Madelaine Petsch: interrupted cuddle sesh

Requested by @lydia-and-cheryl: You should do an imagine where Madelaine Petsch and the reader are dating and they’re cuddling on the couch behind the scenes and before they do a scene of Riverdale and Camila tries to pull her away from y/n but she’s too lazy to get up and madelaine calls y/n for backup but Camila just ends up dragging her by her arms to the set. I feel like this would be cute and is needed.

Notes: Okay so this isn’t smut, but its really cute ahh. I can’t really think of a super long plot for this so it’s just going to be really short. But I hope you like it!

Warnings: Hmm, Mila being a butt. Madelaine being just the cutest. Dassit.


It’s been so long since Madelaine and I have had time to ourselves since she started shooting season 2 of Riverdale. In between takes, she’d come right back to her dressing room and we’d either sleep or just cuddle until she had to go. Right now, we were just watching TV with our arms wrapped around each other. Being in Madelaine’s arms made me feel safe, from the way she played with my hair to the way she’d lock her legs around my waist. She was the literal best cuddler. She was always so warm, and she smelled like cinnamon spice. Sometimes if I really needed it, she’d hum my favorite song until I fell asleep. “Mads, you’re gonna have to go soon. I hope you know that.” “Shhhh, stop talking. Just enjoy babe.” She said as she kissed the top of my head. I just laughed and nodded. It was very peaceful, until Camila burst through the door. “Madelaine we have to go shoot the next scene.” Mila said, whilst she tugged on my girlfriend’s arm. Madelaine looked me dead in my eyes and said “you spoke too soon.” I slapped her arm while she had a death grip on mine. “Y/N help me!” She screamed. “I’m sorry, darling. My legs hurt.” I pretended to be in pain. “Y/N, you ass. We’re going to fight when I come back!” She screamed as Camila dragged her out of the room. By fighting, she meant tickling, and Jesus I am not ready.

Lazy day with Johnny
  • You wearing his shirt
  • Lounging around your place 
  • Cuddling on the couch 
  • Eating popcorn and binge-watching shows/ movies 
  • Him making dinner for you two while you clean up around the house
  • After dinner you guys cuddle in your room and fall asleep in his arms
  • but he stays up and he just watches you sleep aww 
  • and in the morning he makes you breakfast and cleans up his mess 

jjp spontaneous weekend road trip au. Jaebum picks jinyoung up at 6 pm and packs their favorite books and cameras. They drive through never ending roads and stop at every funny named road sign to take pictures. Jaebum’s rusty car breaks down and they stay the night at a run down cabin with no wifi or signal. They stay cuddled together on the couch and talk about growing up.

midoriya and todoroki are just cuddling on the couch in the common room, taking up the whole seat as usual, (their classmates now know better than to tell shouto to move when he’s in midoriya’s arms, or vice versa)

so yeah, shouto is laying back against izuku’s chest, and izuku is resting his chin on his head. and he’s trying to teach shouto the basics of mario kart on the switch. but to be honest, shouto isn’t very good at the game

he gets lost and somehow starts driving backwards on the track. he goes off-road and doesn’t pay any mind to the fact he’s going slower. he tries to drift at turns but ends up falling off the edge.

and when the whole class takes turn playing mario kart. todoroki gets Very Competitive, but he still sucks. he ends up becoming like bakugou. “kaminari, if you throw a fucking banana at me again, i am punching that controller out of your hands”

midoriya is like, “actually, shouto, that was me who threw that banana”

and todoroki just sighs and is very noticeably calmer, “how could you do that to me,,,”

and then Somehow, todoroki manages to get in 1st place for the first time! but he’s immediately hit with a blue shell. and suddenly, the whole room goes cold. everyone is just, “oh no” but kaminari is like “haha that was me that time” (rip kaminari denki)

todoroki goes to kick him but he probably just starts crying, midoriya just,, softly pats his back,,

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Okay but imagine: Daniel and Blaze cuddled up on the couch watching movies together and no one to disturb their adorable-ness. (but then someone walks in and ruins the moment)

they are having a fun time

Movie night

Pairing; Park Jimin x Reader

Words; 3.2k

Genre; Angst (if you squint), PURE SMUT, Fluff (if you look real closely)

Summary; You and Jimin have been in a 6 month long relationship and the most you’ve done is make-out. During a movie night you deicde to push the boundaries but things don’t go as planned.

