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Let the record show that when Alec Hardy gets drunk, he turns into a cute, giggly idiot and falls down a lot.

And when Ellie Miller gets drunk, she gets into physical fights with strangers and makes terrible decisions.

So, canonically, if these two ever went out drinking together, Hardy would be the super mellow, giggly, affectionate one, while Miller would turn into this loud, brash, argumentative jock who has to be pulled away from her third fight of the evening.

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Cheekbones, hair, lips, eyes, throat, hands.. his everything warms my heart :)

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Since its Valentine's Day, can you do a cute BBRae cuddly fic? Like just them cuddling and kissing? And happy Valentines Day!! ❤️💕

Cuddling was Raven’s favorite. 

There was just something so…profound and new about it. She often marveled at the feel of human touch, always staring in fascination at the arms wrapped around her. They were so warm, and sturdy. Welcoming, even. 

It was something she’d never imagined liking; after all, there wasn’t much physical affection back on Azarath. At least, not towards her. So every time he pulled her close, Raven’s breath hitched and her heart fluttered. She always found herself staring in wonder as the low light flickered on his emerald skin, intrigued by the contrasting color pallet. 

He loved touching her. 

The realization was sudden. One day, his hand clasped her shoulder and he leaned close, and it hit her just how often he did that sort of thing. A hand, brushing against her arm. The warmth of his shoulder as he leaned against her during movie nights. His frequent hugs. Their knees touching beneath the table. 

At first, Raven had drawn away. The notion baffled her, and she wanted no part in whatever tricks he was trying to play. It wasn’t until a confrontation soon after that Raven learned there was no tricks. 

“I like you, okay?” 

The outburst was sudden, and bizarre. She vividly remembered staring at Beast Boy’s flushed face as she glowered at her, his tumultuous and terrifyingly real emotions a whirlpool around her. 


Beast Boy had practically growled, and merely snatched her cloak, dragging her in for a kiss. It was then that it really began to sink in. 

This was real. 

As much as Raven was reluctant to admit it, she was terrible with emotions. Irony, she always felt. The empath that couldn’t be emphatic. It was a flaw of hers she knew all too well, and did her best to hide. Hiding things never went well, however, especially when it came to her own feelings.

It had taken over a week of meditation and contemplation before she could even broach the subject, let alone figure out how to proceed. Luckily for Raven, Beast Boy was surprisingly patient. 

When she finally approached him, quivering like a leaf, and murmured a rushed, “I like you too,” he’d beamed so wide, Raven feared his grin would fall off his face. 

And then he’d reached out and squeezed her hand, making her heart flip flop in her chest. 

Beast Boy nuzzled her neck, interrupting her train of thought. She turned, a smile tugging at her lips. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he murmured softly. 

“I hope you didn’t plan a big date,” Raven said. Beast Boy chuckled. 

“Just take out and a bouquet of roses.” He pressed a gentle kiss onto her cheek, hugging her tighter. “And cuddling, of course.” 

She smiled. “You know me so well.”

Beast Boy grinned, and she kissed him.  

Here you go! Hopefully this was cuddly enough. XD I’m glad you put this in, ‘cuz it actually kicked me into gear to write, lol. So Thanks! And happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! :) 

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Movie Night Final Part

Part 1   Part 2

Here y’all go! Happy Saturday!

Warnings: Holy fluff, pizza stealing (I know some are very sensitive to that)

At five to nine you started walking to the elevator that would bring you down to the unusual Friday Night Movie Night. You were in the blue PJs you always wore to movie night, plus your fuzzy Captain America socks you scored at Target before you even became an Avenger. Over the years they had lost some of their fluff, but they were oldies but goodies and you were sure Steve would appreciate them. Plus it was always cold in the living room of the tower, so you came prepared. 

The elevator dropped you off on the floor with the kitchen and the living room and you immediately smelled pizza. Yeessss. This wasn’t the movie night you expected, but you knew it would be fun. 

