cuddling in front of a fire

It honestly cracks me up when people compare Yuri and Victor to Shion and Nezumi from No. 6, because like

Victor & Yuri: “I love you so much and I believe in you and support you and let’s hold hands and cuddle with the dog and hug at the airport and then get married and skate in front of a crowd of people to show how in love we are.”

Nezumi & Shion: *crashing out of an exploding building in a car that’s on fire*  “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!” 

Boyfriend! Jungkook

Dating Jungkook would include:

  • first things first guys
  • you’re always stealing his sweaters
  • “y/n what the fuck come on I was gonna wear that”
  • if he can’t find it he knows you have it
  • secretly loves it
  • so many inside jokes that the boys get bothered
  • jimin always says “what does that even MEAN” 
  • when you and jungkook tell each other an inside joke
  • so many tickle fights turned make out sessions
  • ya’ll make out in the prep room
  • the studio
  • between dance practices
  • in the dorms
  • right in front of jin and namjoon, who just sigh and roll their eyes
  • sex is occasional but when it happens
  • FIRE literal fire bc you guys are so needy for each other
  • the sex is always really sensual
  • never rough, very vanilla
  • and that’s the way you two like it because the only thing on your mind is that you’re with him and that you love him
  • “i miss you”
  • “can you come cuddle with me”
  • “y/n I’m lonelyyyy”
  • opens his arms when he wants to cuddle
  • carries you bridal style upstairs where the two of you bury yourselves in blankets
  • he likes when you’re pretty much laying on top of him
  • because that’s the closest you two can physically get
  • always very worried about you
  • wants to make sure you’re comfortable and wants to help you when you’re sad or stressed
  • always offers to help you with your English homework even though he’s not that great at it
  • literally the sweetest and brings home your favorite food after a particularly rough day
  • always always always trying to teach you how to dance
  • catches you when you trip then slips himself
  • you make fun of his obsession with timbs but when you buy yourself a pair he just smirks at you
  • laughs when you trip but when he trips you make a point to laugh harder
  • usually jimin joins in laughing at that point
  • he’ll get quiet when he’s mad
  • doesn’t smile or talk to anyone
  • you guys don’t fight a lot but when you do it gets the two of you really sad
  • when you fight it’s usually over bigger things like not spending enough time with each other
  • you think he’s overworking himself and he thinks you’re being over dramatic
  • but eventually in the middle of the night after the two of you fought
  • he’ll come upstairs from the couch and lay in your bed and pull you close to him as a way of saying sorry
  • he’ll whisper “y/n i love you”
  • you’ll just hum and roll over so your forehead is touching his chest
  • when you cry he’ll just put you on his lap and stroke your hair and wipe your tears from your eyes
  • and when he’s upset
  • you’ll sit with him and stroke his face and remind him of the inside jokes you two have
  • he always thinks about how grateful he is for you

other members versions coming soon!

anonymous asked:

Okay, because I'm a sucker for top ten lists and future Viktuuri sex, so thanks to your post on Chris' best man speech: where are the top 10 most memorable places that they've had sex? I totally HC that now that they're public, they're less reserved about more public locations!

The Top 10 Most Memorable Places That Yuuri and Viktor Have Had Sex:

10) In a limo – they had to go to some Big Important Event and Yuuri finally let Viktor buy a new suit for him after months of protesting that it was unnecessary which backfired on Viktor because Yuuri looked hot as fuck and Viktor couldn’t keep his hands off on the journey there. Everyone ended up sort of side-eyeing them once they arrived at the party because they were all like ‘Nikiforov and Katsuki are looking very stylish tonight but also kind of…dishevelled?’

9) On Yuuri’s kitchen counter in Detroit – theoretically they were supposed to be in his bedroom but they didn’t quite make it. Phichit took one look at them when he got back a few hours later and was like ‘seriously guys? I eat there! And Yuuri your bedroom is like thirty seconds from here you couldn’t keep it in your pants for that long?’ Yuuri couldn’t look him in the eye for like a week afterwards. Viktor had no regrets.

