KiDCuDi >>>

I love Kid Cudi bc of how relatable his lyrics are. Whenever I’m feeling down I can always rely on his music to comfort me. Whenever I’m lifted I can just chill and float on as if he is floatin with me.

Cudi just soothes me unlike anyother type of music. His music is so chill and strong. Only certain types of people can truly understand where I’m coming from with his music and those people are the ones that feel the same way I do.


This one right here right now right here this one is my shit. Idk what this symbol represents to u but this represents the different stages in life I’ve endured. The planets represents the philosophy of Kid Cudi’s albums and the man is who ive become. This is a dope tattoo to get cudfam. I can’t even hate if I saw someone else with it. I would understand them completely.