cuddles and kisses for this big cat

Hey dogblr its me HuskyHuddle,

Its probs time we had a chat, an important one.

I know you all love your dogs. Whether you cuddle them and take them on walks or cuddle them and take them to agility trials, whether they are reactive or confident, whether they’d like to eat ur neighbors cat or kiss it.

We as a group have a wonderful opportunity for education, through just talking about the things we do and posting pics or actively posting informational posts, training logs, and how-to’s. We can be a wonderful motivation for those who are improving, a resource for those who are learning, and a support for those who are struggling.

But.. friends… followers… bloggers… we have a big problem. While we have a great deal of influence, we are using it in the wrong way. We pick the wrong situations to freak out over (training methods, dog food, adopting or breeders etc) and ignore the significant issues, ones that threaten the welfare of the animals we say we care so much about. Its dangerous and hypocritical to do this. We allow dangerous and irresponsible behaviors to not only go ignored, but be largely supported. When something showing lack of good judgment happens, I see a flood of posts in support, offers to donate money, anons saying everyone who has said something opposing the situation is judgmental and a hater. 

My dudes. You do not have REAL friends if your friends can not say to you, YOU FUCKED UP. Friends are not unconditionally supportive of all the things you do no matter what. If no one around you can be honest with you, there’s a problem. You aren’t perfect and if you can’t handle hearing about it, there’s another issue.

I am asking you, esp blogs with many followers, with lots of influence, to really think about some of the things you are supporting, the donate links you reblog, the neglect and irresponsibility YOU are enabling by being unconditionally supportive. 

And its not something I have seen once or twice. Its something I see a lot. Its something that has the potential to do great harm to this community and the wider pet ownership world. 

Call it what it is. If it doesn’t make u the nice blog who cares, because when the situation gets shittier, because it will, you did the right thing in the first place. What are you saying to literally every dog owner when you scream about not feeding beneful but support people who put their dogs in shitty af situations and then don’t take responsibility for it? 

At the very least don’t reblog in support, don’t donate to negligent owners, don’t cover vet costs, don’t reblog their gofundme links, don’t publicly pat them on the back and say “its ok we all make mistakes :)”. Because its not a mistake, it is a CHOICE, its one pet owners make daily, to either care for their animals or not. I’m not saying people can’t change, but what is the incentive to if everyone condones their shitty actions?

You reward shitty behavior, thats all ur gonna see. A concept we apply with our dogs, so lets apply it to people as well. 

u get what u reward. Reward something worth repeating.

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Hello, If it's no trouble could I request headcanons for the whole RFA and Saeran where the MC has dog and it's pretty much her best friend? Not a small dog either, like a boxer or husky or some other big dog? It can either be a puppy or adult, and nice/indifferent to cats. I mean, I love both Cats and Dogs, but dogs are almost never mentioned in mm ;; plus I thought it would be interesting.

I love big doggos hell yeah let’s go 


Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog

✮ he’s a vet so he’s all for animals 
✮ so when you tell him you have a bernese mountain dog 
✮ he’s so excited (they’re so cute) 
✮ when you explain that it’s basically your best friend 
✮ he’s so giggly and affectionate 
✮ because his s/o loves animals just as much as he did 
✮ when you move in together (into a bigger place bc I don’t think a burmese would live comfortably in a college kid’s dorm) he nervously asks if your dog is okay with cats (lisa) 
✮ when you reassure him that it’s all g 
✮ he’s even more excited!!! 
✮ i can just see him being so doting and cuddling with your big pupper 
✮ he really loves cuddling with you and this big floofer 
✮ he takes so many pictures of lisa curled up with your big buddy 


Dog: Japanese Akita

✎ she’s a bit nervous at first tbh
✎ she’s used to elizabeth who is a little cat
✎ so suddenly there’s this really large mass of happy fluff
✎ she’s startled
✎ but your akita is really well-mannered and sits at her feet with a silly dog-smile 
✎ and she’s all *heart eyes* 
✎ akitas don’t shed year-round so she’s super hype 
✎ and she enjoys brushing them with you when it’s ‘blowing it’s coat’ 
✎ she isn’t all for sloppy kisses and cuddles 
✎ she likes it when it’s calm with her and maybe sets it’s head in her lap when she’s working 
✎ but she loves watching you two interact 
✎ because it’s a big cuddle party (she’s invited~) 
✎ keeps her calm 


Dog: Alaskan Malamute 

✿ is high key in love 
✿ takes so many photos 
✿ he’s so grateful he’s only allergic to cat fur and not dog fur 
✿ especially because you’re so close with your doggo 
✿ loves taking selfies with the big floofer 
✿ posts them all over his social media and the RFA chat becomes a haven of the other selfies that didn’t make it 
✿ loves that they’re such a silly and photogenic dog 
✿ takes photos of all the pupper smiles 
✿ the only time he doesn’t appreciate it is when he’s tryna unleash the beast with you but your doggo is like ‘hey don’t hurt [Y/N]’ 
✿ he gets really whiny when that happens 
✿ also during summer 
✿ because they like cuddling on the bed but zen already has his own mop of hair to deal with 
✿ so it just becomes a big, hairy, sweaty mess 


Dog: German Shepherd

₩ is kinda skeptical in the beginning 
₩ because of elizabeth 3rd 
₩ he’s really nervous that she won’t like your floofer or vice versa 
₩ and even though you said they were chill and indifferent to cats 
₩ you agreed on introducing them to each other slowly 
₩ so you’re taking them to a park together 
₩ and elizabeth is whiny because she doesn’t like being outside (lmao) 
₩ but your doggo is very well behaved and happy 
₩ they really like jumin and tries to impress him with their good manners 
₩ (happy panting doggo looking up with silly dog-smile at jumin while trotting along hhHHHNNNNNG) 
₩ until this savage other dog comes along, not on a leash 
₩ and is barking and trying to go elizabeth 
₩ your doggo jumps forward and saves the day 
₩ jumin was very thankful and crouches down to give your doggo pats 
₩ your pupper was very proud of themselves (jumin has accepted floofer) 


Dog: Chinook 

✞ loves loves LOVES your chinook 
✞ tries to train it to fetch honey buddha chips for him
✞ models his dog robot to look like them 
✞ when he’s stressed out he likes to just look at you and your big doggo cuddling 
✞ and then joining in 
✞ loves to just drown in the fluff 
✞ has 0 problem with getting kissed/licked 
✞ also likes that he has a moderately intimidiating watchdog 
✞ one time when vanderwood had snuck in while you and saeyoung where sleeping 
✞ your floofer was barking and growling up a storm 
✞ and saeyoung screamed and pounced at vanderwood when he pulled out his taser 
✞ vanderwood: ‘doggo?’ 
✞ is super protective and doesn’t like vanderwood being around them 
✞ they become meme’y friends 

I changed Saeyoung’s icon thingy because the keyboard was causing problems and spreading the text so it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the post, so I hope y’all don’t have a problem with it 

I hope you like the nice doggos I chose, this was a very enjoyable request to write heheheh! ♡♡

Road Rage//Scott McCall Imagine

Originally posted by fytwolf

Author: @celestial-writing

Warnings: Angst (what is new), some gory stuff if you don’t like that, fluff (mostly angst)

Paring: Scott McCall/Reader

Words: 3,185 (It’s long because I love angst)

Request: No

A/N: Hey guys! I’m so so so so so sorry that I haven’t posted! Life happened but here is the Scott fic I promised! It’s real and not a fake promise and sorry for posting so late but it was really the only time I could post! Just thank you to @dumbass-stilinski as always for supporting me and helping through a lot of shit! Also thank you @mf-despair-queen for helping me edit! This wouldn't be anywhere without you! 

Summary: Being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister sucks when your brother is the most overprotective person you kow who has sworn off all dating for you. How is he going to react if he finds out about you and his best friend, Scott McCall’s four month relationship?




