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Cheekbones, hair, lips, eyes, throat, hands.. his everything warms my heart :)

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am take nap on couch all cuddly and have the warms and hooman run SCREAMING PUSHCLEANER and give no warning. does not think of cat or cat feelings!! hooman does not know needs permission????

hate when human interrupt achieve ment of perfect warms 😾

On the one hand, I want to talk about Harry, laying on the couch with you curled into his side. Scratching your back, kissing your forehead. Maybe getting giggly and rolling over to lay on top of you and kiss your tummy. Scratching lightly at your sides and beaming when you squirm under his touch. Reminding you just how adorable you are. How much he loves you. Telling you, “Your tummy is warm. And y'smell good. Could kiss you all day.” Sweet, cuddly, warm. Giggles at nothing.

But on the other hand…..

I want to talk about Harry tying you up to the headboard. Laying on his tummy, down between your legs. One hand holding a vibrator mercilessly against your clit. How many times have you orgasmed? Two? Five? You’ve lost count. But ohhh, Harry hasn’t. The hand not holding the vibrator is propping him up, his chin in his palm. He’s mesmerized by you. By your moans, your sighs, your squirms. He’s blinking sleepily, a lazy smirk spreading across his face. You let out a cry when he moves the vibrator a bit. “Please,” you beg. “Please, I need a break.” And be coos. His smirk only deepening as he presses down just a little harder.

“Awww, baby. It’s sweet when you beg.”

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Can we sorta kinda talk about how SHINee members themselves probably find Lee Jinki as adorable as he is embarrassing 



Jongdae and his foreign girlfriend going in vacation together to her country so he can also meet her family ;) it would be nice to read about all the cuddly/warm moments during the trip and vacation time <3

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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Moments can be many different emotions: sadness, despair, happiness, love or lust, but in the end - every single moment will inevitably end, like stars that burn in the sky, or candles that flicker and dance in the darkness of a room. Though, even when moments fade like Polaroid photographs, memories can replace them, and engrave long-lasting images in the brain of beauty or disaster for those who are given the God-given gift of a good memory.

Taking your boyfriend to Wales was one of those things - a moment, or so, that’s how it felt. From the airplane ride to the stay, to the long walks and family gatherings until the moment you departed back to South Korea. It felt like literal seconds ticking by.You only ever really realise how precious and beautiful those seconds are when time starts running out.

Time ticks against your wrist from the moment you landed in the North of Wales, it plays against your mind like a constant, antagonising ringing - but this is all for Jongdae, because only moments and fate will count until the final flight.

The trip started in the cool, chilly coastline of Colwyn Bay where your home is situated. Your family is big, but they’re full of love and support, and from the moment Jongdae steps in the room and shyly introduces himself in English, you can just tell how much your family adore him. Your parents admire his drive and passion not only for working but for you, and your siblings could die for his aegyo and childish antics - you, yourself couldn’t help but smile as he and your younger siblings unite together to prank you. You couldn’t be annoyed - not even a little, not when his smile was so alive and passionate his get your heart ablaze.

Life is short and cruel; you make Jongdae pose in photos with you to aid an older, worn down version of yourself, to remind you of the “good old days,” the days you can be around the one you love and not worry for tomorrow; only for today.

You travel around the enchanting countryside, introducing Jongdae to the hills of Snowdonia, and the alluring landscape of Llandudno in bright yellow wellies and big, warm coats. Though the heat of the clothes isn’t the only thing that keeps you warm - it may sound cheesy, and Jongdae would laugh at you for thinking such thoughts - but nothing can make you more mellow or warmer than watching the happiness in his eyes that radiates from his orbs to his grin.

Though exploring the country isn’t the only thing you do in your home town. Jongdae takes you back to your rebellious teenage years; kissing in corners when no one’s watching and whispering sweet nothings when no one is listening, and when no one is around at all you take advantage of the satin bedsheets where he, and only he, can make you whimper, moan and writhe.

With each distracting second of your day, it keeps you distracted from the insecurities and anxieties that you have - not looking at the ink that stains beneath your wrist watch that hides the image you only wish you could remove. You hate the way your Mother looks at you pitifully because of it, or the way your Father purposefully acts as though  it isn’t there, it’s like a time loop of pain and agony every time you come home.

And when the final day draws to it’s end, you sit on the plane with Jongdae, your heart pounding as the flight takes off like the final take of memories.

Jongdae talks animatedly about the trip, the unforgettable moments; though all you can do is smile and hold back the teardrops because you know his unconditional memory issue.

Back in Korea, you sit in a pearly white room, glazed eyes watching the seconds tick down on the final day inked on your skin.


You walk towards the cubical,


You gently pull back the curtain,


You step inside,


The bed dips under your weight as you take a seat on the hospitalised bed,


“Who are you?”

“It’s me, Jongdae, it’s {y/n}.”

And the number reverts back on your hand to 365 days.

Note: I felt cynical - please don’t hate me. Idea came from an AU prompt I read and I altered it to kind of make it a soulmate AU where the reader has a tattoo on their wrist counting down the days they have left with their soulmate. So Jongdae, unfortunately, only has a year until his mind resets because idk I felt like making angst. Tell me what you think, I’m usually not good at angst drabbles. Danke! (Also thanks to @stitch-xiu-up who I woke up just to help me with this and edit it. Goodnight) 

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UM not to give that anon any further attention but the views expressed in that ask are the opposite of mine and I just wanted to let you two know you are both exquisite goddesses with hearts of gold and never fail to make me laugh. Never change.

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thanks, love! I’ll never understand people who go out of their way to be awful. but most of you are amazing, beautiful people. 

