cuddling with herself

  • Mommy: "Time for bed honey bun"
  • Little boy: *yawning* "I is not tired"
  • Mommy: "Oh well, I guess mommy will have to cuddle herself and all of your stuffies..." *starts walking away slowly*
  • Little boy: *ponders the thought, then runs after her* "No no no no no no no I is coming!!!"

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How do they deal with jealousy and in what situations do they tend to be jealous? (Saw someone else ask but diff ship)- bees

Yang rarely gets jealous. The only situations might be when Blake doesn’t give her enough attention, maybe due to being caught up in reading a book or studying, not really because Blake’s spending time with other people. Yang will try to ignore it until it bothers her too much and then she’ll just demand cuddles. Throws herself onto Blake, kisses her and asks her to read something from her book to her. Gently whispers her attention could be of better use somewhere else. 

Blake’s more likely to get jealous. Yang is a very flirty person and it’s not like she thinks Yang should behave differently in any way, but she’s aware of the attention Yang gets, the looks people give her. So she’ll make sure everyone knows Yang’s her girlfriend. Wrapping her arms around her, gently kissing her cheek or her lips, resting her head on her shoulder. Yang totally loves it, because usually Blake rarely does that. 

They’re both not likely to get jealous in an unhealthy way. Even when Blake gets jealous, she knows the problem is with her or the people around Yang, not her girlfriend, and the way she acts on it is just really cute. Yang on the other side knows Blake sometimes needs time for herself. Especially at the beginning of their relationship she’s scared to push herself on to Blake too much. But she learns to read Blake’s signs, to know when Blake wants to be left alone and when she doesn’t mind being disturbed. 

I love all the bumblebee asks. 


She is old
and tired
- a myth

She understands why they choose to sleep
But it’s never been an option for her

But the Force
Comes to her
One last time

So once again she takes up the role of fixing things
Fighting and loving and breaking until the galaxy’s at peace

It has been aeons
Her phone died
Two millennia ago

But the first thing she sees upon her waking in the Force
Is his smile, and then she is embraced by her soulmates

(They never stopped waiting
She’s never been happier
And now she’s at peace)

So many people are cuddling things, the ones who aren’t cuddling look weird.

Rei suddenly scoops up Hotaru, much to both Rei and Hotaru’s surprise, but they roll with it.

Mako cuddles Ami cuddling Luna, because tell me that wouldn’t be adorable, you liar.

Setsuna delicately cradles the dozen apple cinnamon muffins she picked up on her way over here for exactly this occasion.

A conversation between a Hufflepuff girlfriend and a Slytherin boyfriend (cuddling)
  • Hufflepuff: Oh, come on! I'm cold and you're my boyfriend! You have to!
  • Slytherin: *Laughs* Where's that written? And also, I don't want to cuddle right now. Can't you just use a blanket?
  • Hufflepuff: *Pouts* No, I want to cuddle. *Wraps herself around Slytherin* Why won't you cuddle with me?
  • Slytherin: Because you're too warm!
  • Hufflepuff: *Pauses, then laughs* So I'm too hot for you?
  • Slytherin: *Shakes his head and sighs* Why am I dating you again?
  • Hufflepuff: *Trying and failing at stopping her laughter* Because I'm so hot!

there’s a content sigh that passes her lips the moment harley flops herself down, lips wrapping about the plush and rather large monstrous blossom. one of ivy’s best creations. she curls up, arms wrapping about her knees, cuddling into herself and the warmth of ivy’s blossom. ‘ey there red. her voice is lazy – TIRED even.  can i sleep ‘ere tonight? ya don’t mind right? she yawns, a pale hand quickly lifting to quiet the song…starter for @isley-phd

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Ü We were cuddling but now things are getting a little hot.

Cuddle memes

Ü We were cuddling but now things are getting a little hot.

