Set pics... possible BIG spoiler

Cast and crew released some set pics today. I think they are filming 5x13… and there was a slip up! Possible big spoiler was released by accident. Read at your own risk! I’ve added my speculations too. :) Cause that’s how I roll.

So… this is what Stephen posted.

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thelightsofmischief  asked:

Hi! Could you make some couch cuddling, movies night? :D love your blog!

Of course, dear :) thank you for the ask and for liking my blog :3

Later on, Levi will fall asleep, snore and drool on the blanket :D Erwin thinks it’s totally cute.

anonymous asked:

18. Either Mavin or Freewood please

anon: 94 Mavin?

#18: “Here drink this. You’ll feel better.”

#94: “You can do it”

“Here drink this. You’ll feel better.”

Michael says, holding out the steaming mug to Gavin who was sprawled out across the couch, cuddled in blankets and a box of tissues right besides him. He had been there all day, complaining about a headache or a cough or being too warm and then too cold. Honestly he’s been making everyone else just as miserable as he was. 

Gavin blinks up at Michael, confusion blurring into a smile as he takes the warm tea and takes a sip. “Thanks, boi.” Gavin takes a sip and then smiles more at Michael. “Michael, you made my favorite! I didn’t even think you knew what it was?”

“Of course I knew, I’m your boyfriend aren’t I?”

Gavin raises an eyebrow and Michael deflates. “Ok so maybe I asked Jack, but I’m still the one who made it!”

Gavin laughs, which falls into a cough and Michael hovers just a little bit closer. But Gavin recovers again, flashing his usual smile at him. “Come sit with me, boi,” he says holding out a hand.

“Fuck that you’re sick. I don’t want to get sick.”

Gavin rolls his eyes. “You can do it. Just sit with me. Just tell yourself not to be sick and then you won’t get sick!”

Michael stares at him like he’s suddenly grown three heads. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Just tell your body not to get sick. It’s what I do. And then I don’t get sick!”

“Gavin, you’re literally sick right now.”

“Because I let myself get sick.”

“You’re a fucking idiot,” Michael laughs. “That doesn’t make any sense!”

“Stop being a bloody minge,” Gavin pouts. “Just sit with me, you’re warm.”

Michael rolls his eyes but does as he says, flopping onto the couch next to Gavin. Gavin smiles, something a little smug into it and shifts closer to Michael. Gavin sips his tea and he rests his head against the other’s shoulder and Michael slings an arm around him.

“Thanks, boi.”

donehyuck  asked:

saddy what's your dream date with seokmin?

this would require that we be Close Enough and go thru the Awkward Stages TM already but sth rlly comfy. like if we stayed in and cuddled on the couch watching our fave shows n eating pizza n laughing on a day when its kinda gloomy outside n everything feels like a dream

look @ him all olone :c 

ya sth like that would make me Saddy No More


it’s a crisp autumn day, just cold enough to want to put on your favorite sweater. You and your girlfriend are keeping warm in the house, the smell of pumpkin everywhere. You laugh and share fond looks across the room as you spend the day decorating with each other. At the end of the day, you cuddle up on the couch with a big blanket and watch your favorite halloween movies.