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Holidays with Ashton would include- 

-Distracting you while you try to pack
-Constantly grabbing your thigh in the airplane
-Trying to convince you to join the mile high club with him
-Nearly throwing a fit when you say no for the thousandth time
-Making it up to him as soon as you reach the hotel
-Cuddling the entire day
-Going for a swim in the night
-Making out in the pool
-Sitting by the pool, listening to him sing softly
-Going back to the room, only to fuck on the couch
-Bubble bath with champagne and Ashton
-Going for a midnight walk to the beach
-Getting thrown in the water by Ash
-Skinny dipping
-Sex on the beach
-Talking for hours on end before the sun finally comes up

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How would pharah and mercy help their s/o with their back pain

((Anon my frieeeend lemme tell you how much pain I’m in. But I’ll be cured with these headcannons and cute gifs :^3 - Mod Tez))


  • She is the fucking queen of massages.
  • Like, if your back hurts she will rain justice gently on your ass.
  • Firm but effective circles is her way of rubbing out those painful aches.
  • And she uses hot rocks too.
  • When you groan and shift around at night she stays up with you and rubs your back, gets you painkillers and then makes sure you fall asleep first before she gets some shut eye.
  • Most of the time your comfort sessions with Pharah include hugs, kisses and movies.
  • Chocolate may or may not be included.

Couch cuddle for the win:

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  • Angela is 10/10 doctoring your ass to good health.
  • From medical creams, to acupuncture, she wants to make you feel better.
  • But by the time you’re better she’s stressed out and tired.
  • Please ensure you angel gets rest after caring for you to the point your back pain is cured for life and you are suddenly looking young and healthy.
  • Once she’s made sure you’re better she has only one day where she gets a little lazy.
  • Sleeping for the whole day is her lazy day.
  • Then she’s back to work fellas.
  • Angela really loves and cares for you so she always makes sure you’re okay.
  • When she’s on her lazy day, cuddle her the entire time. Because she’s somehow aware when you’re not next to her.

Lazy day cuddles are a lot like this:

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Werewolf!Jungkook as a Father

And to finish the series off, as he always does, is our cute lil bunny, the other half of the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie aka can I take a solid moment to discuss Jungkook’s thighs bc this needs to be talked about have you seen how beautiful they are like his legs in general are fucking 1000/10 but the th ighs I’m a thigh girl (thnx to tae for that) and his thighs are so fucking nice ?? like why bighit plz explain what’re you feeding these kids how are they all so pretty

