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i was litERALLY itching to draw Hoseok-real life from your au, SO HERE!! (i sorta messed up the stripes but i’m happy with it, i hope you are too 👀👀👀)


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Do Ricardo and Lob like to cuddle? I bet Lob tries to be the big spoon even though he's so smol. They're just so cute ♡

Ricardo would like you to believe he’s as prickly about shows of affection as any other Rick however truth be told he’s a bit of a sap at heart and given the right situation he’s a total snugglebutt who likes to be held.

Lob seems like he’d be a nice soft little comforting hugger.

sleeping with monsta x


  • is a little shy about his body but had no shame stripping his shirt off the first time he climbed into bed with you
  • skin burns like a heater no matter how cold it is and he still likes to cover himself with the blanket, all the body heat trapped underneath the covers between the both of you makes you sweat
  • likes it when you wear as little clothing as possible to bed because he wants to feel your skin against his
  • wants you to sleep on his chest like minhyuk did in right now but your hair tickles
  • pretends to be annoyed when you press your cold toes against his legs but actually thinks it’s really cute


  • must have a good night kiss every night
  • cuddles you so tight that you literally suffocate in his big arms
  • sleeps curled around you, with his chest pressed against your back and his legs tucked behind yours. you’re his baby and he’s gonna hold you like one.
  • is a little bit scared of the dark. he feels safer when he can hear you breathing and feel your heartbeat
  • in the winter, he stuffs you into one of his sweatshirts to sleep in but insists that you wear shorts so your legs can tangle together


  • sleeps like a fucking starfish so get used to being woken up in the middle of the night by his hand smacking your face
  • but is so adorable, he giggles and complains about you in his sleep
  • waits until you fall asleep to try to sleep because he tosses and turns
  • wears socks to sleep
  • kicks the blankets off and gets cold so you wake up in the middle of the night to put them back on him


  • sleeps with his mouth open and as a result, he drools a little and snores softly
  • loves it when you wake him up by dropping kisses on his parted lips
  • sometimes wriggles out of his boxers/sleep pants the middle of the night (when he isn’t already sleeping naked, that is)
  • often rolls over in his sleep and pulls you closer to him with a little whine
  • usually gets up before everyone else in the dorm but with you, he stays in bed for as long as he can


  • refuses to cuddle you to sleep, but wiggles over until his back is pressed against yours
  • smacks his lips in his sleep
  • in the (slight!) chance he wakes before you do, he’ll just stare at your face with a dopey look on his face that he’ll deny when you wake up
  • always cold. he doesn’t want to cuddle you but by all means hug him (little spoon alert)
  • mumbles in his sleep but you can never figure out what he’s saying


  • gets pouty when you hug a pillow to sleep because “that’s what i’m here for”
  • always sleeps on the side of the bed closest to the door
  • if he’s in a good mood, he’ll hold you and softly sing you to sleep
  • is a fucking loud mouth-breather (also sleeps with his mouth open)
  • likes it when you wear his shirts to sleep and stuffs his hand underneath to touch your stomach


  • usually falls asleep in your arms and makes little snuffling noises into your neck/chest
  • scoots all the way to one end of the bed but ends up sprawling across it through the night
  • wants you to comb your fingers through his hair until he falls asleep everrrrryday
  • he’s still pretty young so on occasion he’ll wake up with a problem and sleepily touch himself until you wake up
  • he always wakes up if you leave when he’s sleeping. even if you’re quiet when you come back he’ll be squinting at you and whining about you leaving him alone

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How would Kuroo and Nishinoya react to have an artist as a S/O?

okay imma assume this is headcanon?? im sorry if you wanted imagine gah!! if you wnat that, feel free to request again!! okay, so anyways, im sorry everyone that i haven’t been active lately gah!! my life is super busy?? exams are next next week and my drama production has been SUPER SUPER SUPER busy right? @theidioticavenger okay so anyways, i will try my best to post soon!! and for those lovely sweeties who have sent me matchups, my apologies, i will not being doing them soon?? but don’t worry once holidays, start, i will complete them!! so please be patient!! thank you all for sticking with me this whole time!! i will do my best!! がんばって!!


-oya oya oya

-this lil fucker would be so impressed with you

-he won’t really show it though

-he likes cuddling you from behind while you draw

-loves just sitting near you and observing you

-he thinks you look cute when you’re all concentrated

-”draw me like one of your french girls”

-he would subtly hint that he would want you to draw him

bonus for kuroo

kuroo: hey s/o

s/o: what

kuroo: i created a masterpiece

s/o: really?? let me see

kuroo: [hands them a mirror] yeah you


-すごい!!(sugoi!!!!! / amazing!!)

-[starry eyes]

-he is so impressed and not afraid to show it ye boi

-jumps up and down whenever he sees you draw

-however, he knows you need to concentrate so he tries to keep quiet

-is just so in awe that his s/o can do something so amazing

-doesn’t really urge you to draw him because he doesn’t need you to draw him

-he just wants you to draw

-he would be happy just seeing you draw a random object

-protect this child he is too good

The best part of liking someone is when they nerd out about something to you, and you’re just like “Wow what a dork” but also like “wow what a cutie I love you”


Thank you @yoslina-the-scifell-sinner for requesting!! 

I’m sorry!! I really need to practice my Hunk and Lance :o 

I only do Keith and Lance now so I forget how to write for anyone else !

[Hunk requests are very much encouraged!! I love my boi!! But I also want to produce klance material and i only have energy for so much]

[Edit: I realized that I should put this here]

Keith heard Lance have a nightmare, but since their rooms are so close now (have you seen that theory that Keith moved his room closer to Lance’s?? it’s v good) he decides to try to do something about it. Lance has dealt with this kinda stuff before… Hunk is ready to cuddle anyone at all times, everyone was immediately wrapped into his big arms of love. Pidge is a social insomniac. Shiro is missing. :o [Now wonder what Lance’s nightmare was about~ hehe]

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