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Your art is so precious and youre so nice T////T welcome to the gruvia fandom rchella-san i hope its okay i reposted some of your works on my tumblr ,i know you said its okay on deviant but still! Your drawings are so cudorable i cant gey enough! Please stay amazing ≧ω≦

ahh thank you so much !! well i told ya it’s okay ^-^ you ask my permission and im okay with that :3 and please stay amazing as well for your blog !

Mornings with the guys of IYAT!

So when I originally posted this, tumblr fucked it up and only gave me half of what I had typed up. Lucky I copyed and pasted it onto my mac now, so its easier -.- fothermuckers. But anyway, continuing on! ~
I decided to do something that most people don’t like in the day…mornings.I know when I wake up, It’s like the fucking civil war, I can’t stand mornings D=! But anywhosers,I hope you Tanoshimu! (>•~•>)

Genji: It’s hard for him to get out of bed in the morning, yet when he’s up. He’s up, and full of energy (damn sports people t(-.-t) ). He’d often wake you up with a kiss, or he’d strip you too “help.” But in reality, you know what he wants! He’s a kid when it comes to breakfast. You’d make him pancakes or a whole buffet, he loved that as much as you…

Koichi: You’d wake up to him cuddling you, holding you like if someone was to steal you away, his arms wouldn’t pry off *I will always love you ques*. When you woke him, he’d give a huge yawn and kiss you. “The first kiss of the day.” He’d say. Almost knowing what could happen later. For breakfast, most times he either wanted your home-made buffet, or you to munch on…* dun dun duuunnn*

Kippei: It’s almost like you minds connected. You both always woke up at the same time. He’d give you a kiss and often couldn’t wait for the night to come so he could go harder on you ( oh shnaps). Since you both have the same work times, you’d share your bathroom for two, brush your teeth together, eat together, get dressed together while talking about just regular day life.(so cudorable D= ) Some of the best morning’s you’ve ever had.

Kiyoto: He always couldn’t wait until the nighttime to touch you. Once he woke up, it’s like he instantly knew what to do ( it’s getting’ hot up in hair!). He’d go in for the kill when he had the chance *lion king ques*. Since he’s still in college, he was the last to get out of the house. You took care of him in the mornings, like a child almost, but yet you thought it was adorable. He’d always ask for more! ( >.< )

Shohei: You usually wake up before him, cause he’s a rough sleeper! (same) SO to wake him up, you’ll usually get ontop of him and kiss his neck, earlobe, the back of his neck, and lastly…his lips. *hears faint noise* his morning groan… “Mmm…best way to wake up.” he says, you both giggle. When you’re both out of your daydreams, Shohei is usually watching tv and reading the newspaper, while you’re making your homeade breakfast buffet. When its all gone well, Shohei chows down and leaves nothing but a clear plate. (marry mE) Than he goes over to you and kisses you gently, carrying you to the bedroom. “We can call in sick today…” he says. “SHOHEI!!!!!”


well there it is, * british voice * hundreds of years later… It was kinda fun re-doing it, actually. I added some comedy, here and there, just cause! I hope you tanoshimu =)

Love yah’s! (>*~*>)

Just look at how cute this is everything about it screams cudorable!Gray and Juvia sitting together (and is that a hot chocolate i spot juvy?,hes not showing any sign of awkwardness or discomfort and i can imagine juvia giving love advice to wendy,and then we have Lucy looking at Natsu so dreamily while the rest of the band are as happy as ever only Jellal and Levy are missing T,T