cuddling with harry

but what was lirry doing when they were hanging out the other day..did harry make liam show him every picture of bear in his phone?? did liam ask harry a million questions about tom hardy and christopher nolan and cillian murphy??? did they just cuddle a bit bc harry’s gone too long without his human pillow???? i need answers

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Do you think harry is clingy? Coz he likes getting attention, and would he enjoy lots of cuddles?

I bet Harry would ALWAYS want cuddles and attention from you.
“Babe, can yeh play with me hair?”
“Let me just nuzzle against yeh.”
“Where are yeh going? Don’t leave me.”

Harry Potter Headcanon

Despite being a school of magic, Hogwarts houses more cats than it does magical creatures. Between pet cats of students and the strays that are oddly attracted to the school, there’s a chance that there’s more cats than students.

Sex With Draco Involves...
  • Sex with Draco is slow and hot, varying from passionate to rough.
  • You were each others first time.
  • He loves taking his time, teasing you until you beg him for more.
  • Even if it’s not rough sex, he wants to be in control.
  • Nothing turns him on more then you moaning his name.
  • Neck kisses.
  • Love bites.
  • Dirty whispers and dirty talks.
  • “I’ll meet you at my bed.”
  • Having sex in a classroom once (it was scarring, exciting and so fucking good).
  • Realizing you actually have a lot of sexual fantasies.
  • Sex in the kitchen.
  • Shower sex (his favorite).
  • He doesn’t like to slap you, because he’s afraid to hurt you, but he wouldn’t hesitate to give you hikes wherever part of your body he had access to.
  • A little bit of Daddy kink.
  • When you’re alone, he would hug you from behind and slip his fingers inside you slowly.
  • “Draco, please…”
  • “Say it once more, baby girl. You know how much I love when you beg.”
  • If you want to drive him crazy, I’ve got two words for you: lap dance.
  • Draco absolutely loved the feeling of you grinding against him while a slow song played in the background.
  • In the morning he’d wake you up by kissing your neck and shoulders, and letting his hands go free though your body.
  • Obviously you two have morning sex a lot.
  • He likes to have eye contact with you the whole time.
  • When he gets jealous he would press you against a wall and kiss you rough.
  • He’ll probably fuck you against the wall.
  • “No one else can make you feel this good, hum?”
  • He would make you say you’re his and his only and get you screaming his name so the others would know who you belonged to as well.
  • After he always asks if you’re ok, just to know he haven’t hurt you.
  • When you’re feeling insecure about your body, Draco would whisper how beautiful he thinks you are while making love.
  • You have to admit, you adore it when he worships you.
  • Him pulling your hair to get a better access to your neck.
  • If you need to be quite you’d bite his shoulder to shut your moans.
  • That would probably make him moan your name loud and clear, but still.
  • Malfoy loves your blowjob.
  • You wouldn’t say it, but you also love the control you feel while when you go down on him.
  • If he’s sad or upset you would come and sit on his lap, kiss his face and tell him how much you love him while he undresses you.
  • Draco loves to lay upon you and use his fingers on you, just to watch you cum crying out his name.
  • Tease him and he’ll deny your orgasm until the least second he can.
  • Even being together during a long time, you still can surprise each other.
  • Taking long baths together after sex.
  • Having a hell of a work to hide the hikes with make up when you have class.
  • Him cussing.
  • Draco always inventing you to come to his house when his parents aren’t there.
  • Getting really loud since you two are alone.
  • Since you have the whole place to yourselves, Draco would try (and have success) to convince you to do it almost everywhere in the house.
  • He would also get even more dominating, since you were in his very own bed.
  • “Hold it.”
  • “Draco please, let me…”
  • “I said hold it!”
  • Cuddling until you sleep.

Draco sighed contently, leaning back into the warm body behind him. Strong arms came around him and he rested the back of his neck on a strong broad shoulder. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so happy, so safe.

He reached his arm up and slid it through the back of Harry’s hair, scratching his nails lightly against his scalp like he knew Harry loved.

