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Hope you're having a great day and you're smiling wherever you are because your writing makes me smile! I read everything off your master list in one sitting and probably squealed way too many times. I appreciate you so much! Do you have any recs for other angsty or fluffy works? -cuddly anon ❤

Oh my goodness, this is such a lovely thing to write, thank you so much! I’m gonna reread your kind words whenever I feel down, because they made me smile so much!  ❤️❤️

Now… as for fic recs… get ready!! I’m about to recommend some of my favorite writers on here, and unleash my love for them in the process, just a warning:

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@an-exotic-writer - Honestly, everything written by Missy is phenomenal, but I’ve picked my favourites for you to scroll through to your hearts content. Missy is one of my greatest inspirations on here, everything she writes is just so… real. I’m in love with the feeling her writing gives me!

50 kisses (ot7 drabbles // fluff)

100 ways to say I love you (ot7 drabbles // fluff)

A paragraph, a moment (Yoongi scenario // angst)

@bagelswrites - Okay, okay, okay! The writing style here is just FANTASTIC! It melts me down with the smooth use of words, so that I’m a happy pile of English Lit student pooling on the floor! It’s gooooooood.

Love at First Touch (Jimin series // fluff and angst)

Bangtan_Banana_Muffin - Such a sweetie! And such a good writer too! I’m in love with this writing, and I don’t even normally read member x member stuff!

♡ Inked (ot7 with shipping between members // fluff and angst)

@bangtan-spells - Their fluff scenarios are so cute, I just wanna cry (I mean that in a good way!) Plus the girls that run the blog are actually the sweetest people on the planet!

Your Warmth (Jungkook scenario // fluff)

Of First Times (Hoseok scenario // fluff)

@dreamscript - Yes! Just… yes, please, and thank you! All the writing is so good, it completely sweeps me up into it’s world. I almost missed my stop on the bus I was so caught up reading this stuff once, haha…

Stories (Namjoon scenario // fluff?)

Black Magic (Jungkook scenario // action and fluff)

@exoticarmy127 - I’m sure Kaye needs no introduction in this fandom. Everything she writes is so polished, so pretty, so incredibly incredible and you should go read her stuff if you haven’t already.

Spring Day (ot7 oneshots)

Cold (Hoseok scenario // angst)

Bear Hugs and Kisses (Yoongi scenario // fluff)

@happy-meo - I have so many happy memories reading through the ‘First Meetings’ Series over summer. I honestly wish I could re-experience finding this series for the first time! It was so sweet and so fluffy! I’ve linked the Hoseok story, but please check the rest of them out!

Sun and Moon (Hoseok // fluff)

@kimtrain - Amazing, just amazing. Every piece I read, I think: wow, this could be published! This SHOULD be published!

In Want of Stability (Taehyung drabble // royalty!au, angst)

Shifter!au (ot7)

@slaypjm - Okay, so I’ve already rambled on about how much I love, Tee, BUT I’M GOING TO DO IT AGAIN! She was one of the first writers I discovered on tumblr, and she was the one who made me think, ‘This is something I want to do!’ So, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be posting BTS fics!

Mr Popular (ot7 series // fluff & angst)

Cuffs (Jungkook scenario // fluff)

@taechubs - I haven’t got to finish Paper Hearts yet, because university is a thing… but what I have read was so good, I just gotta link it! I can’t wait to get the rest of it finished!

Paper Hearts (Jungkook series w/ Jimin as well // fluff and angst) 

@workofteaguk -  Perfection! Seriously, I am such a sucker for this style of writing. I cry tears of pure joy!

See You Soon (Yoongi scenario // angst and fluff)

Otayuri headcanon

That Otabek is a morning person, but Yuri is definitely not.

Otabek wakes up before Yuri and he nudges the younger boy to stir him awake. Yuri grunts and mumbles that he needs more sleep, and when Otabek nudges him again Yuri growls, “listen, I love you but I swear if you don’t let me sleep I’ll pummel you.”

Otabek grunts back, frustrated that Yuri won’t budge. “And if I pummel you instead?”

Yuri tugs the blankets up to cover half of his face. “Don’t you dare.”

Otabek lays on his side, propping himself up on his elbow. He smiles to himself. “If you don’t wake up, I’ll do it,” he threatens. When Yuri says nothing in response, Otabek leans in, kissing Yuri on the forehead quickly. Yuri ignores him, and Otabek leans back in, pummeling Yuri with quick kisses all over his face.

