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What has been the best experience you have ever had on drugs?

One time I took an eighth of shrooms by myself, turned off all my lights and turned on all these christmas lights i have up in my room.

I had the most AMAZING trip.

I felt like I was floating in space. I cleared out all the furniture and just layed on the floor and laughed forever.

once i felt i was coming down i took another eighth

and i just started dancing around naked and drawing all over my walls with neon glow in the dark paint. 

I woke up to a rainbow wonderland.

It was amazing

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How do you feel about the whole people under 16 going to raves thing? Personally I think it takes away form the scnene.

I think 18 and up event are the best because I hate seeing young kids getting so fucked up. Like, where is your life just gonna go from there?…

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Ok? I would kill to have your body! That anon is blind or something?

I guess different people have different perspectives on what true beauty is… I understand constructive criticism, but if they want an input they could’ve said it nicer.. Thank you so much though :)

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I've always been curious. Is the crash after the high goes down as bad as they make it seem?

I can’t say for everyone, since I’ve had a different experience with meth.

Personally, I have never once felt a bad comedown from meth, or anything bad, really. I’ve never felt irritable, unfulfilled, or generally bad when my high comes down. Then again, I don’t really feel my high go away, it just… happens to be gone and I’m just, “oh.”

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I use to self harm. I felt so depressed I didn't even know if anything was ever going to get better? All I could think was If this is going to be my life then I don't want to live it I felt so alone. Idk how but things changed I changed. I feel better now I havent cut for weeks and I'm kind of happy. And you know what It wasnt a boy or a friendor a family member that made me feel better. It was me. I decided that I wasn't going to let myself die I decided to get better for me. Please stay strong

i cant much longer..

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Could you check out my blog and give me feedback? :)

i like it! purple is one of my fav colors so the way it stands out from the black is nice. maybe get a banner and a music player? its very basic right now and i think you need to make it personalized and reflect you. 

i just feel like it needs one more thing thats really colorful to make it pop. ask around to see if someone will make you a cool banner

6.5 overall