Walking into the kitchen, you saw Bucky right away. You noticed he also came prepared for the cold room. No different from any Friday Night Movie Night, he was wearing his thin grey sweatpants, that tonight left you weak at the knees. However, instead of just a black t-shirt, he was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the word ARMY on it that looked like it was from his actual days in the army. You chuckled. Old Man. 

You looked around and saw everyone in their PJs and laughed to yourself. Oh, if HYDRA could see you now, y’all were terrifying in your graphic t’s and soft pants. 

You plopped down on the couch next to Steve who was setting up the movie. You could plainly see he was struggling with the technology so you left him alone to concentrate. You smirked as he leaned forward, pressing random buttons with squinted eyes. You knew you should help the elderly, but before you could swoop in and save movie night, you felt the cushion next to you dip and heard Bucky whisper “Try not to fall asleep tonight.”

As a reply to his teasing, you simply reached over to his plate, while his mouth was still up to your ear and stole his pizza.

His jaw almost hit the floor and he yelled “What the-”

“We are at war, remember?” you interrupted him with a mouth full.

He looked at you with a pout. “How’s about a truce?”

You pretended to think about it but he just jutted his bottom lip out into more of a pout. You felt bad for him, he seemed very upset about his loss of pizza. And his chin now on your shoulder made you crumble. 

“Fine, but I get to keep this piece.” You took another bite. 

He grinned and was still shaking his head at you while he got up to get another slice. 

The whole team had finally made it to the living room, including Clint, and Tony had helped Steve turn on the movie after teasing him for a solid five minutes. 

By the time the opening credits rolled, everyone had scarfed their pizza and had gotten comfy on the various couches and chairs in the room, the only light coming from the huge screen. 

The warmth the pizza brought you was slowly disappearing and you regretted not bringing a blanket down with you. You crossed your legs, trying to curl yourself up, your knees hitting Steve’s and Bucky’s by the time you were settled. 

“Comfy?” a low voice next to you asked and grumbled out a chuckle that warmed you like no blanket could.

You hummed a reply as you felt his warm arm wrap around your shoulders. But as soon as it was there, it was gone.

“Jesus, doll, you’re freezing. Here…” He started pulling off his Army sweatshirt and as much as you wanted it, you felt bad taking it. 

“No, no, Buck it’s okay.” 

But your voice caught in your throat as you watched his black t-shirt come up with the shirt he was shedding. You’d seen Bucky shirtless a few times, but you were never close enough to touch his toned torso and you had to stop yourself from reaching out.

His head emerged from the bottom of the green and he whipped his hair out of his face as he straightened out his black tee. 

“Here, put this on.” He handed you the sweatshirt and you did as you were told. The smell of his cologne swam circles around you as you pulled it down your waist. It was baggy on your frame and the sleeves covered your hands and in that moment, you knew he was never getting that sweatshirt back.

“Thank you” you said as you leaned into his arm that was wrapped around your shoulders again. 

The two of you were safe in the dark, everyone else’s eyes were on the TV screen.

You liked this movie and enjoyed the time with the team, but apparently Bucky was not as amused because he was pulling you off the couch, around the corner, and into the hallway near the elevator. 

A gasp escaped your lips as his hands grabbed your waist under his sweatshirt and pushed you up against the wall. You put your hands on his chest and could feel it rising and falling under your fingers. His forehead was against yours and you felt his voice reverberate in your body. 

“I couldn’t stand it anymore. I need both arms around you.” He chuckled, releasing a giggle from you.

“We could have done this in there” You said, almost whispering. 

“Yeah, but we couldn’t do this in there.” His voice was gravelly as his hands left your waist and landed on the sides of your face. You couldn’t help but melt into his touch, warm on one side and cool on the other.

He finally brought his lips to yours and your hands fell to his hips, lifting his shirt to make room for your fingers on his bare skin. He sweetly kissed you, moving his flesh hand to the back of your head to gently tangle his fingers in your hair. 

He leaned in further, parting his lips to deepen the kiss, making his hair fall forward and tickle your face. You traced the lines of his torso up to his neck to wrap your arms around him and pull him down to you.