Yuri stirs and whines. “Beka,” he smiles. “Quit it!”

“You awake yet, Yura?” Otabek asks between pecks.

Yuri laughs, pushing Otabek away. “Yes, okay? I’m awake now.”

Otabek smiles down at Yuri, and Yuri reaches up and pulls him in, bringing their lips together.

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Cheekbones, hair, lips, eyes, throat, hands.. his everything warms my heart :)

an unpopular hc: derek understanding when the pack doesn’t

stiles has a crazy-ass, super dangerous plan and the whole pack is against it y'know tightening up, crossing their arms over their chests (chests? my brain is tired) and shaking their heads, the deep-sigh of “no fucking way, stiles” but derek’s eyes are on stiles when he says “i think stiles is right”

stiles does something idiotically risky that probably (most definitely) could have gotten everyone killed and the whole pack is angry because he didn’t follow the plan but derek’s eyes are on the road when he says “he saved us all”

stiles saying he’s fine after his dad had taken a pretty severe blow to the head; the whole pack is trying to comfort him and talk to him and ask him how he is but derek says nothing on the ride home from the hospital because he, more than anyone, knows that sometimes a silent vow of comfort is more calming than words

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Oh! I saw you recommendation fics for iwaoi, I wonder if you have any for bokuroo? Btw, I love your blog! Have a nice day! <3

Thank you for the lovely message anon <3.
Interesting enough i rarely read Bokuroo. That’s more of a visual ship for me, I need to SEE them being dorks. I do have a few fics bookmarked though. Though i have to say…half of it is Bokuroteru? XD

New Romantics - Explicit NSFW. Messing around while being high? In a car? here you go.

12.5 (long before rock ‘n’ roll) - Mature NSFW. Ok this needs a warning. It’s well written and beautiful in a way that destroys you. This one has no happy ending, and i think it’s the only fic i ever bookmarked with no happy stuff. It’s part of a series i didn’t really read because the rest of the pairings isn’t my thing but…. that one.. was something. If you need to feel sad. read. If not. Don’t. It tore my heart out I got no warning.

Of Accidents and Antics - Explicit NSFW. Yes.. just yes. XD Faceplanting into peoples crotches just has that effect.

Show me ya teeth - Explicit NSFW. That needs no explanation does it? :3 … I am into biting and this.. well :D It goes well along with it… Kuroo and his cat canines.

The following are Bokuroteru:

The Trifecta - Explicit NSFW. <3 All the love for the OT3.

Put your mind to it - Explicit NSFW. This one’s a little less focused on just Bokuroo, a bit more focus on Kuroo and Teru? But the bokuroo is there, hell yes.

Ok either all bokuroo is smut.. or i am just stuck on smut with them xD …..

4.0 | acid wash jeans (the8)

a late summer, late night bonfire by the sea

w.c. 708 | fluff | listen

the bonfire was dug into the sand, secured and safe from the sea breeze.  the red and orange and yellow bits of flame crackled off and rose into the air, disappearing after a while.  the smell of fire filled the area, mixed with the sharp contrast of salty seawater.  stars hung low in the sky, side by side with the full moon.  heat rose up from the white sand but the chill of the ocean waves and winds were quick to temper the warmth down.  messy platinum locks shoved into a beanie.  your head on his shoulder, his head on yours.  one hand interlaced with the other’s.

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hiya vivi, have you seen that one older vampire au where the s/o is mad at their s/o and puts on a bunch of silver to keep them at a distance. imagine binu where eunwoo is sitting at a mirror just putting on all the jewelry he owns and when bin whines about what he's done wrong eunwoo is so passive aggressive and is like nothing at all. "babe what are we eating for dinner" "italian" "BBY COME ON"

dshlfkajdhfs hi i’m sorry this took so long but i thought of this in the shower today and started laughing really hard this is pure fluff

