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Can I request an imagine with RFA + Saeran with a very short MC? Probably like 4'10-5'0 ft. This could be NSFW but doesn't have to be! :) thanks!

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Hello there ^^ I would like to please request the RFA reacting to meeting the MC for the first time, but she’s a lot shorter than they expected. I wonder what that would be like since I’m 4'11 (about 150cm) and almost 20, so I feel like I look younger than I actually am T^T Thank you!

ok bUT CAN YOU BELIEVE WE’VE DONE HUNDREDS OF REQUESTS BUT NOT SHORT MC?? I swear most blogs have it, especially one that’s been around for a while like us;; I can’t believe it myself. Anyway, this will be SFW.

I made it more like mini-fics than a reaction because I can’t imagine anything other than, well, surprise and coming to terms with it. I’m sure you guys have read tons of short MC headcanons elsewhere already ahaha ^^

(Note: let’s assume MC has passed the age of puberty, otherwise being short before the end of puberty isn’t too surprising, you know?)


Request Killing: 7/30

Reactions to a Short MC


  • Out of everyone else in the RFA, he’d be the most mature and least judgmental about this, surprisingly
  • Honestly, he’d just be so excited to even meet you, he wouldn’t care how tall or short you were, or how you looked at all
  • Doesn’t even realize that you’re short until Seven starts making jokes about it
  • Yoosung would defend you first before looking at you more carefully and realizing that you were shorter than the average person your age, but he still wouldn’t care
  • “Don’t worry too much about it,” he comforts you, flashing a cheerful smile. “Being short isn’t a bad thing!”
  • Gets angry for you every time someone makes a comment about your height
  • Never teases you
  • Sure, sometimes it was difficult to find you in a crowd, but that gave him an excuse to hold your hand
  • He also loved getting things for you whenever you couldn’t reach
  • He just enjoys your company and treats you with respect regardless—just because you’re short, it would never mean he should respect you any less. At least, that’s what Yoosung believes


  • With him being as tall as he is, he thought he would be able to spot you in the crowds immediately at the party
  • Apparently he was wrong. He swore he’d be able to recognize you even though he’d never seen you before, and yet it’s been an hour since the party officially began and he hadn’t seen anyone that reminded him of you
  • And then he’d feel a poke on his back and turn around to find… no one
  • Huh?
  • You tugged at his sleeve, making him look down. Oh.
  • Though he hadn’t been the one to find you, he did recognize you immediately, and a big smile stretched across his face. “MC!” he exclaimed in glee, reaching his arms out to hug you—only to realize he wouldn’t be able to reach you unless he lowered them
  • Well… He was nearly an entire foot taller than you, after all.
  • Doesn’t understand why he feels a wave of pride rushing through him when he realizes how adorably short you are
  • But he loves it.
  • Uses you as a head rest, his arms hanging loosely around your shoulders
  • Asks to compare your hand and feet sizes, even though he knows he’s bigger than you in every way
  • Jokingly flirts as your hands are pressed together for comparison, “If you were a little taller, this could’ve been that much more romantic… I would’ve been able to put my forehead against yours, you know~?”
  • Loves teasing you about your height because you flash him an adorable attempt of a scary look every time
  • But he hates when someone else makes jokes about your short stature, and defends you every time


  • At first, she didn’t think that short person awkwardly trying to catch her attention in a subtle way was “MC” but realized that it really was you when you introduced yourself
  • Extremely surprised that you’re shorter than her
  • She thought she was short already (especially since she was surrounded by the tall RFA men, but Jaehee is actually average height)
  • She feels like she’s your older sister
  • Tempted to tease you, and beams innocently as she gives into the temptation
  • “MC~ Can you help me get this, please~? I can’t seem to reach it,” she said, pointing to something on a shelf that she could clearly reach if she stretched her hand
  • Would be taken aback when you basically climbed the shelf and returned with the item in hand, acting nonchalant about it
  • After the initial high of teasing you was over, she’d just talk to you like normal
  • But every now and then she’d find herself smiling because you look adorable and she can’t help but fawn over tiny things
  • Uh, not that she would say you’re tiny, of course…


  • He doesn’t hold himself back from squeezing you into a hug the first moment he sees you
  • Seven had already seen how you looked in the photos he’d found when he researched about you, but seeing you with his own two eyes made him realize just how short you really were
  • A goofy grin was on his face as he spun you around in his arms
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were so cute and cuddly~?” he asked, pouting as he continued to hold onto you. Seriously, he had no qualms about being so touchy despite having only just met you
  • You’d stick your tongue out at him for calling you cute—gosh, you weren’t a little kid!
  • But he’d continue to treat you like one, even after the party. You would’ve thought the hype about your short height would’ve worn off soon, but it didn’t.
  • He’d use you as an arm rest
  • Lifts you up and spins you randomly
  • Tells you to look both ways when crossing the street, every time, saying that other people wouldn’t be able to see you because you were so short
  • Uses you as a teddy bear, cuddling you every chance he got. (But always ‘just friends’ though, according to him)
  • Pretends to forget your age all the time and asks when your 7th birthday will be
  • Teases you so much, you almost regret ever going to that party…
  • The next time you meet up with him, you were definitely wearing heels. It wouldn’t increase your height all too much, but it sure would let you stomp on his toes. Maybe then he’d fall down in pain. Who’s short now, huh?


  • He couldn’t help but worry about you the entire time at the party, nervously following you everywhere
  • Eventually, you’d be fed up that he just kept following you and not saying anything
  • He didn’t answer when you demanded why, averting your eyes as he thought to himself that you were short like a kid, and he wasn’t sure if he could trust you by yourself… There were so many people at the party, who knows when someone could bump into you?
  • And as you stood there, arms crossed, waiting for his response, that was exactly what happened.
  • A lady knocked into you by accident, causing you to trip and fall into V’s arms
  • It was then that he noticed just how short you were, because he couldn’t help but compare your height to his own
  • Before he knew it, the words had left his lips, “So much shorter than I thought…”
  • He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but when you whacked at his arm, he realized his mistake
  • Feels guilty for insulting you and stays far away for the rest of the party
  • Over time he’d get used to it
  • Would pet your hair a lot
  • Looks out for you as if you were his younger sibling
  • Hugs you as a greeting, but always ends up lifting you off the ground by accident
  • Apologizes profusely every time
  • But he never learns from his mistake honestly
  • At least he treats you to a drink after, which you liked because you could spend time getting to know this mysterious man better :)


