anything romantic. But of course it doesn't work... cue office under desk shenanigans and the like. OR, option 2, Geno is found guilty (wrongly) and Sid has to pine through the glass in prison thinking up ways to get him free. In order for them to bang. As you can see, end goal is smut. Always.

Oh this suited Sidney pic? 

Sid keeps his hands off, but he has to admit to himself it’s not only the strength of his belief in Evgeni’s innocence ( which he’s certain of, certain as a sunrise) that lends him fervent desperation during his closing argument.  

He’s gone and fallen in love with his client. 

“Sid,” Evgeni says brokenly, after the verdict of “Not Guilty” is read and the courtroom erupts in noise. There are tears running down his face. “Sid,” he says again. 

Sid gathers up his papers with shaking hands, dizzy with relief, nervous sweat cooling on his temples. 

“Come on,” he says, and walks Evgeni out. 

They pause for a minute under the elaborately colonnaded portico of the courthouse. Evgeni closes his eyes and tilts his face up to the sun. He takes a deep breath of air, of freedom, and Sid feels terrible because all he can think of is how he wants to bite the long line of Evgeni’s neck. He busies himself with the clasp of his briefcase for a moment but jumps as a huge, warm hand is laid on his shoulder. 

“Sid,” Evgeni says, voice and eyes impossibly fond. Sid can’t breathe. “Thank you. For believe in me.” 

Sid swallows, but still can’t bring himself to speak. A speechless lawyer. There’s a curiosity. 

Evgeni’s smile is sweet and it crinkles the corners of his eyes. “Not my lawyer any more. Sid.” His other hand in on Sid’s other shoulder now. Sid is transfixed. 

“No,” he manages, and his voice cracks.

“Can do this,” Evgeni says, and leans down, and presses his lips to Sidney’s.

The kiss is deep, and warm, and Sid sinks into it, hands grasping desperately at Evgeni’s hair, the back of his suit jacket. Eventually he end up just cradling Evgeni’s face between his palms. 

Evgeni is the one to draw back first, and Sid chases his mouth with a whimpering noise he almost can’t believe himself making. 

“Gonna kill me, Sid,” Evgeni groans. 

“Get me out of here,” Sid breathes. “Get me the fuck out of here and somewhere you can take my clothes off.” 

Evgeni swoops in to kiss him again, brief and hard. “Best, Sid.” And he takes Sid’s hand, and tugs him down the courthouse steps. 


Another possibility for Bakugou’s hero name I enjoy a lot, tbh

If The Raven Cycle tv series doesn’t take a page out of SKAM’s playbook and every time Ronan Lynch exits a car the world goes into slow motion and aggressive bagpipe music plays then honestly….what is the Point™ I ask u