  • eunwoo thinks bin has to be the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • never mind vampires, he highkey thinks bin is the snuggliest boyfriend ever
  • the moment eunwoo gets home from work?? bin’s clinging to one of his limbs
  • the moment eunwoo finishes preparing dinner?? bin’s backhugging him and dragging him to the sofa and peppering him with small kisses
  • and eunwoo whines a little about it every day because who can prepare their meals with an over-grown man-child-who-happens-to-feed-off-of-blood clinging to him????
  • ???? not eunwoo 
  • do vampires as a general population even cuddle?? eunwoo wants to ask or is it just bin?????
  • except today 
  • today is weird
  • bin’s calmly lounging on their sofa when eunwoo gets home
  • no hugs, no kisses
  • eunwoo sneaking a peek from where he’s chopping ingredients in the kitchen 
  • bin flipping through channels like eunwoo isn’t even home????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo calling out for bin to come help him get the onions out of the fridge 
  • bin sliding into the kitchen and humming and handing eunwoo his onions
  • and at this point he’d usually backhug eunwoo and hum into his ear and ask how his day went 
  • eunwoo narrowing his eyes at bin
  • eunwoo: “no kisses?”
  • bin humming and beaming at eunwoo before sliding back out into the living room with no response 
  • eunwoo: ?????????????
  • ngl, he already misses bin’s skinship
  • sure, it made stuff like chopping vegetables and stirring noodles hard and he complains about it but 
  • eunwoo sulking a little and finishing up his meal prep and setting all his ingredients on the counter
  • eunwoo going into the living room and settling himself next to bin on the sofa, arm to arm and leg to leg
  • bin just stopping himself from melting into eunwoo’s touch 
  • he wants to wind himself around eunwoo, he really does but !!!!
  • eunwoo complained yesterday about how he couldn’t do the dishes with bin’s arms wrapped around his middle and bin’s nose in his neck
  • and so today bin has Resolved to Keep His Hands Off
  • see how eunwoo likes that!!!!!
  • not that it’s working very well
  • especially with eunwoo glancing at him every minute
  • eunwoo pouting at bin
  • and wiggling under bin’s arm and doing That Pout™
  • you know
  • this one
  • bin’s heart is slowly weakening
  • he!! a vampire!!! with no heart!!!!!!
  • bin coughing and disentangling himself from eunwoo and standing up and heading into the kitchen to get some water
  • eunwoo looking at bin in slight bewilderment because what is bin doing??????
  • all eunwoo wants is a cuddle :-(
  • and snuggly bin is usually very forthcoming with cuddles but today ????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo sulking 
  • fine, two can play at a game
  • he knows bin is weak for skinship and no matter how hard he’s holding out now and no matter the reason bin’s doing it for, he probably won’t last very long without cuddles 
  • eunwoo gives it until he starts cooking dinner for bin to give in 
  • but in the mean time 
  • eunwoo going into their bedroom and changing and heading straight for his jewelry drawer
  • eunwoo pulling out a cute silver ring mj gave him a while ago 
  • eunwoo slipping on a silver chain rocky got him from his trip to america 
  • eunwoo contemplating some silver ear cuffs jinjin got him before shrugging and slipping them on too
  • if bin intends to not cuddle him then eunwoo will help him as best as he can 
  • bin walking into their bedroom to see how eunwoo’s holding up without cuddles
  • bin walking up behind eunwoo and straight into a rippling silver wall and bouncing off slightly 
  • bin: D: 
  • eunwoo: “oh hey binnie!!”
  • bin making a whiny noise 
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong?”
  • bin pouting: “what did i do wrong???” :(
  • eunwoo blinking calmly at bin
  • eunwoo, adjusting the clasp on the silver chain: “nothing?”
  • bin narrowing his eyes and sulking 
  • eunwoo brushing past bin to head into the kitchen to prepare dinner
  • bin trailing behind eunwoo like a slightly lost puppy
  • bin pouting more as he sees eunwoo start to pull noodle packets out of the cupboard
  • it’s usually this time when bin starts hugging eunwoo but eunwoo also usually whines for bin to stop hugging him when he’s near fire so 
  • bin hoisting himself up onto the kitchen counter and just barely stopping himself from whining at eunwoo
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong, binnie?” 
  • bin sulking because eunwoo has silver on, that’s what’s wrong!!
  • he can’t go near eunwoo!!!!
  • not that,,,, he was supposed to anyway,,,,,,
  • bin looking down at his hands sheepishly 
  • bin: “so what’s for dinner?”
  • eunwoo, humming and pulling garlic out from the fridge 
  • eunwoo: “italian?”
  • bin, retreating from where eunwoo’s holding garlic in his hand: 
  • bin, truly about to weep:
  • bin, from the doorway: “BABE, COME ONNNN”
  • eunwoo: ?
  • wow he was intending to Not Cuddle and Not let eunwoo wearing silver and eating garlic affect him since he originally meant to not cuddle eunwoo anyway but
  • but obviously it isn’t working because bin is a weakling for skinship
  • and it’s not like eunwoo can fault him!!! all bin wants is love :(
  • and cuddles!!!
  • bin: “i promise not to cuddle you when you’re cooking now pleeeeease please stop” :(
  • eunwoo: “oh, is that why??”
  • bin: ?????? :((
  • eunwoo, pouting slightly: “is that why you refused cuddles the whole time?”
  • and eunwoo’s suddenly laughing brightly and walking over to bin 
  • bin retreating further into the living room because !!! eunwoo still has garlic in his hand!!!!
  • bin, looking with slight fear at eunwoo’s hand and eunwoo laughing more 
  • cue eunwoo chasing bin around the house with a clove of garlic until bin is a giggly mess and pleading with eunwoo to stop
  • eunwoo laughing and putting the clove back into the kitchen before going over to kiss bin
  • bin wincing when eunwoo comes too close and gasping out a “silver!!”
  • eunwoo blinking and laughing and tossing off his jewelry (onto a table, because eunwoo’s actually responsible) before peppering bin with small kisses 
  • eunwoo might think bin’s the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • but really? he’s just as soft for bin’s cuddles as bin is for his 

