cuddling shit

cuddling with ethan on a snowy day:・゚☆✧

requested: @ihavenocluehelp

-let me just get this out of the way and say that ethan is a very clingy person so he’ll cuddle the shit out of you

-you would have piles of blankets on your bed and even a sweatshirt on with joggers and fuzzy socks and you’d both be the most comfiest and happiest people alive

  • there would be christmas movies on because you’d be in a christmas-y mood
  • so something like elf would be playing in the background

-ethan tracing patterns on your skin




  • and it’s usually done by him
  • because you’re adorable all cozied up

-the only time you ever leave the bed is to use the restroom tbh

  • because you both don’t want to leave the warmth for too long

-music playing in the background

  • karaoke
  • bad karaoke

-playing in the snow at least once because you’re both children and carefree

an: sorry this one was shorter than usual! i’ve had a busy week

did i ever tell ppl about the time me and my family thought my older brother was gay and dating his best friend? they used to hold hands and cuddle and shit all the time and cause my brothers super quiet we kinda just thought that was him coming out and didn’t really say anything about it. this went on for maybe two yrs and then one day he arrives home with this girl and is all ‘id like you guys to meet my girlfriend’. at this point everyone is ’????’ and my mom is literally crying and like 'u broke up with James?!?!?!’ and honestly I’ve never seen a man more confused in his life and yeah that’s the time my family fucked up for like 2 yrs

Venus in the signs

Aries Venus; Turned on by humor, wit, intelligence, fast thinking and physical movement. Love’s head massages and oral. Requires mental and physical stimulation in order to remain interested. Unpredictable in love yet loyal. If you manage to blow their mind in bed multiple times you’re in for good.

Taurus Venus; Prefers sensual romance (erotic touch, bedroom eyes, beautiful music, wine and a cooked dinner) Needs someone financially secure. Enjoys spontaneous bush walks and hikes, loves being in nature with their SO but also enjoys lazing with them watching trash TV.

Gemini Venus; Must enlighten them mentally and intellectually to make your way into their heart. They should feel free to communicate with their partner honestly without fear of judgement. Will respect you if you give them space, and in return will make your time with them worth the wait. Also enjoys cooking for you.

Cancer Venus; Treasure’s cute random texts, love letters, coming home from work to a hot meal and warm bed. Low key wants to be mothered but usually does the mothering themselves, intuitive in love. Can be emotionally manipulative. Basically wants someone who’ll help make their life easier, and they’ll do the same in return of course.

Leo Venus; Loud and proud when they’re in love, put’s effort into their appearance to impress you, passionate, unleashes their weird side, screams and acts a bit childlike in their relationships. An ideal date would be something energetic and creative such as a dance lesson, shopping for food and cooking a meal together.

Virgo Venus; Needs reassuring that they can trust you for them to let themselves go, logically immerses into the relationship rather then emotionally, but they fall deep when in love. Shows they care by cleaning and organizing for  you. Actions not words mean everything to them, lack of communication and the silent treatment can provoke anxiety, quite sexual.

Libra Venus; Suckers for old fashioned romance, red roses, kissing in the rain etc. They go crazy over finger/hand kisses and back scratches. You need to be  intelligent and/or unique to hold their attention, compliment them on qualities other then their looks. Love’s going on coffee dates with their SO, can be insecure in love.

Scorpio Venus; Needs to know you’re serious about them, hates being played around. Will blow your mind in and out on bed. Fighting can sometimes turn them on, love is extreme in this placement, nothing is halfhearted, they’re committed and protective. Tell them some of your secrets to make them think about you when yous aren’t together, but don’t be an open book. They love a good mystery.

Sagittarius Venus; Free spirited in love, they’ll love going on tramps, camping and rock climbing with you. Talk about different topics such as psychology, metaphysics and philosophy with them, they’ll be impressed with your knowledge. Turned off by clingyness and immaturity. Humor is a huge turn on, loves doggy.

Capricorn Venus; Values independent and hardworking partners, valuable assets and financial stability impresses them. They either totally love you or are completely not interested; thing is they’re secretive about their feelings, sometimes leaving the other person confused. Loves to travel the world with their partners and will wine and dine those they adore. Fall’s in love with someone who relaxes them mentally.

Aquarius Venus; treats their lovers like their best friend, aren’t overly emotionally but still capable of falling deeply in love. Attracted to the quirky and strange. random emotional outbursts scare them off. however being a little unavailable attracts them( Not too much though) . Aquarius Venus values their SO very highly, they express this is oddly cute ways.

Pisces Venus; go crazy over long cuddles, kisses, sappy romantic shit. Even though they won’t admit it. Needs to feel wanted and useful in the relationship. Can become too dependent  so they need time for themselves as they can detach from their own identity when they’re in love. Shy at first, super crazy and loud once they’re comfortable.

Gentle reminder that yes, Riku was able to conquer his darkness in contrast to Terra, but while Riku has been forced to use his darkness to fight his friends, Terra was forced to use it to save his friends.

Riku grew into his darkness and embraced it willingly, in that way he had way more control over it. Terra on the other hand struggled with it, having been told all his life that darkness is bad and then suddenly it’s the only thing he can use to save Ven, and later on, Aqua. This internal struggle is exactly what Xehanort used to get into Terra. So by no means does that mean that Riku is better or stronger, their situations are simply fundamentally different.

I hope you understand how much I love you.



you know that feeling when you realize that you’re so fucking gay and just want a cuteass girlfriend to cuddle with and tell stupid jokes to and go to early morning coffee shops with and fall asleep on top of and take weekend car trips with while listening to the most cliche songs and singing at the top of your lungs

and then you remember that you’re not out yet and have no clue how to even find said girlfriend

like just for example

Queerbaiting: Sound Euphonium- literally had a girl character say “this is a confession of love” to another girl character, only for them not to get together in the next season and instead focus on the girl’s crush on her male teacher CUZ I GUESS THEY WERE JUST “JOKING”

Not queerbaiting, but censored: 

Haruka and Michiru, who couldn’t kiss because of censors, but were canon (the musicals have no excuse tho tbh and neither does Crystal), having commented their sex lives and shared romantic scenes multiple times

Yukari and Akira, who are no going to kiss bc of censors but are canon, one literally declared her love to another in a very romantically framed scene

Ruby and Sapphire, not gonna kiss on the lips bc censors, but are very aggressively canon, kiss on face and neck, stated to be in a relationship and in love and flirt constantly

Korra and Asami, who DID kiss the second there was a canon follow up tie-in comic

Anthy and Utena- kiss in the credits but it’s obscured bc censors, have tons of romantic scenes, series focuses on struggling against heteronormativity (this changes the second a movie comes out and free reign is given- they openly kiss).

Viktor and Yuri- kiss a bit obscured but still fairly obvious what was happening, likely bc censors (how do Japanese censors work tho i get that they’re probably in place for kiddie shows but i’ve seen same-gender kisses in modern anime outside the context of a relationship and also IN the context of a relationship several times so it can’t be censored all the time with modern anime does it have to do with the time slot pls help me with this mystery), flirt a lot, cuddle and do other shit, literally get wedding rings

Then there are some shows that are pretty nebulous and it’s hard to be sure which it is (I tend to be cynical, as do most of us)

there’s a distinction and both are bad things, but one is trying and likely fighting corporate pushback and the other…isn’t.

it’s important to make that distinction and stop saying relationships aren’t “real” or “canon” unless they suck face, but instead acknowledge and discuss WHY even canon queer couples are censored.