8) On the beach at Hasetsu – they were out on a morning run with Vicchan and Makkachin and Viktor convinced Yuuri it was a good idea and that the beach was deserted so no-one would know. He was wrong but the old couple who saw them were just like ‘ah yes it’s just our Yuuri and his attractive foreign boyfriend, better to walk away before they know we’re here’ and Yuuri and Viktor never knew they’d been seen which was a good thing for Yuuri’s blood pressure  

7) On a plane – they both joined the mile high club after Yuuri won gold at the Four Continents and Viktor convinced him that celebratory sex in the plane bathroom was a good idea. Which it was but the air hostess gave them very knowing looks when they both finally left the room five minutes apart with lovebites covering their necks and their clothes all skewed

6) At a club – Even though Viktor likes the fact that he’s Yuuri’s one and only he also feels a little guilty that he had his wild younger years in his early twenties and got a fair bit of experience while Yuuri never did and he doesn’t ever want Yuuri to end up resenting him for that. But Yuuri was like ‘I don’t care, you were the only person I wanted to sleep with anyway I was never interested in random hook-ups with anyone else’ so Viktor was like ‘why don’t you have a random hookup with me instead then?’ So they ended up doing that thing that some couples do when they pretend not to know each other and chat each other up in a club for fun except Yuuri got really nervous beforehand, took several shots to loosen up, got an unexpected rush of confidence that was partially alcohol  related and partially the anonymity of the club they were in letting him get properly into Eros mode and the night ended with him completely seducing a very willing Viktor, a lapdance and them both screwing in the back of the club because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

5) In a lift – They were both trapped in a lift in a hotel that broke down for a while and when they were finally rescued everyone was like ‘oh my god are you ok, it must have been so scary being stuck in there alone for like two hours’ and Viktor was like ‘oh. Yeah. Terrifying.’ *shifty eyes* while Yuuri went bright red. Then after when they thought they’d gotten away with it Yuuri was suddenly like ‘Viktor…lifts have cameras in them don’t they?’ and that was the moment they realised they both fucked up. (It was fine though because no footage could ever be released because of the hotel privacy policy. But one security guard certainly got a show)

4) At a restaurant – Viktor did that thing at a fancy restaurant they were at for Yuuri’s birthday where he’s like ‘oh no I dropped my fork *disappears under the table for fifteen minutes*’ and Yuuri nearly bit through his lip trying to keep a straight face and not let on to anyone around them what was happening  

3) In the showers at Viktor’s home rink in St Petersburg – Yuuri decided to surprise Viktor after practice and it all went downhill from there. Yurio once overheard Viktor mentioning it while flirting with Yuuri at the rinkside and has never used any of the showers at the rink again

2) In a cabin in the woods – About a year into their relationship Yuuri started to get really self-conscious and anxious about all the media attention and the obsessed fans and how there was always paparazzi hanging around them and so Viktor rented out a completely secluded cabin in the woods as far away from civilisation as he could find on an impulse to try and give Yuuri a relaxing break. Since neither of them knew literally anything about outdoor survival they just stockpiled it with food and wood for the fire and disappeared for a week. They spent most of that week hiking (mainly consisting of them both getting lost and Viktor nearly dying multiple times), cuddling up together to watch the sunrise and sunset and having sex marathons on the fur rug in front of the fire a la every romance film ever. Viktor still considers it one of the best decisions he’s ever made and now has a yearly reservation.

1) In a bathroom at the European Championships – Yuuri promised to give Viktor a ‘reward’ if he won the Euros which lead to them having sex in the skater’s bathroom after the medal ceremony. Chris happened to walk in on them halfway and because Chris is Chris when they noticed him he was just like ‘don’t let me stop you’ and smirked. Viktor was 100% ready to ignore him and continue but Yuuri, unfortunately, was not. Viktor ended up getting his reward that night in the hotel room instead.