i, too, want cuddles :(

There’s a chill in the nighttime air of early spring even inside Fenris’s decrepit mansion, but Hawke has lit a fire in the hearth and brought fur-lined blankets from his own estate. And they have each other for warmth as they snuggle together on Fenris’s bed. This bed is smaller and more cramped than the one at Hawke’s, but the obvious solution to that is to cuddle as close as possible.

Hawke makes the two of them hot chocolate to warm their hands. (Well, he attempts to make it. It’s drinkable at any rate, even if there still are a few lumps of unmelted chocolate here and there.) Fenris sips from his mug slowly, only a flash of his teasing smirk revealing his opinion as to the drinkability of the beverage, and he looks up to watch the stars through the hole in the ceiling. It’s a beautiful, cloudless sky tonight, with countless sparks of stars twinkling in the night, but Hawke only watches Fenris, who to Hawke is far more brilliant and far more beautiful than the starry skies could ever be.

Especially with a smudge of whipped cream on Fenris’s perfect nose, making him look cute and young and softer and playful and so perfect to Hawke.

With a light blush blooming over his cheeks and pointed ears, Fenris notices that Hawke is staring at him with a wholly smitten expression instead of star-gazing, and Fenris turns to meet his gaze. Those pretty green eyes are brimming with so much affection and warmth, and he smiles, the most beautiful smile in the world, Hawke thinks, the smile Hawke wants to kiss every single day.

And so Hawke responds the only way he can, by burying his face into Fenris’s silver hair and mumbling the sappiest, most ridiculous love declaration he can think of, just to hear Fenris’s pleased laughter.


the Liar Liar boys deserve many good things, like visiting Disneyland, and being cuddly goofs between jobs(*´▽`*)

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short, cuddly, no au fics?

Mosquito Kisses by porridgemilk - Kim Taehyung has the kind of blood that all mosquitoes love and Jeon Jeongguk just wants a decent night’s sleep.

French Fries and Cherry Lips by porridgemilk - Jeongguk falls asleep and his boyfriend decides to feed him.

always been you by aeterisks - Forever is grand, Jeongguk thinks, but it pales in comparison to what Taehyung and he have.

from here to the moon by aetoms - Nothing is certain but the love between two boys with the moon and the stars as their only witnesses.

don’t call me baby (not before i’m ready) by sleutheryn - The three times that Taehyung called Jeongguk ‘baby’ and the one time that the latter did.

For I Love You So by j_v_tae - Jeongguk wants to charm Taehyung’s socks off and take care of him like the amazing boyfriend he is. Jeongguk also has zero experience with affection.