It was just cuddling, Cheryl told herself as she lay in Jim’s bed with him.  Nothing more than friendly cuddling.  But her hands seemed to have minds of their own as they roamed over the captain’s body, caressing everything they could reach.  She lifted her head to look into his eyes, her face flushed and her eyes wide.  “Is something happening here…?” she asked breathlessly.

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Hi! How are you? Can I have an AOA and 2NE1 reaction where you (their girlfriend) is being extra fluffy and cuddly when they come home from a tour?

I already have something similar to this for 2Ne1 already, but I’d love to do AOA for you!

Link is here for the 2NE1 version

Choa: I really missed you too!

Jimin: I’ve missed you so much already

Yuna: Please, hug me all over! I’ve missed it!

Hyejeong: Could we spend the night together to cuddle more?

Mina: *prims herself* I missed you more than you think!

Seolhyun: I’ve waited too long to do this

Chanmi: I wish you could have made it to our shows! We did extra good for you!

I hope you liked the 2ne1 one too. It was requested pretty late, so I hope it matched your desires easily! I’m just glad I got another girl group other than 2ne1 for the request. If you haven’t already, follow for more content. The girl group requests are only beginning, and once I open the boxes again, I hope that doesn’t stop. Until tomorrow, I hope you liked this reaction and I hope you have a good day anon!

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Cuddles pulled herself up into the officer lap then cuddled him softly. Her friend Mettaton had hooked her up with something special and expensive.. Cuddles set down a plate of Kobe beef in sauce over rice in front of her officer friend. " For you!"

The Officer ginned. “Ohh! Wow, your cookin’ skills keep impressin’ me every time ya come for a visit.” He commented, petting her on the head like usual. “Thanks, Cuddles! What’s the special occasion?”

Take My Jacket

Another installment in my ‘100 Ways’ series, it is already on AO3 here, so go give it some love if you like it :3

It had been a long day at work, and Molly was more than ready to leave the lab, at least that was, until she looked outside and saw the rain pouring down over the streets of London.

She considered calling for a cab, but her thought process was disturbed when something heavy was thrown on her head.

“Take my coat, it’s cold out.”

The person was gone when Molly had finally fought her way out of the large coat, but it wasn’t hard to guess as to who the owner was. Even if Molly hadn’t recognized his voice, or the familiar belstaff, just the scent of smoke and cologne would have given it away.

Molly shook her head but gave a tiny smile as she slid her arms through the sleeves of the coat, cuddling herself up in Sherlock’s smell and warmth.

She’d never fully understand Sherlock, or his motives. But Molly was thankful for the coat as she braved her way outside into the wind and heavy downpour of water.


“Sherlock, I really need to get home. It’s already gotten dark out and I didn’t bring anything other than my jumper.”

“The bed upstairs is made Molly.” Sherlock muttered as he continued to look at the blood sample through his microscope.

“I have to feed Toby.”


“My cat Sherlock.”


Sherlock dragged his gaze away from the sample, and moved swiftly from the kitchen to the hall, collecting his Belstaff from its usual perch.

He pushed the coat into her hands and returned to his microscope, once again getting lost in the experiment.

“Don’t you need your coat Sherlock?”

Sherlock simply made a dismissive noise deep in his throat, not once taking his gaze away from the microscope, and since Molly knew when not to disturb the man anymore, she slid the familiar coat around her body, said her goodbye, and left.


“I’m glad you said yes to go on a date with me Molly.”

“Me too.”

Molly smiled at her date, they’d met at the Scotland Yard Christmas party and had exchanged numbers. Matthew was a sweet guy and Molly had been very excited when he’d texted and asked her out.

Molly was about to ask him about his job when the sound of her mobile interrupted.

“Sorry, I really should check it.”

“It’s alright” Matthew smiled, taking a bite of his lasagna.

*Need you at crime scene*

Molly gave a deep sigh, it was just her luck that a date she was thoroughly enjoying would be interrupted by none other than Sherlock Holmes, demanding her presence at a crime scene.

*Is John busy?*


*Then why do you need me?*


Molly didn’t even write down one word before another message came through.