Having a child with Newt would include…

- Even though he would make sure that you and your child are always safe, you would usually accompany him when he’d go somewhere

- Him telling your child about all his adventures and how he is one of the very few people who actually saw some of the most rarely seen creatures

- Him usually modifying the bedtime story a bit

- “… And so the prince did not kill the dragon because he realized they are very misunderstood creatures who mean no harm and need to be protected”

- Niffler loving to be around your little one, sometimes even giving some of his own treasures to them to play with for a while

- Pickett actually kind of abandoning Newt because he would simply refuse to leave your child’s side

- Aunty Queenie and uncle Jacob visiting on weekends, bringing all kinds of sweet pastries for the coffee

- Queenie and you going shopping for clothes for your child together

- You sometimes coming home to Newt and your little one deeply asleep, surrounded by drawings of all the creatures they’ll see together at some point

- The three of you sitting in front of the fire place on cozy evenings, cuddled together under a pile of pillows and blankets

- No matter what, your little family would always come first for all of you, because regardless of what would happen, you knew that you could always be sure to come home to the people who love you the most

Things Damian Wayne has Definitely Done at Some Point

- challenged a  pigeon to a duel

- tried taking Goliath to Petsmart

- built a tree house with Colin behind Wayne Manor

- had a 36-hour Disney movie marathon with Dick

- snuck into Selina’s place when she wasn’t home to cuddle with her cats

- couldn’t handle the “Baby Mine” scene in Dumbo and broke down in Bruce’s lap

- punched a computer and broke the screen

- gave Tim a dead spider for Christmas

- bit a woman’s finger when she tried to pinch his cheek

- attempted to adopt a giraffe

- reluctantly dressed as Pinkie and The Brain with Dick for Halloween (he being Brain of course)

- made the mistake of walking in on Dick and Barbara and was thoroughly scarred for life

- got kicked out of class for correcting a teacher numerous times and maybe definitely calling her an “uncultured babbling wench”

- got the nickname Stewie Griffin for obvious reasons

- lost a bet with Steph and had to wear a pink batman onesie for an entire day

- had a nightmare about his death and cuddled with Jason the entire night

- was too short for every roller coaster at Adventureland

- replaced a sleep deprived Tim’s coffee grounds with dirt

- made Bruce get a ticket because he rode in the front without a car seat

- gave a pediatrician a black eye when given his flu shot

- stole Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern ring somehow and used it to make a giant fire sword

- got caught singing along to Whitney Houston

- got mistaken for a seven year-old

- thrust a butterknife through a table when offered a kid’s menu at a restaurant 

See Jason Todd one here

See Tim Drake one here

More Hogwarts House Aesthetic
  • Gryffindor: Dancing ridiculously; procrastinating to no end; pounding music; thunderstorms; supermarket raids at midnight with their friends; bonfires; yelling across the room; outdoor concerts; complicated handshakes
  • Hufflepuff: Unexpected hugs from the back; cuddling in front of a fire; oversized sweatshirts; wind chimes; polaroids; cuddling in blankets; new recipes; baking at 2am; just cuddling in general; fairytales and short stories; wishing on dandelions
  • Ravenclaw: Playing an instrument or two or three; singing under their breath; finding people who listen to their book rants; study playlists; calligraphy; binge watching tv shows until 4am; ink splatters and unkept journals
  • Slytherin: Lighthearted teasing; sharing secrets; 3am texts; playing with their hair; leather jackets; museums; dark chocolate and sea salt; having someone who stays up with you on those restless nights

bane-magnus  asked:

hey izsak, i was wondering if i could prompt something: malec at a bonfire or like malec cuddling near magnus' fireplace

in the fallen dark, surrounded by the thick trees of an upstate forest, everything was quiet and still, save for the crackle of the fire settled in front of them. it had been roaring an hour earlier, the flames high, licking up towards the canopy of leaves above them, but by now it had burnt down to something more respectable, enough to light the area and enough to keep them warm. the ever present chill of this early spring night was still pressing in, threatening at the edges of their blanket, but underneath it, with magnus’s warmth pressed to his side and the heat of the fire spilling over the front of him, alec couldn’t feel it.

earlier everyone had been gathered around and laughter had echoed off of the trees, the flickering firelight catching on luke’s face as he threw his head back in laughter, burning at the edges of magnus’s eyes all crinkled when he grinned. it had illuminated raj making simon laugh until he had his forehead pressed against his chest, and izzy playing games with madzie that made her high pitched laughter carry. and it had been warm, but not quite warm enough, as catarina offered alec a mug full of hot cider ran through with whiskey, chuckling as he accepted it eagerly considering how much he was shivering.

now the shivers were gone. they had disappeared the minute magnus sat down next to him, wrapping a blanket and his arms around alec, pressing him tight against his side. they had disintegrated with soft slow kisses that had turned everything into a hum with the sound of the fire run underneath it all. and then as time passed, the kisses faded out, laughter and talk continued, and then slowly, like a trickle, everyone had headed off to the cabins just out of sight until it was only the two of them.

