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How would the NDRV3 guys handle giving their kids "the talk"?

So I’m going to write this in two sections for each character – saying how they’d tell their daughter or son if it’d differ. Some characters I think it’ll be the same so it’ll be in the same thing, but others will have separate~

DRV3 Boys giving their child ‘the talk’

Shuuichi Saihara


  • Wasn’t school supposed to handle this?!
  • He just kinda
  • Sweats and sits down beside them
  • Clears his throat awkwardly
  • “…So you know… You’re getting to the age where…”
  • “Dad no.”
  • “You’re going to want to start to… Fulfil some needs…”
  • “Please stop.”
  • “And… Sometimes you may want to… Fulfil them with someone else…”
  • He’s blushing
  • And staring at the floor
  • “I-It’s only natural, of course… But…”
  • Oh boy
  • “I wouldn’t recommend it at your particular age…”
  • The poor child is also looking at the floor awkwardly
  • “But… If you… Ugh… Find someone you want to… Yeah… Well… Just use contraception or protection or whatever… I don’t want to become a granddad yet…”
  • And with that he just stands
  • And walks
  • From the room
  • Before it gets anymore awkward

Kaito Momota


  • “Alright I think we need a man talk don’t you?”
  • They just look at him
  • Surely they know what’s coming
  • “So you’re a teenager now, your hormones are all over the place,”
  • The son is now looking awkwardly at the floor
  • “You’re probably wanting to relieve yourself of something,”
  • What did you just
  • “Now that’s all fine, but if you happen to get it on with a lady, please use a condom, yea? I mean, if you wanna get it on with a man then I mean there’s no pregnancy risk but-”
  • I get it dad please stop talking.”
  • Oh
  • “Ah okay good good,”
  • He pats them on the back and leaves


  • He’s a little more awkward with a daughter
  • He kinda sits on the sofa and shuffles over to them
  • “So, you’re a teenager and you’re changing,”
  • She just looks at him with absolute confusion
  • “There are also lads who are changing, as are their intentions,”
  • “Dad-”
  • “And they’ll be wanting to be more than a friend, and probably hoping for more than a cuddle because of their raging hormones,”
  • “Dad-”
  • “If they end up having sex with you I will probably have to have a word because I’m not happy especially at this age, and if they even think of not using a condom in future with you I am not-”
  • “Dad it’s fine it’s okay please stop talking.”
  • He’s probably rambling to himself about boys using his daughter and how he will be at their house in no time if they disrespect her



  • He doesn’t understand this hugely himself
  • As he hasn’t felt the hormones humans feel
  • So while he may have similar functions
  • They’re not the same
  • “I think we should talk about sex.”
  • The child just goes wide eyed
  • Backing away
  • He clears his throat and begins
  • “So when two people love each other very much they often feel the need to reproduce, and this begins to happen around your age. I, personally, have no experience in this manner, but there’s a lot of teenage pregnancies these days and I really would prefer it if you didn’t get wound up in all that at your age because you’ve got a lot to do before you get weighed down with the responsibilities of a child. Not that having a child is bad of course! I mean look at you – you’re amazing. But raising a child at your age wouldn’t be easy, especially with exams, and friendships, and other things… There are these great forms of contraception!”
  • He hands them about twelve pamphlets
  • “There’s many options! I mean of course I don’t recommend you having sexual intercourse at your age but I mean if you do it you do it, you’re probably not going to tell your parents so if I provide you with these options to prevent you becoming a parent yourself at least that will prevent my early grandfather-hood.”
  • The child is speechless
  • He just looks at them expectantly
  • They’ve got the pamphlets in hand
  • And just looking at them awkwardly
  • “…Thanks dad.”
  • They stand up and leave uneasily
  • Meanwhile you walk in and see Kiibo looking chuffed
  • “How did it go?”
  • “I believe it went splendidly!”
  • He smiles and pats your shoulder before going to prepare dinner

