Dating T’Challa Would Involve [edited]

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[request]:  Do you do headcanons? Like dating T'Challa would involve? And then let your imagination run wild 😁

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Dating T’Challa would involve…

  • Him trying not to laugh at your terrible cat puns because he pretends to hate them (he loves them)
  • Watching the Wakandian sunsets and sunrises with him
  • Him calling you his queen
  • He’d spoil you rotten let’s be real
  • You telling him to stop buying you stuff
  • “But you deserve the world my queen”
  • Being the only one he wants to talk to about his father 
  • Sam constantly teasing you two about your relationship
  • You cry, he slits the throat of whoever did it
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Lots
  • Guys I’m serious
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Him having to have his arm around your waist at all times
  • Him only being a cutie when he’s around you
  • The people of Wakanda absolutely adoring you
  • But he’d have to be away a lot because you have to stay and do missions and whatnot while he’s in Wakanda
  • So that means video chatting whenever possible
  • Him smiling adorably to himself when you fall asleep on the video chat
  • Sweet dreams my queen
  • Him sleepily telling you how much he loves you in Wakandain (which is actually Xhoso in Civil War but whatever) while you two are lying down for bed
  • You not understanding a word of it
  • Really cutesy sex because let’s be real, that man would die if he thought he was hurting you in any way
  • He’d be protective asf
  • Especially around Sam because he wasn’t a fan of the way you bonded over cat puns
  • You, Sam, and Bucky playing the Pink Panther theme song whenever he enters a room in the Avengers Compound
  • Sam staring at you for a long time and you finally ask him why and he says “So, you like cats?
  • Overall he’d just be a big protective ball of cute royalty 
Dating Ravi would include....
  • him showing off with his dancing skills hnngghh
  • teasing with ‘’expressions on stage’’
  • freestyle dancing 
  • lots of movement
  • him falling asleep on you
  • him falling asleep in the car
  • him falling asleep with his mouth open
  • him falling asleep basically everywhere
  • blushing
  • awkwardness
  • lots of awkwardness xD
  • camel face
  • pouts
  • chaos
  • ‘’ew..’’
  • manly giggles
  • his laugh GOD HIS LAUGH
  • awkward skinship
  • just skinship
  • lots of skinship
  • of all sorts
  • lol
  • lel
  • donald duck impression
  • him making you laugh
  • weird noises coming out of his mouth
  • sexy noises coming out of his mouth
  • wait wut
  • epic fails
  • snapback shopping
  • teasing ;)
  • making out on the couch
  • squirming
  • wontaek moments
  • ‘’she is MY girlfriend psssh’’
  • sup
  • bruh
  • you and his sister getting along
  • him getting jealous when you call another member ‘’oppa’’
  • ‘’my name is oppa.’’
  • extremely gentle
  • cute gestures
  • ear bites
  • caressing
  • gentle love making
  • rough love making 
  • watch out he might get kinky
  • sweet cuddling
  • him apologizing for like days after an argument
  • ‘’go jagi!’’
  • ‘’aweee so cuteee’’
  • admiring you from a distance
  • sneaking glances
  • smiling to himself
  • comforting words
  • would know exactly what to do when you are having your ‘days’
  • playful daddy
  • ‘’I love you wonshik.’’
  • ‘’I love you too Jagiya. *gentle kiss on your forehead and your nose*’’



Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include:

  • him always sending you a ‘good morning beautiful’ text
  • being equally sarcastic
  • having star wars marathons
  • joining stiles in trying to get scott to watch star wars
  • cuddling
  • more cuddling
  • so much cuddling
  • him telling you how cute you are every moment that he gets
  • “stiles, that’s like the tenth time you’ve told me that today”
  • “shut up y/n, you’re cute”
  • fighting over who gets to be batman and who gets to be robin
  • dates in unique places because stiles has a unique mind
  • bitching about jackson and then theo together
  • wearing his lacrosse jersey at games
  • “you look really hot right now”
  • studying which always ends in the two of you making out
  • nerdy references that only you two understand
  • sex
  • sex sex sex
  • jeep sex
  • basically a lot of sex
  • him being really protective over you
  • especially when other guys try to flirt with you
  • “oh hey girlfriend, did you meet my girlfriend? yeah she’s my girlfriend”
  • fighting over which superhero is the best
  • being on different teams in civil war
  • “team iron man; i’m telling you, okay? tony stark knows what’s up”
  • “it’s a captain america movie! why would you be on any team but team cap?! honestly, you stress me out”
  • sending each other ugly faces on snapchat even when you’re in the same room
  • nose kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • passionate kisses
  • angry kisses
  • lust filled kisses
  • kisses in general 
  • both of you fucking loving it when the other plays with their hair
  • going to mcdonalds in the middle of the night
  • sending each other pictures and gifs of cats throughout the day because cats are great
  • “fat cats are the best, i think we should get our own fat cat”
  • “i agree, stiles”
  • wearing only his shirt and panties when it’s just the two of you in the house
  • hearing him curse under his breath every few minutes because of it
  • sexual frustration 
  • defending each other in arguments against others
  • high-fiving each other during said arguments because no one can compete with your joint sarcasm 
  • helping stiles through his panic attacks
  • being there or each other through everything
  • long hugs
  • hugs from behind
  • hickeys
  • “shit, stiles; my parents are going to kill me, and then kill you”
  • doing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be the little spoon every night
  • knowing his real name and calling him it when you’re play fighting
  • him setting his text tone to the loudest one so when you text him during the night, it’ll wake him up when you need him
  • the two of you having an unbreakable bond
  • “y/n, y/n, y/n”
  • “what, stiles?”
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you too, you egg”
Dating Robb Stark would include...

Dating Robb would include: 

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  • Cuddling
  • Him tickling you
  • Play sword fights
  • Kisses everywhere
  • Good morning kisses
  • Good night kisses
  • Telling stories to Bran when you think Robb isn’t around
  • Him letting you play with his hair
  • Him getting jealous because you said Jon’s hair was better
  • Making him smiled even when he tires his hardest to be serious


Dating Liam Dunbar would include...

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  • Him acting all sweet and innocent when everyone around but being an actual animal in the bed (lol see what i did there…ha..ha okay.)
  • Temple kisses
  • Winking
  • Him being your big spoon
  • Scratching is a big turn on for him
  • A lot of side hugs and hugs from behind 
  • Tending to his anger issues
  • A lot of flirting and teasing in front of the pack to gross them out
  • PDA (so much)
  • Getting to know everyone in the pack and actually becoming a member in it
  • You and Mason becoming great friends and the three of you being like the three musketeers
  • Being friends before being lovers
  • VIDEO GAME AND NETFLIX NIGHTS  (With him topless and in sweats and you wearing comfy shorts and his lacrosse jersey)
  • All of the pizza places within a twenty mile radius knowing your guys names by heart
  • Learning all about the supernatural and accepting everyone involved, especially Liam
  • Liam trying to teach you lacrosse
  • Wearing his jersey every game day for support
  • Being the loudest fan in the stands 
  • Looking into each others eyes and just falling in love even more
  • Quick makeout sessions and maybe more in the janitors closet in between and sometimes during classes
  • Holding hands constantly
  • Goodbyes are always painful
  • Being extremely stressed whenever he leaves with the rest of the pack
  • Tending to his wounds after a fight with yet another villain
  • Every lacrosse game, Liam tries to impress you at any moment (sometimes resulting in him getting pushed to the ground)
  • Always getting treated like a princess, and your dates seemingly came out of a fairytale 
  • Sweatpants weekends 
  • Smiling at each other from across the room and falling even further for each other
  • Calling him “Li and baby” 
  • Him calling you “Babe, princess and cutie”
  • Video games sometimes turning into a competition (With you as the reigning champion of Just dance)
  • Telling each other everything and having complete trust in one another
  • Getting in stupid arguments
  • And them always being solved by a heated, messy, over-due makeout session
  • Sexual tension 24/7
  • You two being the most popular couple in school and being loathed by everyone by how perfect you two seem together
  • Tangling your hands in his hair
  • Spending time on how you look every morning until Liam runs in and messes you up in the middle of you putting on your makeup
  • Messing up his hair as he puts jell in it
  • Tender kisses
  • Deep conversations
  • Waking up every morning to ‘There’s my sleeping beauty’ and falling asleep every night to ‘I love you’
  • Freaking out on nights when he stumbles home at 4 am after another supernatural situation and scolding him severely for it
  • Creating competitions on who can go without touching the other the longest
  • And both of you caving in and losing after about ten minutes
  • Playfully smacking of both of your assess 
  • ‘I’m just terrified of losing you..I love you Liam’ - ‘You’ll never lose me. I’d be lost without you..I love you princess’
Dating Jooheon (Monsta X)
  • So many back hugs, and so much cuddling
  • Him doing aegyo to cheer you up when you’re sad
  • Watching movies till like, midnight, and then he’ll literally just pass out, he works so hard that he’s exhausted
  • Having cute K-drama moments at the most random of times
  • Joking around and then suddenly he’ll pull you close and kiss you deeply when you two are alone
  • 0 to 100 when you’re alone-laughing at his aegyo, then intense makeout session in a matter of like, 3.5 seconds
  • Waiting for him to finish practicing every now and then and getting a sweaty hug and kiss afterwards
  • Listening to his mixtapes, and being amazed over and over again by how talented he is
  • Him cuddling up to you every night; either spooning you or having his arm around you, with his legs intertwined with yours
  • Random kisses on your cheek
  • Him telling you he loves you every day
  • Good morning and good night kisses
  • Dancing and singing like total dorks whenever a good song comes on
  • Him telling you that you look sexy whenever you wear one of his hats
  • Stealing his hoodies, and hearing how cute you look in them
  • Him getting cutely jealous when you fangirl over different bands
  • Introducing you to your favorite bands at awards shows
  • Hearing him rapping in the shower. You telling him how good he is. Him getting all shy and flustered.
  • Flowers, and other cute gifts every now and then
  • Really sincere apologies
  • Sharing food all the time
  • Fighting occasionally over stupid things and then laughing about it later
  • Staying up late, talking on the phone, when he’s on tour
  • Him telling you how much he misses you
  • The other members making fun of how clingy he is
  • His hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to each other
  • Him trying to think of a good joke, but he fails
  • He tries to make dinner for you two, but after the fifth failure, he finally gives up, and just orders pizza.
  • Holding you in his arms, and smiling to himself, thinking about how awesome you are.

Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Wonho, I.M.

married life with park jimin
  • park jimin is probs a cuddling god 
  • be prepared to be snuggled in his embrace 9249203% of the time
  • unexpected back-hugs 
  • you accidentally elbowing him in shock 
  • him pretending to get injured 
  • you having to pay him back with lots of affection and cuddling
  • him always offering you help despite being extra tired
  • clinginess
  • sincere smiles
  • terrible puns
  • laughter until you get abs almost as good as him 
  • pecks on the cheek 
  • kisses on the forehead 
  • him letting you choose what to watch 80% of the time
  • traditionally polite lil cutie
  • sexy af (reversal charms) when mad 
  • aegyo power to get what he wants
  • him being always early to dates 
  • super romantic dinners 
  • quality time despite his schedule 
  • clothes shopping together 
  • just a sincere, loving, cute little cinnamon roll that he is
  • cringe worthy pet names
  • silent treatment when pissed 
  • but eventually giggles and breaks character when you get clingy
  • did i mention how clingy the boy will be
  • using his jawline as a knife honestly though holy shit
  • him complimenting you at least 5 times everyday
  • reassures you of your insecurities 
  • the type of husband that’d drive to McDonalds at 3am to satisfy your cravings
  • a blessing to everyone

jungkook. ver // yoongi. ver

dating sean cassidy would include

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  • him always trying to impress you
  • cheesy pick up lines
  • before and during you guys are together
  • fiddling with his fingers when cuddling
  • him tracing words or pictures on your back/stomach
  • going on cute little dates
  • your first date being at an aquarium
  • stealing his shirts or flannels
  • sean showing off his power all the time
  • your first time together being very awkward
  • but you got over that very quickly
  • “looks like you should be the one called banshee” 
  • “shut up sean”
  • him getting jealous really easily 
  • cute nicknames
  • like ‘doll face’ and ‘sweetheart’
Everything I need in S9


George Jr.









Dating I.M. (Monsta X)
  • Randomly doing weird stuff just ‘cause
  • Having his arm around you when you’re walking side by side
  • Casual cuddling
  • Him being willing to watch any movie you wanted, even that “new K-drama that you’ve been meaning to watch lately”
  • Like 15 minutes of a late night conversation, then he’d fall asleep and look like a little kid
  • Saying stuff in English, and him replying in Korean and vice versa
  • Him burrying his face in the crook of your neck when you’re cuddling
  • Him seeing you in the audience of one of his concerts and suddenly starts waving all over the place making hearts and jumping all around
  • Him insisting that you call him Oppa, but you arguing that you’re old enough for him to call you Noona
  • You two watching a movie one night and he suddenly says,
  • “Noona?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I love you.”