*Wear a jacket, it’s cold out.*

Molly rolled her eyes at Sherlock’s comment, as if he just knew she’d leave her date just because he needed her.

She then rolled her eyes at herself because that was exactly what she was going to do, stupid as it was.

“I’m so sorry, I’m needed at a crime scene. I would really love if we could do this again though.” She said smiling, as she got up and pulled on her jumper.

“I understand, and as would I, I’ve had a lovely time.”

Matthew got up from his seat to bid her farewell, he placed a soft kiss on her cheek and then motioned for the waiter to come over with the cheque.

Molly waved as she walked out of the restaurant and walked right into a very familiar someone.

“Sherlock, what the. You said to meet you at a crime scene.”

“I knew you’d be irresponsible enough to not bring a jacket with you.”

“My jumper is perfectly fine Sherlock.”

Sherlock hailed after a cab (and got one in the first try, the git.)

“Not that I don’t appreciate you lending me your Belstaff at the odd times you have, I don’t understand your motives for it.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“Is it really that difficult to comprehend?” He said as he slid into the taxi.

“Yes Sherlock, yes, it is. It’s a rather sentimental thing, and you are many things, but sentimental isn’t exactly one of them as you’ve said many many times.” She replied as she slid in next to him.

He made a sound of agreement as he turned his head towards the cabbie.

“221 Baker Street.”

“That’s where the crime scene is?”


“Sherlock, what’s going on?”

“I gave you my coat when it was cold out.”


“That’s an act of sentiment, and as you said, I’m not much for sentiment.”

“Sherlock, you’re being very cryptic.”

“What I’m saying is.”

He turned to look at her, her brown eyes staring back at him with so many questions swirling around like starlight in them.

Molly raised a brow and was just about to ask what the hell was going on when Sherlock made a frustrating sound, pulled her close, and kissed her.

Molly didn’t notice that the cab had stopped until Sherlock wrapped his coat around her.

“It’s cold out.”

Pulling her wet ringlets up into a messy yet secure bun, Raine let a content sigh slip from her lips as she pulled a large white t-shirt over her small frame, the scent of mixed berries from her body wash still filling the loft’s air. Stretching her arms, the girl quickly grabbed her phone once walking past her counter, her fingers dialing the local pizzeria’s number out of memorization. Quite pathetic actually. “Hi guys, it’s Raine.. Yeah the usual.” she found herself laughing, her eyes rolling along with her playful tone. But it was now routine for her, especially after hectic nights at the station. Plopping herself down on her couch, she smiled at the music gently playing from her speakers that filled the void of having no one around. Her hands snatched her favorite book and she cuddled herself with a blanket in front of the fire place, lighting up the living room just enough. Just enough to keep her occupied as she waited for her order. @milogarner 

Chowder loves it at Samwell, he really does. He loves his classes and his team-mates and his friends. And he loves the fact that he can tell everybody that whenever he wants and will probably get a heartfelt reply back. Especially if Shitty’s visiting.

What he doesn’t like, however, is the sex noises coming from Bitty’s room whenever Jack’s home.

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Does anybody else head canon Lydia’s guilty pleasure being HGTV? I can imagine her getting home from class and finding Stiles sprawled out on the couch with the TV on for background noise and she pushes his legs over and grabs the remote and ignores his groaning as she watches a marathon of Flip or Flop.

He’s like “literally, anything but HGTV!” and she raises her eyebrows and says “I have an Antiques Roadshow DVR’d” and Stiles is like “Just kidding, House Hunters it is.”

But then Lydia turns towards him and cuddles into him to make herself more comfortable on the couch and Stiles decides that he can deal with one episode as long as she lets him take down her hair and work on his braiding skills. 

Rainy Days

A fluffy Gruvia, rain themed one-shot I wrote a while ago. 



Juvia awoke to the rain.