The two of you started breathing heavily when his hips pushed yours against the wall and you knew that your excitement was reciprocated when you felt him against your leg. 

You dragged your unwilling lips away from his, you both needed air. His blue eyes pulled you in like the tide and you reached up to his face and pushed his long hair behind his ears. 

His big hands that were harshly gripping your hips a few seconds ago were now gently playing with the bottom of his sweatshirt that was on you.

“Wanna go watch a movie?” He asked sincerely. 

You grinned and nodded. He took your hand and led you to the elevator. You both stepped in and tuned around and his arm landed around your waist as he pushed the button that would bring you to the floor with your rooms. As the elevator doors closed he pulled you close to place a kiss on the top of your head.


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Storm Is Coming
Jonghyun finds comfort in the oncoming storm.
By Organization for Transformative Works

pairing: jongho
rating: pg
warning: mention of mpreg (omegaverse)

“Shh,” Minho breathed against Jonghyun’s forehead, snuffling down the shorter’s face so that he was able to breathe in the beautiful scent that was his omega, his love.

Cuddly Hellhounds

Bobby woke up with a yawn as he rubbed his eyes. He looked beside him, wondering why Crowley wasn’t there. Then he felt something move, something furry. He looked, but saw nothing. That’s when it hit him.

There was a hellhound next to him.

There was a freakin hellhound cuddling next to him.


He tried to move, but he then felt the hound move and drape itself over him. Now he was kinda scared.

“Crowley!” he called out, “Crowley!”

The demon appeared before him and smirked at the scene.

“Problem, Robert?”

“Get this…thing off me.” He choked out, pointing to the hellhound on top of him.

“Aw, but Juliet likes you.” Crowley crooned.

“I don’t care. Bobby groused, stiffening when he felt the hound move, nuzzling his chest.

“Well, I think my darlings deserve their rest, ta.”

“Wait, Crowley…”

But Crowley poofed away, leaving Bobby with a tired hellhound. He looked to what he presumed to be the head.

“I’m gonna kill your daddy.”

AN: Some cuddly hellhounds, I just like the image of Bobby cuddling with a hellhound. Crowley just doesn’t give a shit, lol!

I don’t own SPN, comments are loved!

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I love fluffy cuddly tickly fics so if you'd be willing I'd love you to write something like that for JD and Ronnie ;0;

Did someone say tickle fight lmao
My writing sucks today but here ya are i hope this brings you joy
JD is annoying as fuck but he makes up for it later if you catch me drift

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bravinto  asked:

fic ask: 2, 10, 15, 30, 33, 41

2. Favorite genre of fic?
Ooh fix-it’s are always good. I also love those soft, slow domestic fics, and on the other end of the spectrum, action-y ones fraught with emotion. 

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?
Anything with angst-comfort, mutual pining with a side of misunderstanding or fake dating, and oh, happy endings. ALL types of happy endings ;) I also have a weakness for cuddly comfort fics and quiet ones and those with extremely emotional conversations. Basically the stuff that makes me have that achey feeling in my chest.

15. Do you mind when characters cry?
Not at all! Bonus if I cry along with them :) If crying will help heighten emotions in story, bring ittttt.

30. Favorite porn fic?
The most recent one that comes to mind is No Choice At All. It may not be for everyone but I really appreciated the story and it deserves All The Love. I’m p sure if you filter my bookmarks on AO3 the rest should be covered :p

33. Least favorite AU tropes?
Hmmm I don’t think I’ve read enough to find one that I don’t like. I might avoid those where one of the main characters is dead, but even then, if the mood hits I’ll read them anyway.

41. Favorite fluffy tropes?
Aaah that’s like asking which type of chocolate is my favorite (answer: I will happily accept All The Chocolates). Sickfic, mindless fluff, cuddling and snuggling, bed-sharing, spooning, sweet surprises; basically anything that is sure to give you cavities, I will throw all the hearteyes at.