A/N; I’m still low-key sick so this isn’t perfect but I tried!

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Yuuri gets pre-wedding jitters the night before the big day like "what if after we get married you find out things about me you never knew before?" and Victor just kept gently patting his head while they cuddled on the couch then replied "I'd consider myself lucky I guess" and Yuuri was confused so Victor just smiled and said "I'd wake up everyday and find a whole new reason to fall in love with you even more," then Yuuri wouldn't stop crying coz what ever did he do to deserve this man so pure~


Cuddles & Platonic Touch Meme

send a cuddles + a symbol or send touch plus a number

  • ❋ Cuddling in bed.
  • ✯ Cuddling on the couch.
  • ☮ Your muse using my muse’s chest as a pillow.
  • ☓ Resting against each other back to back.
  • ✪ Cuddling on a recliner.
  • ø Tangling legs.
  • ✒ Tangling legs while resting at opposite ends of the couch.
  • ♪ Cuddling together for warmth.
  • ✧ First time cuddling together.
  • ღ Your muse using my muse’s upper back as a pillow.
  • ♮ Your muse using my muse’s lower back as a pillow.
  • ❣ Your muse using my muse’s butt as a pillow.
  • ♯ Our muses wake up in each others arms after accidentally falling asleep.
  • ☺ Your muse uses my muse’s tummy as a pillow.
  • ッ  Your muses uses my muse’s lap as a pillow.
  • ♡ Our muses rub their cheeks together.
  • ♋ Your muse is the big spoon.
  • ‡ Your muse is the little spoon.
  • ✌ Our muses start to playfully wrestle and it devolves into cuddles.
  • ❂ Your muse just had a nightmare and needs cuddles to fall asleep again.
  • ✉ Giving neck nuzzles.
  • ✆ Receiving neck nuzzles.
  • ♭ Pillow fort cuddles.
  • ✂ Eskimo kisses.
  • ♬ Cuddles and kisses combo pack. 
  1. Shoulder Clasp
  2. Across the Shoulder hug
  3. Hair Ruffle
  4. Gentle headlock
  5. Full body lean
  6. Feet in lap
  7. Head in lap
  8. Hair petting
  9. Ambush hug
  10. Not so ambush hug
  11. Pulling mine into their lap
  12. Cheek kiss
  13. Forehead kiss
  14. Brushing hair out of mine’s face
  15. Fixing shirt collar
  16. Fixing shirt cuffs
  17. Fixing a clothing tag
  18. Tying shoes
  19. Taking off shoes
  20. Carrying while half asleep
  21. Hand holding
  22. Leaning their head on mine’s shoulder tiredly
  23. Absently tracing patterns on the nearest exposed skin
  24. Pushing glasses into place
  25. Offering their drink
  26. Offering their snack
  27. Kissing the back of mine’s hand
  28. Looping their arm around mine’s waist and leaning against mine’s back
  29. Crawling into bed with
  30. Using shoulder as a pillow
  31. Pulling mine’s arm around their shoulder
  32. Hair brushing
  33. Brushing lint off of
  34. Giving a foot massage
  35. Giving a back massage
  36. Giving a scalp massage
  37. Rubbing circles on mine’s back
  38. Sharing a secret smile
  39. Booping the nose
  40. Touching noses together
  41. Resting foreheads together
  42. Resting cheeks together
  43. Sharing a blanket
  44. Taking over mine’s seat while they’re in it
  45. Poking with fingers/toes
  46. Painting mine’s nails
  47. Putting jewelry on mine
  48. Doing mine’s hair
  49. Pinkie promise
  50. High five
  51. Fist bump
  52. Secret handshake
  53. Hipcheck
  54. Pulling mine into a dance
  55. Initiate a tickle fight
Bts reaction to you using the safe word