The sound of little pebbles being pelted against your window woke you up slowly. You opened your eyes to see your phone lighting up in a message from Scott, which caused you to smile.

Scott ~ Hey babygirl, I’m here.

Scott~ Did you forget i’m coming over?

Scott ~ Hey, I may be pelting pebbles at your window

You opened the window to see a pebble flying towards. You dodged it before it could hit its unintentional target.

“Scott!” You whispered yelled.

“Sorry, (Y/N)!” He gave a sheepish smile and climbed up the tree like he always did when we met on nights like this.

“Hi baby.” He whispered and kissed you softly, his arms wrapping around your waist as you threaded your hand into his hair.

“Hi Scott…since you already woke me up from my beauty sleep, are you going to make up for it?” You smirked, pulling away slightly and he let out a soft laugh.

“You bet, princess.” He smirked, his hands slowly traveling down your back and grabbing your ass, squeezing it to make you let out a small moan. You grabbed the back of his neck and pressed your lips to his feverishly. You traced the seam of his lips with your tongue and he gladly opened. Your tongues battled for dominance as you slowly walked backwards, but you hit the back of your desk, causing the lamp sitting on the edge to fall off it.

You pulled away to see Scott’s shifted yellow eyes and took a breath of fear. You knew Stiles heard. It was a heavy ass lamp and it must’ve sounded like a broken window.

“He’s up..” Scott mumbled, his eyes slowly turning back into the beautiful chocolate brown you were accustomed to.

“Into my closet. Now..” You demanded, pushing your boyfriend into the closet and shut the door quickly behind him.

Stiles opened the door quickly with his bat in hand, wearing only his small Star Wars boxer briefs, ready to attack the non-existent intruders. He looked down to see the broken lamp and gave a sigh of relief, dropping his bat.

“Oh thank god. I thought someone broke in and you got kidnapped or something. I was ready to call Dad and Scott.” He said quickly and jumped over the bed to give you a hug.

“Yeah. It’s fine Stiles… I just woke up and I accidently hit the table and the damn lamp fell.” You lied to him, thanking to god he couldn’t see through your lies.

“You’re lucky dad isn’t here or the whole police squadron would have been here. Let me get a broom so we can clean this up.” He let go, giving a smile and went back to get a broom but a noise came out of the closet and Stiles poked his head back into the room, his whiskey colored eyes matching yours.

“What was that?” He asked suspicious, grabbing his bat for protection again.

You looked at him and gave him a cheeky smile. “Nothing Stiles, probably just Landon messing around in there.”

“O-okay.” He said questionably and left to get a broom. You opened the door to see a smirking Scott holding your black cat, cocking his head slightly.

“Scott! You almost got us caught again!” You whispered yelled at him.

“Maybe I want that to happen.” He looked at you, his gaze unwavering from your own.

“Do you remember what happened freshman year with-” You whispered, your arms crossing over each other until you got cut off.

“Yes. I remember…” He mumbled, his eyes downcasting to the floor.

“Just stay in here a little longer please…then we can cuddle and talk about lacrosse.” You pleaded, giving him your signature puppy dog eyes.

“Okay…” You gave him a kiss on the nose and shut the door before Stiles came in with a broom and dustpan.

“Cat?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, he was messing with my shoes again.” You smiled and helped him the big pieces, throwing them away in the trash.

You finished after fifteen minutes of cleaning up. Stiles constantly looked at the closet door and you bit your lip, hoping Stiles didn’t think anything about it.

“Night (Y/N). Turn the light on when your going around your room next time.” He smiled, the comment joking and heading back to his room.

You loved Stiles. He was your twin brother and was always the person that was there for you but, some of the negatives of being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister is that he is the most overprotective person you know. You don’t take it a bad way, but when you’re trying to have a good night with your boyfriend, it ruins the mood.

Fifteen minutes passed and you let Scott out of the closet. He let out a long sigh, giving you a longing look.

“Why don’t you want to tell him about us?” Scott whispered.

“We have been over this Scott.” You mumbled, getting into your bed.

“(Y/N), we have been dating for over four months. I’m done hiding from your brother. He’s my best friend, (Y/N).” He didn’t crawl in the bed and you looked at him with a pout.

“But you know what ha-”

“With Jackson at homecoming and then with the “date”. Yeah. That happened two years ago, freshman year and Stiles hit his Porsche with a cruiser. I know. He told me. He told me that no boy is allowed to date you until you’re 90 but I’m in love with you, (Y/N). I don’t care if Stiles gets mad at me and doesn’t want to talk to me…I want to be with you…” He looked like a lost puppy and slowly walked towards you.

“Scott…I’m not ready to tell him. Okay…just maybe soon…” You mumbled. “Can we just cuddle…?”


“Scott, he will run you over with Roscoe. C-can we please just drop it, okay?” You let out a shaky breath and he took your hand, rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand.

“Fine…let’s just go to sleep..” he pressed a soft kiss to your hair and your body relished in the feeling and he finally crawled into the bed, wrapping his hands around your waist and pulling your body flush against his back.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He whispered in your ear and nestled his face into your neck.

“I love you too, Scott. I always will.” You mumbled back and fell into a dreamless sleep, the deep sounds coming from Scott’s chest lulling you into sleep.

The bed was cold and empty in the morning, void of him. He always left before Stiles got up, but of course that meant Scott left when you were asleep and it was awful. You hated hiding away but it was needed. Anytime you mentioned a boy you liked, Stiles would shut you down about it, investigate the kid and make some crazy theory that he was out to kill us.

Stiles never let you go out to parties unless it was Lydia’s and even then, he always made sure either he or Scott was by your side. No miniskirts, no crop tops, nothing revealing to get boys to hit on his baby sister (it was by two minutes, by the way). The only good thing was that you were always with Scott because Stiles trusted him. Lucky enough, you had the biggest crush on Scott and he had the same for you. It started with secret kisses in janitor closets, to hiding away for hours at Lydia’s parties, and now spending the night at your house. You wanted to tell Stiles. You wanted to be open, be able to hold hands, and call him your boyfriend, but you were just scared of the repercussions.

Your phone went off. You grabbed it to see the handsome face of Scott McCall holding a puppy at the shelter.

Scott ~ Morning baby, sorry I left earlier than normal. I heard your dad come in so I left.

Scott ~ Hey, I got something for you at school I need to tell you about.

Scott ~ I love you.

There was a small knock on your door so you couldn’t respond to Scott like you wanted to. Opening the door, there stood your dad, holding a small coffee in his hand with his kind smile.

“Hey kiddo. Stiles told me you broke your lamp last night.” He let out a low chuckle.

“He’s up already?” You rubbed your eyes, taking the coffee from his hand.

“No. Texted me last night.” You nodded and took a sip of the burning hot liquid that, just by the smell, woke you up.

“Yeah…sorry dad. I heard a bird hit my window and I accidently hit the lamp.” You mumbled, leaving the door open and putting down the coffee to find a shirt in your closet.

“Could that bird be named Scott McCall?” Your mouth dropped open and dropped the shirt in your hand. You looked back at him and shook your head sputtering.

“I-I don’t know what you mean dad…” you sputtered, your skin starting to turn hot.

“It’s okay…I won’t tell Stiles. I promise. Just be careful next time.” He shook his head, giving you a small smile.

“You knew?” You asked in bewilderment.

“Sweetheart, I am the sheriff. I know almost everything that goes around here.” He opened the door and was about to shut it until he pointed to the XL condoms he left on the desk.

“Also, don’t forget, there will be no little Stilinski’s and McCall’s running around.” Your dad shut the door and you grabbed the condoms, quickly hiding them away before letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Stiles knocked on the bathroom so loudly and profusely that you dropped the curling iron in your hand but luckily, you didn’t burn yourself.