“Mnn” The sound rumbled out of Harry, he had been dozing, both of them lying on the black settee in their shared apartment. The arms tightened around his middle and Harry nuzzled into his neck, making a content noise and Draco smiled.

“Go back to sleep you” He said softly knowing Harry was tired after the day they had both had. He was, but he had never truly been able to fall straight asleep like Harry had, it normally took him a minimum of an hour until his body and brain finally gave him rest.

They shouldn’t be sleeping on the settee, normally Draco would have bollocked Harry for doing it, but this time he had stopped himself. Harry had looked so tired and worn out, mouth slightly open and breathing deeply that Draco could not have brought himself to wake him.

Instead he had joined him, lying out in front of him and wrapping himself in Harry’s always overheated warmth that seemed to radiate out of him. He knew that Harry slept best holding or cuddling something. He had found that out one night, when he had turned over to find one of Harry’s arms wrapped around one of their spare cushions, looking so adorable Draco hadn’t been able to look away until Harry had shifted and faced away from him. After that, it was wrapping himself in blankets and then Draco had finally been open to letting him cuddle him. It had been the beginning of their relationship and looking back at it Draco berated himself for not doing it sooner. Having a very warm very cuddly Harry Potter in one’s bed was truly an amazing thing.

But he knew why he had done it, the insecurity about their relationship had constantly bleed into his mind back then. He was scared of letting Harry too far in, getting too comfortable. Back then he had always thought that it wouldn’t have lasted, the things between them that had started after Harry had re-emerged into society after being away for years, finally taking the job of head auror like everyone expected him to.

Draco had been scared then, that the thing they had started was only a passing fancy for the Chosen One, and that he would leave Draco for the next attractive thing that caught his attention. That was obviously a complete and utter mis-characterisation of Harry, Draco knew that now. But he had always had a very strong sense of self-preservation that had lead him to be very cut off back then. It wasn’t as bad now, after having years of Harry trying to get him out of it.

So here Draco Malfoy was, cuddling up to a very sleepy and sexy Harry Potter on their settee in their shared apartment that they had lived in for years.

And Draco wouldn’t change a thing.

how desperate
  • Voldemort: So I just have to lie??
  • Pinocchio: Yup

Remus catches you stealing his sweaters


You sat curled up in one of the enormous lounge chairs in the common room, reading a book and cuddling a box of tissues. The seasonal devil of sickness had gotten to you and now you were going to be sniffling in all your classes. Not only that, but to even consider getting out of bed you had to put on three sweaters. It’s a good thing Remus basically lived next door.

By some miracle, good ol’ Shrimpy (otherwise known as Remus J. Lupin) had grown to be 6 feet tall in the last few years, allowing you to layer an extra two of his sweaters over yours and comfortably navigate he drafty castle.

Just as you turned the page- hoping dearly that Achilles and Patroclus would finally be allowed happiness- your book was snatched out of your hands. You frowned and glared up at the 6'2 monster towering above you. “What on Earth possessed you to do that?” You growled, snatching your book from his hand and carefully marking the page you were to continue on to. In the near silence of the common room you couldn’t help but notice as Remus grumbled something under his breath.

“Would you like to share with the class?” You prompted, standing and putting your hands on your hips.

“I said that that is my sweater,” Remus accused.

“Yes, it is,” You agreed, looking down at the dark grey sweater hanging to your thighs.

“I almost missed breakfast looking for it.”

You smiled slightly and shrugged, reaching for a tissue to wipe your running nose. “I’m sorry, but as you can see it’s for a good cause,” You said, settling back in your chair.

After a quiet Remus-like sigh he joined you, sitting down in the chair next to yours. “We missed you down at dinner,” He said, pulling out a little napkin and unrolling it. Inside was a slightly crushed berry tart. You smiled.

“Is that so?”

“Of course,” He nodded, passing the treat over and then relaxing in his chair.

There was a moment of silence.

“This doesn’t mean you can keep my sweaters.”

“We’ll see.”