cuddled in bed

Being forced to share a bed au's

(OTP that’s not yet together/haven’t acknowledged their feelings for each other)

- building a wall of pillows between them
- they still wake up tangled in each other anyway
- person A calms person B down when they wake up gasping
- person A soothing them by stroking their hair and forehead till they fall asleep in their arms
- person A keeps snoring and person B kicks them every time
- person A hogs all the covers and person B’s solution is to spoon them
- the two of them smelling of each other when they wake up
- the pair acting like the intimacy they shared at night never happened the next day

Platonic Cuddling/Bed-sharing Starters!
  • “C’mere – I am an amazing big spoon.”
  • “You’re so short! How can you expect to be the big spoon?”
  • “I’ve.. never been the little spoon before.” 
  • “You’re softer than a pillow…”
  • “Everyone thinks this is so intimate, being in bed together… I just want to sleep.”
  • “Can you scratch my back? It always helps me sleep.”
  • “Ahh, you’re like my personal bedwarmer! So warm…”
  • “Jeez, why are you so hot!”
  • “I talk in my sleep, just so you know.”
  • “Why are you so far away? Scoot closer.”
  • “That’s my favorite pillow! Give it back!”

Bonus; the morning after!

  • “My favorite part of last night was definitely you snoring in my ear.”
  • How is it that you’re so small, but still managed to take up all of the bed?”
  • “Good morning! I’ve made breakfast, here –”
  • “Could’ve warned me you talk in your sleep.”