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I know there’s so much Harry going on right now, so I feel the need to cut in and just say .. I love Niall Horan. Everyone knows how much I love Harry but the love I feel for my little irish muffin surpasses that(I know.. seems impossible). Nothing makes me happier than Niall Horan and I’m not ashamed to say that. 

HIs lyric video for Slow Hands is probably my favorite thing in the world and I am watching it as I write this and maybe that is why I’m all in the NIall feels, I dunno. It’s also 2:30 in the morning, I woke up early today and worked all day/night so maybe I’m just a bit out of it but I JUST LOVE NIALL HORAN, OKAY?! 

Niall Horan is the most adorable, yet sexiest, man in the ENTIRE WORLD and I will FIGHT anyone who disagrees. 


(Fun fact that I just realized as I went to press post - I’m wearing my Niall represent shirt he did last summer. Wore it to work and had some girls be like ‘Niall!’ and then saw my 1D tattoo and fangirled even more. Made me smile. haha)

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I would be that girlfriend to mess up his clothes and closet whenever we fight about something just to piss him off LOL can we have a blurb for that? ;)

Normally you were the lazier, messier person in this relationship.  But since Niall had been home he hadn’t switched off of “tour mode”.  He was still living out of his suitcase, leaving dishes everywhere, and generally acting like he had a team of people that came around and cleaned up after him.  You understood it would take a few days for him to reset and get back into the swing of being at home.  But this was getting ridiculous.  It’d been almost 3 weeks.  

This morning you’d gotten up and decided enough was enough.  You’d cleaned the kitchen, did two loads of dishes, swept the floors, sorted the mail, and finally sat down to go through Niall’s huge suitcase to do laundry.

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“I love your cuddles”

well, what can i say? there are 58 of us and it’s making me very very happy so i just wanna say thank you again :D X

Harry Imagine: Cuddling

It’s been a painfully long day at your work. Your boss over-works you and you’re just drained. As you walk to the door to put the key in, you exhale, almost as if you were breathing out your stress. You couldn’t wait to be in Harry’s arms. He always knew how to make everything better. You let out a small smile as you anticipate seeing him before sticking the key in the lock. As you walk through the door, Harry notices your pale/drained features.

“Long day, huh?” He asks, making sure that his voice isn’t too loud. “Of course.” you grumble, attempting a laugh to lighten the mood.. Doesn’t work. “Come here, babe.” He offers, holding his arms out for you to cuddle with him. You gladly accept his offer and make your way to your loving and sympathetic boyfriend of 3 years.

“Work sucks.” You state as you sit on his lap and bury your head into his shoulder. “Why don’t you just stay home, Y/N? I provide enough money for us, anyways.” That is very true. You only work, because you shouldn’t have to rely on his money, especially if something ever happens between the both of you, which is pretty certain to be false. Not to mention, you don’t want to seem like you’re mooching off of him.

“I don’t know, Harry.” “It sounds like a good idea, but I don’t want to seem like I’m mooching off of you” you reply, in a low tone. You’re questioning yourself now. It doesn’t sound too bad, actually. Your stress level would go down for sure and you’d be a lot happier.

“I think you should think about it, kitten. Your working environment isn’t healthy for you at all.” “I’m starting to get worried for you.” He almost whispers. You’re both getting more relaxed now.
I’ll be fine" you say. It was only so quiet that you would be surprised if Harry even heard you.

The room was filled with complete silence. It felt good. You’re normally accustomed to your boss screaming at you. It’s hard to find peace in there. Your senses are being filled with the sound of his heartbeat, and the raindrops outside splashing on the window.

You’re laying on top of him with one arm of his wrapped safely around your waist, and the other playing with your hair. Your legs tangled and you would ever want to leave this position. He’s just so comforting, it’s impossible to even get up in the mornings from snuggling in bed.

His heartbeat starts to slow as does his hand. Once in a while, you’ll hear little mumbles escape his mouth. He’s so darn cute. And he’s all yours. Yours only.

A/N: Wow. First imagine on this account. Hope it didn’t make you want to throw me into the trash, because I love you all a lot. I will sure to make more of these and do requests/personals if you guys ask me to. Love ya!