While the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship was still cooing over the cuteness of a pair of owl and pussycat friends in Japan, they learned about another impossibly cute bond in São Paolo, Brazil. 30 hours and 2 flights later they were delighting in the camaraderie between Bob the Golden Retriever and his BFFs, 2 zebra finches, 2 cockatiels, 4 parakeets, and one plump little grey hamster.

Bob and his wee pals live with their human who shares lots of photos of their life together on Instagram. Although he towers over every one of them, Bob is a gentle giant who enjoys playing, lounging, and even cuddling up with his bird and hamster friends. Bob’s human posts adorable videos of the group as well.

For more photos and videos of this awesome group of friends follow Bob the Golden Retriever on Instagram.

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the signs cuddling

*check sun and venus*

aries: big spoon. loves cuddling, very close and warm.

taurus: little spoon. cute and likes to snuggle with lots of blankets and pillows.

gemini: could be either. is giggly and squirmy, only likes the cuddling if you two are really close.

cancer: little spoon. LOVES CUDDLING. the best cuddler honestly, soft and cutesy

leo: could be either. wants you to shower them with love while cuddling.

virgo: could be either. kind of uncomfortable with the whole closeness of cuddling, but if they do decide to, they are very quiet and content.

libra: little spoon, loves to cuddle. is probably watching a movie with you and giving you little kisses every once in a while.

scorpio: big spoon. very close to you and cuddling with them basically feels like sex, but intimate and romantic with clothes on.

sagittarius: big spoon. very fun cuddling, they might grab your butt or tickle you and you will both be laughing the whole time.

capricorn: big spoon. like virgo, kind of uncomfortable with the closeness, but they will hold you and cherish you if they really like you.

aquarius: could be either. fun cuddling, kind of like sagittarius, but cutesy-er.

pisces: little spoon. second best at cuddling to cancer. will shower you with little kisses and snuggles.
Kitten And Owlet Become Best Friends And Nap Buddies
Fuku the owlet and Marimo the kitten are an adorable pair of best friends that love to hang out, play together and nap at their home in Hukulou coffee shop in Osaka, Japan. The cafe occasionally gets other owl visitors as well, and it also sells fun owl-themed crafts and good, but it looks like these two are the stars of the show.

More irresistible owls here:

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