BTOB: sleeping together (fluff)

A/N: I think tumblr ate this ask but I’m pretty sure this was requested a couple days ago. Enjoy~ 💜

 Eunkwang: aw I bet he’s all soft and cuddly and warm (but he’s my bias so ofc). He’d be all giggles and smiles with you when you two are just laying down, not being able to sleep. He’d hold you really close and whisper sweet nothings while he tells you about his day. Peppers kisses all over your face and whatever exposed skin he sees. He strokes his fingers lightly over your back and arms as you tell him about your day, right before you fall asleep in his arms.

 Minhyuk: he can’t go to sleep without your legs entangled with his- or his whole body, for that matter. Loves touching you everywhere just to reassure himself that you’re real and you’re there, right beside him. He still can’t believe he gets to go to sleep next to you and have you be the very first thing he sees in the morning. Lays his forehead against yours as you both recount events throughout your day.

 Changsub: he’s such a goofball but when it’s bedtime and he’s laying there next to you, he’s such a softie. He’ll smile when you ask him about his day or his band mates, and is more than happy to tell (complain) to you about everything. Tbh you two could talk crap about anyone for like 1000 hours without getting bored. Since he doesn’t show too much skinship in public, he more than makes up for it while you two snuggle together before dozing off. 

 Hyunsik: loves hearing your voice, so he’ll ask you a bunch of questions as you lay your head on his chest. He strokes your hair softly, jokingly claiming that you talk in your sleep and always talk about him. You retort with “Well you’re always hogging the covers, how am I supposed to sleep peacefully?” He’d pull you tighter into his chest and say you don’t need the covers because he’s basically a walking heater. Always sleeps holding your hand tightly.

 Peniel: sometimes you two enjoy each others company while silently cuddling or whispering the night away, sometimes he pulls out his iPod to play some music. He’d hold you close as you make small comments about a song or the singer. He’d rap or sing along in funny voices, making you laugh. Doesn’t sleep too close to you as he gets really hot throughout the night, but always reaches a hand to make sure you’re still there. 

 Ilhoon: snacks in bed are a must, don’t argue with him. You threaten to sleep on the couch if he brings more snacks onto your bed, but he just scoffs and offers you some gummy bears. You can’t resist his smile lmao. Lays his head down on your chest and listens to your heartbeat. He has trouble sleeping if you’re not next to him, and often has sleepless nights when he’s away. He’s only able to sleep when you hum to him over the phone and wish him a good night’s sleep. 

Sungjae: this boy practically lies on top of you in order to get comfortable in bed. You’re not complaining tho. He’ll sing to you often, his soft voice lulling you to sleep. Has to be touching you somewhere when he’s asleep. Usually he’s the big spoon, but when he’s down or not feeling well, he loves it when you drape an arm over him and bury your face in his neck.

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Hi 😘 can I have some headcanons? Can i have headcanons if Rin,Yukio,Shima,Bon,Méphisto and Amaimon have a chubby GF please?? Love your blog 💕

How would be Mephisto Rin and lucifer having a chubby s/o?


[[Ahhh thank you for the kind words I really appreciate them! 💖These two asks were identical outside of the requested characters, so I’m gonna put them together! :>]]

Rin -

• he’d treat you the same as he would if you weren’t chubby, really
• he’d love you all the same
• making food is his specialty, so if you wanted anything specific he’d be down to make it
• he finds you incredibly cuddly and warm and he loves that
• if anyone tries to tease you he’d fight them hardcore

Yukio -

• he’d notice, but he doesn’t see the point in caring
• he thinks you’re cute the way you are anyway
• If you asked him, he’d let you try on his glasses
• careful tho he’s blind as a bat so his glasses would probably give you a giant headache
• he likes relaxing with you in his dorm room or the dorm building in general
• he loves holding your hand

Ryuji -

• while he likes to maintain a certain weight, he doesn’t discriminate others for their choices
• he really couldn’t care less
• as long as you’re healthy he doesn’t care
• you’re adorable to him
• sometimes you guys go out at night and take a walk together
• he loves spending nights with you like that
• they’re peaceful and calm and just so enjoyable
• he loves you

Renzo -

• he likes people of all shapes and sizes so as long as you’re a cutie pie he doesn’t dwell on it
• cute dates all across true cross town are his aesthetic
• shopping, meals, mepphyland, you name it
• big on kisses and pda in general
• he loves showing the two of you off tbh!
• buys you little presents that make him think of you
• when you come to his dorm he hides his dirty mags wow what a gentleman
• just sincerely loves having a cute s/o
• love reacts only

Mephisto -

• while he doesn’t outwardly tell anyone or even you too often, he finds you incredibly adorable
• sometimes he’ll change into his canine form and follow you around
• if you ever spot him he’ll just wag his tail and keep following you
• he sometimes carries you around if you ask him nicely
• but that’s not very often
• he buys you nice, expensive jewelry
• whenever you go to the arcade together he empties out the crane machine for you
• if any of the students belittle you for your weight guess who’s gettin’ expelled

Amaimon -

• could not care less about your weight
• he is a demon that is thousands of years old and is the son of satan, what is a few extra pounds compared to him?
• you’re the only person he’ll share his sweets with
• sometimes he’ll sarcastically call you “sweetie” when he does this
• though he does sort of mean it but he doesn’t want you to know that
• loves when you sit in his lap and he holds you there
• calls you his bride

Lucifer -

• he loves the diversity in humans
• it makes things feel different and like everything changes
• he likes you the way you are
• as long as you’re a nice person, he doesn’t care
• treats you like a queen and gives you everything you want within reason
• enjoys having tea with you when he can manage to drink it
• likes when you insist on staying close to him
• he loves the warmth of cuddling up to you or you cuddling up to him

This digital painting was composed of over a hundred separate layers before my art app forced me to combine them down. I honestly miss the warm (cuddly) clothing of this era.