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Bermuda hasn’t had any seizures yet today but she is now meowing frequently and hallucinating with barely blinking giant pupiled eyes,,, she kept trying to scratch and bite me every small movement I made so now I’m staying in the living room,

We are supposed to get the blood results in the afternoon so hopefully there will be an answer there because I can’t find anything online about cats having seizures and then hallucinating and being aggressive and all like she is?

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2 or 14 with platonic Sonny and Vanessa?

God bless this prompt Sonessa BROTP is my favorite thing in the world. This got way longer than I anticipated.

14. Nobody can trust me to do anything important!

What Usnavi doesn’t know can’t hurt him. Vanessa doesn’t believe that, not really, but that doesn’t mean she’ll rush to tell him about every little thing that is bound to get him all worked up, the little worry wart she got herself as a boyfriend. Some secrets are meant with kindness.

“This stays between us,” Sonny urges her as soon as she answers his call. “Don’t tell Usnavi.”

Vanessa pauses, already feeling a smirk at her mouth, but then she hears the giggle of Nina’s little girl and Sonny snaps.

“Claudita, NO! Don’t put that in your mouth!” He shrieks, then lets out a deep defeated sigh and talks to Vanessa again. “Look, can you come?”

“Why the hell is Claudia with you?”

“Nina and Benny are at that tantric retreat thing, you know? I didn’t ask for details, it kinda sounded like a sex thing…”

It totally is, Vanessa knows, but that’s not for Sonny to hear.

“Yeah, I know that. I mean I though the kids were at Camila and Kevin’s?”

“So, erm, about that…” Sonny says and Vanessa is quite sure she’s hearing the distant wailing of baby Daniel and, much closer, the sound of something breaking. “Fuck… No, don’t you repeat that, oh my god! Vanessa, save me and don’t tell Usnavi!”

There are secrets, small secrets that threaten to turn into big ones, that Vanessa has to keep for Usnavi’s peace of mind. She shoots him a text to not come downtown tonight after closing his shop because she’s going out with friends and hops on a train to Sonny’s little apartment, hoping Usnavi isn’t in for a casual secret visit to his favorite cousin. Thank god they still haven’t made his move into her studio completely official and he still spends some nights at Abuela’s old place. She’s half minded to send Nina a text just in case but keeps that decision hanging until she’s observed the situation.

Sonny opens the door like she’s a long lost relative found again after ten years. He almost pulls her into a hug but then keeps her at arm’s distance. Seeing some stain on his shoulder that looks suspiciously like baby puke, she’s glad for the consideration.

“What the hell, dude?”

From far into the apartment, she hears Pete sigh in relief.

“She’s here!” Sonny shouts back at him and without further comment, shoves Vanessa in. “Vanessa’s here!”

“Fricking thank God!” Pete shouts back from the other room.

The apartment has never been more of a mess, which is saying something. The storm that are Nina’s little ones has taken its toll and it shows. The floor is littered with toys and blankets, all sorts of books pulled from the shelves and lying everywhere, as if Claudia couldn’t decide which one to look at. There’s a dirty blanket on the sofa that she’s not sure she even wants to know the history of and what bodily fluids it is soaked with. The kitchen corner is covered in food stains, there’s an annoying beep of the microwave where she sees Claudia’s bottle, and of course, the center of this spectacle, the girl herself is jumping up and down on the coffee table, completely naked. Vanessa breathes in deeply.

“You,” she tells Claudia, first things first, “need to wear your PJs right now, Miss.”

It’s a dirty mess they’ve made here, and an even dirtier one to clean. While Sonny grabs a shower − and god knows he needs one −, Vanessa handles it all, grimy as it is. Putting clothes on this damned kid, calming her down (she’s certain the boys must have given her at least a dozen pieces of candy, however vehemently they deny it), finding her favorite toy, the fluffy elephant Usnavi gave her when she was born (who put it on top of the fridge?), giving her all the cuddles while she drinks her bottle before bed, putting her to fucking sleep. She makes a fuss of going to sleep, of course, which makes her brother cry all the louder − that baby is a fucking powerhouse. They change his diaper three times in the short time she’s here. In the end, Pete has to lie down with Claudia because she can’t fall asleep without cuddles either and Vanessa hates Nina for all her dumb attachment parenting shit more than anyone in the world right now. Another word for raising snuggle addicts. When she checks the time, it’s been a couple hours since she arrived, and yet it feels like as many weeks. Pete has fallen asleep next to Claudia and Daniel is sleeping peacefully in the crib. They’re so much cuter when they’re not awake.