  • “Are you lost, miss?”
  • That was what Jumin had asked when he first saw you at the party, only to realize that you’re the MC he always talked to in the chatroom
  • His eyes widen slightly as he realizes that you’re much shorter than he imagined
  • He did expect a height difference since women were normally shorter than men, but he had expected you to be around Jaehee’s height
  • Still, he didn’t comment about it, instead greeting you with a professional smile as he asked how the party was
  • You roll your eyes at his formality, telling him to drop the act since you were friends, after all
  • Jumin would have trouble stopping himself from glancing at you constantly, still focused on your height
  • Also worried that he’d lose sight of you
  • Questions your age over and over, even though the answer doesn’t change
  • Until he asked for the 60th time and you dryly reply that you were a few centuries old and shrinking. “Happy now?” you sigh
  • It was then that Jumin realizes his rudeness, and smiles sheepishly
  • He puts an arm around you so that he doesn’t have to keep looking at you to make sure you weren’t lost, holding on tightly
  • But then he feels a strong tug on the tail of his tuxedo, and he turns to face you, only to realize that his arm was around your neck
  • “…Oh. My bad. I thought that was your waist.”


  • He had been hiding out near the bathrooms (where hardly anyone passed through), waiting for you to pass by so he could take you away
  • Well, he was lucky that you’d been dared to drink as much as you could tonight (Seven had been teasing your alcohol tolerance because of your height, saying you couldn’t possibly hold your alcohol with such a stature…)
  • You were running to the bathroom, trying to make it to the toilet to throw up, because… well… you’d had waaaay more drinks than your body could handle
  • Unfortunately, Saeran hadn’t been aware of this.
  • I say “unfortunately” because he wouldn’t have grabbed you so quickly, had he known. And then you wouldn’t have vomited all over him.
  • SHIT!” he swore, wrinkling his nose at the stench. But a job was a job, and he had to escape quickly before anyone noticed you were missing. So, out the window he went, leaving behind a trail of bile. This was probably the most disgusting (and obvious, honestly… someone’s going to notice the vomit and lack of its culprit) kidnappings Saeran has done in a while.  
  • He was still surprised that you were so short, though, as he carried you. He laid you gently in the back of the car, and you fit just perfectly thanks to your height. He bit back a smile, finding it amusing. Then he proceeded to drive all the way back to headquarters.
  • Although he had been ordered to take you to the Saviour immediately upon returning with MC captured, he couldn’t help but feel intrigued by you… so he decided to lie down beside you, even though he wasn’t supposed to.
  • He held you in his arms, relishing the feeling of your body against his own, secretly comparing how much shorter you were in comparison to him.
  • He gently lifted your hand, smiling at how much smaller yours looked when he held it. You were so much shorter and smaller up close, appearing so innocent… 
  • And Saeran couldn’t help but relax while holding you like this, gradually drifting off to sleep.
  • Well, he would only have this night with you, after all. He felt a bit regretful, but he knew he couldn’t go against the Saviour’s desires… whatever her intentions would turn out to be.
Cuddles Headcanon:

Requested: no

Warning/s: none

Authors note: dedicated to @maybe-its-5sos

  • Okay let me tell you all about the story of Damian “The Surprisingly Cuddly Teddy Bear” Wayne 
  •  When you two are sleeping together this boy will not let you get out of his hold  
  • If you even try to move an inch he will tighten the hold 
  •  He’s like a snake tbh 
  • “Ugh habibti stop moving so much” 
  •  “Can’t, I need to use the bathroom” 
  •  After about five minutes he would finally let you get up 
  •  But the only condition is that you get back in his arms asap
  • Surprisingly his snake hold is your favourite
  • It makes you feel safe and protected  
  •  Dami has low-key no chill when you’re cooking something 
  •  He would randomly come behind you, hug your waist, put his head on your shoulder and kiss your neck all over 
  •  Aside from the bed cuddles, your second favourite has to be the couch cuddles 
  •  You in between his legs, leaning against his broad chest, his fingertips grazing over your skin slightly and watching a movie together
  • Your third favourite cuddles are when he gets back from patrol
  • It’s a combination of bed cuddles and couch cuddles
  • But this time you’re the one not letting him go
  •  You don’t want to lose him again
  •  I think Damian uses cuddles to express his genuine love for you 
  •  And, let’s be honest, you love his cuddles just as much as you love him

This was our first request and omg i thank you for requesting it! if its not quite what you want feel free to request it again with more details, hopefully it’s to your liking <3 


On Valentine’s Day, Mark would surprise you by flying you over to his home town in America. He would spend all day with you, and show you around to all the little spots and hide aways he use to explore or hang out in. He would also take you out for dinner at his favourite restaurant and take you to the movies, he would cuddle you for the rest of the night not wanting to let go.

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Jackson’s a sweetheart and would want to be extra AF™ He would leave you little presents throughout the house for you to find, like roses, chocolates, teddy bears and much more. He would also send balloons to your work and even surprise you by showing up at lunch with your favourite food. He would take you out for dinner that night but not at a normal restaurant, maybe his fav Chinese place, half way through dinner he would get onto one knee and not say anything while your heart and mind raced. He tied up his shoe and sat back down.

“What?” he would give you a smirk. When you looked back down at your food there was a box on top of it because he’s that extra and then he would propose to you.

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JB would just spend all day cuddling with you soft™ tbh watching your guys fav show, and him just making you laugh and showering you with kisses. Before he would get up to make dinner himself he would say.

“I know you’re meant to give gifts on Valentine’s Day, but mines going to be late.”

A couple months later GOT7’s new album came out and you listened to the new song called ‘For You’, a song JB had written of how he felt about you. You knew it was about you because JB sent you a text earlier that day saying to listen to that song specifically.

“The way you have me feeling is enough to keep me in the clouds, and I hope I don’t come down.”

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You would wake up to breakfast in bed from YoungJae, he surprisingly was a good cook. After breakfast, he gave you some chocolate and took you to the park. Not expecting anything else because the sunshine himself was enough for you, you were surprised when the rest of the guys came out and started singing. They did a ‘private’ show just for you and sang all of your favourite songs which melted your heart. The last song the boys sang was sick, usually the song was about heartbreak but when you went to sing along this time the lyrics had changed. He changed it to a love song about you and all the sad lyrics had now turned happy.

