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Hello loves, I am Danielle or Dani, well call me Dani! I am an all over the place type of Gal! When I am not busy working with under Armour Women and back up dancing for Demi Lovato you can find me at home cuddling with my mini Love, Liam and our dogs Bella and Mia. We watch a lot of zootopia, and Coraline. I am a coffee addict its a problem, so i promise i bite. 

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Headed Home!

Hey guys! I’m at the airport right now about to board a flight back to Maine! I’m headed home for the week to spend some time with my friends and family and most importantly my dogs. All videos are prepped and ready for your eyes, so don’t worry about missing out on videos! Just wanted to let you all know though that with this week that I’m home I’m gonna take a little break from social media! I’m not gonna be on here or twitter or anything like that. Maybe a couple instagram photos here and there, but I really wanna take a break from my phone and completely disconnect from the YouTube world for a tiny bit! Think it’ll be refreshing!
So yeah, das it! Hope you guys have an awesome week and I hope you all like the videos coming up! See you all soon! :D

- E

I’m a horrible person to fall in love with because I’ll introduce you to all these things I know you’ll love. And I’ll make you feel like a part of my family. And I’ll randomly send you candid pictures I took of you cuddling with my dog. And I’ll make sure you associate everything that makes you happy with me. And then one day, without much warning, but because I have to, I’ll leave.

my spread a few weeks ago features pastel pink theme which i love, it’s so femme! nowadays, i’m creating art and cuddling with my dog and cat. 💕

Best dentist? Maybe someday!
Best Nap Ever

Harrison Osterfield ~ Tom Holland Fan Club

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You find a nap buddy that doesn’t want to nap anymore as much as you beg him to.

Requested by: @tanovic54321 wanted a fluffy Harrison imagine so

Written By: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Fluff, long af

A/N: Inspired by the episode in FRIENDS when Joey and Ross take a nap together. Also, I called that ‘fancy’ chair that actors get (the wooden foldable chair with the black ‘padding’ a director’s chair. Idk, I googled what it was but it was just that.


“Gotta head to set.” Tom stretches as he stands up from your couch.

“Aw.” You frown, pausing the scary movie Tom thought it would be smart to watch. “You guys are going to leave me in such a vulnerable state?” You pout out your bottom lip as they make their way towards the door.

“Harrison can stay.” Tom offers, you smile while Haz’s eyes widen.

“Really?” You gape, holding a pillow to your chest.

“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette nods, sending a smirk to his friend. “I’ll shoot you a text if I need a coffee or something.” He hits his arm and walks out of the trailer, closing the door behind him.

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