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I can’t stop thinking about a sunny spring Sunday on Chorus after the war has ended, Wash lounging on a worn couch in the living room of a small house he and Tucker are fixing. He’s reading a book of some sort, as the sun moves across the room bathing him in its warmth. Tucker just kinda strolls in and plops down halfway on top of Wash claiming that he needed the sun too. So Wash puts down the book and they just lie there in the sun in their own little house listening to small birds singing and the wind rustle the leaves in the trees outside the window. There’s no rush to go anywhere, no problems to be fixed, they’re just allowed to lie there with tangled feet listening to each other breathe.

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Could you write a blurb about teaching Niall a sport that he doesn't know? Like baseball? He doesn't watch it but you love it and try to teach him the rules and stuff, thank you!

You had your feet up on the coffee table, eyes trained on the television. You woke up at 6am on a Sunday to watch your damn team play.

You loved Niall, you truly did. But you did not love moving back and forth between London and LA. Especially being in London during baseball season. You didn’t like to record the games to watch back, you liked living in the moment.  

This was an especially important series for the Rangers, you forced yourself up and awake every morning to watch the games that were happening in the afternoon back in the US. You have been exhausted all week. Your eyes screamed to close and stay close, but you forced them awake, the strongest coffee brew warming the mug in your hands. You kept the television on low, eyes half closed as you watched the team warm up.

Niall did not realize you were out of bed just yet, he was still snoring away, curling into the warmth of the spot you had left.He had been out of the house when the games were on Friday and Saturday. He was in the studio recording. Which was nice for you because you could watch it in peace, feet up, cold Guiness in your hand, surround sound on. It made you feel like you were there. But on the last game of the series, you were sitting in the dark, coffee in your hand, and barely hearing the television.

“Son of a bitch.” You curse at full volume before covering your mouth. Your coffee was abandoned on the table, your feet under you, you were leaning forward, the volume up only two more ticks up. The clock read 8am, two hours in and the god damned A’s were taking a lead and the left fielder, Ryan Rua let the ball roll through his legs and was given an error which gave the A’s their second run advantage.

Your voice carried through the high rise flat and Niall let out a low groan, rolling over to look at the clock. “Fuck.” He groans again, “Baby, you awake?” He asked and tried to cuddle into you but was met by an empty bed. He stayed quiet as he tried to hear for sounds of life in the shared flat. He heard the low hum and warbled voices from the telly. Niall whined and gets up, pulling on sweats and sleepily stumbling to the the couch. 

You look up at his sleepy face and mussed brown hair, feeling a bit guilty. “I’m sorry baby.” You pout at him. 

He comes over and buries his face into your stomach and cuddles close against you. “It’s okay.” He sighs. “Why are you awake so early?” He yawns, eyes closed. 

“Watching a ball game darling.” You run your fingers through his feathery hair. “Sleep. I’ll try to stay quiet.” You murmur. 

He shifts to lay on his side and watch the television. You force yourself to stay quiet, watching the game, hands anxiously running through his hair. After a long while of silence, you are sure he had fallen asleep. You peek down at him and he’s watching you intently. “What?” You ask shyly. 

“You are adorable being so into the game.” He smiles and brings your hand to his lips to kiss it gently. “Sorry we are in London during baseball.” He murmurs. 

“I want to be with you, my love. It’s not a problem.” You smile. 

He smiles back and searches your eyes. “You should teach me about baseball my love so I can enjoy it properly with you.” He flushes a bit. 

Your eyebrows come up. “You want to learn about it?” 

“You love it. Of course I do.” He shifts to sit up, leaning in to give you a soft kiss. 

You kiss him back easily before you pull away. “After this game, baseball boot camp.” You laugh and lean into him, ready to finish the game. 

Thank god the Rangers actually won the game. 

You sat down, notebook in hand along with your iPad. “All right, Niall. Let’s learn you some stuff.” You giggle and lean back onto the couch.

“Learn me some good stuff. Me best girl’s favourite sport.” He chuckles and looks at what you are writing down. The two of you spent just an hour going over the basics of baseball and Niall had finally gotten a solid enough handle to be able to watch it with you. 

Niall brings you a hot dog with all the fixings you liked and did the same for himself as well. 

Yes it might have been super early and hot dogs were not breakfast foods. 

But it was baseball food.

 Rangers were playing again and Niall was sitting right there next to you, wearing a Rangers baseball jersey unbuttoned with his sweats. You wore an oversized t-shirt with the Rangers’ logo on it.

 “Ready?” You ask, taking a bite of your hot dog. 

“Born, baby.” He winks and turns the volume up. 

♥ Lazy Happy Stucky Morning ♥

This beauty was created by the aweosme MagicAlex and OMG look at the magnificent brilliance and the lovely happiness of this!