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All day Jinyoung would shower you with gifts, from the minute you woke up you were handed a balloon. You didn’t think much of it at much just thinking it was a present. But as the day went on he gave you a little red bear, and later on during dinner he gave you a fluffy oversized hoody.

“What would I need this for?”

“Just wait.”

Not knowing, but all the presents had hinted towards a major one Jinyoung had planned for you. After dinner, Jinyoung took you for a hot air balloon ride around Seoul. It was amazing at night seeing the city and hugging the man you loved so much.

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This boy would be so old school. Treating you like a queen the entire day, giving you chocolate, flowers, breakfast in bed, the whole shazam. Bambam left you to have your shower. With you not knowing, he had taken suitcases he had already pre-packed (thanks to Jinyoung and JB), and took them down to the car waiting outside for you. After your shower and you were ready to go out for ‘lunch’, he grabbed your hand and led you to the car waiting outside. When the car turned up at the airport, you got suspicious.

“This isn’t lunch, Bam”

“I know, just follow me.”

You and Bambam get on the plane, you still not knowing where you were. But, you could see Bam texting like there was no tomorrow, but he wouldn’t tell you who he was texting. You arrived in your hometown and saw your family standing at the gates waiting for you. You began to tear up, realising that Bambam and taken you back to your hometown to see your family which you missed dearly.

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Yugyeom would feel bad because he didn’t really organise anything for Valentine’s Day. He knew you didn’t want him to spend money on you, especially since you told him repeatedly that you’d rather just spend the day with him. So, when he got a call to go into practice for a bit he felt extremely bad. He asked the boys what he should do to make it up to you, but he didn’t want to spend any money because you wouldn’t like it. Mark suggested a picnic dinner on the beach watching the stars, Bambam then said that Yugyeom could even dance for you. After practice, Yugyeom would head back to the dorms to pack for the picnic, heading to your apartment to get you and taking you out.

“Wow the stars are breath taking”

“But not as much as you Jagiya.”

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Feel free to send in more requests :)

Dear Journal,

This morning I got woken up by Lily and Teddy both jumping on the bed.

“Today’s the day! You’re getting married!” She said.

I smiled instantly. Merlin, today was the day.. I’ve been waiting for this moment since Sirius proposed in 7th year. Teddy jumped in my arms and I hugged him tightly.

“Have you slept well love?” I asked Teddy, remembering how cuddled up we fell asleep.

He nodded with a big smile on face. I kissed both of his cheeks and placed his messy curls.

“Maybe you should go wake up Padda love, we don’t want him to show up at the wedding in pyjama’s!” I said, hugging Teddy once again.

“Okay! Kissie!” Teddy said, making a kissy face.

I gave him a quick kiss and he ran to the door with Lily following him. I colapsed on my bed and smiled to myself. I was nervous but so excited to marry Sirius. I started getting ready and Lily came back with her dress on. She looked breathtakingly beautiful.

“Wow Lily.. You look amazing!” I said, hugging her again.

“Thank you Remus.. Do you mind if I get ready here? I don’t want you to be alone.” She said, her smile still present.

“It’s okay, I actually need help with my hair.. they’re a bit messy and I can’t style them properly.. Can you help me?” I asked.

She placed my curls so they would stay on place all day long. I felt a bit fancy with all those hair products in my curls!

As I was putting on my suit, I heared a knock on the door. Mum and Dad.

“Oh Honey look at you!” Mum said with tears in her eyes.

“Mum please you’re going to make me cry!” I said, hugging her small figure.

“I’m so proud of you my son.” Dad said, joining the hug.

“I love you both..” I whispered.

Teddy then came rushing in with a piece of paper in his small hand.

“Padda is awake!” He yelled, handing me the paper.

“Thank you Teddy. Do you want to go get ready with grandpa?” I asked.

“Okay!” He smiled, taking dad’s hand.

I unfolded the piece of paper and instantly recognized Sirius’ neat handwritting.

“I can’t wait to marry you my love… See you down the aisle.. Sirius xox”

I smiled and hugged the paper to my heart. Sirius was maybe a badboy heartbraker but sometimes he was just as romantic. I folded the paper and placed it into my suit pocket so it could be with me all day long. I couldn’t wait to put it in my memory box at home. I started working on my bow tie but Sirius usualy helps me with it. Mum noticed my strugle and helped me tie it beautifuly and whispered in my ear.

“You know, I always knew you two would end up together. The way you talked about him and the way he looked at you.. it was written in the sky.” She said.

“I love him so much mum.” I smiled.

“Oh honey I know you do. I’m so glad you found someone perfect for you. You found the right man.” She smiled.

She then left to go get her hair done with Lily. I was alone in my room, ready as I’ll ever be. I stared at my reflexion. One of my old scars could be seen on my neck but I didn’t think about it because I knew Sirius loves them. I took out my vows and read them again. Was it too cheesy? I hope not.. Suddently I heared a soft knock in the door. I instanlty recognized the voice.

“Moons?” Sirius asked.

“Pads? Don’t come in here you’ll break the tradition!” I said, running to the door.

“I won’t love.. I won’t.. I just wanted to hear your voice that’s all..” He said.

I leaned my back against the wooden door and closed my eyes, imagining Sirius’ face in my head.

“I’m nervous Pads..” I said.

“It’s just me love.. don’t be nervous..” he said.

“I just want to hold your hand.. It would calm me.” I said.

The door cracked open and his hand peaked in. I took it and squeezed it.

“I can’t wait to see you..” he said.

“Me too..”

After a few minutes, James entered and told me it was time. The room we had reserved was actually a rooftop from which we could see the Eiffel tower. It was beautiful. The flowers made it even prettier. Lily was holding her flowers, ready to walk the aisle with Teddy’s hand in hers.

“You can do this Remus.” She smirked.

I took a deep breath and the music started. My heart started pounding. Lily took Teddy’s hand and walked down the aisle to the music. My mum was the one walking me down the aisle. I felt safe with her by my side. She wrapped her arm around mine and smiled. That was it. It was our moment. Sirius’ and I.