“Stiles! What the hell do you need!” Grabbing the curling iron and putting it back on the counter and opening the door to see your brother with a pissed off look.

“It’s my time for the shower, (Y/N)! Y-what the fuck are you wearing?” He said, looking you up and down with disgust and you rolled your eyes. You’re wearing your shortest shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination and a tight top with a low neckline.

“I’m wearing clothes, Stiles.” You shook your head and walked back to brush out your hair.

“No. You’re not walking out of the house like that. Go change.” He demanded, crossing his arms as he glared at my outfit.

“Stiles, you’re not dad, and he likes the outfit.” You pushed past him and sashayed to your room, grabbing the stuff you needed for school and left the house without a word from you. You knew Stiles was mad and that was exactly what you needed now.

Scott’s POV

Scott waited at your locker before school everyday. It kind of looked like he was waiting for Stiles, since your lockers were next to each other, so your cover was kept.

It was your idea to keep the relationship a secret and Scott, of course, went with it. He loved you so much and he never wanted you to feel uncomfortable doing anything. It was just awful when he could hear other guys talk about you, like you weren’t his…which technically, in their eyes, you weren’t. It hurt that he couldn’t hold your hand in public, and kiss you before class, and see you in the stands wearing his lacrosse jersey.

It was all Jackson’s fault for hurting you. It was Jackson’s fault for tricking you into a “date” and leaving you in the pouring rain, crying your eyes out. Stiles and him picked you up that night, and he remembered holding you in his arms and he never thought you looked more beautiful than at that moment in time. That was also the time Stiles swore off any guy ever being with his baby sister, and Stiles never forgot that promise.

Scott heard the small sounds of footsteps behind him, shaking him away from the small memory. He grinned slightly knowing it was you, hearing your steady heart beat that always calmed him. He looked behind him, but frowned seeing your sour expression.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s wrong?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know. How about you tell me how my dad knows we are dating?”As you opened up your locker angrily.  

He took a double take, shaking his head. “(Y/N), I-I have no idea. I have always been careful-”

“Well you clearly haven’t, Scott!” You looked at him and his head was staring at the ground.

“You know what? I try, but it’s goddamn hard when your own girlfriend doesn’t even want your own best friend knowing they are together. Or anyone for that matter!” He yelled at you and that made you step back from him. Turning, you slammed your locker and walked away, shaking your head and heading to class.

Scott was pissed at you. All he wanted was you and now he was going to get what he wanted and of course, he thought without thinking and ran right to the baby blue jeep owned by Stiles Stilinski.

“Stiles!” Scott yelled and a head popped out of the hood the jeep, hitting it in the process, which was also followed by a string of curses.

“Yeah, Scotty. What do you need?” Stiles asked, closing the hood and walking over to his best friend, who kept fidgeting with his hands. Scott shuffled in place, staring directly into his best friend’s eyes.

“I’m dating your sister. I have been for a while. I sneak through her window at night, we make out under the bleachers. Hell, I’ve fucked her into oblivion a few times! But she wanted to keep it a secret, which isn’t fair to me. To us. I want everyone to know I’m fucking your sister and that I’m so in love with her, it hurts!“ He stopped as quickly as he started, knowing what he did was a mistake. He closed his mouth and looked for Stiles expression but saw nothing but heard his heartbeat rise.

“I-I’ll talk to you later Scott…” Stiles grumbled and walked away into the school. He let out a frustrated groan and hit the car next to Stiles’, which put a large crater into it. The first bell rang and Scott reluctantly went to class, overthinking what he did. Stiles could be fine with it, he didn’t look that upset but, also, Stiles could just be waiting to get off school grounds to get enough wolfsbane to kill him.


You looked for Scott during lunch, your anger subsiding from earlier and the feeling of guilt hitting you. You couldn’t find him anywhere and you kept sending him texts.

Baby ~ Scott? Where are you?

Baby ~ Scott? I’m sorry.

Baby ~ Please talk to me.

You went outside but to only be confronted by Scott sitting on the benches, staring at his bike. His knee was bouncing wildly as he was lost in thought.

“Scott? Hey, you okay?” You asked softly and he jumped as your touched his arm and he relaxed under your touch.

“Y-yeah…i’m fine.” He mumbled looking down like puppy who got yelled at.

“Hey, what happened?” You sat next to him, hooking your fingers under his chin and pulling it up to make him look into your eyes.

“I told him, (Y/N). I don’t know what got into me but I told him.” He looked down ashamed and felt my heart dropped.

“You told Stiles…what the fuck, Scott! You promised this would be a secret.” You got up slowly, hurt filling you that he went against your own wishes.

“I didn’t know what go into me, I was just so mad that you are so scared to be with me, scared of Stiles-” he rambled but you cut him off.

“I’m not scared of Stiles.” You said, crossing your arms.

“Yes you are! You hid our relationship for months, you even hid it from Lydia for a while because you were scared Stiles was going to find out from her! Your own best friend.” He looked at you and just felt so frustrated.

“That didn’t give you the right to go behind my back and tell him Scott.” You let out a breath to calm yourself from breaking down right there.

Scott didn’t say anything back to you as he just bouncing his knee and that made you even more mad. You got up from your spot and looked down at him, glaring at the boy who had just broke your heart.

“I can’t do this, Scott.” You mumbled. “I can’t be with someone I can’t trust.”

“(Y/N), no. Please don’t walk away. Don’t fucking walk away from me.” He said as you started to head towards your car.

The one thing you didn’t hear was the old Jeep start up and roll towards Scott as he entered the road.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry…please I lov-”

The blue jeep hit Scott at quite a fast pace, causing Scott to be thrown against the pavement and the Jeep to come to a stuttering halt. Scott let out a howl of pain, causing people around you to notice the scene of your brother running over your boyfriend. Scott started to bleed profusely, his skin turning red but also healing at the same time. You tried to move towards him but the pure shock took over you and it felt like your feet were stuck in cement. You finally felt like you were free and ran over to him quickly, grabbing his hand. Tears falling freely from your cheeks as you whimpered, seeing the damage.

“S-Scott…” you said frantically and he didn’t say anything back.

“Scott…wake up…please..” You heard the car door open and Stiles stepping out, walking up slowly behind you.

“(Y/N)..” he whispered softly, looking away from you and Scott.

“Call Dad, Stiles.” You looked at him brokenly, your heart breaking as your didn’t see your brother but more of a monster, as you slowly felt Scott wake up in your arms. You wiped your tears and caressed his hair.

“(Y-Y/N), you don’t know what he s-”

“I don’t give a fuck Stiles! You ran over you’re fucking best friend! Call dad…” you yelled and saw the pack come out of the high school.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know what was happening.” He whispered.

“Don’t talk to me Stiles…I hate you.” You looked at him numbly as Isaac quickly ran over to gently  grab Scott and help you get him in your car and race him to the hospital. You left Stiles in that parking lot, wallowing in the guilt that he had potentially just lost his best friend and little sister and wondering if he was not better than the Nogitsune that had possessed him months before.

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Can I request for bakugo, todoroki and eijiro with their s/o spending some fluffy cute time alone at home. How do they spend their relaxing home-date night with their s/o? Thank you very much.

Hi dear! Obviously you can, I was looking forward this. What a fantastic ask you sent! I really enjoyed writing those head canons for you! I’m feeling all giddy now and really, those boys are the best.

 I hope you enjoy it!




