Probably the most random thing I’ve ever drawn… O___o I’ve never really been a fan of human version of turtles but for some reason, that’s what this turned into.

Apparently in my mind, Raphael is the love child of Rufio and Markiplier…both of whom I’ve had crushes on at one point in my life or another lol. (Completely unintentional, I swear. ;-p) I just assumed Raphael would be the type to dye his hair red, or he would in my mind anyway. The glorious muscles and bright green eyes are a given.

The Raphril portion of this could be summarized as April is friends with all the (human) turtles except Raph who pulls away at every opportunity. It isn’t until she’s asked to tutor him when the two are forced to get to know one another. Through much trial and error, a strange albeit it, close friendship forms. Over time, I picture April being able to chip away at his shell and he grows to care about her. It would eventually morph into something far more. ;-)

Probably will never draw it again but this was a fun way to spend 20 minutes. *shrug*

P.S. I updated “Hurt” if anyone is interested.