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I really need “Fear The Walking Dead” to NOT be screwing with me regarding Nick & Troy. Because they’re writing this as “American Psycho: A Love Story”. Before this week I could’ve accepted that Nick saw a fellow screw-up and felt a need to help him. But after Troy’s “You stayed because you love me” and the cuddling while high, yeah I’m feeling it. Nick is pretty gone over Tory to me. He risked his life to save Troy more than once, hallucinated Troy, basically threw Jake to his death to protect Troy some more, lied many times over to protect Troy again. Oh, yeah, he wants him some of that hot crazy mess that is Mr. Otto. Not that I blame him. Daniel Sharman is literally the only reason I’m still watching this show. I know Troy is a total psychopath but he’s easily the most interesting character to land on this show and Sharman is a mesmerizing actor. But it’s FTWD so that means he’ll probably die next week, right? Cause no one interesting can stay for long. (See: Travis, Ofelia, Liza, Jeremiah, Thomas Abigail – whose story was a total rip-off of “Black Sails”, BTW).

Also, Mercedes Mason ships Nick/Troy hard. I love her.


Lots of cuddles. L o t s.

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Justlex With After Fight!Alex and Caring!Justin

Request: justlex headcanons for justin taking care of alex after the fight with monty? with a side of guilty!justin and alex making sure he knows he isnt mad justin didnt step in. thank you!!


A/N: I think I got this request almost exact (well I hope), so fingers crossed you enjoy :)


Warnings: Mentions of a fight, Mentions of violence, Mentions of blood.


Justlex With After Fight!Alex and Caring!Justin…

  • Alex barged out of the school doors as he made his way towards his car, Monty headed in the other direction

  • He made it half way through the car park before hands were on his shoulder, pulling him to a stop

  • Alex wanted nothing more than to just go home, but as fate would have it, the one and only Justin Foley had held him up

  • Alex glared at the boy, but thanks to the bruising and swelling in his face it didn’t come off nearly as threatening as he intended

  • Justin’s eyes scanned over all his injuries, still holding Alex in his place as Monty sped past them both. Alex wanted nothing more than to just pull himself away from Justin and drive home, but he couldn’t

  • He and Justin weren’t exactly together, but they weren’t exactly friends either- friends didn’t look at each other like that, and they didn’t get so jealous

  • He wanted to protest, to push himself away from Justin, but he just let the brunette lead him to his car and drive him home

  • Alex let them both in, neither of them having said a word yet. Justin lifted Alex onto the bench before he went digging around for first aid

  • Alex hadn’t figured out if he was angry at Justin yet. He saw the way the boy just stood there and watched himself have the shit beaten out of him, but then Justin was here now when no one else was

  • Justin started with the small cuts on Alex’s knuckles, knowing they’d scab over faster. Alex noticed that Justin looked furious, and something in his stomach fluttered at that

  • He couldn’t help but stare at Justin’s beautiful eyes as the boy turned his attention to the blood on his face. Alex hissed in pain here and there, and Justin would shoot his hand away the second Alex showed the slightest pain

  • Alex liked the way Justin was taking care of him. He especially loved the way Justin stood between his legs while he did it. They’d been that close before, when they’d cuddled up together while high, or when someone would get jealous in the middle of school, but it was different then

  • Alex had to fight against the smile that threatened to show itself. Justin was really showing how much he cared for once, and though behind the concern was a whole lot of anger, Alex was willing to take it

  • Getting into the fight with Monty was possibly the stupidest thing he’d ever done, but it got Justin’s attention, so he figured at least that was a positive

  • “I’m not angry at you for not stepping in”

  • “You should be”

  • “Justin… could you at least breathe please? You’re scaring me”

  • Justin stopped what he was doing and leant against the bench, his hands on either side of Alex’s thighs

  • Alex hesitated, but considering it was Justin who had first come so close into his personal space, he figured he wouldn’t be wrong to assume a kiss was acceptable

  • He leant in and very softly placed his lips on the corner of Justin’s mouth, letting them linger there for a moment before he pulled back just enough for their lips not to touch anymore

  • Justin looked up at him with those sad blue eyes, all evidence of rage gone, and his face came slightly closer again as he shook his head, “don’t do that, I’m supposed to be taking care of you”

  • “Then what are you waiting for?”

  • Justin stared at him for a moment more before he wrapped Alex up in his arms. He carried the blonde up the stairs and laid him down on the bed, pulling the covers up around him before he himself climbed in

  • Alex was obviously confused, so Justin just gave him a “you need to rest. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you wake up,” before he kissed Alex’s lips momentarily and took out his phone

  • Alex couldn’t help but smile, and he pulled Justin closer so that Justin had an arm around his waist before he let himself drift off to sleep


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This weekend… But mostly today,, has been very…. Emotional to say the least… And i deal with my emotions in such a shitty way.. Its lonely and hard to just keep things bottled up. I really cant wait until the 21st when my gf gets to visit and i can give her the biggest hug for like a full hour

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Anon requested cute Roadrat with cuddling and belly kisses and [cries] it’s like you found a list of all the things I like the most and just decided to ask me to write them. So thank you. Also, I wanted to try my hand at High School AU so have this disgustingly cute mess! 

(There’s no sex, but just in case anyone gets squeamish about them being mostly naked together while cuddling, my high school AU Mako is 19 and Jamie is 18. They’ve both been held back. Mako for serious health problems in his youth that kept him in the hospital too often, and Jamie for getting bounced around the foster system for years and missing too much school. Which is also how Mako legally lives alone without having been emancipated.)

Fic, under the cut!

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