109. A few years after the war, Sokka traveled the Earth Kingdom countryside to look for his space sword.

He finally found it in the nest of a sabertooth moose lion, with the sabertooth moose lion still inside. While Sokka expected a fight, he didn’t expect the animal to run off, only to return with an apple. From then on, Sokka and Foo Foo Cuddlypoops were inseparable. 

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“ Fave way to cuddle their s/o, with the Varia + Gokudera? (So happy you started this blog!) ” - Anonymous

I’m glad that you are, dear~


[ For those that don’t really understand it, this nickname is actually from Avatar: The Last Airbender. o: ]

Gokudera: The Heartfelt Headlock

Gokudera isn’t really the type to cuddle because he finds all the positions to be very uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean that he’s against the idea of cuddling entirely. The only time you’ll ever get to cuddle with him is when you’re about to go to sleep, when you’re severely upset about something and he doesn’t know what to do to calm you down, or when you’re sick or injured. Other than that, cuddling is out of the question. Although, Gokudera’s favorite cuddling position would be the ‘Heartfelt Headlock’. This position usually requires the two of you to lie on your stomachs while facing each other, with your head buried into the crook of Gokudera’s arm, or vice versa. It provides a sense of security and comfort for the Hurricane Bomb. This position also allows him to look at your face whenever he wakes up before you, and sometimes prevent you from getting out of bed; it also allows the two of you to share body heat in the middle of winter.

Xanxus: The Big Spoon

Xanxus also isn’t very big on cuddling. There is only one position he likes to cuddle in, and that would be the 'Big Spoon’, in which the two of you lie on your sides while facing the same direction, curled up into the contours of each others’ bodies as if two spoons have been placed together. Of course, Xanxus prefers to be the big spoon, and will not tolerate being the little spoon. Ever. This position is his favorite one because he’s a very hot natured person, and, you guessed it, gets extremely hot, extremely fast; being the big spoon allows him to throw the comforter off him without waking you up, and thus remain cool during the night as well as sleep with his arms around you. The Varia boss is also a very physical type of man, so whenever you go to sleep in that position, be prepared to wake up with something hard pressing against your lower back or buttox. It also puts the two of you in the perfect position for a little morning sex, since Xanxus prefers to sleep in the nude (he claims that clothes are too restricting to sleep in) and practically forces you to sleep naked as well.

Squalo: The Lap Pillow

Squalo’s favorite cuddling position would be the 'Lap Pillow’, in which you sit on the far right side or the far left side of the couch (or sometimes, the bed) and he stretches out across the whole thing with his head placed in your lap. Sometimes, he’ll wrap his arms around your thighs or hold one of your hands while you use your other hand to run your fingers through his long, silver hair. Squalo finds you raking your fingers through his hair to be extremely relaxing; especially since the scalp is jam packed with pleasure sensing nerves, and you playing with his hair stimulates these specific nerves. Also, it has been scientifically proven that men’s ears are extremely sensitive to the touch, which adds to the pleasurable and relaxing sensation. Usually when his fingers are intertwined with yours, he’ll bring your hand to his lips and kiss the back of it and then each of your fingers, before leaning up just enough to place a chaste kiss on your lips. Squalo loves to cuddle in this position whenever the two of you are binge watching television series or movies, and on occasion will switch it up so that you are the one lying your head in his lap. 

Belphegor: The Backwards Hug

Bel’s favorite position would be the 'Backwards Hug’, in which he sits down and has you sit down in between his legs with his arms wrapped around either your shoulders or your waist. He usually rests his chin on the top of your head whenever the two of you are in this position, and sometimes whispers things in your ear whenever he’s feeling up to doing the do. This position gives him perfect access to your entire body if positioned right. He has a habit of holding you tightly so that you can’t move or get up, and refuses to let you go even when you have to go to the bathroom. Usually you have to force him to let go, but it’s no easy task since he’ll sometimes wrap his legs around your hips to prevent you from standing up. This position gives you a sense of security and allows Bel to breathe a sigh of relief, because during the time he is holding you in his arms, he knows for certain that you are safe. Another reason that Bel likes this position is because he loves the smell of the shampoo / conditioner / body wash that you use.

