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Hit there! Could you do headcanons for how the paladins cuddle with their s/o? You're doing great so far, have a wonderful day! :)

Aaw, thank you, dear! I appreciate that a lot. I hope you have a wonderful day as well. Here are some cuddling headcanons for you. :)


  • The real question: how doesn’t this man like to cuddle? Takashi Shirogane is always a slut for cuddling.
  • You see, Shiro is a very tactile person. You see it in those brief shoulder touches and occasional hugs in canon. It’s how he offers comfort to others.
  • And how he likes to receive it.
  • He only initiates it a little further into the relationship, though
  • Sometimes, during down time, he and his S/O just cuddle up next to each other with his arm around their waist or them just snuggled into him, practically squished together. (While ignoring their Space Children gagging and teasing)
  • In private, it’s a lot more intimate.
  • All forms of cuddling are open game BUT if Shiro had to choose, he likes it best when his S/O lays on his chest like a pillow and he gets to wrap his arms around them. He just wants to hold them and their added weight on top of him is comforting.
  • It reminds him they’re still there, an added comfort and security.
  • Definitely see Shiro dropping small, frequent kisses on top of their head in this position and rubbing soothing circles on their back
  • And of course he plays with their hair, are you kidding me? That’s one of his favorite parts.
  • Sometimes, they switch positions and Shiro loves it just as much because then he can listen to their heartbeat and actually feel the hum in their chest against his cheek as S/O talks
  • A lot pillow talk during cuddling. It’s a time for them confide in one another and just tell their partner how much they care
  • Cuddling with Shiro brings about a feeling of safety and protection just as much as affection and love. A physical reassurance that he truly cherishes them and will always protect them.


  • Keith is a little (really) unused to cuddling but he isn’t opposed to it. Definitely not opposed to it when it comes to his S/O
  • Just give him a bit to get comfortable up to it, ok?
  • Doesn’t really do it in public, even when they’re just sitting together and there’s ample opportunity. Not necessarily because he’s embarrassed or uncomfortable. It’s just not his thing.
  • Rarely initiates, so it’s usually up to his S/O if they want the cuddles
  • He will let his S/O lean up against, though, if they want. Keith likes to stretch his arm behind their head if they’re on a couch or something so they can use it as a head rest. He’s saved his S/O from a bad neck cramp or two because of this
  • Cuddles with Keith are mostly kept in private because he’s just a private guy when it comes to this stuff and frankly, it’s no one’s business what he and his S/O do behind closed doors
  • He more than makes up for it later
  • I can see him liking the “Heartfelt Headlock” where both are on their sides and S/O just slips under the crook of Keith’s arm. Occasionally his other arm pillows their head
  • Even better if S/O wraps their legs around him or just slings a calf over his hip to get closer still. Keith feels like he’s completely surrounded by them and it’s fantastic
  • S/O just feel so warm and safe and downright cozy there, lying chest-to-chest with Keith
  • If they feel like it, they burrow further into his chest and listen to his heartbeat but it’s also nice to face each other and simply enjoy each other’s presence
  • Eye contact eye contact eye contact - Keith wants to see his S/O’s face and watch them as they relax and maybe doze off a little
  • But Keith stays awake. He likes watching his S/O, even if they fall asleep on him (‘cause they are comfortable, man, I’d fall asleep, too). Kind of like he can hardly believe they’re even there and with him?? How did that happen???
  • More prone to pecking their forehead like this, even brushing hair back from their face. S/O might pretend to sleep just so Keith will do just that (he figures it out when they scrunch up their nose but keeps doing it anyway)
  • Neither really talk a lot while cuddling. Sure, Keith will listen if his S/O has something they need to talk about, but really cuddling with Keith is quiet but speaks volumes of the affection he holds for them. Intense.
  • You know this boy is not going anywhere. It’d take a set of pliers to tear him away.


  • Oh. My. God. Let me just start this with I want to cuddle with Hunk. He’s just so good at it, you know? Best Cuddler among the Paladins, hands down.
  • He’s big and soft and strong and it’s just the best thing in the world.
  • Best part? Hunk isn’t shy about it, so he’ll do it whenever or wherever but he also isn’t obnoxious about it either (unlike some people). Not at all. It’s all cool, man.
  • Initiates plenty and always up for it if his S/O wants
  • A lot of the time, Hunk clings close to his S/O when he’s either scared or nervous. This is both for his own personal comfort and also so he can just. Grab them if need be and run. Just in case.
  • Having his S/O close just makes him feel safe, you know? Doesn’t matter how as long as he can reach out and touch them
  • Overall, Hunk is a really sweet cuddler who likes holding hands with his S/O while cuddling.
  • Always has this big, huge smile when cuddling and it’s adorable
  • Typically his S/O lounges right on top of him with his hand resting (respectively) on their waist and the other cushions his head and
  • They just talk and talk and talk about everything and nothing - how they could possibly recreate cake with alien ingredients, what they miss about earth, Hunk’s fears, what they’ll see next in their voyage through space, whether there really is a nacho planet, etc.
  • Every now and then, he lifts his head up to grin at them and leans up for a kiss !!!
  • The best is when he starts laughing at something his partner said and S/O feels it erupt from his belly and then throughout his entire body which makes THEM laugh and suddenly they’re just laughing about nothing
  • Exactly what the Yellow Paladin needs at the end of the day
  • Cuddling with Hunk is a bonding experience in and of itself, how he and his S/O spend time together and decompress and simply enjoy life at the present. It’s comfortable and warm and fun.