“Dude, you saved my life,” Sonny says before crashing face first into the couch.

She snorts silently and starts to pick up the toys. Usnavi rubbed off on her a little in all the years they’ve been together and she can’t stand messes nearly as much as she used to.

“Now you’re gonna explain,” she says. “What the fuck happened?”

Sonny groans and slowly turns over, rubbing his eyes, deep frown on his face.

“I made a mistake,” he says simply. When she doesn’t answer, he pops an eye open and glances at her before sighing. “Look, I offered Nina to babysit. Give her parents a break. They’re getting old.”

Vanessa cocks her brow.

“They’re like, I dunno, fifty-five. They’re not that old.”

“You know what I mean!” He waves his eyes around helplessly. “I thought we could handle it instead.”

She picks up the last of the toys − how many plushies do these damn kids need?! − and drops on the couch, rearranging his legs so they’re on her lap.


“I’m a horrible babysitter,” he sighs, staring at the ceiling. “I’m a mess. I get why she never asked me before. I can’t handle it. I can’t handle anything. Usnavi was right, nobody can trust me to do anything important!”

She looks at him. Most of the times, he looks nothing like his cousin, which suits the both of them all the better. In this instant, though, she sees a bit of Usnavi’s nervous mess in him. It’s cute.

“You know…” She starts, not sure how to put it. “You know, the first time Usnavi had us babysit Claudia, she shat all over my beanbag and I had to buy another one.”

For a few seconds he says nothing, then snorts loudly before catching himself and pasting a hand on his mouth. He sits up, folding his legs under him, a dumb grin on his little face.


“Yeah! Another time, he went to the bathroom like, five seconds, and when he came back he didn’t let me hold her for the next six months cause I was holding her upside down.”

“Dude!” He laughs, slapping her arm. “Why’d you do that?”

“I dunno, she giggled when I did it,” she shrugs. “Babies are weird.”

He smiles, which turns into a yawn and a stretch.

“Wanna crash at my place?” She asks. “If Pete is going to take the bed with the kid?”

Sonny shakes his head, his motions already slurring.

“Nah, I can’t let Pete deal with them waking up all on his own.”


He breathes in, as if bracing himself for the rest of the weekend.

“I’m taking the couch, so you gotta free that seat,” he says, the little brat, and she nudges him hard before standing up.

“You ungrateful nerd,” she says. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

“So I’m told,” he grins, grabbing himself a blanket. “Thanks, though. You, like, saved my life tonight.”

She smiles, getting her coat.

“You owe me.”

“God yeah,” he says, tucking himself in, wrapped up like a burrito. “Night, V.”

“Night,” she replies, closing the door behind her with the spare key he gave her years ago.

She checks her phone on the ride downtown and sees three texts by Usnavi.

do you think nina and benny are having fun at their meditation retreat? 

wait are you busy sorry I didn’t want to bother you, hope you’re having fun I love you

I’m going to bed goodnight I love you <3

She shoots him a goodnight text, and a good morning one for good measure that he’ll also read in the morning. He likes that kind of crap and if there’s something Vanessa likes, it’s making him happy. He’s real cute and she wants to squish his cheeks and kiss him breathless and never see him sad or worried in his life. That’s why he can never know about tonight’s misadventures. What Usnavi doesn’t know cannot hurt him.

This is like… Not Relatable Content and I appreciate y'all putting up with me going on and on about this but

Emma was cuddled up drinking her milk, just normal bedtime stuff, and then she sat up and laid her head on my shoulder, snuggling in for a big hug? And she fell asleep while I sung to her

I’m just incredibly grateful to have this sweet loving little person in my life!

Blanket Burrito

@atlerion request: Gladio with s/o that is really cold. Que teddy!Gladio. You decide how (n)sfw you wanna make it

Again, using my OC Aeyanna for this request! Just a short little thing.

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV. 

Pairing: Gladiolus Amicitia x Aeyanna

Note: Using Celcius, cuz me European lmao. 18C is ~64F

Rating: SFW

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Bah. Could Winter end already? Sure, it looked beautiful from a window – white fluffy stuff blanketing everything the eye could see. But Aeyanna may appreciate the aesthetic, but the actual dealing with it? No thank you. Because of her short stature, the cold bothered her a lot.

The moment the temperature dropped under 18 degrees Celsius, she grabbed the fleece blankets and the duvets out of storage and placed them in convenient spots for her to grab them. She had acquired quite a nice collection of blankets if she said so herself, and they all kept her warm in combination with her sweater dresses and beanies.

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