Request: Bts reaction to hearing you say the safe word during rough sex with them

Genre: smut/angst

A/N: I am so happy my ask box isn’t dusty anymore


When you said it Jin got hella scared. He’ll stop right away, clean you up without saying anything, then cuddle you repeating only “I’m sorry, my love.”

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Will get scared of himself. Because when he actually stopped he saw you were crying and you were begging him. He never ever wanted to hurt you, but he let the beast inside him take the wheel and now he did that. After he stopped dressed you, kissed you and said sorry, he’ll excuse himself to go sleep on the couch because he felt guilty. You let him, but once he was asleep, you put all your efforts in getting to the couch and cuddle his scared form.

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He knew he went too far. Namjoon didn’t knew your boundries so when you shouted out the word, he got surprised and after that guilty for not knowing your limits. After this situation you two put clear boundries on what you can and can’t go trough.

Originally posted by daeguboy


He’ll feel bitter for the next few days, sorry for what he did. He’ll try to keep his distance from you, thinking what he should do from now on, because that was the first time he let out frustration in that way and it didn’t end well for you and you were his temple.

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Jiminie will cuddle you like a teddy bear the weeks after the accident. He’ll blame himself all the time, while you asured him everything is okay remembering the tears that threaten to leave his eyes when he heard you crying in pain.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill


Tae would be speechless. He never thought you’ll use The word. He’ll forget about himself, only thinking about you, he’ll ask you constantly about how you feel what you need, how he can help. Tae didn’t mean it and you knew it. Of course you forgave him, you weren’t mad at him in the first place.

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Jungkookie honestly got so scared for you and what he did. For the next few days he made sure to occupy himself with work so he won’t feel the guilt and self-anger,but he did, so he came home, kissed you so much, repeating “Sorry’

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Babe, I'm About To Prove It (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader) (slight smut)

Hey guys! This is my second imagine here on Tumblr. I hope you guys enjoy! Leave some suggestions and prompts in my inbox, I’d love to hear from you guys. This is slightly slightly slightly smutty so beware. Other than that, we’re good to go! - Xoxo K


Warnings: Slight smut (PG-13)