All cuddled up in her duvet, with her Gray-sama plushy in her arms, the smell of the rain floated through the open window. The sound, once something she despised, now made her happy. It didn’t rain often in Magnolia and it reminded her of the day she met Gray-sama.

She murmured in contentment and let the sound and smell wash over her as she cuddled deeper into her bed. The fluffy duvet and cozy bed soothed her sore muscles from the job she had just returned from late last night.

Juvia will just stay home today and recuperate. The rain makes for a cozy day. Her eyes fluttered back shut as she fantasized of a rainy-day with Gray-sama.


Hours later, after a steaming shower, Juvia found herself cuddled in a blanket on the couch with every window thrown open. Clothed in an oversized dark gray sweater, which she had bought because it reminded her of her beloved Gray-sama, and thigh-high cobalt fuzzy socks that matched her guild mark, she was buried in a good book. She immersed herself in the romantic comedy, where everything fell apart just to end perfectly, with a cup of hot chocolate beside her, a music lacrima softly playing jazzy music, and many, many candles lit.

I wish Gray-sama were here to share this with me.

She was startled out of her thoughts by a loud banging on her door. She sighed, slightly frustrated that she had to pull herself out of her comfy position on the couch. Juvia glided across the room and hesitantly pulled the door open.

“Gray-sama?” her shocked voice rang out.

“Shhh…” he clamped his hand over her mouth and pushed her back into the room and shut the door behind them. He could see the excitement and desire to squeal in her eyes. “Don’t freak out, okay? I had to get Cana to sneak me in here. I don’t want Erza to find out. If I take my hand off, will you be quiet?”

Juvia nodded, her eyes shining. He carefully removed his hand, waiting for her to squeal.

She just did a little dance, trying to contain her excitement, and then threw her arms around his neck.

“Gray-sama!” She whisper-squeaked. “You came to see Juvia! And risked getting caught! How romantic!”

He pried her arms off of him, but held onto her wrists. “What were you thinking? You were supposed to be back yesterday from that dangerous solo mission, and then it was raining today…” he trailed off.

Juvia then took in his appearance. He was missing his shirt (typical), was sopping wet, and out of breath. He had taken the time to get Cana to give him her key and had either run from the guild or up the stairs to her room, or both.

She squealed in realization, “You were worried about Juvia!”

Gray, realizing he was still holding her wrists, let go and rubbed the back of his wet black hair, a slight blush tinging his cheeks. “Well…”

Juvia clapped her hands together, “Well, Juvia is safe and good. Here, let Juvia make you some hot chocolate and we can sit on the couch together and Juvia will tell you about her mission, okay?”

Gray sighed and nodded, walking across the room to the couch. He sat down and looked up, watching Juvia’s retreating figure and took her in. His eyes grew wide as he observed the oversized sweater, barely grazing the bottom of that ass he hated to admit he was attracted to, and her socks grazing the middle of her thighs with her milky skin standing out between the dark gray of her sweater and the cobalt of the socks. Damn… those legs…


He wasn’t sure if it was the relief of seeing her, or the desire to touch her in that sexy outfit, or just the cuddly atmosphere of her room and the rain trickling outside, but something drove him to do it. When she returned with his hot chocolate and was setting it down on the table by his side of the couch, he pulled her into his lap. She squeaked in surprise, her eyes flying wide. Gray tucked her under his chin, his arms around her feeling the soft wool of her sweater against his bare chest.

“Gray-sama? What?..” She was shocked. It was as if he had read her fantasy.

He just grunted and reached forward to grab her hot chocolate and hand it to her and then snatch his. One hand still around her waist and the other holding the delicious smelling cup.

Juvia just squeaked in pleasure and turned sideways, burring her head in his shoulder with her feet dangling off his lap onto the couch. Both of her hands enveloped the mug of goodness.

“So why didn’t you come to the guild?” He asked, his breath tickling the top of her head.

