cuddles and rage

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possessive/jealous V and it leads to you two having sex?

Hi~ so I had a little time on my hands so I wrote this…it took a lot out of me tbh… I hope you like it! :D

V was never the jealous type.

He had always given you your space, and he always understood whenever you would rather spend the day with friends than with him.

So, when he appeared in the mall, glaring you down as you walked along with a good guy friend of yours, you were a little bit more than startled.

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Dating Church would include

- shooting lessons (from you…duh)

- cuddles at night

- letting him rage on and just saying “I know dear. It sucks ass” doesn’t matter what he says before you say that, he’ll think you’re listening

- him trying to make cute date ideas

- him trying to swear less

- he is going to trip when he gets nervous around you, he can’t help it, he’s a dork

- a lot of really bad pick up lines that are still cute

- “wow I think I need new glasses.”

“Why?” You’ll ask.

“Because you’re too good to be true.”

- he’ll actually listen to you

- he tries really hard

- he’ll get very protective

- always reminding you that he loves you

- never saying goodbye

{Master Post} Snowbarry FanFiction - Part 1

This post has changed so much since I made it and it makes me so happy!! Tumblr didn’t allow me to add more fics to this post which made me create several parts of this Master Post.

As many of you may have notice, the always talented @chasingblue57 has written so many Snowbarry fics (thanks the lord for having her in the fandom), that I decided to make the first and second part of this Snowbarry Fic Master Post all about Kim’s writings!

Enjoy and be sure to pass by her blog.

Snowbarry Master Post:

Updated: June, 21st, 2016.


How I Burn
Apologies & Forgiveness
Thank Yous & Threats
The Benefits of Experience
What’s in a Name
Accidental First Kiss
Operation Rematch
Holding Patterns
Future Knowledge
My Heart to Yours, One Stitch at a Time
Tuesday Morning Coffee
Blind Date
With This Ring, I Thee [Fake] Wed
In the Morning Light
The Process of Healing
What You Mean to Me
Swimming Lessons
Buzzed on Your Smile
Taking Care of Me
Fill My Mind with Your Everything
She Takes After You
A Red Ribbon ‘Round My Heart, a White Band ‘Round My Finger.
Those Quiet, Perfect Moments
Birthday Wishes You Don’t Even Wish For
Singing to Distraction.
A Not So Un-date Night

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Stranger Things on Netflix is so good that we had to make a diorama. The music, the characters, and the story were just what we needed. We especially loved Eleven. She’s one of the best young female characters ever written. Plus, she’s got a thing for waffles and so do we.
It’s worth all the hype. Go watch it now.