“Han Solo is so hot” you sigh not looking away from the screen.
You and Peter were watching the Star Wars movies (the original trilogy because the prequels, in my opinion, were awful) while you cuddled on the couch. You always had a thing for Han Solo and you thought nothing of your comment until Peter changed his tone completely.
“Oh yeah, well can Han Solo shoot webs? I don’t think so.” He retorts his grip slightly tighter around your waist.
“I thought you liked Han Solo?” You question turning to Peter. You stare at his lips for a couple seconds before turning your attention to his eyes that now hold some sort of… jealousy?
“I do, but… umm… uhhh” Peter stutters trying to find his words.
“Oh my god. Peter, you’re jealous” you say turning your body all the way around to face him.
“K-kinda” Peter mutters.
This makes you giggle and plant a kiss on Peters nose. “Don’t worry Pete, you’re the only man I love” you say sweetly. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You smirk slightly at Peter, getting an idea. “But… I can’t help but think about how good Han Solo would be in bed.” You felt Peter shift slightly. “Mmm” you sigh.
“Y/N,” Peter started threateningly. Not in a scary way, you know Peter would never hurt you. In fact, it kinda turned you on a little bit. Peter being so… dominant.
“Peter, I’m just messing with you” you joke, giggling. “Besides, I don’t think he, or any man for that matter, could do it better than you” you say with a wink, making Peter blush slightly. ‘God why did he have to be so irresistible?’ You thought to yourself. You quickly reach for the remote to turn off the TV and get off of the couch. You stand in front with him with your hand on your hip and he gives you a pout.
“What are you doing?” Peter asks. “I was enjoying our cuddles, they kept me warm” he exaggerates a shiver. You giggle quietly and roll your eyes playfully at his theatrical display. “C'mon, let’s go to my room.” You say walking to your bedroom door, swaying your hips as you walk. You stop in front of the door and spin on your heel to face the living room where Peter still sat. “Well…?” You say “are you coming Pete?” You say expectantly. Peter’s head snaps up to look at you with wide eyes, mouth opening and closing, not sure what to say. “Uhhhh… I-I… aren’t your parents home?” Peter sputters. “No.” You smirk. “Oh.” Peter says quietly. “Ohhhhh…” Peter says a smile soon taking over his features, but he still stays on the couch. You roll your eyes as you smile to yourself and strut back to where Peter sat. When you reach him, you reach down to pull him up by the collar of his shirt and crash his lips into yours. Quickly Peter becomes aware of your intentions and the kiss becomes very heated. Peter’s hands move down to your hips and your arms move from his shirt to his neck. He pulls his lips from yours only to mutter the words “jump”. You do as he says and he gives your bum a squeeze. Peter carries you to your room. As soon as he reaches your door he stops and looks into your eyes, fire burning within them. He leans in to whisper in your ear. “You think nobody could do it to you better than me?” Peter says seductively, sending warm tingles to your core. “Babe, I’m about to prove it.”


Read the first part here.

I kind of feel bad for making Bo so sad last time. (つд`) So before I close the Future AUs theme, I wanted to make sure there’s a proper happy ending to BokuAka! Also for them to properly cuddle. Because couch cuddle is the best cuddle! (=゜ω゜)

A bit early, but Happy Weekends everyone! o(≧o≦)o

Part 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 4.5 I

dating peter parker and being tony stark's daughter would include:

ok so i kind of went overboard with this hahaha but i really enjoyed writing it!! also if this doesn’t focus enough on tony i’m sorry I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY WITH THE IDEA OF BOYFRIEND!PETER I APOLOGIZE kfndkdkdk. send me more of these cute headcanon ideas!!

— being properly introduced one day when you were at the tower doing homework on a sofa
— your dad coming in with his hand around peter’s shoulder, talking to him about germany
— you obviously know about all of the avengers stuff so you’re not too surprised
— he didn’t realize you were there listening to their conversation until you cleared your throat and stood up
— “oh, uh, hi y/n. y/n, meet peter parker. also known as spider-man.”
— “PETER PARKER? you’re spider-man? oh my god!!!”
— he was in a couple of your classes and you’d talked briefly but you never imagined that he could be the famous hero
— an awkward handshake ensued
— after your dad & him left, you couldn’t stop thinking about him

— peter started coming over to the tower more and more often, half because of his training and half because he wanted to see you
— doing homework and studying for tests together since you were in the same grade & both went to midtown
— soon it became a routine for peter to come over every wednesday & friday night

— after a while of doing this he finally got the courage to ask you on a proper date
— you said yes, but told him that you would probably have to sneak around your dad
— he didn’t want to upset tony, but he would do anything to spend more time with you :-)))))

— your first date was to midtown high’s school fair
— him buying tickets in advance and everything even though you said it wasn’t necessary
— it was autumn, so it was kind of chilly and he gave you his jacket
— both of you blushing profusely at the sight of you wearing it
— him winning you a huge teddy bear from the ring toss
— “since when did you have such perfect aim?” “radioactive spider bite, remember y/n?”
— SQUEEE going on the ferris wheel together oh my god
— him being so nervous, you both were, but the moment was so perfect
— taking his cheeks in your hands and leaning in
— his one arm wrapped around the back of the seat, the other placed on your knee
— MORE BLUSHING and giggling
— and holding hands omg
— ending the night with him swinging you up to your room in the tower
— it’s so picture perfect honestly
— BUT… your father was very suspicious and you had to lie your behind off in order for him to stop interrogating you about where you’d been
— he kind of figured that you were with peter but didn’t say anything