  • Original werewolf!Jungkook here (part two here)
  • On the topic of pregnancy, all of the father related posts are here
  • Jungkook is another person I could see having kids before marriage
  • Similar to Yoongi, he’s gonna need a while before he’s ready to tie the knot
  • I see him taking like around 5 or 6 years maybe??
  • Of course if you do want to wait until after marriage to have the bbys, he’s totally okay with that, he just wants you to enjoy the relationship as much as he does
  • It takes him like a year to get used to being called your boyfriend so the thought of being called a husband is nice but that’s gonna take a whi le to build up to
  • He stills squeal a bit on the inside whenever you’re like yeah this is my bf kook bc wait that’s me I’m the bf holy shit
  • Side note the first time you do call him your husband he loses his shit and starts blushing and is all flustered
  • Stutters whenever you call him babe
  • It’s really amusing though bc normally he’s the one making you blush with all of the eyebrow wiggles and lil hand hearts like don’t worry kookie can be flirty once he gets comfortable
  • But to see that completely flip around and see him get completely and totally flustered like has to avoid eye contact and has no idea how to respond to anything bc his brain lowkey stops working is kinda endearing
  • Kook is really shy about affection and just the relationship in general at first
  • Like he doesn’t know if he’s allowed to hold your hand, can he kiss you without asking, is it alright with you if he gives you a goodbye hug ??
  • Of course you two have been dating for a month or two so you’re pretty chill with him holding your hand but he still asks before he does it bc he doesn’t want to scare you away by moving too quickly
  • Once he gets comfortable though, he’s pretty good
  • A relationship with kookie is pretty much like dating your best friend tbh
  • Once all those walls have come down and you two are really serious, it’s all chill
  • Late night adventures that normally end in breathless laughter and inside jokes that no one else understands
  • Playing video games together during the day and cuddling the entire time bc why not combine those two
  • He can turn anything into a competition
  • “Yeah you’re pretty good with folding and shit but I bet I can fold more clothes in 10 minutes than you can”
  • “Your ice cream’s good and all but I bet mine’s better, let’s ask the boys”
  • “You say you have 500 photos of me on your phone but guess what I’ve got 501 of you”
  • “Did you seriously just take a singular picture of me to be able to say that”
  • “fiGHT ME”
  • The boys are constantly teasing you two, lovingly of course
  • Kook can go into this mood where he’s just really really affectionate and needs your attention the entire day
  • That’s like prime time for the boys
  • Bc kook does the thing where he’ll be okay with sharing your attention for a bit BUT he needs to be giving you a lil back hug the entire time
  • He won’t need to be in the conversation, you can pretend he isn’t even there tbh
  • He just wants to rest his chin on top of your head, even if you’re taller than he is, he’ll reach up don’t worry he can tip toe
  • The entire time he’s just chilling out, counting down the seconds until he gets your attention again, the boys are just plotting
  • The second they get him alone, oh boy
  • In the background, you can see Yoongi and Taehyung reenacting your lil cuddle session and you can only imagine the glare kookie’s giving them
  • Similar to the husband thing, it’ll take kook a while to build up to having kids
  • He actually tears up a bit when you tell him you’re gonna have a lil bby Jeon waddling around
  • Okay but hold on before I continue that thought, I just gotta put this out there
  • A tiny itty bitty version of Jungkook waddling around after his father and giggling the entire time and clinging onto his legs bc “daddy hi hi do you see me I’m here”
  • Continuing on, kook does get a few tears going
  • He just can’t believe that he’s gonna have his own lil bby, like most of the boys have had their kids by now and he’s seen how amazing fatherhood is
  • He’s watched their bbys grow up and how quickly they do grow, he’s seen the looks of love all of the boys get when they see their lil mini bbys run up to them
  • And now he’s gonna have that, his own version of it where he gets to have someone super tiny to cuddle all day long and he can hold the bby as much as he wants and feed them and love them and spoil them with attention !!!!
  • Bc another side note, kook’s a total softie
  • If his bby comes up to him and is like ik I just had dessert but can I get an extra cookie plz he’s not gonna be able to say no
  • How can he say no when there’s this chubby cheeked, giggling smol version of him looking up at him with those big puppy dog eyes HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO SAY NO
  • And their voice is so small and quiet bc they’re trying to be as cute as possible so they get that extra cookie
  • And then you tell him it’s twin and he just about faints
  • He gets lowkey protective while the pregnancy is happening
  • He tries to be downplay it and be like meh it’s ight if you touch the bump I don’t mind
  • But at the same time, he’s watching them like a hawk and if they apply just a lil bit more pressure than he’s okay with it’s “hey no that’s a no no, you don’t get to touch anymore my bby are you okay”
  • Kook being genuinely confused at the store
  • “Why do they have so many different colors of everything?? It’s the same shirt why do I need it in pink and red isn’t that the same thing”
  • “Pink’s not red, pink’s pink”
  • “Do we just get both then am I supposed to pick will my bby honestly care if she’s wearing a pink or a red shirt”
  • The boys give him two tiny pairs of the boots he loves to wear at the baby shower and his heart melts bc it’s so small his bbys are gonna be that small
  • He puts them next to his pair and just about cries bc of the size difference
  • He likes to just have his hand on the bby bump at all times
  • He just likes to make sure you’re safe and comfy that’s his top priority

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UT, UF and US skelebros' reaction to a s/o who gets really cuddly and could just cuddle an entire day and give small kisses all over their skulls. :3

I will cuddle the absolute shit out of every one of you guys, just saying. - Mod Sync

Undertale Sans

He’s all for it. It gives him a reason to be lazy all day with you. He’d probably like to run his phalanges through your hair, give you little kisses back. He just wants to keep touching you in some way, making sure you’re real. Papyrus will find you guys asleep on the couch, but seeing you two so happy like that, he’ll let it slide just this once.

Undertale Papyrus

At first he’s extremely flustered. Poor bab needs to check his dating book to know what you’re trying to do, but after that he’ll eventually become more used to it. He’s not one to sit still for anything more than a movie. So if you want cuddles, be prepared to have movie nights frequently. Even then, he’ll just be absentmindedly stroking your hair or rubbing small circles into your back, something with motion. This skele is just so go, go, go at times, he forgets he needs to relax sometimes too. And that’s what you’re here to help him with. Sans was never prouder than catching you two napping on the couch.

Underswap Sans

He’s a lot like UT!Paps in reactions. He has a hard time sitting still, but he gets a little more on that he needs to relax sometimes, so he’s a little more into the cuddling. He loves giving you kisses, and he might try tickling you a bit.

