Imagine cuddling up on the couch with Tom. The series finale of your favorite show is on, and he’s watching with you for emotional support. Every time you start to cry, he kisses you on the forehead, and pulls you just a little bit closer.

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not that it matters but lottie and tommy did snap today and they were driving to london

lollll I just looked and Lottie snapchatted a bunch so I’m not sure what that anon was talking about, but regardless, I hope that if Louis is indeed in the UK, he’s been spending time cuddled on the couch with Harry in Donny while surrounded by his siblings and Dan and his grandparents and the pups 😊

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Idk but one of my smutty thoughts is Harry sucking on ur tits thru ur tee. Like you could be cuddling on the couch with his head resting on ur chest and he'll just lazily turn his face and tuck a nip in his mouth, sucking while the thin material of the tee gets wet

Mmm yes please. Wearing his stones shirt, or maybe the “styles” button up… ;)

Final Verdict 6 SNEAK PEEK

The weather in Chicago was well too different of what the two lawyer were used to in California. The intense rain really damaged the electricity system , but other functions were still there. It’s how Ahsha decided to take a shower, to warm her up and clean her hair. When she descended , Derek was now dry and changed but busy spearing candles a little bit everywhere

“ There is no torch ” he explained “ So candle this is going to be ”

Ahsha wasn’t dislike the idea . It was actually romantic. She thought that their all date day was ruined but it seems like in fact the spontaneity was having something exciting. It was having well worse than be stuck in a house with him. She remind how uncomfortable she first had been , moving it with him but now they were sleeping in the same bed, kissing in the kitchen, cuddle in the couch  

“ I thought that after all of this excerice, maybe you wanted a massage ” Ahsha said, showing him the oil massage she was having in the hand. Derek turn on a flame on the next candle. It wasn’t the light but at least they could see each other. He was surprised that Ahsha was willing for such a sensual activity but he actually wasn’t having the strength to say no. He removed his shirt and lay down , on his back on the couch. Ahsha mount on the couch and him , one of her legs in each side of his hips and butt. It was crazy how his body was keeping making her look at it. She never saw his butt from this angle and it was just the confirmation, smachable as hell and really sexy. If she wasn’t stopping being so damn horny she won’t make the day. That is for sure. She pour the oil on her palm , on both and let them travelled all over his body

The delicate trace of the touch who was leaving bring a stranger sensation in Derek. It was really agreeable. Ahsha made her hands goes from top to bottom on his large back , feeling every muscles under her skin… Damn. She was surprised to experience how real it was. His body seems to be sculpted with straight and beautiful line. She massaged and caressed at the same time, leaning over her using her flex legs to reach the higher level of his shoulder. Ahsha had a small memory on when she gripped to those shoulder, during the night of sex they had. She shaked her head , having those indecent thoughts while she was completely mount on him , and Derek was just here for a massage. The lawyer, who had crossed his arms in front of his head turned his neck , putting now his left ear against the couch

“ So…” Ahsha said , continued her large and slow movement, with a sensuality extreme “ tell me more about the kind the relationship you’re looking for ”

Derek wasn’t expecting this question and now that she was asking, they actually never had this conversation. The circumstances how they got together, how they got to know each other had been particular and they hadn’t been through the basics, like her question

“ Something simple and who doesn’t bring issue and stress” Derek confessed, without looking at her “ With the cases we’re handle, I don’t want to come home to drama. I need my relationship to be a calm place. I really don’t like argue and most of the time I’m smooth but I can get angry if I feel the need to ”

Full chapter this saturday 

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can we have some supercat cuddling on the couch and reading together, or maybe looking at scrapbooks?

Having just come in from a training session with Alex, Kara changed into sweats before plopping herself down on the couch. She kicked up her feet on the coffee table and grabbed the book she had been trying to get through for the last month. Every time she had sat down to read something came up. But tonight was different. Tonight, she had asked the DEO for an official night off and Cat had promised to be home early.

Half an hour later, Cat did finally walk in. She spotted her wife on the couch, kicked off her heels, and padded across the room. She leaned down and kissed Kara hello before laying on the couch, her feet in Kara’s lap. She hung her head back for a bit, knowing Kara would let her rest for as long as she needed before they got into talking.

Kara finished her page and closed the book, watching Cat take a few breaths. Her sped up heart rate meant someone had pissed her off. But with their promise to calm down before talking about aggravating things, Cat always needed longer than Kara herself. So, while she waited, Kara gently rubbed Cat’s ankles and feet, helping work away the tension her wife carried.

After some time, Cat finally opened her eyes and smiled at Kara. “How was training?” She reached over to the coffee table and grabbed the water bottle that was sitting there.

Kara shrugged. “It was alright. Alex turned up the Kryptonite so it was a bit more challenging today.” She continued to rub Cat’s ankles, slowly making her way up to her calves. “How was work?”

Cat sighed and took a sip of water. “Horrid. My assistant got my coffee order wrong; again, the editors screwed up the printing for tomorrow’s edition, and James Olsen has been gallivanting around doing who knows what and not getting the layouts to me in time. So, not great.”

Kara smiled a bit. “I’m sorry love. But now you’re home so let’s just relax, hm?” She handed Cat the book she had been reading. One of those secret to success books that Cat loved to pretend she enjoyed. 

“Thank you.” Cat took the book and started reading as Kara picked hers back up. Her eyes darted across the page, letting the sound of Cat’s calmed heart beat be her tempo.

Homophobia is when your 2 het couples kiss 2+ times an episode, cuddle on couches, have conversations that are longer than 20 seconds, go out to dinners, and sneak around…but your gay couple have 1.5 seconds of interaction and only ever speak when others are around or it’s about other people.

Having LGBT characters does not mean you have story equity. Don’t pat yourself on the back for literally the minimum you could possibly do. (Ironically the gay couple is literally one of the healthiest on tv)

MBTI as Hugs

I couldn’t think of anything more ESFP than hugs. I hope you’re happy.

ESFP: A suffocating hug that ends in cuddles on the couch

ESTP: A casual side hug that lasts for a bit longer than it should

ISFP: A gentle hug where your entire body is pressed against the other person

ISTP: A snug yet loose hug from behind when you’re busy with something, with the other person’s head rested on your shoulder

ESFJ: A sudden, cheerful hug directly after something incredible happens

ESTJ: A loose hug on the couch, with your legs intertwined

ISFJ: An arm around the shoulders, gentle but firm enough to keep you in place

ISTJ: A soothing hug that ends with a kiss to the forehead, gently rocking from one foot to the other

ENFP: A rough hug that throws you off balance and leaves you with an armful of excited human being

ENTP: A hand on the waist from a sitting position, pulling you into their lap

INFP: A hug that surprises you when you’re lying down, and suddenly there’s a weight on your back and kisses against your cheek

INTP: A hug in the middle of a summer day, all sweat and heat, but it’s so comfortable that you can’t bring yourself to care

ENFJ: A trembling hug that you receive from the person you love the most, when you need it the most

INFJ: A hug from the front with one hand resting on your back, the other running through your hair(or lack thereof)

INTJ: A hug from behind in the middle of the night, pulling you into a warm embrace under the covers

ENTJ: A casual hug that comes so naturally you don’t even realize your in each other’s laps until someone points it out

Nursey and Dex are cuddling on the haus couch when Nursey gently looks down at him, kisses his forehead and says “I love you.” Dex, not paying attention, absentmindedly responds “Hashtag Gay.”

The look of pure unadulterated joy on Nursey’s face contrasting with the look of pure and utter horror and disgust on Dex’s face is legendary.