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Harry Potter Preferences - Part 7: Valentine’s Day

Draco: You would basically already wake up under a pile of presents. It’s not that Draco wouldn’t spoil you anyways, but on days like this he would go *slightly* over the top. Jewelry, flowers, chocolate and dinner at a fancy restaurant. You would’ve tried to tell him that this wasn’t necessary, but you knew he only ment good, wanting to show you that you deserve everything this world has to offer.

Sirius: Since he wouldn’t be that much into cheesy traditions, Sirius soon developed his own way to make this day special for the both of you. Every year he’d take you on a road trip, never telling you where you’d be going this year, but it would always be some kind of place that you wanted to visit for quite some time now.

Remus: Considering that Remus already had a thing for chocolate, you were the one that decided to visit a chocolate factory that offered guided tours. You loved the look on his face when his expression changed from surprise over confusion to basically sugar sweet excitement.

Neville: With Neville you would practically drown in flowers. He would not only give them to you as soon as you woke up, but it also became a tadition for the two of you to visit the zoo. It might seem childish to some people, but years ago you thought it would be a funny idea since both of you loved animals, which is why you just stuck to it.

Cedric: Both of you would enjoy classic, more simple activities that would allow you to focus on each other. Which is why Cedric would take you to a cozy little restaurant, with some prive space to dance afterwards. You two would spend the whole night talking, dancing and in the end just curling against each other when you arrived back home, not really needing a special day to show the other one how much you love them.

Fred: Fred would take you to a Quidditch game every year. Both of you were huge Quidditch fans and visiting those games on special occasions would remind both of you of the day you met. You would grab something to eat as well, but the bigger part of the evening would be spent laughing and cheering with thousands of other people.

George: Cheesy romance wouldn’t really fit with the two of you, which is why you developed a rather unconventional Valentie’s Day tadition. Every year the two of you would go to an ‘Escape Room’. Getting locked somewhere and having to solve all kinds of riddles to get out wouldn’t only be fun for both of you, it would also once again show what a great team you guys are.

Harry: Neither of you would really enjoy going out on Valentine’s Day, because the thing you enjoyed most would be each others company. This is why you would usually stay inside, cook together and afterwards some cuddling in front of the fire place.

The Unremarkable House in the snow…it’s good to know that Mulder and Scully are inside cuddling under a blanket on the couch and listening to Radiolab in front of a nice warm fire

Dating james potter would include...