Levi: The Sitting Cuddle

Levi too is not a big fan of cuddling, especially when he’s trying to sleep. Usually, the only position he feels comfortable with is the 'Sitting Cuddle’, in which you sit on his lap or straddle his waist, with both his arms wrapped tightly around your mid-section while yours are wrapped around his neck or your hands placed on his shoulders / chest. When the two of you aren’t facing each other in this position, you usually grab hold of his hands / wrists while pressing your back against his chest. There have been a few occasions where your 'roles’ in this position have changed, in which Levi is the one sitting on your lap, although this only ever happens whenever he’s had a couple of drinks. Levi likes this position mainly because it seems to send a message to others that you two are happy together, and that you belong to him. 

Lussuria: The Honeymoon Hug

The flamboyant Varia officer enjoys every single cuddling position known to man, so long as it allows him to hold you and press you against his chest. His absolute favorite position would be the 'Honeymoon Hug’, in which the two of you are lying down and face each other while on your sides. Lussuria wraps his arms around you as if he is hugging you and pulls you close to his body, pressing your head against his chest while placing his chin on the top of your head. You usually do the same, but there have been a few occasions where you have had to actually push him away because it was too damn hot to cuddle. This position gives both Lussuria and you a sense of peace and tranquility, as if all is right in the world and all your worries just melted away. Sometimes, the two of you switch so that Lussuria is the one with his face pressed against your chest, but this only happens whenever he’s upset about something and needs to be comforted by someone he cares about - you.

Adult!Mammon / Adult!Viper: The Sweetheart’s Cradle

While cursed, Mammon greatly enjoys the cuddling position, the 'Sweetheart’s Cradle’. This position is where you basically hold his tiny body against your chest with both arms wrapped around him, the way someone would hold a baby or a toddler. He usually likes to cuddle like this when the two of you decide to go to sleep. Mammon has you lie on your back while he lies on your chest, with one of your hands on his back to make sure he doesn’t accidentally fall off or you don’t roll over and accidentally crush his small body. In his uncursed form, the position remains the same. This position gives him perfect access to some of your most sensitive areas (nipples), although now it wouldn’t be as awkward for him to make a move whenever he’s in the mood. Whenever he does make a move, Mammon has a habit of lightly biting the side of your breast or nipple. 

Fran: The Nuzzle Cuddle

Fran doesn’t really like, or dislike cuddling. He doesn’t care whether or not the two of you cuddle, but when you do, his favorite position would be the 'Nuzzle Cuddle’. This position is when one of you lies on top of the other with your legs intertwined, hands placed on top of the others’ chest in between your two bodies, and your face pressed into the nook of the others’ neck. Usually, you are the one on top, but sometimes Fran will switch it up if he’s feeling a little frisky; this position gives him perfect access to your neck, and it allows him to easily hold you down whenever he decides to tickle the fuck out of you just for the hell of it. This position also provides both you and Fran with the awareness of mutual love. 

Astro as Animals from Avatar

A/N: This is the second part in my astro as avatar series. If you haven’t seen part one or part 3 click on the links below(:

Part 1  // Part 3

JinJin- Appa

bc jinjin’s a big softie just like appa

MJ - Hawky 

a dignified looking thing that is actually the most immature and clueless of everyone

Eunwoo - Foo Foo Cuddlypoops 

because he’s the cutest little turd you’ll ever meet

Moonbin - Flopsy 

bc he’s v big and tol but is really just a big softie

Rocky - The Badger Mole

another earth kingdom pun because i can’t help myself

Sanha - Momo

because he’s a mischievous ball of energy that doesn’t have an off switch