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♦: Slow dancing Ziam

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“Mind if I cut in?” The low voice filters through the mindless chatter surrounding Liam, sounding a bit unsure and… familiar?

The hand on his shoulder blade reaffirms what his pounding heart has dared to hope. “Zayn.” The word falls from his lips breathlessly as he spins around to find the source, hearing chuckling in the distance from his sister, Ruth, about ‘going to find Mom’. And then the two of them are alone.

Well, as alone as the two can be when surrounded by one hundred of Liam’s parents’ closest friends.

“You made it,” Liam beams, his fingers finding their place against Zayn’s cheekbones as his hands cup around his jaw.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Li,” Zayn smiles, setting his hands against Liam’s lightly.

“You know you didn’t have to come. It’s not a real wedding, you know,” Liam teases, waggling his eyebrows as a laugh bursts out of him, his head falling back as a deep crinkle forms around his eyes.

In response, Zayn runs his fingers over Liam’s, pausing as he reaches the back side of the palm. With a smirk, he pulls the hands off of his face, grasping around one as well as he’s able. A giggle escapes his lips as he pulls Liam out onto the dance floor, fighting his way through a sea of people to find a prime spot in the center.

“Zayn!” Liam cries as he’s jerked along by his boyfriend, apologizing as each second passes and he hits smack dab in the middle of another couple.

“Leeyum, it’s obviously important to your parents,” Zayn mutters, leaning in close so that Liam can hear him over the live band, currently playing an acoustic cover of some ‘80s love song. “Besides, I wanted to do this.” Letting go of Liam momentarily, one of his hands finds Liam’s shoulder blade, the other re-clasping onto the just-held hand. Sucking a breath in, Liam slides his free hand down to Zayn’s waist, doing his best to ignore his rapidly warming hands, the uneven drumming of his heart through his ears.

Nodding over to Karen and Geoff, Zayn smiles. They’re in their own little worlds as they slow dance, mouthing the lyrics to the other with an overflow of energy, as they had been for almost an hour now. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a vow renewal. Or a birthday. Hell, it could even be little Jimmy losing his first tooth,” Zayn grins, eyes softening when he catches Liam’s gaze. “I’ll be there.”

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Can you just imagine cuddling with Harry at night. Like, he’d be so sleepy and all he’d want to do is cuddle with you as he falls asleep and do absolutely nothing else so when you’d try to leave to get a drink, he’d pull you back instantly with a cute pouty face, begging you to stay. His lips would be slightly red and puffy from all the kissing you both had done throughout the day, which would be especially prominent since he’s pouting, and there was absolutely no way that you could deny him so you just moved back into his warm embrace. His lips instantly press against your forehead as his fingers tangle through your hair, while his other arm is wrapped tightly around your waist to keep you from moving away from him again. “Don’t go, baby. It’s harder to sleep when you’re not here.” “Then you do you sleep on tour?” You’d reply an he’d simply shrug. “I make Niall cuddle with me, most of the time. But he’s isn’t as cuddly as you are.”


Request: Is request open?? If it is Can you do a cuddly zayn imagine where he falls asleep on the reader chest? Like that now they sleep at night??

  “What movie are we watching next, babe?” Zayn questions from his spot on the floor as he goes through all of the movies that he messily scattered across the living room carpet. 

Originally, the two of you had planned to spend all day at the beach, but the second you began to hear thunder and lighting starting to rumble and clap through the sky, those plans were suddenly changed. It wasn’t like either of you were complaining either as soon as Zayn proposed that the two of you should just stay at home and watch some movies, as long as you were together then thats all that mattered. 

You shake your head and try to suppress a smile at his cuteness, “I picked out the last 2, now its your turn.” 

  “Alright, then lets watch this one.” He urges holding up the movie case to ‘Inside Out’ knowing that it was one of your favorite disney movies.

You nod your head at his suggestion and within a matter of seconds he was taking the CD out of the case and popping it into the DVD player. Soon he was rising from his position on the rug and walking over to the kitchen to grab a couple more snacks for the two of you to eat while the movie played. 

Pretty soon you pressed play on the remote and the movie was seconds away from rolling the beginning credits, “Zayn, hurry before it starts to play.” You shout to your boyfriend who was still lingering around in the kitchen. 

Seconds later his footsteps were to be heard and pretty soon he was setting some snacks down onto the coffee table. 

  “Im here.” He chimes with a slight smile tugging onto his lips as he lays himself right behind you and wraps his arm around your torso. He places a slight kiss onto your neck and you turn off the side lamp so that the only source of light was the TV illuminating up the entire living room. 