Rantaro Amami


  • He just sits down with a drink for the both of them
  • “So. Puberty.”
  • You can tell he wants to run from the room at the second word
  • But Amami places a hand on his
  • “It’s a complicated thing,”
  • His son is uneasy
  • “But you’re probably going to start to want to engage in sexual activities with someone you like,”
  • He looks at him sternly
  • “Just please. Don’t get anyone pregnant. I don’t recommend sex at your age at all – there’s plenty of things you should be doing while you’re young that you’ll miss when you’re older!”
  • His son is just nodding to try and end the conversation
  • “You are listening right?”
  • “Yes dad! I won’t have sex!! Can I go now?!”
  • “One more thing. The parental settings are there for a reason. Remember that.”
  • His son just exhales and flees the room


  • He just knocks before entering her room
  • “You know the age you’re at now is a tough one,”
  • Where the f did that come from
  • “And with someone as lovely as you, there will be many people after you. But you don’t have to engage with all of them. Don’t kiss them just because they like you – don’t have sex because they want to-”
  • “Woah dad what!?”
  • He begins to explain sex to her
  • “That’s not what I was asking!!”
  • He stops
  • “What gives you the idea I’ll be having sex any time soon?”
  • He is silent.  Then nods and kisses her on the head
  • “Well that’s good,”

Kokichi Ouma


  • “Sex.”
  • His son looks at him
  • “Aha! I knew you were thinking about it!”
  • “I wasn’t actually-”
  • “Sex is a great thing– but not at your age. Think of all the things you could be doing instead of having sex! All the other things that won’t make me an early grandfather!”
  • His son is literally flabbergasted
  • “I- ugh, I wasn’t-”
  • “GOOD.”
  • He’s about to leave the room
  • “Condoms are your friend if you so decide to have some fun though~ Nishinishi,”
  • His son just glares furiously at the floor


  • He sits down at the table with her
  • “Now. You know everyone around you will start ‘dating’ soon.”
  • She just stares blankly
  • “And there may be people who want to date you too!”
  • She nods
  • “With dating comes hugging, cuddling, kissing and sex.”
  • “Well there’s more than tha-”
  • “And I’d rather you didn’t get involved with the last,”
  • She’s just silent and blushing
  • “Because some guys may be trying to use you for it, and if they did I’d have to get my hands dirty. No one uses you for sex, whether that’s now or ever.”
  • “…Thanks dad but I won’t be…”
  • “Good good,”
  • He pats her on the back before whispering
  • “If anyone does try though, just tell me.”

Gonta Gokuhara


  • He honestly can’t talk about it
  • Because he ends up getting flustered
  • So he ends up getting a tonne of articles off the internet
  • And getting pamphlets
  • And then educational videos on youtube
  • “Gonta was wondering if you’d sit and watch some of these videos.”
  • His son/daughter sees the title of them
  • “No Dad I don’t think-”
  • “We can sit and talk about it instead?”
  • They watch the videos
  • And once done, and remarkably embarrassed, Gonta gives them the print outs
  • “Gonta just wants to make sure you’re being safe,”
  • He hugs them and kisses them on the head
  • They’re just trying to get out of the situation as soon as possible
  • “Gonta wasn’t taught about this stuff in the wild – Gonta wants you to be knowledgeable that’s all!”
  • They nod awkwardly
  • Gonta also looks embarrassed
  • He’s kinda looking at the floor
  • “If you ever need to buy… Stuff… Gonta will come with you,”
  • They shake their head
  • And just thank him half-heartedly before leaving the room
  • He’s so embarrassed he goes and buries his head in your shoulder
  • So you just pat him on the head and tell him he did a good job

Korekiyo Shinguji


  • He just sits down
  • And gets them a drink
  • Before staring at them intensely
  • They’re intimidated somewhat
  • And just sorta shift their weight in the seat
  • “Has the school talked to you about sex yet?”
  • They’re red in an instant
  • “N-No…”
  • “What about your friends?”
  • They go even darker red
  • “I’ve heard bits…”
  • “Well. As you know. As a teenager you develop new needs. Sex is a means of satisfying them for some.”
  • They can’t look him in the eye
  • So he clears his throat
  • “I’m not saying don’t do it, because you’ll probably end up rebelling and going on a-… Just. Be careful if you choose to do it.”
  • They’re nodding and staring into the table
  • “If you do, use protection please.”
  • They’re now nodding on instinct
  • He begins to go into the details of STDs as well as pregnancies
  • “And the problems of that and what they can result in-”
  • “I get it dad, can I go now?”
  • He thinks for a minute
  • “Alright then. Your school will explain it better than me anyways.”
  • They’re now shaking their head at the thought of it