They look like a young couple that went to spend winter break at the mountains, renting a nice little house with a huge fireplace where they can cuddle in front of all night while reading a book and drinking warm chocolate both enveloped under a fluffy blanked and enjoying each other’s company and warmth, sharing sweet kisses from time to time.

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There's a theory that Korra is extremely afraid of storms because she grew up in a place where the only storm was a snow storm, which is silent. After she came to Republic City, she might've had flashbacks from the time where Aang got shot by Azula and died for a moment. It's also loud and unpredictable and that's why she's afraid of storms. I think Asami would find it both funny and cute that the mighty Avatar is afraid of a storm like a child :)


benefits of being taller: cuddling your tiny scared gf during storms

Established relationship fluff

Hi, I love your blog and I hope you will have any cuddly established destiel fics for me ^.^

Hey there! Thanks for loving the blog, we love you right back. I honestly feel so bad for not being able to put enough effort into this blog lately, but my real life suddenly went crazy and I’ve been running between the office, bank, campus and home, trying to find time to manage through everything. Now things are getting a bit more normal and I’m finally able to read and do this blog again! As Admin A said yesterday, we’re trying our hardest to win the lottery jackpot so that we would be free to do nothing but this, lol!

But about this post: by a mistake I only collected non AU fics for this post. I really didn’t mean to do so, I only realized it after I’ve made this, so hope you like non AU fics as well and wasn’t hoping for AU fics instead. Maybe we can do a similar post with only AU fics in future. – Admin J

Title: It’s Shouldn’t Have Been A Surprise

Author: TheAuthorGod

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,525 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: If this isn’t fluffy then I don’t know what is. I love it when people can dig up the fact that what Dean and Cas share isn’t just lust or normal love because the entire point of this ship is the profound bond they share. In this fic the author has managed to tell that very well, in my opinion. I also like the fact that when Sam sees them they’re so cool and manly men, but when they think they’re alone they’re so cuties.

Summary: Dean and Cas have been together but most of their relationship had been behind doors and away from Sam’s eyes; thank god. That meant that Sam hadn’t been privy to any of their… you know; but, he still worried. Sometimes their lack of intimacy made him wonder if they were truly happy. Sam comes back early from some research and his doubts are smoothed over.

( Read here )

Title: The Best Things in Life are Almost Free

Author: domesticadventures, propinquuitois

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,979 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Why awkward Cas is always so cute, even if the fact is that if someone else would be this awkward in real life, it would be only… Well, awkward. I love Cas with coupons in this one! So cute!

Summary: “Look at all these groceries, Dean,” Cas says, beaming. “They cost me precisely thirty-two cents.”

Dean looks like he isn’t sure whether to be impressed or appalled. “Cas,” he says. “How.”

In which Cas discovers the joy of couponing.

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Title: This Scene Won’t Play

Author: OomnyDevotchka

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,420 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this one it’s only side Destiel, but it’s established and there’s so cute Sabriel and awesome daddy!Chuck trying to fix his mistakes as a dad. So cute! I hope you don’t hate Sabriel because otherwise this wouldn’t be your thing at all.

Summary: AU after season 5. After being brought back from the dead, powerless, by a romance-crazed Chuck, Gabriel is plopped down in the Winchester brothers’ motel room with a task to complete: find and kiss his true love within a month. Also known as Gabriel is a Disney Princess.

Warning: contains attempted non-con

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Title: If Someone Asks, This Is Where I’ll Be

Author: clockworkrobots

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,484 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I’m positive that most of you will consider this as one of the fluffiest things in world, but something was off between me and this fic. I don’t know what, maybe I was too angst-y-feely or something at the moment, but I just… I couldn’t get a grip on it, no matter how much I tried.

Summary: Like with many things about them, Dean’s first attempt at a marriage proposal is both poignant and awkward. At least half it is Cas’ fault.

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Title: He’s Gonna Marry Me

Author: fleurofthecourt

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,068 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: …okay, maybe it’s just me this time. Now I started to cry over this fic and this wasn’t even that kind of epic angst or the most romantic thing ever kinda stuff. Just ignore me today, there’s some big mental problems with me today! There’s another proposal fic. Totally fluffy.