When it comes to you by taetunder - “When it comes to you,” he sings into Taehyung’s ear before dropping a kiss on his cheek, feet tapping the air to the rhythm of the song and Taehyung scoots closer, one hand going around Jeongguk’s thin waist under his T-shirt.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask - only when the inbox is open^^

Soup &Cuddles

“Here, just take a few sips.” Alex pleaded, “I promise that it will help to settle your stomach.”
George groaned and rolled his head away from the spoon. His head was pounding, his throat was on fire, and every muscle in his body ached. All he wanted to do was curl up with ALex holding him and watch TV together.

They were currently sitting on their bed. George was sitting up against the headboard, under a mound of blankets, Alex was sitting right next to him with a warm bowl of homemade soup.

Alex gave him a bright smile, “It’s really good.”
George’s lips puckered.

He watched as his boyfriend pouted and put on his most adorable puppy dog eyes, “Please, George. I just want you to eat some soup so you can get better. Just a few spoonfuls and two crackers. After that, I promise I’ll hold you and we can watch West Wing, or Charlie Rose, anything you want.”

George placed his hand on Alex’s thigh, “Alright….will you feed me.”
Alex lit up, “Of course, dear.”
“I’m sorry, it’s just that my hands are sore and-”
Alex hushed him, he planted a hand on his cheek, “Don’t worry about it, I’m happy to.”

Alex fed George five while spoonfuls of soup, he even got a cracker in before George couldn’t take anymore.

Alex put the bowl on the nightstand, “Good job. We can try a few more sips later.” George grimaced at the thought. “Oh don’t give me that face, Georgie. You need food in your system.”
“I know. It just hurts.” He frowned, feeling weak.

Alex felt his heart drop, he just wanted his baby to get better, “I’m sorry. How about I go get into my PJ’s and then we can snuggle?”
“And watch the early seasons of The West WIng?”
“Absolutely.” He said cheerily. Alex rushed into the closet.

George switched on the TV, only wincing a tiny bit at the bright screen before he turned it down. He hit play on one his favorite episodes. Part of him hated this part of being sick, staying in bed because his body wouldn’t allow him to do anything else. Although, it wasn’t too bad when Alex was with him, helping him to take care of himself and cuddle.

“Oh, the thanksgiving episode. I love this one!” Alex stepped out of the closet wearing the soft emerald green PJs that George had got him to replace the ratty old ones he had. Alex had claimed that the old ones were perfectly alright, even though they were itchy, scratchy and he would never be comfortable enough to actually sleep in them.

“I know, now come hold me. My head hurts.” George reached out, making grabby hands at him.

Alex gently peeled back the dozens of blankets and curled up next to him. He tucked his head underneath George’s chin and let his lover wrap his arms around him, pulling Alex snug against his  chest.

“Better?” He asked.

George hummed, “Much. I think I’ll need a bit of medicine to sleep, though.”
“Already on the night stand.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too. Now let’s watch West Wing and talk about our next trip to Disneyland.”

George chuckled lightly, “Yes, dear.”

whether you ship them romantically or platonically, u know that they’re meant for each other and that is the law sorry (I happen to like them in both relationships… and also poly c:) 

I’m a simple woman. All I want to read is about is Sidney in Geno’s shirt, lying on his stomach and half on top of Geno, feeding him chocolate covered strawberries and giggling because this is so over the top an indulgent and he loves Geno too much to care, and then Geno proposing to Sidney in the next scene in an extremely romantic way. 

(Bonus for the entire Pens team bursting in when they hear Sidney say yes to the proposal with champagne and pop out streamers/confetti, then making simultaneous noises of “Oh, God, they haven no pants on–” and Sidney yelling, “What the hell? Get out of my house! How the hell did you all get in?”)

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Onkey boyfriends fluff please?? Jinki & Kibum are both in a cuddly mood and they also get itchy backs for some reason at night. Sooo cuddles and lovely back scratches?? ♡ I hope my prompt request is okay

yes!! back scratches and cuddly onkey <3 sorry for the wait! 

Movie Night 

Jinki can’t help but smile when he looks at his boyfriend. The way his lips curl upwards automatically and the way his eyes light up at the sight of Kibum is just magnetic and Jinki loves it. 

He doesn’t even try to fight it, not anymore. It doesn’t matter to him that Minho calls him gross or that Taemin sighs and tells him that he’s whipped. Jinki will gladly admit that he is a fool for the man he can call his boyfriend. 

In fact, he considers himself the luckiest man alive. Kibum would fight him tooth and nail to take that title from Jinki, but Jinki holds onto it with everything he has. 