Ryoma Hoshi


  • He tried to persuade you to talk to them about it
  • Because he doesn’t feel he’ll be able to get them to listen to him
  • “Alright. You’re not a kid anymore, you’re changing and wanting to do new things.”
  • They seem suspicious of the conversation
  • And he can tell
  • “I’ll get to the point. Sex ain’t something I recommend to you as of right now.”
  • They’re looking as if they want to leave the room
  • But he just challenges them with a stare
  • “Your school will explain this a lot better than me. They know the science crap, I’m just telling you from a father’s perspective that pregnancy in your teens ain’t a good idea,”
  • They’re nodding
  • And still trying to leave
  • “I can’t stop you doing anything though,”
  • He chews his liquorice
  • “There’s all sorts of fancy contraception choices these days.”
  • He stands up now
  • “Just make sure to use one of em yeah?”
  • He prepares to walk out
  • But before he goes he turns
  • “I ain’t gunna babysit for you if you end up with a kid. Remember that,”
  • And with that he’s gone
  • Because he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore
  • And neither does his child

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possessive/jealous V and it leads to you two having sex?

Hi~ so I had a little time on my hands so I wrote this…it took a lot out of me tbh… I hope you like it! :D

V was never the jealous type.

He had always given you your space, and he always understood whenever you would rather spend the day with friends than with him.

So, when he appeared in the mall, glaring you down as you walked along with a good guy friend of yours, you were a little bit more than startled.

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Dating Church would include

- shooting lessons (from you…duh)

- cuddles at night

- letting him rage on and just saying “I know dear. It sucks ass” doesn’t matter what he says before you say that, he’ll think you’re listening

- him trying to make cute date ideas

- him trying to swear less

- he is going to trip when he gets nervous around you, he can’t help it, he’s a dork

- a lot of really bad pick up lines that are still cute

- “wow I think I need new glasses.”

“Why?” You’ll ask.

“Because you’re too good to be true.”

- he’ll actually listen to you

- he tries really hard

- he’ll get very protective

- always reminding you that he loves you

- never saying goodbye

{Master Post} Snowbarry FanFiction - Part 1

This post has changed so much since I made it and it makes me so happy!! Tumblr didn’t allow me to add more fics to this post which made me create several parts of this Master Post.

As many of you may have notice, the always talented @chasingblue57 has written so many Snowbarry fics (thanks the lord for having her in the fandom), that I decided to make the first and second part of this Snowbarry Fic Master Post all about Kim’s writings!

Enjoy and be sure to pass by her blog.

Snowbarry Master Post:

Updated: June, 21st, 2016.


How I Burn
Apologies & Forgiveness
Thank Yous & Threats
The Benefits of Experience
What’s in a Name
Accidental First Kiss
Operation Rematch
Holding Patterns
Future Knowledge
My Heart to Yours, One Stitch at a Time
Tuesday Morning Coffee
Blind Date
With This Ring, I Thee [Fake] Wed
In the Morning Light
The Process of Healing
What You Mean to Me
Swimming Lessons
Buzzed on Your Smile
Taking Care of Me
Fill My Mind with Your Everything
She Takes After You
A Red Ribbon ‘Round My Heart, a White Band ‘Round My Finger.
Those Quiet, Perfect Moments
Birthday Wishes You Don’t Even Wish For
Singing to Distraction.
A Not So Un-date Night

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Stranger Things on Netflix is so good that we had to make a diorama. The music, the characters, and the story were just what we needed. We especially loved Eleven. She’s one of the best young female characters ever written. Plus, she’s got a thing for waffles and so do we.
It’s worth all the hype. Go watch it now.