  • Late night in front of the common room fire
  • Cuddling all day everyday
  • Him loving the cuddles
  • The other marauders being jealous (especially Sirius)
  • Going camping in the forbidden forest
  • Having sex in the forbidden forest
  • Him trying to impress you during every quidditch match match
  • Him giving you the snitch he caught
  • Playing quidditch with him
  • Him getting super jealous all the time, like ALL the time
  • being teased by him 24/7 and teasing him back
  • Spending the summer at his house
  • Being goofy together
  • Making funny faces to make each other laugh
  • Cooking together
  • Traveling a lot
  • Having a lot of family days (spending time with your and his family)
  • Neck kisses and all kinds of kisses all the time; lazy, passionate, loving,..
  • shower sex
  • Singing and dancing around when you’re with him
  • Winks
  • Very cute handwritten notes
  • A lot of PDA
  • Getting in trouble for all the PDA
  • Tickle fights that end up in a very heated make-out session
  • Picnics by the lake under the beech tree
  • EVERYONE knowing that you’re his
  • Playing pranks on him with Sirius
  • Sirius Getting annoyed at how much James talks about you 
  • Keeping him out of trouble but also getting him into trouble sometimes
  • Him always wanting to be around you 
  • Him sitting next to you in every class
  • Flirting during class instead of listening to the teacher
  • Getting detention together for not listening in class
  • Making sure he gets enough sleep
  • Him calling you “love” or “darling”
  • Being the fun couple that everyone wants to be around
domestic things I love in sickfics
  • pressing a hand to the character’s forehead to check if they have a temperature
  • pressing the back of their fingers to the character’s cheek to check if they have a temperature
  • cuddles + hair stroking
  • even though it’s technically not a scientifically sound thing, characters getting sick from not wearing enough layers or getting caught in the rain
  • along those lines, one of the character’s who’s soaked through or shivering starts to sneeze a couple times, and their s/o just panicking a little and starting to fuss over them, wrapping them up in blankets and sitting them down in front of the fire and monitoring them to see if they’re symptoms get worse
  • the character being so sick and out of it that they can’t walk by themselves, and they have to be supported or carried
  • the character just looking like the poster of a sick person - pale face, flushed cheeks, bags under their eyes, blankets wrapped up to their neck, and a thermometer under their tongue
  • the sick character insisting that their s/o goes to work but the s/o refuses to leave their side
  • anxious hovering caretakers
  • the character having a coughing fit so hard that they sway and almost fall over and their friend/family member/partner has to steady them
  • the character waking up from a feverish sleep, expecting their s/o to be gone, only to find them asleep on a chair at their bedside
A Keeper

Hey bby could ya do a Remus x reader where they are caught making out by James Peter and Sirius and they’re all teasing Remus and he’s so embarrassed but the reader doesn’t care and just kisses him again ?? sorry if it’s too much xx

sorry for the long wait but midterms were kicking my ass! hope you like it! xx


You’ve only been dating Remus for two weeks, you had both decided to keep things on the down low for the time being because you knew how annoying your respective group of friends could be—between the marauders and Marlene and Lily, it was a miracle the Daily Prophet didn’t know every aspect of yours and Remus’ life.

That’s why you and Remus only met after curfew, or before the sun rose, much like today.

It was  Saturday, an hour before sunrise, and you and Remus were cuddling in front of the dying fire, you probably had like 2 hours before anyone in Gryffindor tower wakes up and heads down for breakfast.

“You know, maybe we should tell them, that way we could maybe cuddle in a warm bed…” Remus muttered, burying his face in the nape of your neck. You snorted in response, laughing at how he wasn’t a morning person.

“Fine by me, are you ready for Sirius to give you the birds and bees talk?”

“On second thought, maybe we should wait a bit more….” You hummed in agreement.

Soon enough the sun was beginning to rise and the room was engulfed by waves of crimson and gold. You were both still sitting next to each other, your legs on top of his long ones. Remus was lazily drawing patterns on your hand with his fingers, causing you to laugh every once in a while due to him tickling your sides. One thing lead to another and shortly he flipped you both over, him on top of you, his hands were on your hips, yours were intertwine in his hair, and your lips were on one another’s, forgetting the world around you.

Time seemed to completely stop as you two kissed, nothing could ruin such a perfect moment, or so you thought.

“JAMES! JAA-AMES! COME QUICK! OUR LITTLE REMUS IS ALL GROWN UP!” Sirius screamed from the top of the staircase.

You and Remus both sprung apart from each other, you quickly tried to make yourself presentable, you fixed your jumper and tried to tame your messy hair.

Remus on the other hand groaned as he buried his face in his hands as Sirius continued with his jokes.

“And when were you planning on presenting her to us?” James said haughtily as he draped an arm around Sirius’ shoulders.

“Mummy is hurt that you kept your girlfriend a secret.” Sirius wailed.

“Oh shut up Sirius, for the last time stop referring to yourself as my mother.” Remus said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“DON’T USE THAT TONE WITH YOUR MOTHER, YOUNG MAN.” James said dramatically as Sirius clutched his heart.

“I didn’t know James and Sirius adopted you…” You muttered, hoping to calm down Remus. You saw the beginnings of a smile on his face but they were gone in a flash.

“I didn’t know you and Y/N knew each other.” Sirius said, smirking. 