I walked down the aisle and the moment I saw Sirius, I felt all my worries go away. He was so handsome. Merlin I was lucky. His black hair neatly placed, his flushed cheeks and his shaky hands. Suddently I just wanted to run and jump in his arms. He was biting his lip and tears were running down his cheeks. James had a big smile on his face and also had his hand on Sirius’ shoulder. Sirius’ eyes never left mine. He wipped his tears away and smiled. When I arrived at the altar, I gave my mum a kiss and Sirius took both of my hands. I looked into his grey eyes and he mouthed me something while the priest talked.

“We gather here to unite these two lovers in marriage..” The priest said.

“You look beautiful.” Sirius mouthed, not caring about the wedding that was going on.

I smiled and blushed.

“I love you” I mouthed back.

To be honest, I wasn’t really listening to the priest either. He was saying some nonsence! I couldn’t stop looking at Sirius. His eyes were still a bit glossy but he looked so handsome. I got woken up from my dreamland when I heared the priest say some important words.

“It is now time for you both to read your vows.” He said, nodding so I could go first.

“Hum.. okay. My dear Sirius, I can’t even put to words how much you mean to me. Believe me, I would write it in the sky, carve it on mountains and scream it on rooftops. Since the day I met you, I had this feeling in my stomach. The feeling that makes you happy. After all these years of me loving you, the feeling is still there. I want it to be there until my heart beats his last beat because I know that my heart will always beat for you. Yesterday you asked me if I thought we were meant to happen.. I would say it’s more than that. We were made for eachother. I love you so much Sirius. I will always love you, to the moon and back…” I said, looking up from my shaking hands holding the paper.

Sirius was crying and smiling at the same time. I wanted to kiss him. To hug him. He wipped his tears away and took his paper out of his pocket, his hands shaking.

“Well, it’ll be hard to top that.. okay..When I was younger.. Before I went to Hogwarts .. I always thought I would hate my life. I thought I would have to live with a pureblood wife.. I didn’t want this life.. But when I saw you Remus, I knew anything was possible. I knew i could be loved and more important, i knew I could be with someone I love. I was always taught that love wasn’t real. That you couldn’t fall in love. But when I saw you I found it hard to believe. Imagining my life without you is painful. You are my whole world Remus. We’ve been through so much.. I love you.. to the moon and back…” he said, tears running down his cheeks.

I was also crying. Merlin I loved him so much. I extended my hand to wipe his tears away which made our family and friends laugh. The priest smiled and continued talking.

“Remus John Lupin, do you take Sirius Orion Black to be your husband? Do you promise to be faithful to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and to honor him all the days of your life?” He asked.

I smiled and looked into Sirius’ eyes.

“I do.”

“Sirius Orion Black, do you take Remus John Lupin to be your husband? Do you promise to be faithful to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and to honor him all the days of your life?” He repeated.

“I do” Sirius said, looking into my eyes.

“ I can now pronounce you.. Husband and Husband!” The priest laughed. “You may now kiss.”

Sirius layed his hands on my cheeks and crashed his lips on mine. It was the best kissed we ever shared. Our family and friends were all cheering. Teddy ran to us and Sirius picked him up so we could have a family hug.

We spent the night with our friends and family. It was amazing. Everyone was so happy for us. We danced a lot! It was the best night of our lives. James even made a speach using only words with no a’s which was pretty funny to listen to. It was perfect.

When it was getting really late, everyone came back to the hotel. Teddy was asleep in his car seat and it was adorable. James and Lily were going to babysit him for our first night as husbands. James had told us that they would take care of him and we could have fun.

“C'mon we all know you’re going to have some fun.. Soooo we got you two a royal suite!!” James said, smirking.

“Are you insane!!” I said.

“Nope! You two go have fun.” He smirked, giving us the royal suite key.

Sirius and I walked to the room and it was beautiful! The bed was giant! Sirius and I laughed because we always joke about how we can both sleep in a single bed, cuddled up. Just like our Hogwarts times.

“Okay, my dear husband, now we get you out of this suit.” Sirius laughed.

We both undressed slowly. Sirius kissed every inch of my body while my hands touched every inch of his. His broad shoulders were full of marks. So was my neck and collarbone. Our hands tangled in eachothers hair. It was slow and pleasurable. We kissed and kissed and kissed.. It was perfect. Being alone with Sirius made me happy. Plus, he kept calling me “husband” and I couldn’t stop smiling. Once we collapsed on the bed, panting and sweating, Sirius laughed.

“Oh my god..” Sirius said.


“We just had sex for the first time as husbands!” He said.

I just started laughing.

“Merlin you’re so funny!” I giggled.

“C'mere.. I want to cuddle you.” He said, wrapping his arms around me.

“Your vows were beautiful..” i said.

“You think so? Yours made me cry!” He chuckled.

“I love you.” I said, kissing him.

“I love you too baby.”

“Wanna get some sleep?” I asked.

“Yeah.. I’m exhausted.. Goodnight my Husband.” He said, kissing my forehead and then my lips.

“Goodnight my husband.. It’s weird to finally say it.” I chuckled.

“It is. But i can get use to it. It suits you well.” He smiled.

“I love you Sirius.” I said.

“I love you too.”

We fell asleep cuddled into one another. His hands on my bare back and mine on his bare chest. We were united. We were finally married.

May 20th 1998

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hc's for the paladins with a touch-starved s/o who needs a lot of long hugs and physical affection? (my mom doesn't hug me enough lol)


  • He loves this about his s/o, but he won’t admit it. He likes to give them lots and lots of hugs! He loves the warmth they give off when they hug/cuddle.
  • He prefers to do the cuddling in private courters but he doesn’t mind hugging/hand holding, ya know the small things, in public. He has to show off that his s/o is his in one way or another.
  • Every night before bed, they have a mandatory cuddle session to satisfy his s/o’s needs. Let me just say the requirements are met.
  • He likes to have his s/o sit on his lap while he’s reading. It’s super comforting to both of them!


  • This takes his a second to get used too, being him and all, but when he gets past the awkward stage he enjoys it! Just like Shiro, he’ll never tell his s/o that.
  • He always has an arm on/around his s/o if they’re near by and if it’s not bothering anyone. He doesn’t mind PDA all the much if it doesn’t bother anyone else. Of course he doesn’t go crazy, just a peck on the cheek or a  chaste kiss that lingers for a moment. Nothing more than that.
  • They have cuddle sessions in the morning and night if they can. At night they, take their showers and relax in each others arms just talking about whatever they like, then they slowly fall asleep.
  • Footsie is a reoccurring thing with these two. It’s a simple and somewhat secretive way to show appreciation for each other until Lance calls them out on it and embarrassing the shit out of Keith.


