cuddle while high

Another request fill!

Anon requested cute Roadrat with cuddling and belly kisses and [cries] it’s like you found a list of all the things I like the most and just decided to ask me to write them. So thank you. Also, I wanted to try my hand at High School AU so have this disgustingly cute mess! 

(There’s no sex, but just in case anyone gets squeamish about them being mostly naked together while cuddling, my high school AU Mako is 19 and Jamie is 18. They’ve both been held back. Mako for serious health problems in his youth that kept him in the hospital too often, and Jamie for getting bounced around the foster system for years and missing too much school. Which is also how Mako legally lives alone without having been emancipated.)

Fic, under the cut!

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Lots of cuddles. L o t s.

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