“Well they certainly got really acquainted now…” James said as he wiggled his eyebrows, causing Remus to groan. You didn’t know how long they were going to tease Remus but from the looks of it, it seemed to be for a long time, something that you didn’t have.

“Well, I’ll leave you three to your little comedy fest. I’ll meet you by the lake in an hour, okay?” you told Remus as he nodded, an annoyed look on his face due to his friends. You stood on the tip of your toes and kissed him goodbye, both of you momentarily forgot that you had a crowd but after the teasing that they had done, you didn’t care. It wasn’t until Sirius started whistling that you stopped.

You waved the boys goodbye, Sirius and James gave you an approving nod and Remus waved bye, a dazed but content look on his face.

He was in awe of how you put up with his annoying friends without getting embarrassed.

You were definitely a keeper.

Dangerous: Chapter Two

Request: Hi! Could you do a oneshot or multi chapter where reader is Tony’s daughter & Avenger who falls in love w/ Loki. They have a Joker/Harley type relationship (minus the abuse) & even tho she loves her dad & team, she becomes a villain for loki. Thanks!  

Summary: Stark is the name I was born into. Being Tony Stark’s kid meant a lot of things, namely everyone looking to you and protecting you. I’m not some princess needing to be protected. That’s what I’ve told myself anyway. When Loki appears, I feel ready to worship a king.

Starts during the Avengers movie then I kinda write my own thing.

Triggers Throughout The Series: Angst. Drama. Violence. Smut. Romance.

Triggers In This Chapter: SO MUCH SMUT

Word Count:  1778

I shuddered when he kissed my neck, pressing me against the wall. His teeth grazed my neck, sending a chill straight to my clit. “Mine,” He growled.

“Yours. Loki,” I moaned, getting his attention. “My room. Please?”

“Of course, my Sigyn,” He said, cupping my face tenderly. I shivered, my skin chilling under his touch. I turned my head into his palm and kissed it lovingly as I rutted into him. His hard cock twitched under his pants as he groaned. “Tell me now. Else, I won’t care who sees me pumping you full of my seed.”

I moaned at those words and told him where to go. He held me to him and quickly hurried for my room. As soon as the door was opened, it was closed and I was dropped onto my bed. His hands gripped the front of my shirt and tore it open, making me gasp before giving him a small glare.

He smirked to me. “Fret not, my dear,” He assured me as his fingers ghosted over my flesh. “It’s but an obstacle between me and your alluring flesh.” I bit my lip as I watched his eyes spark, changing red for a moment. While it did startle me at first, I calmed quickly when his palms tore off my bra and groped at my tits. My moan of pleasure made him smirk and I needed more. “What’s wrong, my kitten?” He hummed, rubbing his thumbs over the pert nipples. “Tell me what you want. I may grant it.”

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Another, fairly scribbly/sketchy drawing based on a prompt <3 This time a prompt by anon: Dan and Phil doodle prompt: warm cuddles under a blanket in front of a fire :) (if you have time!)        

Sorry, Anon, that it’s not by fire as you wanted it, but I will try to do that properly another time. For now, I hope you enjoy this <3 (I will see if I can add shadows another time, too, sorry <3)

(Please do not repost or remove caption <3)   

jadepresley  asked:

Five sentences: albus x scorpius. "What do you think our dads will say?"

“What do you think our dads will say?” Scorpius whispered into Albus’ shoulder.

They were cuddled up on a sofa in the Slytherin common room in front of the last fire still lit after everyone else had gone to bed.  It wouldn’t have been the first time if the Bloody Barron drifted into the room and ignored the young men as they were.  They often haunted the space together studying, talking, together.  However, this was the first time they were after they had kissed.

Albus swept his thumb over Scorpius’ knuckles as they held hands.

“My dad’ll probably be pleased.  Make some lame joke about what your intentions are.”

Scorpius lifted up his head to peek up at Albus and give him a smirk.  “Your dad,” Albus continued with a heavy sigh “will actually ask me about my intentions.”

Ah, there were so many different ways I could go with this one and I had a couple other ideas but this is what came out of me while I’m sitting here bored at work!  Maybe I’ll write the others too…

Send me a pairing and a sentence and I’ll write the next five(ish)

Smart Cookies - Part 3 (Jughead x Reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal. 