  • You can tell that is going to be a relaxing, home-date night in the exact moment you see him. Bakugou, at the thought, can’t stop himself from showing small happy grins when he thinks you’re not looking and tends to hum softly his favorite songs.
  • He cooks, as usual since he’s really good at it, but goes out of his way to ask what you would like to eat. During the dinner, he continuously glances at you, trying to not be seen, to understand if you really like what he cooked. Not that he doesn’t believe to your praises, but it feels more gratifying to just look at your shining eyes and delighted expression while eating.
  • Usually after dinner, you wash the dishes and clean the kitchen while he takes a shower. However, on those nights, Bakugou insists to do it together with some random excuses; one washes, the other dries and both of you enjoy the silent presence of the other or tell each other how the day went.
  • Afterwards, you have the tradition to watch a movie together, while eating snacks and sweets, sometimes feeding each other playfully. He likes to pull you closer and wrap an arm around your shoulders, while you rest against his chest.
  • And you really love movie’s night, but you would really like, for once, to see the film till the end. Unluckily, it seems something impossible: it doesn’t matter which type of movie you choose (you’ve tried action movies hoping he was going to get caught by the plot and explosions, and even romantic movie to bore him to the point of falling asleep) but it’s going to end always in the same way. Before the ending, if you’re lucky, (In the middle of it if you’ve pushed his switch), he starts distracting you by caressing your waist or your tight; then he nuzzles against the crook of your neck and leaves a trail of soft kisses on the skin from the cheeks to the shoulders. Finally, those kisses become playful bites; just to be sure he has your complete attention. And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much time passes, you are never going to have enough resistance to continue watching the movie.
  • The only times it doesn’t end like this, is when you had a tiring day and so, you fall asleep before he can start tempting you. In those cases, growling complains he just switches off the TV and picks you up in bridal style to carry you to the bed. As a pouty punishment, he leaves a big hikey on you neck while you’re sleeping.
  • When you two watch romantic movies, obviously thanks to your insistence and much to his boredom, you force him to repeat and act the cheesy lines the male protagonist says. The problem is that he changes the words so much and pronounces them in a so deadpanned, annoyed or incredulous way that it always ends up with you laughing to your heart content.

“Nobody in the whole world could ever divide us.”

“I’m going to fucking kill the first who tries to divide us.”

“You’re the star of my life, the hope of my existence and the light in the darkness that guides me.”

“You’re a freaking fizzy, glowing mass of matter that I seems to love and follow everywhere like an idiot for unknown motives…Oi, s/o stop laughing! It’s not my damn fault if they’re idiots! Why the hell a stupid, far away star? Don’t they know what a star is made of? Shit, this is dumb, not romantic. I would just kiss the hell out of you and end it there. I hope she breaks up with him.”



  • Home-date nights with Kirishima are the funniest; he really loves them and becomes happy and excited as a child, continuously surprising you with sudden pecks, lifting and spinning you in the air or hugging from behind.
  • The two of you start by trying to cook together, however your experiments doesn’t always end well, even because Kirishima can be very clumsy. So, if you don’ manage to save the dinner in time, the nearer pizzeria is now used to your sudden calls.
  • Washing the dishes includes poking each other with bubbling, wet sponges and splashing with water; no need to say that this can easily transform in real water battles. If this happens, you then have an excuse to enjoy a warm bath together. Nothing is better than relaxing and floating in Kirishima’s arms.
  • Then you always do something different; sometimes you play videogames, do session of crazy karaoke, play “have you ever…” with crazy challenges, watch matches or action movies on the TV or, your favorite, playfully wrestle on the bed.
  • You two are very competitive when you fight, armed with pillows, sheets and blankets, screaming and laughing loudly. The thing that you like the most is the fact the, in any case, Kirishima always treats you with the outmost carefulness and kindness. He pays a lot of attention to hit you lightly and not hurt you, controlling his force and being sure he’s not going to accidentally use his Quirk. Even when he has finally pinned you down on the mattress, (yeah, sorry but he usually wins), you can feel that the hold around your wrists is very light; firm, because he likes to win, but kind, no bruises are going to remain.
  • Well, once he has caught you, he reasonably decides to torture with tickle and stops only when you beg for it with tears in the eyes for the laughter. He then smoothers you with kisses.

“Ne, s/o who’s the stronger, manlier hero ever?”

  • You win only when you play dirty. A sudden kiss that makes him falter, puppy eyes that make him hesitate or faking being hurt (not seriously) to make him let down his guard. Obviously, using those techniques makes the battle ending with him kissing every inch of you too.


  • Nothing is more relaxing than a home-date night with Todoroki.
  • The two of you race to come back home earlier than the other to surprise them by cooking. This usually ends with both of you arriving at the same time and deciding to cook together.
  • However, Todoroki always buys you your favorite dessert and gives it to you at the end of the dinner as a surprise. Or sometimes a flower, a cute hairpin or everything else that during the week has caught his attention and reminded him of you.
  • Todoroki is a big cat. He doesn’t ask for cuddles, he just takes them when he feels the need. Without warning, he drapes himself over you and kisses you, or hugs you from behind nuzzling against your neck, or rest his head on your lap and “force” you to stroke his hair.
  • You usually just cuddle together, talking about everything. The week, something funny that happened, searching comfort if one of you is troubled or just telling something about yourselves. You two chat ‘till you start dozing and he picks you up or guides you by the hand to the bedroom.
  • Other times, you read together or Todoroki reads aloud for you. You also watch movies: you like to choose tragic or scary ones. In the first case he’s going to comfort you with a lots of cuddles and reassuring words; in the second, you can be as clingy as you want and he is going to repeat you that it doesn’t matter what is going to happen, is always going to protect you, so you don’t have to be scared. Moreover, his deadpanned expression even during the most scary scenes and the cold, filled with common sense and perplexed comments about what’s going on are amusing.

“Why she should open that door if she knows all the others are dead? Ah, she’s also without any weapon, she should have taken that baseball bat. I bet she’s going to die.”

  • Depending on the season, you curl against one or the other’s side of the boy, who finds it very amusing.
  • A bath together is a necessity. A long, warm, bubbly bath to relax and enjoy the intimacy.
  • When there’s the right weather, you take a blanket, some pillows and sweets, and exit on the balcony. There you sit down, Todoroki caging you between his legs and wrapping his arms around your waist, and you two look at the stars together, telling made-up stories about the constellations.
  • Todoroki always remembers to give you a goodnight kiss.
Steve Rogers Preference Questions

A/N: This is my first time doing this, but I really wanted to try this out. It’s basically just more repeated headcanons… but a bit more… :) I hope you like it. 

▷ What do they do when they’re jealous/see someone flirting with you?

Steve will clench his jaw and try to fight off the feeling of jealousy. When he gets back home, Steve will punch through many punching bags, but he’ll calm down once you give him a smile and a kiss. If someone continuously flirts with you, Steve will walk up calmy to the other person, put his hand around your waist, and kiss you on the forehead. While Steve’s doing this, he’ll be glaring at the person and silently asking them to leave. Usually, they get the message and scurry away from big ol’ Captain America.

▷ What do they do when they’re given the silent treatment?

Steve gets confused on what he did wrong, but as soon as he realizes what’s happening, he’ll quickly try to fix it. Steve will buy you flowers and your favorite chocolate then he’ll show up at your door or wherever you’re at. Steve will then try to get you to talk to him by grabbing your wrists/hands softly and looking into your eyes, apologizing.

▷How do they react when you’ve gotten hurt?

Steve remains calm. He talks to Tony and Bruce to learn what happened, and how he can help you get better. You’ll be getting very special attention from him, and he’ll act very gentle with you.

▷ How do they feel about affection? Do they enjoy show it in public?

You and Steve both love cuddles and holding hands. He’s the big spoon and enjoys warming you up. Steve likes showing his love for you in public by kissing you on the side of the head and back of your hand while holding it.

▷ What is their favorite type of kiss?

Steve’s favorite kiss is a long, innocent type of kiss. He likes holding your body against him during it.

▷ Are they a dog or cat person?

Steve’s a complete cat person. He loves to hear the cat purr while rubbing its face against him. Steve also enjoys playing and lazing around with the cat.

▷ When did they first say “I love you”?

