cuddles the dementor

Voldemort licked his lipless mouth, leaving drool to trail down his chin as he nearly shoved his flat nose into Dumbledore’s ass, sniffing deeply of the hidden treasures awaiting him past the wrinkly orifice. With a greedy, teasing nip he took a wrinkly bit of arse-cheek into his mouth, sucking on it, trying to not get hoarse white hairs stuck between his yellowing teeth. With glee he heard Dumbledore moan in pleasure, awaiting his brutal assault. With an evil grin he decided to tease the old man further by taking his long, reptilian tongue and inserting it far into the mans bumhole, moaning as he slurped at the mans secret fudge, which tasted slightly of lemons, it nearly drove him insane, tasting the mans wasteful essence. With a regretful moan he took out his now brownish tongue, giving the old mans ass one last lick before standing up and showing his thick, veiny shaft and heavily drooping, bald balls proudly. He shoved it inside the mans ass, which was leaking slightly from his earlier ministrations, he swirled his large cock around a little, fully coating it in drool and shit, before taking it out and presenting it to the Headmaster, “Suck it.” he commanded. Looking down in hateful, lust filled red eyes. The old mans own twinkling blue eyes mirrored his but he still took the large, blue and brown tinted tool into his mouth. Dumbledore gagged on the penis, his dentures had been removed earlier, allowing him to nibble it with his gums as he simultaneously licked off his own sewage. He moaned, drool and yellowish cum escaping his mouth in rivulets as he devoured the tasty treat, fondling the balls with gusto. He finally let the limp cock leave his mouth, licked his lips and looked up at his former student and now arch enemy. “Same time next week Tom?”
—  Bravo, Cuddles.