Read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Characters: Jughead x reader, Veronica, Archie, (mentioned) the rest of the gang.

Warnings: Kissing.

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

For a girl who loved to spill, Veronica Lodge was keeping things very quiet about the plans she had for y/n. Y/n was a little confused as Veronica gave her instructions as they sat at their usual picnic table for lunch, waiting for the others.

‘So my mom’s friend owed us a favour. All you gotta do is go to the address I’ll text you, with Jughead on Friday and all will be revealed.’ V said.

‘Doesn’t sound creepy at all Ronnie.’ y/n replied hesitantly.

‘Just trust me y/n.’ Before y/n could question her further, the rest of the gang joined them. Jughead slid in next to her, she automatically turned and gave him a little peck on the lips. His cheeks flushed a little causing everyone to giggle at him.

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Cuddle Up Day Memes
  • “If you’re cold I can get you a blanket.”
  • “Aww, are we cuddling?”
  • “Don’t get too used to this.”
  • “If anyone asks this never happened.”
  • “I don’t need to cuddle you to keep warm.”
  • “I’d rather freeze than cuddle with you.”
  • “You’ll freeze to death if you sit on your own.”
  • “What? It’s not like I stink, come over here and cuddle me.”
  • “I said cuddle me.”
  • “Here, I’m taking charge, we’re cuddling.”
  • “If you don’t like the word cuddling we could call it ‘warmth trading.’”
  • “I am not cuddling, I am trading body heat with you.”
  • “I’d rather throw myself in the fire than cuddle with you.”
  • “I’ll just pretend you’re someone cute while we cuddle, if I close my eyes it might work.”
  • “We have a fire, we don’t need to cuddle.”
  • “It would be romantic if you cuddled up with me in front of the fire.”
  • “I don’t want to romantically cuddle with you, this is a necessary evil, there is no romance involved.”
  • “Stop looking at me like that, it’s cold.”
  • “I don’t want to hear about this ever again.”
  • “If you tell anyone I will kill you.”

REQUESTED: “can you do an imagine where y/n and jason are 6 months pregnant please?” - don’t know why I have Christmas on the brain, but oh well.

She sits on the floor of the extravagant, black colored living room, his plain white t-shirt hanging loosely over her shoulders, the glowing fire warming her short tanned legs. It seemed as if she had been sitting here for hours, watching the flames grow and fall as the small baby in her stomach kicked with excitement, almost as if he or she could see the fire through her stomach. It wasn’t the way she intended to spend Christmas Eve, but every time the pressure would land on a new spot of her stomach and she couldn’t help the smile from covering her lips.
“Merry Christmas my sweet baby.” She whispered into the air, caressing the prominent stomach with soft delicate fingers. “Daddy will be home soon, and then the three of us can cuddle under the fire, maybe we can even sing a few Christmas carols.” Y/N giggled, dreaming of what her unborn child would look like as the clock ticked down to five minutes before midnight.

The doorbell rings, making Y/N jump from her spot on the fluffy rug. Groaning, she pushes off the couch, holding her back as she waddles to the large double doors armed with the high tech security system Jason insisted on having. Typing in the code, Y/N unlocks the door and opens the glass to see a bouquet of red roses being held in front of the face of the visitor standing before her. “Merry Christmas,” the deep voice says before the roses fall and Jason’s face appears.

“Jason,” she whispers, a smile pulling on her face. He’s home. He made it home. “I thought you sa-”

“I know what I said. But I was an asshole, I should have been here to begin with, with you and our baby,” he says, resting his hand on your stomach. “Can I please spend what little is left of Christmas Eve with you and baby bean?” He asks sweetly, using the nickname the two had come up with when seeing the first ultrasound of the baby.

Jason steps into the house, dropping the roses on the floor as Y/N jumps into his arms and plants her lips against his warm, slightly tobacco tasting lips. Normally, she would whine and complain about him smoking, but today, she was just happy to be with the love of her life, no matter what illegal thing he was probably doing minutes before. “Merry Christmas, Jason.” Y/N whispers as she glances at the clock, watching as it strikes midnight.

“Merry Christmas, babies.”