— okay, from then on you were basically the cutest couple ever
— holding hands under the table in class ALL. THE. TIME. whether it was to calm one of you down while talking or just to be in contact with each other
— you becoming close friends with michelle and ned!!!!! ot4!!!!
— sitting at lunch together and geeking out/doing hw/ just talking
— him walking you home. always.
— but then waiting like fifteen minutes before coming inside to talk to tony in order to “not get his ass kicked”
— he kept this up for a couple months before tony caught you guys holding hands under the blanket during movie night with the rest of the avengers
— him freaking out and scaring the crap out of the poor kid before calming down and just warning him
— “you hurt her, you’re outta here kiddo.”
— “y-yes sir. i would never.”

— texting non-stop
— having tons of inside jokes
— aunt may ADORES you. seriously, she loves you almost as much as peter does. and that’s A LOT.
— when peter wasn’t at the tower, you paid visits to him in queens often
— eating thai food and pizza with him and may
— watching star wars with him repeatedly, sitting close to him on the couch
— cuddling. and lots of it.
— sometimes when he’d get bored of the movie he’d seen so many times peter would lean over and kiss you
— his kisses were always soft and sweet
— he held you as if you were so fragile and he didn’t want to break you
— his web getting in your hair and all over your clothes but it was worth it
— “hey peter?” “mm?” “your butt looks really good in that suit.”

OKAY THIS WAS SO LONG I APOLOGIZE I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY LOL. i hope you enjoyed it 💖💝 i am fluffy peter parker TRASH.

crystal gems + gem kisses
  • pearl curled up in garnet’s lap, quietly holding her palms to her lips, making sure to switch hands every now and then so ruby and sapphire get equal amounts of love
  • amethyst giving garnet a high five and a quick smooch after a successful mission (and then jumping up to smooch her lips too, for good measure)
  • mystery girl kissing pearl’s gem as just an automatic nice-to-see-you forehead thing and both are very surprised and pleased by the reaction it gets
  • peridot lying on lapis’s back while they watch tv together, with her lips near the gem but without enough courage to actually kiss it (and lapis can’t see her, but she can easily tell how bad peridot is blushing)
  • greg blowing raspberries on steven’s stomach when he’s little and finding that his gem is extra ticklish
  • the height difference making it more natural for pearl to kiss amethyst’s forehead and amethyst pearl’s chest, but sometimes they lie down in a pile of pillows in amethyst’s room and curve around each other in a way that makes it work
  • amethyst kissing peridot’s gem very often (sometimes in greeting, sometimes to surprise her, sometimes to make her laugh, sometimes just because she just loves her so much) and peridot having the same squealy stunned reaction every time
  • pearl getting lots of casual pecks from garnet just because her gem’s so easily accessible
  • steven’s shirt riding up a little while he and connie are cuddling on the couch, she lightly kisses his gem on a whim and he suddenly starts giggling so hard they both end up on the floor
  • amethyst sneaking up behind lapis to kiss her gem and then running away cackling before lapis can retaliate
  • peridot finally mustering up the nerve to get lapis too after amethyst’s example
  • lapis chasing them down, followed by some very menacing-looking waves, and managing to get them each in a water hand; both peridot and amethyst legitimately fearing for their lives before she pulls them down and attacks them with rapid-fire kisses (first on their gems, then all over their faces)
  • pearl kissing steven’s gem once when he’s a baby, just to see what would happen, just to see if maybe…no, he just laughs a little bit, she frowns, and she decides to never do that again.
  • (she does do it again, when he’s older, he jumps into her arms under the guise of a game of steven tag and then plants a little smooch on her gem and she can’t help but lift him up and return the gesture. he laughs a lot this time, and she smiles.)

