this is the first follow forever list i’ve ever done, forgive me for the crappy graphic, but the message says it all! :D (forgive me if i spelled some of the urls wrong ;w;)

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OutOfBeats; If it wasn’t for you awesome people, I probably wouldn’t even be here RPing right now. Thank you for the awesome moments and laughs we’ve had– And I just wanted to take a brief moment to appreciate those I have formed a friendship with or those that I just really admire. You guys are awesome.

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I really really adore every blog I follow and please do not be offended if you didn’t make it on here (I’m probably missing a few of you since I did this like at 4AM and I apologize) Virtually everyone I follow are people I intend to follow for a long time. You guys are all great, even my followers, and just know that I love and appreciate every single one of you. Thanks for everything.


Can I just share this here for a moment

because good god damn

this makes me so emotional over a game I haven’t even played yet and over a song I used to hate

all the awards, Lau. c’:

hieromancer replied to your post: OK IF U DONT WANNA SEE ME YAP ABOUT MMOS block the…

I’ve been meaning to get Skype. Should I get on now? Where are we meeting up?

i’m in the start area of limestone mountain right now! if you want my skype it’s naminort uwu

kurobros replied to your post: OK IF U DONT WANNA SEE ME YAP ABOUT MMOS block the…

skype group plzu

ok ur gonna have to teach me how because im stupid

cuddlykwi replied to your post: can i join this crew on eden eternal?

sounds interesting