Underswap Papyrus

If he can cuddle with you, prepare to not leave the couch for the rest of the day. He’ll love just looking at you, gently stroking your face or your hair. He’ll kiss back sometimes, but mostly just watch you. He’s just so in awe of you.

Underfell Sans

You’re not getting any physical contact from this skele where anyone, especially Papyrus, could see. But once you two are alone, this edgelord is transformed into a koala. He’s clinging to you and clinging hard. Arms and legs wrapped around you, face burried into your shoulder or chest. He loves you damnit! Love him back!

Underfell Papyrus

This poor Skele. He’s so awkward. He loves you, and you love to cuddle, but he’s never done anything like that. He’s stiff and awkward, but he’s trying. He stiffly holds you and tries to relax, maybe nervously strokes your hair. He’ll get there, just give him time.

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Can u write cuddlyeol imagine for me?😞 like pcy would be really clingy and cuddle u all the time cos he loves u so much?💕

Of course I can cutie~ Let me cheer you up!!! :3

“Jagiyaaaa I’m back~”. You boyfriend was walking into you house after a long day of hard work with the other members.

“Ohh welcome back, Channie! How was your d-” You didn’t have enough time to finish your sentence, because Chanyeol was running to you with a big smile.

“Jagiiiii I’m here~”

You smiled because he was actually so cute, running like a kid like this.

“Yes I heard it, what is happening to you-” He interrupted you for the second time, but with a warms and big hug this time.

“Jagi, I’ve missed you so much…”, he whispered in your ears.

“But we saw each other this morning, Channie~”

“I knooooooow~” he cuddled you even more, moaning like a kid. “But I’ve missed you… I wanted to cuddle you the entire day…”

“Aigoo, you’re too cute Chanyeol…~”

“Y/N can we cuddle please~? And tomorrow is Saturday, so I don’t have to work!! Can we cuddle during all the weekend too??”. Chanyeol looked at you like a child look at a now toy. He was so adorable, you couldn’t say no to this face.

Hehe of course we can cuddle the entire day, Channie… I would love to do that with you.”

“Really?? Yeaayyy”

Chanyeol came closer to you, and wrapped his strong arms around your small body. He kissed your forehead and smiled to you.

“I love you, Y/N…~ I love you more than anything!!”

“Oh my god, you’re so cheesy today Channie~ What is wrong with you?”

“But it’s because I’m happy! You make me happy! Happier than anyone else!!”

“Aish you’re adorable. You deserve more hugs~”

“Aw great!!”

It was probably the fluffiest and cutest weekend you could ever had with him in your entire life. But you promise to yourself that it was not going to be the last one…

Ta-dah! I hope you did like it :3 It was short, I’m sorry about that >< Anyway thank you for your request and tell me what did you think of this :3

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Yooooo my time has arrived! Thank you so much for running a blog like this, I really appreciate it and you of course ♪(´ε` )! Hopefully this wasn't asked before but can I get headcanons for Daichi, Tanaka, Noya and bokuto on how they would spend a rainy day with their s/o? Thank you again (=゚ω゚)ノ

This is right on time!! It’s raining where I live, so this makes things even better! <3 Thank you so much, and I appreciate YOU, dear anon!

Rainy Day Headcanons


  • Enjoys lounging around and watching movies with his partner, usually on of them will fall asleep halfway in, and the other will follow soon enough.
  • Before it rains, or the day before, they’ll go out and make preparations and buy things they need before hurrying back and staying dry.
  • Warm drinks are ideal for rainy days, according to Daichi!
  • Massages are good during rainy weather, the smell of the rain and the earth afterwards really puts them at ease.


  • Enjoys watching shows and movies with his partner, snuggled up together and keeping each other warm
  • Sometimes they’ll both cook with Saeko and have some food and some nice snacks to eat together while watching the rain and chatting
  • Playing in the rain? Hell yeah!
  • They play lots of video games together during rainy days, and it’s usually on rainy days where Tanaka is most sentimental, other than snowy days.


  • Is a sucker for kissing in the rain. He’ll purposefully let him and his partner get stuck outside their house, just to kiss them lovingly and hold them close to him.
  • No matter how bad the weather gets outside, Noya always loves playing music and dancing around with his partner, keeping up the excitement and using up all of the harbored energy he has
  • Naps are essential to rainy days!
  • Isn’t afraid to watch movies with the lights off while it rains. As long as he has his partner that’s all that matters.