  • He’s told his s/o on multiple occasions that he loves the fact they crave psychical attention. He feels like he’s needed and he likes that a lot.
  • Constant PDA with these two! Everyone takes turns at telling them to get a room, but alas, that’s never going to happen.
  • Constant snuggle parties! No matter the time of day, if there’s some free time, you can guarantee that they’re cuddling somewhere in the castle.
  • He gets a little jealous when he see’s his s/o hugging someone else. ‘That’s my job!’ is what he thinks and he doesn’t hide it all that well. You can see him turn green with jealously, his s/o has to remind him that they’re allowed to hug their friends but he’s the person they only enjoy cuddling with. Such a child this one.


  • She’s doesn’t have an opinion on her s/o’s craving for psychical attention. She of course complies with their wishes and doesn’t mind the hugging and cuddling. 
  • These guys prefer to cuddle the morning just when they wake up and are all sleepy. Pidge loves her s/o’s sleepy face and thinks it’s adorable. She wouldn’t say anything about it though, maybe one day.
  • She doesn’t care for PDA too much, she does allow somethings, but not too often. She feels that the intimate things should be kept private.


  • He, along with Shiro and Keith, like this part about this s/o. He’s literally a giant teddy bear, how could he not like it! It’s also great for his s/o!
  • He’s constantly hugging his s/o, if you need him to do something, you’re gonna need to literally rip they apart.
  • They only cuddle in public, but they keep the more intimate things private. They also kiss each other on the cheek and hold hands a lot as well.
  • His favorite thing is to cuddle with his s/o, it just makes him so happy. He gets to hold the person he loves most, of course he’s happy!

Remus Lupin should be turning 57 today. He should be spending the day with his wife and his son (who would be nearly 20 now!!) and maybe even with Harry and family.

He should be getting a party with dorky hats and far too many candles on the cake.

He should be getting presents that make him smile from ear to ear because he feels so loved.

He should be treated to a special dinner (either from his favorite restaurant or one Tonks tries to cook but royally messes up on)

He should be sitting in his living room at night with Tonks cuddled up to his side while Teddy vents about Victoire, with a small smile on his face because how did he get so lucky?

… But no. Of course not.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I would like to request a cuddle headcanons for RFA + V and Saeran. What they prefer? Who is the big spoon and where they would cuddle with MC? Btw love your blog!

IMPORTANT LIL THING: I MADE A YURI ON ICE HEADCANON ACCOUNT! I can make Viktuuri Headcanons, or Character x Reader! Come check it out: @V-i-k-t-o-r-y

• Don’t lie, you know he’s the little spoon.
• When you first started dating, he would always try and be the big spoon. He wanted you too see him as the more dominant one in the relationship.
• However, that didn’t work out.
• He’s a die hard submissive
• So, after a while, he just couldn’t stand it anymore.
• But, that’s okay. You think it’s cute that he’s the little spoon.
• He makes it his goal to cuddle you at least once a day.
• Even if you’re sick, he’s going to be cuddling you. Don’t even try to protest.
• Honestly, he sometimes ends up giggling when your arm wraps around him.
• Yes, he’s extremely ticklish.
• Once, your hair brushed against his neck and he almost lost it.
• Protect him.

• He turns it into a game, really.
• Of course, he’s the big spoon, so, he always tries to act as if he’s some great Prince, or knight, out to save his lovely princess.
• Sometimes, he’ll get done with work, or take a break, and instantly tackle you into a hug.
• A lot of times, he gets too impatient to move you both to a soft place, so you guys just cuddle on the floor.
• If you get uncomfortable, however, he’ll throw you up on the bed.

• He loves to keep one strong arm securely wrapped around you, making sure you stay close to him.
• Since he tends to over work himself, he gets a little sleepy when you two are lying down together.
• Occasionally he actually falls asleep.
• Of course, he’ll apologize A LOT for it, afterwards.
• And even if you forgive him..he still gets you a little gift the next day. Whether it be flowers, a teddy bear, or maybe some sweets. He’s stocking you up.
• All around, he loves to cuddle you wherever, whenever.
Jumin :

• If you thought anything but big spoon, you’re wrong.
• B I G S P O O N
• Normally cuddling with Jumin takes place on one of his huge, fancy ass beds.
• and a lot of times, Elizabeth 3rd joins in.
• She gets in the middle of you two, which almost makes Jumin third wheel you. Almost.
• Surprisingly, he’s huge on cuddles. In fact, he’s pretty big on most affection related things when it comes to you.
• He just loves you in general, so, of course he’s always trying to be around you.
• One time, he was having a pretty rough day. So, he had Jaehee call you to his office at once.
• The remainder of the day, he had you sit in his office, talk to him, just keep him company..and eventually, you guys started cuddling while he was doing his work.
• He’s a cuddling machine, I tell ya~

• The two of you alternate between Big spoon and Little spoon, giving you both a little variety.
• A small problem is how busy she always is. This makes it harder for the two of you to have regular cuddle sessions.
• Once, she tried sneaking work into her arms, anD TRIED CUDDLING YOU WITH THAT SHIT
• Jumin will be in for it later. But you gotta cuddle with your woman, first.
• Her preferred place is on the couch..while you watch Zen musicals.

• He’s super touchy when you’re cuddling.
• He likes to be the big spoon.
• While he pulls you closer to his body, he likes to place one of his large hands on your upper/outer thigh. Occasionally rubbing circles into it.
• Other times, he’ll play with your hair, or even hold you hand.
• Cuddle sessions for you two depend on the weather. If it’s a warm, sunny day, he’ll take you out on a picnic, and after you eat, you’ll cuddle on the table cloth for a while.
• However, if it’s rainy, or too chilly out..he likes to move you to the bed.
• They tend to happen more than once a day.

