cuddles and rage

We don’t want summer to be over! We want to eat ice cream during every month of the year and not feel weird about it. 

In honor of our love for ice cream (we literally eat it every day!), we made these mini ice cream sundaes. You can pick one up in our Etsy store. 


Liz & Jimmy 

Stranger Things on Netflix is so good that we had to make a diorama. The music, the characters, and the story were just what we needed. We especially loved Eleven. She’s one of the best young female characters ever written. Plus, she’s got a thing for waffles and so do we.
It’s worth all the hype. Go watch it now. 

SPX Madness!

It’s Monday morning which means SPX 2013 is over.  I had a great time this year.  Oddly it was probably my least successful year (financially) but all of the awesome people I talked to made up for that.  Every year I learn something new from SPX and then the next year that thing that I learned isn’t true anymore.  Who knew my minicomics would sell so badly!?  I didn’t!  But really, like every post-SPX Monday, now I’m filled with a burning desire to draw like I’ve never drawn before.  There’s nothing like being around a bunch of fucking awesome art to motivate yourself to create more.  And now, a few shout outs!

My work friends Jimmy and Liz Reed of Cuddles and Rage were next to me and had a bunch of awesome new stuff, like their Soap comic.  You should definitely check them out.

John Allison of Bad Machinery was my other table mate and he was delightful!  A super nice guy and obviously crazy popular.  There was pretty much a crowd around his table the entire weekend.

Danielle Corsetto has some super nice things to say about my stuff and was awesome to talk to.  I only met her recently but she’s awesome and has a ton of comics to check out, so click that link!

I accidentally met Stevie Wilson when she creepily stared at me because I look like a friend of hers.  I got her coffee book and we commiserated about being baristas!

I got some fantastic stuff from Scott Campbell this year and got to chat with him for a bit.  He’s crazy talented and really nice, definitely check out his stuff if you’re not already familiar with it.

And I was happy to chat with Aaron Diaz and Anthony Clark even if it was just briefly.  Huge fans of their work and really nice guys, too.  I’m hoping to stick around for more of the non show SPX events next year so I can actually, you know, talk to people more.

Go read all those things and like them!  I’ll be busy drawing some new comics.