The first time Steve said “I love you” was during a dance with him. He kept stepping on your toes while dancing, but you didn’t care. You were laughing the entire time, and when Steve watched you laugh, and your eyes scrunch in happiness, he realized he loved you. Steve didn’t hesitate in saying the three words to you, and neither did you even if you were a bit surprised. You already knew you loved him before that moment. 


want to read more steve rogers imagines? click me!


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- So fluffy and adorable!1!1
- Loves pastel colors more than life
- Never in a bad mood
- “Smile Joshie, it’s a beautiful day, let’s go take a walk!”
- “It’s raining, Jihoon, and don’t call me that…”
- He loves sweets and anything that relates to candy
- Has perfect teeth despite all the sugar he consumes
- Big sweaters and skinny jeans
- Always smiley and positive
- Will literally cry if someone yells at him
- He’s soft and pure
- Protect this child pls
- Uses aegyo to get his hyungs to do things for him
- Gets mistaken for the youngest sometimes
- You two met at a bakery
- He was with Jeonghan, picking up a cake for one of the member’s birthday
- You were there just browsing about
- He saw you and *bam* ♡.♡
- You had on a big baby pink sweater and some white jeans, and a cute headband with cat ears
- “I wanna marry her..” - him to Jeonghan
- Was way to shy to go up to you himself so he made Jeonghan do it instead
- He was no help at all
- “Hey, so my friend thinks you’re cute and wants to marry you, his name is Jihoon.”
- You were very flattered and went over to him with a big smile
- He was a blushing mess which you found adorable
- You both ended up ditching Jeonghan to go to the park
- When you guys start dating, prepare for constant hugs, kisses, cuddles and visits from all 12 of his friends at the same time
- Has the voice of a literal angel????
- Like everyone’s ears are #blessed
- Has major stage fright tho
- His bed is covered in plushies and colorful pillows
- Likes that he’s short and cute
- Calls everyone by cute (and very cringy) nicknames
- Cheolie, Han-Han, Joshie, Junnie, Channie, Hao-Hao, Kwannie, Soonie, Won-Won, Gyu, Nonnie, and Sunshine
- Most of the other don’t like it but secretly love it
- Can’t sleep if he isn’t snuggling anything
- Thinks the world is all rainbows and glitter
- “Look at that cute mouse Cheolie!” - him
- “Jihoon that’s a rat-nO DON’T TOUCH IT!” - Seungcheol
- Just wants all his friends to be happy and healthy

You’re Stuck With Me, Darling

Prompt: Digger gives the reader some much needed reassurance about where they are in the relationship

Prompt Request # 49: Anon - “I love you so much.”

Pairing: Digger Harkness X Reader

Warnings: Some cursing and a few sexual innuendos (Fluff galore)

Originally posted by dailydcfilms

“Well aren’t you one satisfied pussy cat~?”

Digger chimed with a slight chuckle. He wrapped his big arms around you and pulled you close to him, allowing for your tired head to fall onto his chest. The big lug of a man was always in the mood to cuddle after a good romp in the bedroom. You could feel his body relax as you snuggled close to him. Smiling ever so lightly you completely melted too his touch.

“Pussy cat?”  You giggled lightly, amused by his choice of words.

“Yea, you’re my lil’ pussy cat,” Kissing the top of your head you could feel him grinning ear to ear. “You’re purring like one anyways, did I fuck ya that good then, sweetheart?”

Placing your hand in the middle of his bare chest you began to fiddle with his chest hair.  “You could say that.”  It was true, the man was very good at what he did under the covers, he never left you unsatisfied. So, ‘purring like a pussycat’ was an appropriate comparison. 

For a small moment there was a comfortable silence, the two of you laid together beneath the cozy covers, entwined in each others arms.  The only sound you could hear was the steady rhythm of the Captain’s heart and the gentle breath that escaped his lips as he began drifting to sleep. But alas, the blissful feeling of this romantic embrace dispersed when you remembered that when you would wake up in the morning, Digger would already be gone.

“Today went by so fast..”  You whispered, resting your hand flat on Digger’s chest, right over his heart.  

“That it has.”  He agreed, by the relaxed tone of his voice it was easy to tell he was fighting sleep. “I have to get up early for me flight tomorrow..”  You could tell that he was ready to go to sleep but there was a feeling of discomfort stirring inside of you. He was taking a flight first thing in the morning to begin, what he described to be, ‘a heist to top all heist’ and he didn’t know exactly when he would return. 

“I’m gonna miss you, ya know..”  You whispered, feeling a little silly for wanting to talk about feelings but you were craving reassurance that all of this was not for nothing.  “A lot, actually.”

You could hear as Digger took in a deep breath.  

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry, but…”  You buried your face into his neck, feeling a little more emotional than you normally liked to show.  “It’s just been really special, having you around lately. I hate not knowing when I’ll see you again, Digg.. You d-”

“Darlin’, comon now-” Slowly Digger unwrapped his arm from around your side and sat up. Following his lead you did the same so you could look him in the face.

“I know I’m not exactly a stable man, but you must know me intentions by now.”

A little confused by exactly what he meant you shook your head, wanting him to elaborate more. Digger burrowed his brows and was silent for a moment, taking time to process what he should say next. You crossed your legs and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.  

“I’ll be back, ya know I always come back.”

“But you’ve never really given me a reason to think you will, you just show up every few months and stay for a few weeks and then you’re on your jolly way..” 

“How have I not given you anything to have faith in, then? I always come back here, right back into your bed!”

Rolling your eyes a bit you laid down and turned your back to him, showing exactly how thrilled you were with that comment. Coming back to your bed, wow, how romantic.

Once he had realized how his wording came off as insensitive the tone in Digger’s voice melted into a more sweet and loving one. “Hey, sweetheart, listen-” He took a hold of your arm and gently pulled, trying to get you to turn back around to face him. “-You know why I’ll always be back?”

You were expecting a sexual comment, something along the lines of, “You’re ass is unbelievable” or “Who else will make me breakfast then fuck me on the kitchen table” so you refused to face his way.  Instead you stared daggers off into the other direction.

“I’ll always be back because I fucking love you.”

Taken incredibly off guard by these words you looked at him, half expecting the man to laugh his confession of love off as a cruel joke. 

“I really do love you, sweetheart..”  Putting his arms around you he pulled you into his lap and snuggled his face into the crook of your neck.  “You’re stuck with me, that I swear..”

anonymous asked:

Can you write what dating Josh would include?

Sure :)

Originally posted by nxstx

Dating Josh Would Include:

- You being nervous about the clique knowing, but he would reassure you and tell them how much you mean to him.

-You feeling instantly better because of his protective nature. He wouldn’t let fans be horrible to you and he would let men know you were his. Even if that did mean practically making out on the sidewalk…

- Meeting his family for the first time who absolutely adored you and learning about his childhood, looking through old family albums which embarrassed Josh.. “Mom, I can’t believe you showed a picture of me naked when I was three…”

- Constantly cuddling and a fair amount of PDA.

-Loving stares constantly, “Stop looking at me Josh, you’re putting me off…” “But you look beautiful I can’t help it…”

-Drum lessons, sitting on his lap before giving up and making out because you hadn’t seen each other in a long time. If it didn’t end up like that, giving up and just watching him play because he was always so passionate, plus it was a huge turn on for you.

- Amazing sex if he was away for a while and even more amazing sex when he was jealous.

- Lazy Sundays consisting of trying to bake and watching movies or cuddling talking about your future together. ‘We will have loads of cats and a big house and kids. Is two good enough or shall we have three?’

-Sharing a bunk whilst on tour and not caring that you were squished.

-Smiling and blushing like crazy when you are brought up in an interview.  ‘She is amazing, I am extremely lucky…’

-Banter and flirting on Twitter, knowing it makes the fans go crazy and loving it. 

-Late night FaceTime calls whilst he was away because you always missed him even if he did leave you some of his hoodies.