• He was never really fond on cuddles??
• of course, he’ll do it for you..hesitantly.
• he tries to be the big spoon, but gets extremely awkward while doing so.
• Even if you’ve been together for a long time, he becomes a stuttering, blushing mess.
• you get to see such a vulnerable side of him, and because of this, Seven enjoys teasing him.
• Other than seven’s teasing, Saeran has came to terms with the fact you see this. And cuddling soon becomes something you both do more often.
• after a while..even though he hates to admit it..he actually starts to enjoy cuddling you.

taakos-hat  asked:


listen listen listen. listen. one of my favorite things about this is that like. taako really isn’t used to like? physical affection? so like one day when they’re stopping for the night out on the road magnus is like, hey buddy I’m cold can we like….. Maybe cuddle maybe? and taako squints for a second but then shrugs and is like, okay, fine, whatever, just watch the hair. if you mess up my hair I’ll kill you. and magnus just laughs and spoons him and taako is like, holy shit, okay, this dude is literally a big teddy bear, and it’s kinda. it’s kinda nice. and them cuddling becomes like, a regular thing for them. and it’s cute and nice and the one time magnus fell asleep away from taako, he ended up getting really bad nightmares, so taako casually just snuggled up against him, and magnus seemed to almost immediately calm down. and taako is like, aw dumps, I REALLY didn’t wanna get attached but this guy is hard to resist isn’t he. god damn it god fucking damn it.
and then kravitz comes in. and like, you know, they do hit it off pretty well. kravitz in his human form is pretty hot, and his skeleton form is pretty badass, but he’s also just like? surprisingly soft for his line of work? and taako is like sighing one night after they go on their date to the chug n squeeze and is like, I have a TYPE don’t I, I’m going to be undone by guys so sweet they give me cavities. angus if I fall over right now can you go tell everyone I’ve died. thanks kiddo. here’s five bucks.

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If each of the members of STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT had an s/on with depression, how would they go about cheering them up during a depressive episode? Thank you. ❤️Your imagines make it a little easier to get through the day.

Thank you! This ask was a little general since all of them would try their best here no? I tried and I hope you like! Apologies if its a bit rusty!

Quartet Night


  • jokes, puns, mimicry, stupid faces, impressions, comedy shows, silly actions. ANYTHING, just anything to make you laugh
  • This guy would even prank Ranmaru to see you smile
  • If it doesn’t work, he’ll just hold you in his arms and have the emotions talk
  • Once you smile, his world would light up and he’d try to make your mood even better


  • doesn’t know what to do when you’re upset. Instead of napping or playing his bass, he’s just there staring at the wall
  • He approaches you and just holds you tight in his arms, whispering a few soothing words and how much he loves you
  • You don’t need to tell him anything.
  • He’ll just make you something to eat and quietly hold you. Sometimes he would pet your hair as a comforting gesture.


  • Had to research to arrive at the conclusion that you’re depressed. He spaces out while talking, mainly because he’s trying to figure out a solution
  • Finally, he walks up to you and hugs tight. He asks you to talk about how you feel so he can understand better
  • Loads of cuddles and kisses
  • He doesn’t mind being mama Ai in order to make you feel better. He’ll sing to you and even tuck you in bed.


  • He turns so caring and affectionate. He makes you feel like a queen.
  • He’d let you use those awfully soft and plush bedroom slippers and even get you an outfit that is comfortable and feels like silk
  • You’ll find comfort food, a cuddling session and he may perhaps encourage you to tell him what’s wrong
  • When you do tell him, he has sound but tough advice. To others he may sound uptight but you knew he meant good and hence your smile



  • sunshine
  • Bless him. He’ll be an eager listener, would comfort you and even try to make you something that’ll help you smile.
  • He gives you all the love in the world. He’d want to take you out but is also worried at the same time
  • If you’re sad, he’s sad. He values your smile so much that he’d do his best to make you feel better


  • Mamasato here will be worried sick and would tuck you in blankets and hug you gently. He is one who will make your home a loving sanctuary.
  • He’d also make sure you eat properly and would cook up anything you want
  • He’s going to ask you to talk. While you’re doing so, he’ll gently trace circles on your hands and kiss them maybe
  • He’d stay by your side until you feel better


  • mission huddles starts
  • Like otoya, he would be very upset and would refuse to leave you until you smile
  • He would shower you with kisses and hugs every few minutes. He’d even suggest making you some milk tea so that you feel better.
  • Otherwise, you two will go to a petting zoo and Natsuki will take you a plush store later so you can admire the cute and smile.


  • He’s here to lend his shoulder for support.
  • Would actually be able to help you feel much much better with his wise words and soft smiles
  • He reminds you how important you are to him and kisses your forehead and cheeks, hoping that you feel how much he loves you.
  • Kinda upset because he didn’t know that you were going through this earlier so he could’ve helped you


  • He’s going to spoil you rotten
  • Affection, food, whispers, a bouquet of roses and words. If you want, he’ll take you out for fresh air
  • He’d also honestly tell you how amazing you are to him, increasing your self-confidence is one of his top priorities here.
  • If none of these work, he’ll just glomp along with you all day on the couch, offering his silent support.


  • Would take you outside for fun as staying inside may make you feel worse
  • After some fresh air, you two would talk and he’d definitely make you feel better
  • He refuses to let go so you two are holding hands pretty much throughout the day
  • He’d even win you a teddy while you were out so you’ll smile. If it helps, he’ll narrate some silly stories and about times when he’s depressed


  • !!!! He’s really worried
  • Is very fumbling and confused at first but he firms up and surrounds you with all his love and adoration
  • Would share his own depressive stories in an attempt to make you feel better
  • You’d be cuddling all day. If you want to go out, done. Want to eat something? You’ll get the best. Want to shop or maybe watch movie? Your wish is his command. He will do anything to ensure his jewel feels better

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Chanty, hey!! You probably get this a lot but can you post some steve and natasha hugging headcanons. Thanks!!!

Yes yes yes, let’s talk about hugs–

  • Steve just likes to cuddle with her everywhere, okay, and so he’s always coming up to her from behind or from the side and hugging her close and sometimes she’ll let him hug her and then shrug him off because she’s getting work done, but most of the time she’ll just make herself comfortable in his arms and let him cling onto her like a teddy bear
  • okay but picture this: Natasha literally running into his arms
  • like maybe after a close call on a mission or when they’ve been separated for a while, Natasha gets impatient and rushes over as soon as she sees him and flings herself at him because she knows he’ll always catch her
  • Steve lifting her in the air and spinning her around
  • Natasha likes to hug him when she’s stressed, likes to burrow herself into his chest and let him block out the rest of the world
  • Steve reluctant to let Natasha go when she’s hugging him, so he clings onto her a little tighter, and she’ll laugh and half-heartedly try to squirm her way out of his grip but he knows she’s not really trying to escape
  • Natasha always squeezing just a little bit tighter before letting him go
  • Steve nuzzling his face into her neck and smoothing his hands up and down her back and murmuring into her skin and making her laugh because it tickles but she doesn’t want him to stop talking, either
  • they probably just hug all the time because they always want to be as close as physically possible, alright??