For the most part Zayn was pretty good about staying still, but as the movie neared the middle it seemed as if he just couldn’t get comfortable, finally resolving the problem by resting his head onto your chest. Knowing that he loved it, you were now in the perfect position to run your fingers through his soft, messy hair. He signed in content and it wasn’t long before his eyes began to flutter closed at the comforting feeling of your fingers tugging softly at his hair.

  “Don’t fall asleep on me, now.” You tease taping the tip of his nose with your finger tip. 

He lets out an exhausted sigh and opens up his eyes once again, squinting at the bright light of the television, “Don’t know if i can stay awake any longer.” He chuckles in a raspy tone and snuggles his face deeper into your chest.

  “Im just teasing,” You giggle slightly and place a kiss onto the top of his head, “Go ahead and sleep, ill wake you up once the movies over.”

He nods and lifts his head up slightly so that he could press a soft kiss onto your lips. As soon as you pulled the blanket up higher on top of the both of you, his uneven breathing and still movement was an indication that he finally drifted off, and not long after, you were soon starting to do the same.

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alright but tell me about how protective zayn is of his boy

Listen, remember the last zouis airport picture???? Remember how cold was Louis and Zayn was literally all over him??? How Louis looked so cuddly and tiny and Zayn looked like a hawk ready to kill anybody who tried to touch Louis???????? Remember how Zayn was soooo sosososo close to Louis that F*z had to post the picture of both of them cause was impossible cut Louis cause Zayn was cuddling and over him all the time??? Yeah… me too


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S! = Smut! 

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I didn’t even notice - (Niall) 

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he tweets a pic of your daughter and her dog - (All)

kiss pic on twitter - (All) 

cute pic another boy tweets of you two - (All) 

surprise - (Harry)

he tweets on your holiday - (All)

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you loved me first - (Harry) 

love in the rain - (All)

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a day on the beach - (All)

you and your instrument - (All) 

hot scene another boy tweets - (All) 

you love to steal his stuff - (All) 

he tweets about your daughter - (All)     

One Direction Fake Texts -

hate - (Harry) 

Ha I won - (Niall)

just my cousin - (Liam)

you’re perfect - (Niall)

spend the last night together - (Harry)

tour nightmares - (Harry)     

5 Seconds of Summer Fake Texts - 

smartass - (Michael)

dirty pick up lines - (All) 

after the break up - (All) 

no password - (Luke) S! 

too much of a chicken - (Michael)

love you more - (Luke)

biggest mistake - (Ashton)

you’re my one and only - (Calum)  

favorite guitar - (Michael) 

cheater - (Luke)

He’s sick…? - (Ashton) S!     

horny texting - (All) S!

I need you more than ever… - (Calum)    NEW!     

Dont you dare… - (Luke) S!    NEW!

Have fun wanking… - (Ashton) S!    NEW!

I bet you did… - (Luke) S!    NEW!

She’s really into that… - (Calum) S!    NEW!

Jealous much… - (Michael) S!    NEW!

my tall little noddle… - (Luke)     NEW!

Im sure I can change your mind… - (Michael)   NEW!

all lovey dovey! - (Luke)            NEW!

the mayo! - (Michael) S!           NEW!

the booby effect! - (Luke) S!    NEW!

jealous Ashton - (Ashton)     NEW!

One Direction Imagines -

let’s try something new - (Niall) S! 

the less you see, the more you feel - (Harry) S! 

totally worth it - (Niall) S!

like a shrimp - (Harry) 

never give it back - (Harry) S! 

sooner or later - (Niall) 

painfully drunk - (Harry) Part 2

I was hungry - (Harry) S!

I missed you - (Harry) S! 

the eiffel tower - (Harry) 

want you right now - (Harry) S! 

you’re my light in the dark - (Niall)

do you still love me? - (Niall)

I’ll show you how to do it - (Harry) 

sleepy Zayn Malik - (Zayn)

your brother’s best friend - (Liam)

want you back - (Zayn & Liam) Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

anniversary - (Niall) (Liam) (Harry)

best friends - (Zayn)

cuddly and cute - (Harry)

I’ll show you - (Harry) 

date surprise - (Harry & Zayn) Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

got caught - (Harry & Liam) S! 

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you and me against the world - (Michael) S! 

a perfect memory - (Ashton) S! 

love is the best inspiration - (Calum & Michael)

it’s your choice - (Luke & Ashton)

this is so embarrassing - (Luke) 

crush on tour - (Luke) 

me or him - (Luke) Part 2

in love with my best friend - (Ashton)

little idiots! - (Luke & Calum)     

threesome - (Michael & Ashton) S!     

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All of Me by John Legend 

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

with your family 

he hates it when you…

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got caught - (Harry & Michael)

just a regular day 

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I wonder how many soft sleepy cuddly sexy Zayn photos Harry might have on his phone and same with Zayn that we will never see. But they couldn't bring themselves to delete them in the events of their fallout either.