My haul from moccafestnyc yesterday, sooo many goodies. I certainly didn’t intend to buy a lot, but I think I overindulged myself. This is a great space for buying artistic goodies, that I end up following lots of artists on my social media. 

I was there as a fan, student and professional. 

So many moments of creatively and crafts.. I believe I dashed by a podcaster that I knew, then ran into the fabulous Karen Green, librarian at Columbia U. 

Jumping into the fray of Mocca this year.. there was three packed floors to cover. I was able to run into dearconnie. 

Ran into a classmate, while I stood by Alia Harris’s table. She was great in illustrating and dedicating this great tuxedo cat to me and my beloved late cat. 

Picked up fanfare’s “last” copy of The Walking Man, which I have a duplicate already.  Have to remember to ask them about Furari next time I see them, which is going to be at TCAF.

I couldn’t resist and I picked up more of @LucyKnisley’s books. 

I “discovered” porkbellycomics, whipstickisses, @CookingUpComics, @bartoonist,and cuddlesandrage

Post mocca, I knew I I threw more into KS.. such as the ladies of literature part 2 (@jovaline).

Cuddles & Rage

A husband and wife team that makes comics & miniatures of donuts, puppies and cheese. I mean, does life get any better than that? That’s the reality of Liz & Jimmy Reed, who run Cuddles & Rage.

I’m still in awe of how people can make a living off of being cute. I have to say, that’s a definite life goal of mine. Am I proactively working towards that goal? Well if you consider drawing weaponry dripping with blood and mutated killer monkeys based off the Hunger Games books, then YES. I’m well on my way.

WOW! Peep this custom Tacos & Chocolate Milk diorama by my fav web-comic, @cuddlesandrage ! So blown away and honored to get this cause I LOVE their stuff. Go cop some stuff from their Etsy page nowwww. #cuddlesandrage #tacmpodcast

My little haul from #MoCCAFest2015 including trades from @debbiefongdraws a new ghost pin from @spicytuna and cool stuff from @cuddlesandrage @mixtapecomics and @pleasekeepwarm even got to say hey to @suburbanpilgrim, and some KU students. It was a good day.