Feel free to add more!!

BTS Reaction: You Accidentally Go Public

A/N: This was also requested! We love when we get requests! We’ve been getting requests to do other groups and we are taking a bit longer to do those because, well we don’t listen to some of them, but we are open to listening to other groups. If you have any suggestions to who we should listen to please tell us! Also, we have made this a Monsta x and BTS blog so please request some Monsta X imagines and reactions if you’d like! I’m sorry if there is any mistakes, it’s currently 1:26am. Anyways, hope you enjoy!! ~Emily

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The “how he reacts to you winning your first award” inspired me to request this. Bts reacting to your relationship going public (on the internet) through accident.


Jin had been sitting on his bunk relaxing and scrolling through his phone when a certain tweet caught his eye. “JIN AND HIS GIRLFRIEND ARE SO CUTE OMG” Jin clicked the picture as quickly as possible. The picture was a Jungkook and Tae, and behind them was you and Jin on the couch, cuddling. Your face wasn’t visible, but Jin’s was. His hand wrapped around you and him kissing your forehead. Jin jumped out of his bunk to find the two careless idiots. You and Jin had decided to keep your relationship in the down low because the both of you wanted to be comfortable enough to go out and about when the time came. Jin found Jungkook and Tae in the living room playing video games. “WHICH ONE OF YOU IDIOTS POSTED THIS PHOTO?” Jungkook and Tae looked at each other confused as to why he was mad. They took a closer look at the picture and their eyes widened. Jin got closer to them and whispered. “Run”.


You had been over at Yoongi’s when the both of you found out that your relationship had gone public. You had only been dating for roughly three months and you were not planning on showcasing your relationship around quite yet. Apparently one of the boys had accidentally told a fan that Yoongi had been over at your place and revealed that you were his girlfriend. You jumped out of your bed to find the culprit. You found him on his bed, sleeping. You shook him until he woke, and when he did you began hitting him with his own pillow. “wow wow wow what did I do” said Taehyung. You looked over at Yoongi who was standing in the doorway, scanning his face for any sign to stop, but there wasn’t none. So you continued hitting Tae with his pillow.


Namjoon had been in the middle of a vlive when it happened. You were in the bathroom getting ready to go to sleep, you had thought Namjoon was speaking on the phone when you walked out. “Babe, have you seen my glasses?” You said as you walked out of the bathroom. “No I haven’t,” said Namjoon without hesitation. Immediately after he said that he looked at the screen realizing what had just happened and tried to play it cool.


Hoseok never meant for it to happen. The fans were very attentive and caught a picture of you and him as his lock screen. Hoseok and Yoongi were filming a livestream and didn’t even notice Hoseoks phone light up with your picture. The next day Hoseok woke up to millions of text messages and missed phone calls from you. He exited his room and entered the living room, he sat on the couch scrolling through your messages. Jimin came in to find Hoseok in the couch. “Congrats” said Jimin as he stroked Hoseoks hair. “Idiot” whispered Hoseok to Jimin.


He didn’t know that you’re relationship had gone public. Pictures of you and Jimin at the studio had leaked. The both of you were linked arm in arm and your head was resting on his shoulder. The pictures popped up on the monitor in front of him. Jimin’s face instantly lit up when he saw the pictures. He didn’t know he was doing it, but he had just confirmed your relationship.


Tae didn’t mean it to happen. He was just talking to some fans when he let it it slip out. He had been sitting at a coffee shop when some fans came to him. He greeted them with a smile and gave them the best fan service. The fans began to question how he found the coffee shop. He immediately blurred out that his girlfriend and him came here often. He smiled like an idiot, but soon realize what he had just done.


Jungkook found out that your relationship was out in the open while doing his hair. The hairstylist began talking about how the both of you were so cute together and how everyone knew you would end up dating. Jungkook was curious as to who let the cat out of the bag. The moment he found Jin had let the news spread, he began plotting his revenge.