It’s a silly fight, really, and it mostly leaves Jinki with big smiles. It’s the ridiculous battle of who loves whom more and neither of them wants to back down. 

It makes their friends gag and roll their eyes when they watch them, but Jinki doesn’t really think it’s any of their business anyway. 

There is one thing he is absolutely sure of and one thing Kibum can never fight him on and that’s the fact that Jinki loves Kibum incredibly much. So much that his heart sometimes feels like it’s bursting just at the sight of Kibum and he feels his hands shaking slightly when he hasn’t touched Kibum in a week.

Kibum shakes his head as he turns around from where he’s kneeling in front of the TV. 

They’re in for a movie night and Jinki has already eaten half the popcorn like usual. It’s not important, though, because Kibum prefers the chocolate and Jinki always leaves it for him. 

They know each other’s preferences so well that they never have to fight over silly things like who gets the last candy and what movie to watch. Jonghyun says small fights like that are healthy, Jinki begs to differ. 

He doesn’t want to fight with Kibum and he’s just glad they don’t fight very often. In fact, right now, in blissful heaven filled with cuddles with his boyfriend, Jinki can’t even remember when their last fight was. 

Not that it matters, of course, not when you’re 5 years into your relationship and still as much in love as you were when you first got together.

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Cuddly Hellhounds

Bobby woke up with a yawn as he rubbed his eyes. He looked beside him, wondering why Crowley wasn’t there. Then he felt something move, something furry. He looked, but saw nothing. That’s when it hit him.

There was a hellhound next to him.

There was a freakin hellhound cuddling next to him.


He tried to move, but he then felt the hound move and drape itself over him. Now he was kinda scared.

“Crowley!” he called out, “Crowley!”

The demon appeared before him and smirked at the scene.

“Problem, Robert?”

“Get this…thing off me.” He choked out, pointing to the hellhound on top of him.

“Aw, but Juliet likes you.” Crowley crooned.

“I don’t care. Bobby groused, stiffening when he felt the hound move, nuzzling his chest.

“Well, I think my darlings deserve their rest, ta.”

“Wait, Crowley…”

But Crowley poofed away, leaving Bobby with a tired hellhound. He looked to what he presumed to be the head.

“I’m gonna kill your daddy.”

AN: Some cuddly hellhounds, I just like the image of Bobby cuddling with a hellhound. Crowley just doesn’t give a shit, lol!

I don’t own SPN, comments are loved!

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got any new cuddly fics

yesssssss - Karri

cuddling tag

Love Bug by rvdhoodlum (3/3 | 7,083 | Not Rated)

Keith gets bit by a love bug and falls acts lovey-dovey around the first person he sees, who just so happens to be Lance. 

Touchy-Feely by katsukiy (1/1 | 3,233 | Teen And Up)

Lance was staring at him, still with that weird expression, like he had just been caught with a hand in the cookie jar. Which was at most confusing, because it was Keith who had made it weird by caressing longingly his damn foot.

Why is everyone in fics secretly cuddly. Give me representation …. Let me see other people who are uncomfortable being touched unless they initiate that touch……….

Movie Night Final Part

Part 1   Part 2

Here y’all go! Happy Saturday!

Warnings: Holy fluff, pizza stealing (I know some are very sensitive to that)

At five to nine you started walking to the elevator that would bring you down to the unusual Friday Night Movie Night. You were in the blue PJs you always wore to movie night, plus your fuzzy Captain America socks you scored at Target before you even became an Avenger. Over the years they had lost some of their fluff, but they were oldies but goodies and you were sure Steve would appreciate them. Plus it was always cold in the living room of the tower, so you came prepared. 

The elevator dropped you off on the floor with the kitchen and the living room and you immediately smelled pizza. Yeessss. This wasn’t the movie night you expected, but you knew it would be fun. 

Walking into the kitchen, you saw Bucky right away. You noticed he also came prepared for the cold room. No different from any Friday Night Movie Night, he was wearing his thin grey sweatpants, that tonight left you weak at the knees. However, instead of just a black t-shirt, he was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the word ARMY on it that looked like it was from his actual days in the army. You chuckled. Old Man. 

You looked around and saw everyone in their PJs and laughed to yourself. Oh, if HYDRA could see you now, y’all were terrifying in your graphic t’s and soft pants. 