-Surprise hugs and forehead kisses.

Home is where your cat is

Rating: General Audiences

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Tags: fluff, cuddling, cats judging you, pre-slash


“That’s a cat.”

“An adorable big, fluffy, cat!”

“It’s fat.”

Stiles gasps and smoothes down the cat’s big fluffy ears with his free hand. “Don’t say that! You will hurt her feelings! Don’t listen to the mean wolf,” he coos at the cat in his arms and plasters it ’s head with exaggerated smooching kisses.

The cat looks about as done with him as Peter feels.

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Boyfriend Kino

always holds your hand, to the point where your palms are sweating

- pinches your cheeks, but he loves when you pinch his
- backhugs
- side hugs
- normal hugs
- all the kinds of hugs
- his head on top of yours when he backhugs you
- if your taller or as tall as him he’d stand on his tiptoes to place his head on yours
- if your sitting on the sofa he puts his hand around the back of the sofa/you
- and his hand finds your hair and starts playing with it
- he doesn’t notice it
- it just happens every time
- would let you do his makeup
- but he’d whine and act childish while you’re doing it
- supports you in whatever you do
- he loves you, but he loves your dog more
- or cat
- or any animal you have
- sneaking small notes into eachothers pockets with bits of chocolate or sweets
- couple sweaters
- couple bracelets
- couple rings
- he loves matching with you
- looking into eachothers eyes while cuddling
- and he’d smile
- eskimo kisses
- tries to scare you
- puts when you notice him
- loves big, fluffy blankets
- and cuddling under them
- loves snow but probably hates cold
- doesn’t stop him to push you into a big pile of snow and have a snowfight with him
- building a snowman after that
- would bring you food all the time
- doesn’t matter if you’ve eaten that day
- he makes sure you’re healthy
- he’d get surprised but soooooo happy if you bring him and the others food
- wouldn’t mind you being close friends with the others, it’d just make him happier everytime he sees you fool around with them
- but if you don’t give him enough attention he’d get clingy
- which is the cutest thing ever
- puppino (puppy+kino)
- wouldn’t pressure you to do things, but if you wanna learn dance moves then he’s more than willing to help
- couple dances (?)
- inside jokes, a lot of them
- maybe even a couple highfive or something like that
- wants you to trust him, because he trusts you
- boyfriend and bestfriend in one package
- would do all the weirs things you want to try out with you
- late night cartoon or anime marathon
- getting sore necks and backs from falling asleep on the sofa, in weird positions
- giving eachother massages after that
- giggling when one of you accidentally or not so accidentally tickles the other
- tickle fights
- until you hit him with a pillow to stop
- then it becomes a pillow fight
- never wants to let go or leave you alone
- you’re on his mind 99.99% of the time
- when he’s practicing and looks in the mirror he thinks about if you’d like that move or not
- always tries to show off infront of you
- which is actually cute
- doesn’t mind if the others tease him, but would blush really hard 
gif is not mine
(look at that cutiepie *dreamy sigh*)

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fluffy headcanons for the boys!!!!!! As requested by @daria-septiceye

-Yuuri, is afraid of the dark
-He’ll cross the road if he sees a dog just to pet it
-He’ll always be touching his s/o in some way, holding hands or his arm around the waist
-Will blush every time his s/o kisses him
-Is actually not that bad of a cook, and happily teaches his s/o some cooking skills
-Feels the need to cry whenever he sees small children with their parents playing, it makes him want to be a father will allow the kids onto his Instagram, YouTube ect and they’ll wreak havoc
-If his s/o cries, he’ll do anything to make them smile again
-Will binge watch anime with his partner
-His favourite is ouran high school host club
-This guy lives for cuddles and can’t sleep without them
-Will cook breakfast for his s/o
-The triplets loves it when hiss/o reads to them, whilst Yuri stares at his partner realising how much he loves her


-Tries to act tough, but is really a softie when it comes to cats and his s/o
-After Viktor leaves for Japan, Yuri cries since he lost his mentor
-Will make his s/o watch horror movies, but will get scared himself
-Always holds doors open
-Prefers to not cuddle when he sleeps, instead choosing to hold hands
-Isn’t big on PDA, but will still plant some kisses here and then
-Is a really bad loser, will pout big time
-Will proudly display and boast about his s/o
-Pets all the stray cats
-Wants to adopt all the stray cats
-Yuri X stay cats
-Has 1000s of selfies of him with cats, his s/o
-Animals absolutely adore him
-If it rains he’ll give his umbrella and jacket to his s/o

-Is very vocal about his relationship
-90% of his Instagram is pictures of his and his s/o
-This guy lives off of coffee, and buys a huge cafe standard coffee machine
-Will always wake his s/o up to kisses, and coffee
-Don’t like coffee? This guy will make you tea, latte, hot chocolate, anything for you
-Will hold his s/o constantly
-He’ll carry his s/o around, in his arms bridal style
-He wears Dior Fahrenheit cologne
-Will fight you for the bathroom in the morning, pretty boy needs to get ready
-Pretty boy is his nickname during practice
-Acts like a father to Yuri, and he wishes he really was his father sometimes
-He worries if he’ll ever settle down, by 27 he’d imagined he’d of met ‘the one’ and will have had a child
-Him and his s/o would help out at children’s skating rinks
-He’d lose his flirty ways quickly when becoming close to his s/o
-Kisses,kisses,kisses will always pull his s/o close and kiss them passionately
-When he’s in love, Yuri will be the first to notice
-When Viktor falls in love, he never falls out of love

some nice yooseven headcanons~

@emilyjharvy these r for u ;))))

•seven is the big spoon every single night !!
•yoosung wears seven’s hoodie as a comforter and seven loves it
•nightly LOLOL competitions till sunrise
•yoosung sits on seven’s lap while seven teaches him to hack :,)
•yoosung loves giving seven nose kisses and likes when seven gives him forehead kisses
•they have burping contests all the time
•cross dress together!!
•they like to cuddle and watch action movies on the weekend
•own 2 cats who are spoiled to death
•they slow dance in the kitchen at 2 in the morning
•yoosung loves teaching seven how to cook and they cook meals together
•they also eat every single meal together
•seven really likes to hold yoosung after a long day
•pants do not exist in their house
•"yoosung do you like me or like like me?“
•"seven we’re engaged”
•"that didn’t answer my question"
•yoosung snorts when he laughs but seven’s the only one who’s heard it
•their whole house is basically space themed

katerina52128  asked:

Exo reaction to both of you having a lazy day together

aww the fluffiness!


He’s not big on people touching his face but I think his lazy day would consist of cuddles and long talks about love, life, cat videos whatever.

Originally posted by periwin5les


I think Suho would be completely okay with a lazy day. I can see him playing board games or reading books with his girlfriend.

Originally posted by horeichen


Bring out the sweatpants and t-shirts! Y’all aren’t going anywhere! Yixing is a major charmer, he would send a text saying something like “I miss your kisses” or “Be with me”.

Originally posted by laygion



“Baek I already gave you like 13.”

“…so no?”

“alright fine!”


Originally posted by itsokay-itskpop


MOVIE MARATHON! lots of popcorn and warm blankets while the two of you watch all of your favorite movies together.

Originally posted by etherealchen


He would want to be with you, talk to you and just have you to himself for a day.No real reason or plan, it’s whatever you want. Just pure couple-ness.

Originally posted by park-chaneyol


I think Kyungsoo would be one to order food for his girl and have long conversations. He’s mentioned that he enjoys having deep conversations with people who are close to him.

(you can be kai lol)

Originally posted by delightsaber


sleep sleep and a little more sleep. This guy is a koala at his best….

Originally posted by kairamelo




“Can I hold Vivi now.”

“but he’s so fluffy!”