♥ I wanted to draw Noctis and Luna in casual home clothes so…here :3c
May Ignis forgive me for messing up the Tenebraen dessert
And now, let me slap together a quick fic thing (They are alive!AU???)

Luna rested her hand on the balcony rail, gazing quietly at the scenery. Altissia looked even more beautiful with the rising sun painting the the area with a soft, orange glow. Closing her eyes, she breathed in the cool morning air and felt strands of her hair tickle her face as the wind blew gently. Luna exhaled heavily a few seconds later, her shoulders slumping. Peace, she thought, finally, we can have peace. She almost jumped when she felt arms circle her waist from behind. Glancing behind her, she smiled when she saw her husband’s face.

“You okay?” Noctis asked. 

Luna leaned against him and placed her hands on his arms. “I am. How about you? It’s unusual for you to be awake this early. It’s only six in the morning.”

Noctis chuckled. “Maybe I just got cold. My personal warm teddy bear got up too early,” he muttered as he nuzzled her hair.

Luna hummed and gave him a playful look. “Why didn’t you just cuddle with Umbra and Pryna, then? They’re plenty warm, I’m sure.”

“I much prefer you,” Noctis replied as he placed a soft kiss on her neck, making Luna giggle.

“That tickled.”

“Oh, did it?” Noctis teased, and before Luna could respond, the man peppered her neck with gentle pecks. The blonde squeaked and started to struggle against her husband’s arms as she tried to free herself and reign in her uncontrolled laughter.

“Noctis!” she whined. Finally, she was able to break free from his hold and she gave him a glare. The dark-haired man stared back at her with the same intensity. They held their gazes for several seconds, neither faltering, before Luna couldn’t stop her smile and they both burst into laughter. Luna calmed her breathing and beamed at him. Stepping closer, she leaned up to place a lingering kiss on his soft lips before entering their room once again. Luna looked back, and saw Noctis staring doe-eyed at her. Oh, what an adorable man, she thought fondly, her chest swelling with warmth. “Well? Come on in. I started the coffee maker earlier. I’m sure it’s done by now. We could also eat some leftovers of the dessert we had last night.”

Noctis blinked and snapped out of his trance. Smiling, he nodded. “Be right there, Luna,” he said quietly, almost a whisper, and followed her into the room.

Sorry for shit writing I literally thought of it while doing this post omg sobss
Hope you liked it, though, as short as it is! ( Q u Q )v Have a great day, y’all ♥

you’re my achilles heel

A/N: So this is my first ever B99 or Jake x Amy fic so I really hope that I’ve managed to not go completely OOC and I hope you enjoy it.


She gets the call just past eleven. She’s curled in bed and she’s got a fresh bowl of popcorn and half a season of The Bachelor left to watch. “Oh, come on.” She whines. “You said you’d at least try and spend a few hours out without calling me.”

“But I love you.” He half-yells, it comes out slurred. Amy’s pretty sure Charles’ dragged him back to that strange German pub that he’d had his and Genevieve’s last anniversary at. She can recognize the clinking of the jukebox and the indistinguishable sound of ‘murder music’. “You should comen join us, Ames.”

“Can’t.” She says. “I just got settled in with my popcorn and wine.”

“Are you watching the bachelor?” Jake tries to whisper, sounds hurt. “Without me?” She thinks she hears Charles say something but she can’t make it out.

“Why are you whispering?” She asks, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“Shame, Amy.” He sing-songs. “Shame’s why.”

“Oh, god, you’re getting weird.” Amy retorts. “How about you go have fun with the guys  and text me when you guys are downstairs I’ll help you up the staircase.”

“You’re the bestest,” Jake yells. “I love you! You and I should definitely-”

She doesn’t get to hear the rest of his sentence and honestly, she’s not sure she wants to. It would not be normal.

She gets a text three episodes, two full bowls of popcorn, and much more wine than she’d ever care to admit later.

Hw come whenvr you call m yihb look s u party?

She almost chokes on a kernel. “What?” She blurts out because she’s starting to think she might be drunk. She texts back, You okay?

I thnk I had a wee bot t much.

Dude. You’re hammered.


She texts Terry, How bad is it?  

But, 🤷‍♂️🐄 xoxo, the chuckster is all she gets back from his end.

She’s mentally preparing herself for tomorrow when she curls back up into a ball and presses play on her current episode. She manages to finish the most part of the season before the next text from Jake.

Im home loveyou youre so cooool Iloveyou

“Oh god.” Amy winces. She’s almost one hundred percent certain he’s going to wake up sick tomorrow morning and that’ll it make it the third time this year she’s had to take care of him.

She approaches the front door with utmost silent, being extremely cautious and making sure she doesn’t even come near the creakiest of the floorboards. She waits by the front door a minute, two, five, fifteen almost before she hears giggling coming from the opposite side.

Apparently, he’s leaning up against the door, and when she goes to open it he loses his balance and falls right down into her and she falls with him.

She wants to be frustrated. She really does, but Jake’s giggling is ridiculous and contagious and so she just joins in instead. “Hey there.”

“Amyyyyy.” He sighs, tugging at a loss strand of her from her ponytail and moving it all around her face. “Hmmm.” He sighs. “Your hair is so so soft. And it smells like cherries!” He pauses, and she can tell he’s trying his best to keep a straight face. “I need to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.” She has no idea where this is going. He pulls himself up, looking insanely serious.

“How come,” he begins, “how come you never let me shampoo your hair..?”

“Oh no.” She rolls her eyes. “You’ve been spending way too much time with Charles.” She stands up. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“I’m being serious, Ames, I want to shampoo your hair. It’s so soft.” He shakes his head, throws his hands up into the air. “Why is this shirt so itchy?!”

She sighs. “Did you have a goodnight?”

“Obviously, guys night, duh, we arm wrestled and watched the game and drank tons of beer.”  

“You guys talked about your feelings and danced to Salt N’ Peppa didn’t you?”

“What? No! What? Obviously not I can’t believe you’d even suggest… ” He sighs, rubs his fingers against the side of his temple. “It was just one song.”