  • Oh, Lance. Where do I begin with Lance? Well, I’ll just start with this: good luck getting him off you
  • Lance is a touchy person in general who has absolutely zero issues with getting in people’s personal space to rile them up or lounge all over them if they’re a friend
  • That goes up from like 1 to 1 0 0 with his S/O
  • Lowkey think it’s even more so now that he’s in space and far away from all of his loved ones, sooooo S/O gets all the extra affection Lance has been storing up for awhile
  • Good or bad, that’s up to the S/O in question
  • Lance usually hangs off of them all the time anyway but reaches the max when cuddling.
  • He and his S/O are literally a tangle of limbs. It’s hard to tell where Lance begins and S/O ends. The closest thing I found was something called the “Titanic Tangle.”
  • Doesn’t help that the Castle gets pretty cold and Lance, being from a hotter climate, just leeches off his S/O’s warmth.
  • Wraps those long, gangly limbs of his all around his S/O and won’t let go. His arms are locked around their torso and one leg is between both of theirs while the other is draped over them. There is no escape.
  • Lance likes to nuzzle his face into S/O and screw you if you don’t think that’s the most precious thing (until he nuzzles into someone’s breasts then it’s totally ok to smack him upside the head).
  • Lance makes up for it however with the things he says. Of course there’s the cheesy pickup lines, that’s who Lance is, but most of it really is sweet whispers that he saves up just for these occasions..
  • One of those rare moments where Lance starts getting quiet, voice soft and sincere, as he tells them how much they mean to them. He wouldn’t know what to do if they weren’t there. Do they know how much he loves them? He tells them how much he appreciates them, how glad he is that they’re there with him, how special they are.
  • Tons of kisses. So many kisses. His mouth always has to be doing something and if it isn’t blabbing, he’s kissing his S/O everywhere he can reach.
  • Lance is probably at his most vulnerable while cuddling with his S/O. He knows it’s a safe place for him and all the feelings he’s been holding back or putting behind that cocky act comes out.
  • He’s just really glad they’re there.


  • Ok, so the thing is Pidge is literally a smol and cuddling is probably as big as it’s gonna get for her for a little while.
  • Like a couple of years while.
  • That being said, it’s a little awkward at first. Pidge generally Does Not like to be touched all that often unless it’s on her terms and even those are kept brief.
  • Which doesn’t mean she doesn’t really care for her S/O. That’s just how Pidge is as a person combined with that awkward age of 14 where you don’t know what’s going on with your body half the time and feel so unsure how to actually touch another human being in a non-platonic way.
  • Y’all remember that age, right?
  • Cue stiff Pidge if her S/O so much as leans over her to look at the whatever gadget she’s fiddling with or sits close enough that their thighs are touching - so scandalous!
  • RIP if they even try “the Move”
  • BUT after some time, as Pidge gets more comfortable with her S/O, she’s more open to cuddling and it eventually becomes one of her favorite things?
  • Mostly relegated to a couch in a public living area where little Pidge and her beau just snuggle in together, Pidge’s head resting on their shoulder and their arm curled around her as they both watch whatever she’s doing on her computer
  • Turns out her S/O is actually pretty comfortable
  • If the Castle has it, I can totally see movie night being a thing they do together while cuddling and making fun of the characters
  • Cuddling with Pidge is literally the most precious and innocent thing ever?? like, it’s just being close to her S/O and spending time together as they enjoy their mutual interests
  • Until Lance ruins it all when he barges in and cuddleblocks them. That ass would probably wedge himself between them and sprawl half his body across the couch
  • Hunk comes in soon after with snacks ‘cause “Movie night, right? Who wants not-really-popcorn-but-close-enough?”
  • Then of course comes Keith and Shiro followed by the Alteans and suddenly it’s a Space Family movie night
  • And Pidge is so frustrated but can’t stay mad because this is nice, too
  • (She and S/O hold hands under the not-really-popcorn-but-close-enough bowl, the precious babies.)

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Ah, I've never done a headcanon! I head canon him as a little sleep talker so I'm rolling with it. Imagine cuddling with Hanzo at night. Hearing him whisper your name quietly or feeling him get closer to your for warmth. 1/2

2/2 and if you were to run your hands into his loose hair you would hear is soft sigh and maybe get a smile. Most likely to get a smile. He most likely wakes up early in the morning. When he does wake up he would lay a soft kiss on your cheek.

omfg. holy shit dude- 

 That’s so bloody adorable, i can’t– Sleepy Hanzo is too cute for his own good, I swear.