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NCT 127 Reaction to their s/o hugging them from behind and whispering “I love you” for the first time when they don’t normally start skinship.

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Taeyong would be completely stunned. First, the feeling of your arms around him completely blew him away and turned his legs into jelly, but then hearing your quiet little whisper would just absolutely blow his mind in the best way possible. His first reaction would be to smile, but then as he kept replaying your words in his mind he would just start looking around, his expression confused. He’d be silent for so long you’d give up waiting for a reaction and would walk off, but that’s ok, he was making plans. Later that evening he’d call you out for a home cooked meal, you would eat your food in a quiet atmosphere, then at the end of the meal he’d take your hand and tell you just how much he loves and adores you.

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Some teddy bears Toriel gave ‘em after she adopted the bros :3 Also picked the ones that matches their personality best. A lazy, cuddly panda for Snas and a smol, innocent one for Pap. Whether he’s looking for Snas and his panda or his tiny friend, that’s up to you :3

Up next, the Dreemurr twinsies with their teddy bears X3

TGIF! 😁🎉 Now that I’m in chill-mode after my first day at Roma Cartoon Festival, 😎 I wanted to show you this cutie I finished before I left for Rome! 😘 I call him “Professor Love”, and he’s got a prescription for all the best dreams!😌🌠 I’m bringing this petite painting to San Diego Comic Con as part of my Surreal Safari collection, so if you’re coming to the show, you’ll get a chance to see him in person! 😄For now I’m off to dream of cuddly pandas 🐼💗and what waits at the end of the next rainbow. 💖🌈💖Night night!🌙🌟

Because of @boopifer and Sebastian Stan and the pandas (I CANNOT EVEN HOW IS HE REAL), here, have some Extra Sugar with a panda plushie. (For the record, this was almost MUCH filthier. Like, such that my brain, having had the idea, stopped me from writing it.)


“How’re you doing, sub?” Chris’s voice rumbles low and concerned and loving from Sebastian’s iPad, propped up on the bed. “Feelin’ okay?”

“More or less, yes.” He runs a hand through his hair, knowing it’s a nervous gesture, knowing his Dominant’ll pick that up as well as the cuddly sweats and cozy blanket-burrow. His body’s relaxed—Chris hasn’t been gone that long, and Chris is here, talking to him—but nevertheless. Four days.

This is only day one.

“God, I wish I could be there.” Sincere longing colors Chris’s tone. “This timing fuckin’ sucks.”

“Agreed, sir.” Chris had been invited to open an exhibit in San Francisco; Sebastian’d been planning to come, but timelines and scheduling had shuffled around with his Marvel contract, and then he’d been unexpectedly offered a chance to write the score for not one but three other films, and he’d had to juggle meetings with directors, some of whom were only free that weekend…

He sighs. “I’m handling everything.”

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TMNT Valentine's Day Gifts💘

Imagine your favorite turtle giving you a huge stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day!

Leo wants to give something cute. He’d see the perfect gift through a toy store window and ask April to get it for him. He would give you a big, cuddly panda bear with a blue bow around it’s neck. He leaves it on your door step, a little card held between it’s big paws.

Raph nicknamed you ‘tiger’ early on so it makes sense to get you a tiger. He’d put on his disguise and go find the perfect one himself. He stumbles upon a little stand and sees it.
It’s cute and soft, with a red bow on its tail.

Donatello goes to the internet in order to find your gift. Much like his younger brother, Donnie feels that you deserve everything. Every lion, tiger, and bear. He finally buys you a big, chestnut colored teddy bear, holding a plush purple heart between it’s paws.

Mikey has a hard time picking you an animal, due to the fact that he thinks you need ALL of them. Then he sees a turtle with orange hearts on it’s cheeks and he’s sold. He asks April to get it for him and can barely wait to give it to you on the big day.


Word Count:1690

Summary: Jimin is the sweetest, nicest, fluffiest and smiliest person of the face of the planet, why wouldn’t you want to hug him?

It was a no-brainer, really.

At least, Taehyung thought so. Jimin was the sweetest, nicest, cutest, fluffiest and smiliest person on the face of the planet, why wouldn’t you want to hug him?

“I’m pretty sure ‘smiliest’ is not a word, hyung.”

Taehyung just looked at the maknae like he had said something incredibly stupid.

Jungkook stared back like Taehyung was the stupid one who couldn’t even grasp the simplest rules of grammar. “Well, it’s not.”

“Well, you asked why I kept hugging Jimin today and that’s the answer.”

“No, you said why Jimin is huggable, not why you kept hugging him.”

Taehyung didn’t understand the difference. Did there need to be a difference? Couldn’t someone look huggable and that was why you hugged him? Why did there always have to be specifics with Jungkook? Seriously!

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