You plopped down on the couch next to Steve who was setting up the movie. You could plainly see he was struggling with the technology so you left him alone to concentrate. You smirked as he leaned forward, pressing random buttons with squinted eyes. You knew you should help the elderly, but before you could swoop in and save movie night, you felt the cushion next to you dip and heard Bucky whisper “Try not to fall asleep tonight.”

As a reply to his teasing, you simply reached over to his plate, while his mouth was still up to your ear and stole his pizza.

His jaw almost hit the floor and he yelled “What the-”

“We are at war, remember?” you interrupted him with a mouth full.

He looked at you with a pout. “How’s about a truce?”

You pretended to think about it but he just jutted his bottom lip out into more of a pout. You felt bad for him, he seemed very upset about his loss of pizza. And his chin now on your shoulder made you crumble. 

“Fine, but I get to keep this piece.” You took another bite. 

He grinned and was still shaking his head at you while he got up to get another slice. 

The whole team had finally made it to the living room, including Clint, and Tony had helped Steve turn on the movie after teasing him for a solid five minutes. 

By the time the opening credits rolled, everyone had scarfed their pizza and had gotten comfy on the various couches and chairs in the room, the only light coming from the huge screen. 

The warmth the pizza brought you was slowly disappearing and you regretted not bringing a blanket down with you. You crossed your legs, trying to curl yourself up, your knees hitting Steve’s and Bucky’s by the time you were settled. 

“Comfy?” a low voice next to you asked and grumbled out a chuckle that warmed you like no blanket could.

You hummed a reply as you felt his warm arm wrap around your shoulders. But as soon as it was there, it was gone.

“Jesus, doll, you’re freezing. Here…” He started pulling off his Army sweatshirt and as much as you wanted it, you felt bad taking it. 

“No, no, Buck it’s okay.” 

But your voice caught in your throat as you watched his black t-shirt come up with the shirt he was shedding. You’d seen Bucky shirtless a few times, but you were never close enough to touch his toned torso and you had to stop yourself from reaching out.

His head emerged from the bottom of the green and he whipped his hair out of his face as he straightened out his black tee. 

“Here, put this on.” He handed you the sweatshirt and you did as you were told. The smell of his cologne swam circles around you as you pulled it down your waist. It was baggy on your frame and the sleeves covered your hands and in that moment, you knew he was never getting that sweatshirt back.

“Thank you” you said as you leaned into his arm that was wrapped around your shoulders again. 

The two of you were safe in the dark, everyone else’s eyes were on the TV screen.

You liked this movie and enjoyed the time with the team, but apparently Bucky was not as amused because he was pulling you off the couch, around the corner, and into the hallway near the elevator. 

A gasp escaped your lips as his hands grabbed your waist under his sweatshirt and pushed you up against the wall. You put your hands on his chest and could feel it rising and falling under your fingers. His forehead was against yours and you felt his voice reverberate in your body. 

“I couldn’t stand it anymore. I need both arms around you.” He chuckled, releasing a giggle from you.

“We could have done this in there” You said, almost whispering. 

“Yeah, but we couldn’t do this in there.” His voice was gravelly as his hands left your waist and landed on the sides of your face. You couldn’t help but melt into his touch, warm on one side and cool on the other.

He finally brought his lips to yours and your hands fell to his hips, lifting his shirt to make room for your fingers on his bare skin. He sweetly kissed you, moving his flesh hand to the back of your head to gently tangle his fingers in your hair. 

He leaned in further, parting his lips to deepen the kiss, making his hair fall forward and tickle your face. You traced the lines of his torso up to his neck to wrap your arms around him and pull him down to you.

The two of you started breathing heavily when his hips pushed yours against the wall and you knew that your excitement was reciprocated when you felt him against your leg. 

You dragged your unwilling lips away from his, you both needed air. His blue eyes pulled you in like the tide and you reached up to his face and pushed his long hair behind his ears. 

His big hands that were harshly gripping your hips a few seconds ago were now gently playing with the bottom of his sweatshirt that was on you.

“Wanna go watch a movie?” He asked sincerely. 

You grinned and nodded. He took your hand and led you to the elevator. You both stepped in and tuned around and his arm landed around your waist as he pushed the button that would bring you to the floor with your rooms. As the elevator doors closed he pulled you close to place a kiss on the top of your head.


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