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Bangtan aesthetics

Yoongi: white instagram feed, close up pictures of kitten paws, the smell of coffee, vinyls, picture of the sky when it’s pink, flower petals in the bath, the sound of writing in a typewriter, cuddling in a small couch

Namjoon: inspirational quotes, the sound of pages turning in a quiet library, golden retrive puppies, dates on the beach, “listen when you can’t fall asleep” playlist, outfit of the day pictures

Hoseok: winking selfies, going to the cinema only to buy popcorn because it taste better, soundcloud tracks, “hey, listen to this playlist”, sneaking out at 2 am to look at the stars, sugar scrubs, eating in the bathtub

Taehyung: crossing the street just to pet a dog, cat ears headband, cooling sheet masks, chat groups with 20+ people, butterfly kisses, blurry selfies, pictures of flower shops

Jimin: big dogs, coffee shop dates, long hugs, forehead kisses, “I’m so gay” in the tags, the smell of old books, showering at 3 am, the feeling of fingers on your hair, “asmr triggers to sleep, no music, no talking”

Seokjin: sleeping in the couch, fluffy socks, decorating the house for Christmas, the feeling of bubble wrap popping, “get to know me tag”, sleeping with 3 pillows, scented candles, cherry lip balm, marathoning all peacful cousine videos in one sitting

Jungkook: playing video games without sound, chocolate cake, going to McDonald’s at 2 am, difficult starbucks order, lava lamps, the feeling of your stomach hurting after laughing too much, grey hoodies, selfies in the elevator’s mirror

Mystic messenger hcs

Hey y'all this is a trio hc set for chubby!Mc, short!Mc and TALL!MC. If you’d like any more like these just ask me for it and I can get to it! P.s this is my first time writing for vanderwood and I’ll admit it’s not that great for now, I will work on it!😅

[Chubby/Plus size!Mc]


*He’s a lazy ass so he is pretty fluffy himself….. 90% of the time

*Might have to have daily fights over the last pop/honey budda chips

*I lied your fights are over how which one of you is feeling down and the other  will force you to believe it


*wants to hold you really really badly

*your lucky they have such good self control

*They have nightmares of squeezing you to death because your so fluffy


*Loves you nothing else matters

*Finds your form to be comforting and safe)

*Really appreciates everything you do for him and loves you so much he can’t possibly look down upon you for something as vain as looks even if he tried


*doesn’t think so much on it he just loves you!

*LIKES HUGS AND CUDDLES total yandere for them

*Matching LoLoLol t-shirts and he would absolutely die if you cosplayed even if it was something really cute and innocent


*One of his biggest fears is not being able to find you or see you so it slightly helps out that he can find your plump body next to him

*Sometimes you wonder if you’re getting enough sleep because you swear you hear a camera shutter going off every five seconds. Odd huh?


*Likes to cuddle

*helps u if u are down about not finding clothes in or size a whole malls worth of crap is now at your disposal

*Thinks of you as a big cat (no unnecessary pun intended) like a tiger,lion, panther etc

*Not because of your more than average weight but cus of your fierceness/kawaii habits


*Thinks you look stunning and likes to show her appreciation to your body in general

*But be warned Because if you have something that shows some skin or is hella tight………watch out she will smother you with compliments and kisses/make out sessions

*Your cuteness makes the café a better place okay


*APPRECIATES YOUR BODY MORE THAN HE APPRECIATES HIMSELF (let’s be honest that’s easy to do but he loves you more than anything)

*i repeat 100000% okay and in love with you

*If you get sad/anxious about him working out don’t worry cus he will support u no matter what p.S if you do decide to work out with him that means fun workouts (by fun I mean u can look at his body cus workouts are a real beach to anyone)

*And if you don’t he will cut down his training time slightly to be with you quicker!



*Will keep things out of your reach because he’s a sadist who likes to see you suffer (sometimes he will get them for you but this is rare)

*Would sometimes kangaroo you in private just to be an ass


*They have to look down a lot to even make eye contact with you

*vanderwood is 10x more likely to have requiring nightmares of squishing you


*You’re more closer to hell just like him


*Once you get closer and Saeran is getting better as well your hugs go from awkward to don’t take me away from this short person I’m holding on to dear life


*Secretly is hyped about you being short because it gives him confidence and makes him feel more grown up #manlyman

*Likes to hug you and chat while playing games on his phone at the same time (mc is on to u Yoosung she asked you if you wanted to hang out later and you said sandwich (+_+)

*Will fight to have you be the little spoon if you already aren’t +1000 man points


*Probably has tripped over you because he didn’t think anyone was in front of him…

*make up cuddling and lots of unhealthy apologizing

*You don’t want to know what happens if you get hurt…..


*Awkward (comforting) head pats

*really likes to smell what kind of shampoo you’ve been using but this is a secret


*ur smol ass is in safe hands

*The two of u will create a human later to get stuff from higher places

*You can be shorter people together


*If there is anything in a tall place he will get it for you asap

*Also likes to pick you up for kisses



*Makes you get everything

*Has robocat programed to fly up to your head and ask you how the weather is up there


*Is happy you’re close to their level bitch×

*still gets everything and does worry 4 u what if you fall (acts like it’s their job and they aren’t so in love with u~)

*And since I’ve added nightmares for Vanderwood in every other one your tallness will make them worried over you snapping like a twig or being torn apart…. Good things they’re just dreams


* thinks of you as a sunflower growing wonderfully towards the sun and sky while filling his world with happiness

*Is scared to break you and doesn’t mind looking up to you

*Likes head kisses ×40 times more


*He is salty sometimes not because of you but he really wishes to be tall and more of an ideal man™

*Buys and wears shoes that make him taller it still doesn’t help him okay

*Has customised his LoLoLoL character to be even taller is he trying to compensate?

*still worships ur tallness but in secret okay


*Okay so on really bad days with his vision and say he goes and wants to give your lips a peck and he ends up kissing the lower part of your neck and not your chest if you’re lucky….. V u sly dog you

*Hugs go to 0 to a 100 real quick



*”Highest” standards for u lol 😂

*Would enjoy watching Elizabeth III trying to eat your hair or something he’s a sadistic



*Doesn’t like to impose but could you pls get that coffee cup on the top shelf

*or dust this off for me pls mc??

*Probs has a matching funny T-shirt with you and hers says “short best friend”  and yours says “tall best friend”

*They also have coffees on them so bonus!!!…..¿Does she know you’re together?


*Wow how does one make awesome compliments when comparing you to a giraffe apparently this guy

*It’s all good though until he runs out of tall animals then he resorts to dinosaurs

*It’s still pretty cute…..

Haikyuu!! Characters on Valentine's Day
  • Hinata: makes a macaroni and glitter card for kags but is too shy to give it too him so he just puts it on his dresser
  • Kageyama: buys a bunch of chocolates and goes to Hinata's door but stops BC he's to shy to give it to him, ends up eating it all by himself
  • Suga: goes on a date with Daichi and has a nice evening, and they spend the night watching movies and eating popcorn
  • Daichi: falls asleep on Suga's lap and wakes up early to make him breakfast in bed
  • Yamaguchi: buys a big stuffed dinosaur for Tsukki and when you squeeze it, it says "I love you"
  • Tsukishima: goes out on a date with Yams and holds his hand and gives him lots of kisses and then he buys him soft, floppy fries
  • Noya: brings a ladder with him on his date with Asahi and uses it to kiss him BC he so short
  • Asahi: holds Noya's hand and buys him things and when they go home he cuddles with him and he kisses him a lot
  • Tanaka: gives Ennoshita a lot kisses and buys him a whole cake for them to share
  • Ennoshita: cuddles with tanaka and watches some movies then he makes him a big dinner
  • Kenma: leaves his DS at home and goes on a date with Kuroo, let's Kuroo give him kisses and hugs and he buys Kuroo a cat keychain
  • Kuroo: buys Kenma more games and gives him a lot of kisses and he makes a fancy dinner and he just smiles a lot when he's with him
  • Bokuto: buys a bunch of owls and makes a choir out of them while he sings "can't help falling in love" to Akaashi
  • Akaashi: gives lots of kisses to Bokuto and that's all Bokuto wants
  • Oikawa: takes Iwaizumi on a date and buys him all the volleyball magazines and he goes and gives him kisses and buys him his favorite meal and he takes him to a park and he shows Iwaizumi all the constellations and all the stars and they have such a good time that Iwaizumi can't stop smiling and they just can't stop being in love, oh jeEEEZ THIS IS TOO CUTE I CANT BREATHE
  • Iwaizumi: let's Oikawa run the night because he knows that will make him happy then he buys Oikawa milk bread and he listens to Oikawa about the stars and he just thinks "I love him so much" and it's so cute, IM GOING TO CRY I LOVE IWAOI TOO MUCCH SOMEONE HELP ME
Wittle boy wooking for a daddy