“Juvia got back late last night and was super sore and tired. When Juvia awoke to the rain, she decided that it was a rest-day! Juvia wanted to decompress and relax. But Juvia is really glad you came to see her Gray-sama!” she snuggled in closer to his chest.

“You really shoulda let someone know you were okay.”

She turned to look into his dark eyes, “Juvia is sorry to worry you.” She pouted, upset that she worried her beloved.

Gray just sighed and pulled her slightly closer and leaned his head on the top of hers, “I wasn’t that worried.”

Juvia giggled at his contrasting responses, “Yes, Gray-sama was. Otherwise, he would not have come to see Juvia or be holding her.”

He just rolled his eyes at the accurate perception and grunted.

A moment of silence followed, the rain and soft jazz filling the empty space. Juvia sighed contently and sipped her drink, enjoying Gray’s presence and his arm around her.

Gray broke the comfortable silence, “So the mission went well?”

Juvia nodded, “Yes! It went without a hitch, but just took a lot of Juvia’s energy. That’s why Juvia was so exhausted today. Juvia needs to train more…” She blushed and looked down.

Gray sighed, “You know that you are strong, Juvia. But even the strongest have their limit.”

“Mmhmm! Juvia just didn’t want to disappoint the patron.”

“I doubt you could disappoint anyone,” Gray mumbled into his mug.

Juvia stared at him shocked, “Gray-sama just complimented Juvia?”

Gray just nodded. She cuddled deeper into him, feeling his arm tighten around her waist. Her eyelashes were fluttering against his neck.

He leaned forward and set his empty mug down on the table, and feeling Juvia shiver against him, he reached out and grabbed the blanket on the couch and draped it over her shoulders. His now-free hand settled on her thigh, causing Juvia to blush.

“You don’t disappoint me ever,” he finally added. After much debate, he pressed a tender kiss to her temple and then rested his chin on her head again.

And they were content to spend the rest of the day like this; cuddled on the couch listening to the rain.

title | whatever time you are, you’re my favorite time of day

theme | opposites for Snowbarry week

Barry’s favorite part of the day is that stretch of time between going to bed and falling asleep. 

There’s nothing he loves more than sinking into bed, filled with the satisfaction of a day well spent, content to know that everything he holds dear is safe and sound and that the world will keep spinning forward for the next few hours at least.

Of course, the very best part of those magic minutes is the person who sinks into bed beside him and cuddles in close, threading herself into his arms with the warm ease of familiarity and feeling for all the world like home. 

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I want

a conversation

between anna and elsa, post-frozen fever

and anna just


You are my only friend | Closed


Ever since she was a little kid, no one ever wanted to stay clse to Honey. She never understood that. Maybe it wa her way too bubbly personality? Maybe the fact that sh did enjoy to explode things? Maybe she was just weird? But the girl never really bothered with that. She had her beloved stuffed bat. 

It was very fluffy, all black. Hiro, she had named it. And the blonde used to carry them everywhere. Whenever the girl felt sad or afraid, she would hold him close to her, so she felt safe or happier.

One day, though, she was feeling so alone, since she had literally no one besides the little bat, that the blonde cried to her sleep, hugging the little suffed animal.

“I wish you were actually a living being, Hiro” She said beneath her breath, between a sniff and another, finally falling asleep. The other day, though, Honey found herself cuddling with a fluffy haired boy. The blonde widened her eyes and jumped out of the bed. 

“Wh-who are you?!” She asked to him, a blush growing on her face.

i just wanna see hollstein cuddling and carmilla just resigns herself to it and ts laura getting more and more angry every time someone walks into their room. and i want to see them making drinks and food for each other. and i want to see laura panicking about assignments and carmilla being a jerk and teasing her while she reads books (which get gradually bigger until she’s holding a book half her size just casually) and then apologising because laura is still panicking by dropping a kiss on her head and researching with her. i want to see carmilla being all romantic and then seeing the camera is on and hiding flowers behind her back or just plain dropping the plate of cookies like “how am i supposed to keep my badass air of mystery if your camera is always on”