♥♥♥ So. Very. Beautiful. ♥♥♥

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ii saw a gif set of niall folding laundry, write a blurb about him doing it pleaseeeeee

It had been a long week for you. You were thankful for the weekend, but knew it would be filled with chores. You and Niall were constantly busy and let things go. Dishes were dirty, the floors were horrendous, and the laundry pile was getting to be much. 

You promise yourself that you will go to the gym, run the last of your errands and start on the many of the chores that have been left for the weekend. 

Niall was in the garage when you pull up and you give him a quick kiss before going up to change. You change quickly and drag the two baskets worth of laundry to the laundry room and separate the colours and the delicates. You start the first load before heading down. 

“Babe, there’s a load of laundry in the wash. Will you just toss it into the dryer when it’s done? I’ll finish up when I get home.” You peck his cheek and wave as you pull out of the drive. You hoped he would remember because it would be smelly if he didn’t. 

Niall watches you go and waves back. He could totally do this. He bites on his lip a bit. You did a lot for him during the week to take care of him, make sure that he was always ready. He heads in to the laundry room and puts on a timer to remind him to change it before going to start on the dishes. He washes and dries everything before going to change out the laundry and starting on another load. Between those loads, he vacuums and sweeps, dancing and singing to the music he had playing. 

He hung up his nice shirts and your nice blouses to dry so they wouldn’t ruin in the dryer. He’s seen you do it before. 

By the time you come home, he had cleaned up your home and was on the last load of laundry. He was folding it and still singing to himself as he was doing it. 

You look around and eyes widen. The house was basically spotless. “Ni?” You call out and wander to your guys’ bedroom. You watch him fold the cotton shirts of his and hang up yours. Even the bed looked like the sheets had been changed. 

“Hey,” Niall grins widely at you. “Laundry is done.” He nods and puts aside the last of his shirts. 

You shake your head slightly and you throw yourself into his arms, making him fall onto the bed. He tightens his arms around your waist. You lean in to give him a long kiss. “Let’s fuck in fresh sheets. Please.” You whisper, for some reason turned on more than you should be about Niall doing the household chores. 

“But… I just-” He stops when you palm him over his sweats. “Yeah, let’s.” He says a bit breathlessly. 

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“it wasn’t me, i swear!” stuckony please? Or maybe “forget i even asked you.” same couple? (If not stuckony, then stony and winteriron is fine!) Thanks in advance!!! <3 (I would be extatic if both though, but you don't have to!)

Tony wakes up, comfortably squished between two warm bodies. Bucky’s metal arm is heavy on his waist, while Steve snores quietly into his hair. It’s such a familiar scenario that Tony can’t help but grin.

He wiggles around a little, tries to find a new position before closing his eyes again to sleep some more. Maybe he resists sleep often, but Bucky and Steve have… ways to lure him into bed that are very effective. Tony decides that for once, he can be selfish and stay here, enjoying the warmth of his super soldiers.

Of course it’s just his luck that, as soon as he thought that, Steve’s snoring stops and he makes a soft sound, one that Tony knows indicates he’s about to wake up.

Steve burrows a little closer, nose pushing into Tony’s hair and he sighs.

“Mornin’, sleepyhead”, Tony whispers, smiling when he feels Steve’s lips curve up in response.

“Morning, sweetheart.”

Moments later, Bucky tightens his grip around Tony’s waist, pulling him closer against himself.

“Quit talkin'”, he grumbles sleepily.

Steve slowly disentangles himself from his boyfriends and sits up. His silhouette is illuminated by the soft morning light, his golden hair disheveled and messy. In one word, he’s gorgeous.

“Get your ass up, Buck”, Steve says after a beat of silence. He reaches over Tony and runs his hand through Bucky’s hair, twirling one of the strands around his finger. “Sam told me about a new route, I want to try it today.”

Tony takes this as his cue to whine, drawing the attention of his two soldiers to himself. “Do you have to go on this stupid run every morning?”, the genius asks, purposefully sounding like he’s pouting.

“It’s a Sunday, for Christ’s sake. Stay here and spoil me.”

Bucky kisses his neck. His breath is hot against Tony’s skin when he answers: “Don’t we always spoil ya, doll?”

Steve even has the gall to grin. “You could come with us, Tony”, he suggests and laughs when Tony gives him a glare.

“Fine, fine, whatever”, he huffs and shoves Bucky away before the ex-sergeant can proceed sucking yet another hickey to his neck. “Forget I even asked you. Go running and see if I allow any of you back in my bed!”

Steve bows back down, arms braced on either side of Tony’s head. He’s doing the puppy-dog eyes which is so not fair.

Our bed”, the blond corrects. He tilts his head, silently asking for a kiss – and Hell, Tony’s never been good at saying no to Steve. So he grants him the kiss, sighs into the familiar press of lips and fondly rolls his eyes at this big puppy he calls his boyfriend.

“Our bed, alright. Now go before I’ll think of a way to make you stay.”