Summary: “If we were married, I could be a Winchester,” Cas says. He doesn’t look up from the colossal phone book he’s been perusing for the past three hours. He doesn’t act like that would be a life changing big deal. His index finger glides from Schneller to Schuller.

Dean loses the ability to form words. “Uh… yeah…that’s, uh, yeah.”

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Title: One Species Too Many

Author: wallmakerrelict

Rating: Explicit

Words: 21,547 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I know I’ve recced this many times before, but it’s fluffy and cute and awesome! There are kittens and fallen Castiel and amazing Dean, so what more can you ask for? It’s probably my favorite fluff oneshot.

Summary: While Dean is laid up for a month after breaking his leg on a hunt, Cas decides that it’s a perfect time to adopt a litter of kittens. But even though he’s gotten better since Purgatory, Cas still isn’t quite the same as he was before fixing Sam’s head, and being trapped in a cabin with him for weeks on end is making that all the more obvious to Dean. When Sam takes off on a hunt, Dean has to figure out on his own how to navigate his new relationship with Cas while also helping to raise a bunch of fuzzballs that aren’t even cute. Not even a little bit.

( Read here )

Title: Human Touch

Author: Soupernabturel

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 4,492 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is a fic I always end up to when I read the summary. Then I remember I have read it already, but I really don’t remember what has happened in it. And then I re-read it only to notice that I should’ve liked it more. But maybe you do like it more, because it’s fluffy and cute and all!

Summary: Dean keeps on getting hurt, and a newly human Cas keeps trying to make him feel better…

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The Only Truth I’ve Ever Known

by A Fairly Fluffy Quill


00Q – James needs to stop comparing his quartermaster to small, cuddly animals.






James yawned, fumbling slightly with the bags of cat food.  Impatient and hungry as always, Lucas and Lottie slithered around his ankles, pawing at his legs and making a general nuisance of themselves as he dished out their breakfast.

“Oh be patient,” the man grumbled, tucking the bags back into the pantry.

Jumping onto the agent’s shoulder, Lucas attempted to grab his bowl, but James dodged with practiced ease and placed the dish on the floor.  The gray tabby hopped down, flicking his tail in triumph.

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this isn’t the cuddly kind of christmas fic you might expect, but it is the cuddly kind of christmas fic i needed to write

only the lightest of spoilers for elementary s4, tw for mentions of parental emotional abuse, i know neither jack nor shit about nyc so pls forgive any bits that don’t make any goddamn sense

blessed yuletides or w/e

Christmases with Sherlock have never been an elaborate affair.

Their first was simple: Joan ducked out for an hour-long dinner with her family, made polite (if more than a little distant) conversation, dodged her mother’s more intrusive questions, and then cited sober companionship as her reason to leave before everyone else. The taxi ride back to the brownstone was wasted in worrying about the gossip that surely started the moment she closed the door, but arriving at the brownstone–dark, silent, halls completely undecked–felt a bit like a breath of fresh air. She found Sherlock in the TV room practicing his memory game, fell asleep in the armchair with the white noise of eight garbled television programs washing over her, and woke up the next morning with a quilt tucked around her shoulders.

Their second was nervous, with both of them still settling into the new terms of their relationship to one another–at least until Sherlock broached the topic of her holiday plans on Christmas morning with an unreadable expression, and Joan admitted that she’d told her parents they were mired in a very important case and she wouldn’t be able to make it to dinner. He visibly relaxed (though he quickly turned to try and hide his reaction) and they spent the day as they would any other.

Their third found them actually mired in an important case, working so hard that she was barely aware of the passage of time, until she picked up her phone to update Bell on their latest theory and found several increasingly concerned texts from her mother and brother. A quick call–yes, I’m alright, yes, I’m sorry, yes, we’re very busy, three people are dead, I won’t go into the details, please enjoy dinner–and then it was back to work.

Their fourth, Joan suspects, is going to be very different.

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