  • Did someone say pillow/blanket forts? Because that’s his number one pleasure on a rainy day.
  • Surprisingly, when it rains, Bokuto eats ice cream! And loves feeding his s/o ice cream too!
  • Just like Daichi, he enjoys going out before the rain starts and getting snacks and other mandatory items for the house before hurrying home and spending time with his partner
  • If either of them spend the night and they wake up to rain? Cuddles, nothing but cuddles for the entire day. Well… that is, until they get hungry <3

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Can i request a reaction to how Mark, Jinyoung & Jackson would react when you told them that you were already stressed with the new semester & you just wanted to spend a lazy day in and cuddle? Thank you & I just recently followed your blog and all the fuss about that recent jackson smut, don't listen to the criticisms cause i found it perfectly fine and enjoyable. Keep up the great work 😊

~I wish I had a cuddle buddy…But thank you SO much for the support :) It seriously makes me feel a lot better :) enjoy~

Mark: Mark would be up for it-well all of them would. While you two would be cuddling, I could picture him rubbing your side as he whispers encouraging things in your ear and just makes you feel better an confident about the new semester. He would be so sweet!

Jackson: He would probably look at you like, “Tsk, tsk.” and say, “No, you have to study and prepare!” but we all know that Jackson would be down to cuddle and he’d just say that to get a reaction out of you and tease you.

Jr: Wouldn’t it be amazing cuddling up next to Junior? I think he’d have that ‘lost puppy’ look on his face at first but then smirk and drag you to the couch where you two relax and cuddle for the entire day. Also, of you were stressing, he’d calm you down with his thoughtful words.

5SOS Preference #45 Snow Day

Ashton: “Baby wake up.” Ashton says, gently nudging your shoulder. “No.” You grimly state and bury your face into your pillow. “Come on baby, I have hot chocolate downstairs.” You instantly lift your head up when he mentions the hot chocolate. “You should’ve started with that!” You say, hopping out of bed and dashing down the stairs. You can hear Ashton’s footsteps behind you as you skip into the kitchen. “You’re such a child.” He says as he catches up to you, pulling you into his chest. “Look who’s talking!” You say, playfully sticking your tongue out at him. He goes off to prepare the hot chocolate and you walk over to the window, leaning against the window sill you take in the sight in front of you.. “How long has it been snowing?” You say as you notice the little snowflakes falling from the sky/ “I think all night. There’s quite a bit of snow on the ground.” He replies, handing you the mug of hot chocolate. “It’s beautiful.” You say/ Ashton wraps his arms around your waist. “It really is.” He says, kissing your forehead. You stay in that position for a while, admiring the sights and just enjoying each others company. “Hey Ashton?” You say. “Yes darling?” He says contently. “Can we go back to bed?” You feel his torso vibrate as a laugh ripples through his body. “As you wish.” He says. He wraps you up in his arms and carries you back to bed, where you spend the rest of the day in bed, cuddling and kissing.

Luke: You sigh contently as you slowly sit up in bed, stretching your arms. You quickly glance down at Luke’s sleeping form before turning around to check the time. Your eyes widen, you had two minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast and get to class. You hated being late so as if on instinct you started to panic. You try to hop out of bed but Luke’s arms remain securely around your waist. “Luke let go, I’m late for school!” You exclaim, trying to wriggle out of his grip. “No school today babygirl.” He mumbles, still half asleep. “What do you mean ‘no school’?” “Look outside.” He says, releasing you from his bear grip. You make your way over to the window and push back the curtains. You gasp. “When did it snow?” You say as you look at the piles of snow covering the ground. Luke just shrugs. “Who cares when it snowed, the point is it snowed and because of it roads are closed so no school for you.“ he says with a slight smirk “Now come back to bed, I’m cold.” You crawl back under the warm sheets. Luke’s arms encircle your waist and you can feel his body heat radiate off of him. If a snow day meant staying in bed and cuddling the entire day than you hope it snows more often.

Michael: "We should play in the snow.” You whine to Michael, resting your head on his lap. “Not know.” He mumbles, not taking his eyes off of the video game. “You’ve been playing that game all morning, it’s time for a change in scenery.” He goes to the home screen and presses some buttons, changing the background of the level. He grins at you cheekily. “There you go, a change of scenery!” “Ugh, come on Mikey, let’s go outside!” You say, lifting your head off of his lap. “Maybe later Y/N.” “You’re impossible.” you mumble to yourself. You slowly walk over to the game console, staring at Michael the entire time. “What are you doing?” He questions. “Nothing,” As quickly as you can, you reach down and yank the plug out of the socket. The TV screen goes dark and Michael stands up, throwing the controller on the couch. “What. The. Fuck.” You give him a big smile. “Come and get me Clifford!” You scream, quickly slipping on your shoes and dashing out the door. You stand under the falling snow, in nothing but your t-shirt and sweat pants, watching Michael slip on his shoes and jacket. “If you’re going to go outside, you need a jacket.” He mutters, placing your jacket over your shoulders. “Oh and I hate you Y/N.” “I know you love me." 