Bucky sits up as well, pushing his hair out of his face. The grin he gives Tony is mischievous and promising; his steel-blue eyes darken a little when he says: “It’s gonna be the other way ‘round, Tones. We will find some nice ways to make you stay in bed after we’re back.”

Tony feels heat rising to his cheeks but he ignores it, instead he gives Bucky and Steve a suggestive eyebrow-wiggle.

“Alright. Deal. Now go get running and I’ll get ready.”

Needless to say, Steve and Bucky have never finished their morning jog that fast before.

This got a lot more cuddly and domestic than I intended at first lmao. Have some cuddly IT3 babes 6 v 6)

do not do not do not imagine your otp on christmas morning sitting by the fire with hot chocolate and presents and comfy christmas pajamas snuggled up under the blankets holding hands and kissing and being all cute and cuddly and domestic and watching christmas specials and singing to each other  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Via Cosmic Bad Timing, both Obi-Wan and Anakin fall ill with the space flu at the same time. Padme SUFFERS trying to care for them, even though they’re both like ‘calm down, it’s the sniffles at this point, we’re fine?’ She burns the soup she wanted to make them, over medicates Obi-Wan and under medicates Anakin (luckily just a little), and piles too many blankets on them. (well, too many on Obi-Wan at least, there is no such thing to Anakin) She rubs Ani’s back as he hurls tho, so success?

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I have a lot of feelings about Bucky, Tony, and Nat as an ot3... I imagine that when paired off, Nat and Tony can gossip and judge people a lot, Nat and Bucky are lethal and like a power couple, Bucky and Tony are very mischievous together... All three of them together mixes all of those aspects, but they are also super dorky when together in any combination...

Yay, another WinterIronWidow shipper!!! *pulls you into a hug* They really do make for a lot of beautiful headcanons :) Aww, this gives me so many domestic, cuddly feelings!!!

Just imagine Tony and Nat hanging out on a Saturday afternoon on the couch, scoffing and snorting at some reality TV show they’re watching while they exchange the latest gossip from the last gala they attended, while Nat is casually painting Tony’s toe nails. (She loves doing that and Tony really doesn’t mind. If anything it gives him something to tease the press with.)

Imagine Bucky and Nat striding into a ballroom like they own it–they’ve got the whole we could own it, if we wanted to, we just can’t be bothered attitude down to a t–always right at the centre of the party and not caring a single bit. During battles they have probably the most contact because they often do the same jobs, whereas Tony is up in the air somewhere, keeping an eye on everything at once. So they have a lot of impressive tricks, they always make the best partners because they just know each other so well. Frankly, watching them train is a little bit terrifying. And hot. If you’re Tony.

Imagine Bucky and Tony getting into and causing trouble everywhere–and just so we’re clear, out of the two of them it’s Bucky who tends to drag Tony along for the ride. Even The Prank War Nobody Talks About™ started between Sam and Bucky, then Bucky got pissed and involved Tony and that’s when Bruce temporarily moved out of the Tower.

Imagine the three of them together in the common room, heatedly arguing about who gets to be Princess Peach on Mario Kart, Bucky’s metal arm slung over Natasha’s shoulders, her feet in Tony’s lap, until he teasingly pushes them off in pretend-annoyance, which ends with all of them in one heap at the floor, wrestling, until Tony inevitably gives in. 

(He always loses these matches even though he can hold his own just fine during training session, but he also always ends up on the bottom of the pile, even when it was a fight between Bucky and Nat–no Tony involved whatsoever–so Bruce wisely decides not to question it.)

Not Alone in Comfort

You were sitting at the table, cup of tea to your left, laptop open, with soft music playing, and papers of interviews and all of that spread out. You had the interview done, but you just needed to finish the article and get it submitted to your boss.

The door bangs open and slums roughly. You jump in shock your eyes turning to see Niall storming up the stares. Where the bedroom door slams. You stare at the door, “Niall? Sweetheart?” You say softly and stand up.

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The Only Truth I’ve Ever Known

by A Fairly Fluffy Quill


00Q – James needs to stop comparing his quartermaster to small, cuddly animals.






James yawned, fumbling slightly with the bags of cat food.  Impatient and hungry as always, Lucas and Lottie slithered around his ankles, pawing at his legs and making a general nuisance of themselves as he dished out their breakfast.

“Oh be patient,” the man grumbled, tucking the bags back into the pantry.

Jumping onto the agent’s shoulder, Lucas attempted to grab his bowl, but James dodged with practiced ease and placed the dish on the floor.  The gray tabby hopped down, flicking his tail in triumph.

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Personal Space

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Summary: John and Sherlock renegotiate the rules governing personal space.

Personal Comment: After that complete wreck of a show last night, have some nice cuddly domestic Johnlock. Not really in character but at this point who cares, this fic comforted me slightly after TFP.

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1814