Shownu, Jooheon, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Wonho

Boyfriend series: Winwin

Dating Winwin would include:

  • surprise dates
  • Winwin’s gorgeous smiles
  • Winwin buying clothes for you
  • that dude has really good fashion sense btw
  • both of you being shy love birds
  • him smiling 24/7
  • him hugging you when you blush
  • him ruffling your hair bc you’re his baby
  • him kissing you when you’re sad and sulking
  • him kissing your cheek and running away
  • him playing with your hair and making pony tails
  • him learning how to braid your hair
  • him taking care of your pet
  • him hugging you 24/7
  • cuddling
  • lots of cuddling
  • him buying you lots of chocolates
  • him attempting to make breakfast but failing miserably 
  • him back hugging you
  • him giving you piggyback rides
  • him being an absolute cutie
  • him taking care of you when you’re sick
  • him making you soup when you’re sick
  • it’ll taste bad
  • he’ll apologise and cook you something else
  • he’ll wake you up every morning becuse he’s bored without you
  • he loves you so much he gets teased about it by the other nct members
  • he loves you more than he loves Kun
  • he tells you how savage Kun is
  • he whines about everything
  • he’ll open up to you pretty fast because he needs you when he’s upset
  • he’ll call you 8327423 times a day
  • he’ll be your man
  • your hero
Dating Kai Would Include
  • Taking his dog out on late night walks
  • Him trying to teach you the choreography to EXO songs
  • Him getting shy when you say “I love you”
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Him stealing your food
  • Him hogging your camera
  • Him taking a selca on your phone and making it your wallpaper
  • Family photos with Monggu and Jiangu
  • Him saying crappy pick-up lines that leave him blushing
  • Movies with the EXO boys
  • Sweet apologies when he upsets you
  • Taking you out on dates whenever he’s free
  • Giving you sexy looks while he dances
  • Babysitting his niece together
  • You yelling at him to “stop dancing in the shower because you’ll slip and crack your head!

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Dating Seokjin means...

Original request: “bts and got7 request still open? if so can you pretty please do the dating would include thing for bangtan boys as well???”

Thank you, anon! It might take time to finish all of them though.

I`ll do the infamous order: Leader => oldest to youngest

I enjoyed writing this one more than I should :D someone kick me in the face, Jin does things to me.

- Vivian

  • Burying your face in his chest while cuddling
  • Him giggling cutely because it probably tickles and caressing your hair
  • Aegyo battles when in private. 
  • Applauding with enthusiasm when you outsass Jungkook for him
  • “Seokjin, where are the cupcakes..?” And then he shows up having frosting on his mouth and cheeks and you`re like, “Nevermind.”
  • Sharing the chores in your houses
  • Cooking in turns. The other one does the dishes :)
  • Him being excited to try everything you make
  • Being the only one he acknowledges to be as hot as him
  • Filming #EatJin eating your food and not letting the boys have a single bite when they try to steal some of his food because “my woman made those for me!”
  • Cupping your cheeks and kissing you slowly and tenderly
  • Turning a simple kiss into a sensual making out session in 0.00003 seconds because it`s Jin we`re talking about. He`s unpredictable
  • Facepalming yourself every time he does something weird
  • But loving it anyways
  • And probably doing some weird stuff together
  • Doing face care routine together every evening
  • Making faces at each other while wearing face masks
  • Also probably taking ugly pictures of each other in the process
  • But those pictures seem like masterpieces to you
  • Manipulating you like this:
  • “No, Seokjin, we`re not going to do this.”
  • “But I want to”
  • “No-”
  • “But… I`m the most bullied member in bangtan!”
  • And you`re going to allow him do whatever he wants after this phrase
  • “Who was your bias in bangtan?”
  • “It was -”
  • “Of course it was me. I`m the hottest guy in the world for a reason.”
  • Being called Princess
  • Listening to him well because you know how much he loves it
  • Despite that, never missing the chance to cutely tease him
  • Getting flowers on special occasions. Or without any reason, if he just decided to randomly give you cute flowers he saw outside
  • Holding you tight when you had a nightmare about him and rubbing your back soothingly
  • Going in the mountains/woods/any other location in the middle of nowhere for a date and at some point he just unloads his huge ass backpack and it`s full of snacks
  • Maybe there are also a couple of face masks
  • “Why`d you take all of these with you?”
  • “I only took the essentials! Here, eat that up~”