Name: Julian

Little Names: Kitten, Ju Ju, baby boy

Role:Little boy

Age: 14

Little Age(s):2-6

Location:Seattle WA

About Yourself:I’m a trans boy and I have GAD and I’m very shy

Big Hobbies/Interest: Writing, making YouTube videos, and other thing that I can’t think of right now

Little Hobbies /Interest-

♡fav color:All shades of blue and red

♡activities: I like to draw, play with my cat, cuddle and other things

♡fav tv shows/movies:Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Alice in wonderland (my favorite movie in little space), the lion king, the boxtrolls

♡ stuffies names: Glovebox dog, Lucky (he’s a dog) and pig (it’s Rons owl from Harry Potter)

♡snacks/candy: mini M&Ms, almond Hersheys kisses, Mint moose tracks (thats ice cream) and mocha almond fudge ice cream

♡little gear: I don’t have any but I’d like a onesie, a paci, and more stuffies

Gender of partner preference: Male

Partner Preference Age: 14-17

Partner Preference Role:Daddy

What do you look for in a Partner: nice, can talk a lot/will tell me if they can’t talk at the moment, doesn’t force me to do things I’m not comfortable with

What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: Daddy

I Like When My Caregiver: Talks to me, tells me how handsome I am when I start to talk bad about myself, and they do role playing (Like *hugs daddy* then *gives you forehead kisses* so not the sexual kind)

I Don’t Like: When I get yelled at (it makes me cry), when they read my message and don’t respond, when the respond with “lol, k, or any short response”,

Best way to get in touch with you is: Kik: JulianG123ABC

anonymous asked:

2,3 4, 9, 14, 18, 19 20, 25, 31. 34. 43, 50 sorry for so many but i know you wanna answer them :)))

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?
Jeff is def the big spoon

3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle?
Jason takes all of the covers like he just rolls himself into a burrito / Jason is definitely the cuddler (but Jeff doesn’t mind)

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?
Jeff omg

9. Who makes the coffee (or tea)?
They both do, just depends on who gets up first I think

14. Who kills the spiders?
Neither they just burn the house down

18. Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person?
Jason is a dog person, Jeff is a cat person

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?
Jeff - “love” is his favorite

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?
Jeff is dominant I mean c'mon, Jase is too Soft to be the dominant one

25. Who wears the other ones clothes?
You bet you can catch Jeff stealing Jason’s big sweaters during winter

31. Who is more affectionate?
They both have their moments but I’ll say Jason is more affectionate overall in a physical sense, like he likes Physical Contact

34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?
Jeff wears the “if lost return to Jason White” t-shirt and Jase wears the “I’m Jason White” shirt (and probably tries to hide it under his jacket tbh)

43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?
Jeff tries to but he sucks at carnival games and usually just ends up buying Jase a stuffed animal from a store or something but I mean at least he tried

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?
Jeff definitely, he plans out all the cheesy dates and has the huge Valentine’s Day plans and probably writes Jase love songs let’s be real here

Joker/Harley Nonsense

[Just random fluffy nonsense/cheesy scenarios/Headcanons that are totally not serious but I have been picturing the SS versions of them doing in my head]

1. Headcanon: It has become well known that Harley is extraordinary at baking but she can’t cook. There have been casualties. 
“I made lasagna guys! Eat up!” 
Frost couldn’t say anything while Harley was still in the room, so all he could do was watch knowing that he would have to potentially find two more guys to replace Dakota and Gunner.
2. The Joker and Harley totally steal each others shit (but technically most things are fair game). 
“Harleyyyyyyyyyy!” Mister J’s growl came from his wardrobe and I paused in the application of my lipstick.
“Yes, puddin’?”
He came out of his wardrobe looking irritated. “Have you touched my gold rolex watches?” 
I casually turned my body a little bit so he couldn’t see how pretty they looked as cuffs on my upper arm. 
“No,” I did notice something else though. 
“Is that… is that my Ruby dream on your lips?” I asked.
He scoffed, “It’s red.” 
Walking over to him I gave him a kiss. “It looks better on you anyway.” 
“You did take them you little-”
“They look better on me!” I danced away from him before he could grab me. 
3. Harley has a big appetite that Mister J finds amusing, impressive, and disgusting.
4. Harley is a cuddler, Mister J is not. When Harley cuddles Mister J he is like a cat, a hissing, growling little cat. 
5. Harley keeps trying to find something to bake that Mister J really likes. When she does he never admits to liking it, but he will shoot anyone who tries to have any.
6. Harley wears a pink fluffy rabbit onesie around the house. 
7. Harley bedazzles Mister J’s things in a way that he is cool with.
8. Harley bought Mister J’s purple cane.
9. Sometimes they do the odd domestic thing that makes Mister J irritated but he also doesn’t mind it. 
Sticking my earring in I walked into the bedroom where Mister J was getting ready for the club tonight. Walking over to him, I put a hand on his shoulder so he turned.
“What?” He growled. 
Silently I undid a few buttons of his dress shirt, fixing his chain so the latch wasn’t hanging down. 
“Get off,” he grumbled. 
Smirking I placed a kiss on his cheek, wiping the lipstick I left behind with my thumb. On my way out I stole one of his jackets, hearing him sigh audibly. 
10. Mister J is the one who tattooed Rotten on Harley’s face and you cannot tell me otherwise.
11. Harley keeps bringing home kittens and Mister J keeps getting Frost to take them back. 
12. Mister J has a ten second limit (sometimes shorter), a person can look at Harley for usually ten seconds and if they exceed that they dead.
13. Mister J has a daddy/sir kink
14. Mister J is also big on the BDSM, he digs handcuffs. He is almost always the dominant one but he is always pleasantly surprised and intrigued when Harley tries to get the upper hand.

glassknight  asked:

1-10 for yasper owo

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl?

Jasper is a very early riser, but can also stay up to a very late hour because he has insane endurance and also those cat naps tho. Yvette is also an early riser uou/ starting the day in the calm dawn must be nice ngl

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?

Yvette just trY and be the big spoon okay just try it’ll make Jas laugh–

3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle?

Jasper is so physically affectionate with his loved ones he’ll just plop his head right on your lap okay

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?

Yvette give feather-light keeses to her cat yiss- Jas would probably nuzzle Yvette awake more often than not

5. Who usually has nightmares?

aw man i know Yvette has terrible nightmares about her past;;; Jas does what he can to comfort her whenever she has one

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/

Who would have them in the middle of the day?

Jas thinks too much sometimes rip

7. Who sweats the small stuff?

all of the siblings have p much learned to take small stuff easy in their time, and Yvette isn’t the type to worry over trival things either it seems

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pajamas?


9. Who makes the coffee (or tea)?


10. Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour?

Yvette seems to like spicy, and Jas has a thing for savory so neither of them probably have too many sour or sweet things

Yvette belongs to @airanke