Calum: You anxiously waited for the announcer to the list all the schools that were closed. As soon as you heard your/schools/name, you leaped off of the bed,screaming the words ‘Snow Day’. "What are you so happy about so early in the morning?” Calum asks, leaning on the doorway. “SNOW DAY!” you scream, running into Calum’s arms. “Slow down there princess.” Calum mutters, trying to regain his balance. “Can you blame me for being excited? You don’t have work and I don’t have school. We can finally have some alone time.” You whisper, trailing your pointer finger along his torso. “Now why would I want to be alone with you?” He teases, walking out of the room. Grabbing his hand, you pull him back into the room. “Don’t be like that Calum.” You warn. “Don’t be like what?” He teases, his eyes darkening by the second. He walks towards the bed, gently pushing you down on the mattress. He presses his lips to your neck, kissing every inch of visible skin. “Maybe some alone time won’t be so bad.” He whispers against your skin, gently nipping at the soft skin.

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What do you think hanging out with Matty would be like?

fuck okay I think it would be the cutest thing ever- like you’d spend all your time together and he would put his arm around your waist wherever you go, calling you ‘babe’ or ‘darling’ every chance he got. you’d go get coffee together and you’d sit outside smoking whilst he talked about everything- his opinions, thoughts, gossip, all of it and he would look at the entire time as if all he wanted was you to understand him. he would always be making you mixtapes and throwing songs at you to listen to because ‘babe it sounds just like an 80s prom’ and you’d agree and then he’d smirk at you and you’d dance together to one of his songs as if you were actually @ an 80s prom. and you’d cuddle the entire day and get high as fuck and he would always sing to you and compliment you because he’s the sweetest and I’m sorry love I got carried away x 

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Cold weather means Kigurumis!!! What if Genji's s/o already has a green dragon one. Like, from before the two dated, and they're wearing it. And Ramen the noodle dragon is p hype because his master's bae looks sorta like him plus the fabric is rlly soft and good for snuggles even tho him too fat to fit in the pockets. Oh Genji, what shall you do?

O m g this is adorable

The first time he sees them in the kirigumi he’s just like ‘omg!!!!!’ and his dragon immediately goes and curls around their neck then starts cooing happily. Genji gets a matching kirigumi and then they cuddle the entire day with Genji’s dragon in their laps. Both of them practically live in their kirigumis. They even make a small one for the noodle to make him look like a doggo.


It would be a cold day and your apartment heater is broken so it would be super cold in your house. So, you put on a sweater and sweats and walk to the living to see Luke wearing a T-shirt and pants and you asking “ Aren’t you cold babe?” but instead of saying yes he would say “No, I’m Lukewarm” Then you’d just stare blankly at him before turning and walking away only to hear him yell “I’m just kidding Y/N! I’m cold come cuddle with me!” and then you would both cuddle almost the entire day.


Last night my bunny rabbit died. He was just about 9 years old, and I got him as a present for my 8th birthday. He was honestly one of the coolest pets ever because he would like to cuddle with you and would lick your nose to give you kisses and was just a happy little bunny. I remember when I picked him out, I wanted him because he was the smallest of all the bunnies and he couldn’t get to the water and he kept getting stepped on so I felt bad for him so I chose him. Yesterday morning we saw he was really weak and cold and so I wrapped him in a blanket and we cuddled the entire day and watched movies and it was really sad because I could just slowly see the happy little bunny start to get weaker and weaker and he was just fading away. You could tell he was scared because he kept grinding his teeth (what rabbits do to show fear), and then he just got really calm and moved up further towards my chest and he passed away. I will honestly miss him so much and I just hope that he wasn’t in pain on his last day because he deserved the absolute best. We built him a coffin today and buried him outside right below the window in the dining room where he used to take naps in the sunlight. I loved him so much.

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What would Lúcio and Zarya do with their s/o to relax after a tough match?

Lùcio: He would take them to get some frozen yogurt and would make cute little beats about certain things that he sees so that they giggle. When they go back to the base and are in their shared room, it’s all cuddles for the entire day, and he would constantly make sure that they were okay.

Zarya: Would be the same, but would have a couple drinks with her partner while they’re in bed together, and would pepper them in kisses the entire time that they’re with one another. She’d also make them soup bc that helps a ton when you’re relaxing.