“You would’ve loved it, Amy.” He says, nodding his head vigorously as she drags him across the hall. “This enormous guy just bumped straight into me in the middle of my tequila shot. So I just stared him down and he apologized and walked away.”

She tugs at his shirt, and he wiggles his eyebrows. “Detective Santiago!” He says, shaking his head disapprovingly. “I can’t believe you’d try to take advantage of me in my current state of mind.”

“Yeah, right.” She scoffs. “You wreak of alcohol, you need a shower.”

“You know, we did five and a half tequila shots.” She shuffles him into the bathroom while he talks, making sure his voice doesn’t get too loud.

His eyes suddenly light up as he pulls his shirt off. “Sarge sang achy breaky heart.”

“If you really love me, you’d have taken a video.” He leans in and presses a kiss to the edge of her lips, sloppy and with a tequila aftertaste. He waves his phone in front of her face. “All four minutes of it.”

She leans in and presses a quick kiss to his lips. “Best husband ever.”

“Don’t I know it.” He grins, then he’s wiggling his eyebrows again. “You know… I could always use some company in the shower.”

“No way,” Amy says. “Are you forgetting what happened the last time we tried to do anything other than take a shower in that shower?”

“Ames, if the curtain was gonna rip off the railing, it was gonna rip off the railing, we just encouraged it to live out its dreams.” He starts making his way towards the shower.

He really needs to get some rest.

He turns to face her, to continue rambling, and trips instead, lands front first onto the fluffy bathroom mat. It’s still hard and Amy flinches at the sound. They both freeze, waiting for a sound.

“Maybe she didn’t hear.” He whispers. “Maybe-”


Amy turns to face him, gives him a sly smile before pushing past him to the bedroom. “Your turn!.”  

“Hey!” Jake laughs, pulling at the waist of her old Cookie Monster pajama pants. She reluctantly comes to a halt, turning to face the two of them.

Katie stumbles out of her bedroom, pulling her faded pink blanket behind her, Mrs. Cuddles (Her favorite teddy bear. The first thing Jake and Amy had bought her together)  in tow. She looks up at Jake with a frown. “Daddy your hair.” She says lazily, pointing up at it. “It’s wet.”

“It is,” Jake says solemnly, nodding his head.

“Why don’t we let daddy get dressed and then we can read you a story, hmm?” Amy says, taking her hand. He stumbles out into the bedroom before closing the door.

“Ames, I’ll be right there.” He says through the walls.

Amy grins as Katie tugs at her shirt. “Is daddy okay, mommy?”

“Your dad just likes to be silly sometimes, sweetie,” Amy assures her, scoops her up into her arms and carries her to the door.

“Daddy, we comin in.”

“We’re coming in.” Amy corrects her, pushing the door open.

“Amy!” He squeals. “Help I’m stuck in my pajama pants!”

“Why don’t you wait on the bed for us, okay?” Katie nods and slips over to the bed, dramatically throwing herself onto it. Yeah, she definitely got that from Jake.

“God, Ames, I’m way too old for shots.” He tells her once that disaster is perfectly taken care of.

“Yeah, I could’ve told you that.”

“Okay, sweetheart,” Jake tells Katie. “Let’s get you back to bed, alright?”

Katie wiggles off the bed, stands in the doorway, “I wanna stay up and eat ice cream.” She says decidedly. “Please mommy.”

Amy shakes her head, turns to Jake expecting him to back her up, but he instead he shoots her his infamous puppy dog eyes. “Yeah… please mommy.”

“Nope.” Amy says, popping the ‘p’. She punches Jakes’ shoulder. Gives him a look.

It means shut the hell up.

Dear Journal,

Hey, It’s Teddy. Today James Sirius and I went out for a date. I was going to go pick him up with my motorbike at his house and we would go for a walk in the park and get ice cream. I woke up and started making breakfast to suprise my dads. They always do it for me and for once I was up before them! While I was cooking, Sirius entered the kitchen with his pyjamas and his bed hair on.

“Goodmorning dad. Breakfast will be ready soon!” I said, smiling to him.

“Smells delicious love.” He said, kissing my head. “Remus and I might stay in bed today.. He’s a bit exhausted and sad since the full moon’s coming up.” He added.

“Oh.. Do you want me to stay at home and help you around?” I asked.

“No! Don’t change your plans for us. Go on your date and I’ll take care of Remus.” Sirius said.

“Okay, is he awake?”

“Yes, do you want to go give him his breakfast?” Dad smiled.

I nodded and took the tray. I had stolen a flower from the garden to put it beside his plate. He always liked flowers and It could maybe brighten up his day. I came in their room and he was snuggled into a big gryffindor grey hoodie.

“Hey dad.” I smiled.

“Oh goodmorning Teddy.” He said, yawning. “Is..Is that for me?” He asked, noticing the tray full of fruits, bacon and eggs.

“It is. I made it myself.” I said, proudly.

“Oh baby c'mere, you’re adorable. Thank you love.” He said, picking up a slice of apple.

“I should go now or i’ll be late picking up James.” I said.

“Oh have fun honey. Tonight I want cuddles!” He said, giving me a hug and a kiss.

“Okay. I got to go! Bye!” I said, waving them goodbye.

I hopped on my motorbike and picked up James Sirius at his.

“Wow! I never thought that one day my very hot boyfriend would come and pick me up on his badass motorbike.” He giggled shyly.

“I never thought that one day I would pick up my very cute boyfriend with my badass motorbike.” I laughed as he sat behind me.

I handed him his helmet and he wrapped his arms around my thorso. We drove to the park and picked up our ice cream cones at our favorite ice cream truck. We walked hand in hand and sat down on a bench under this beautiful pink flowered tree. James snuggled closer to me and licked his ice cream.

“You have ice cream on your nose.” I said, smiling at how adorable he was.

He crossed his eyes to try and look at the tip of his nose. I brushed it off and lick my finger as he giggled.

And then, we heared it. This small kitten noise.

“What was that?” James said.

“You heared it too?”


And we looked under the bench to find this small ginger kitten. She was shaking and so scared. I picked her up, not thinking about her being sick or something. She was so cold. I removed my vest and wrapped it around her small body.

“She’s so cute..” James Sirius said.

“Let’s take her home, she’s freezing.” I said.

James Sirius layed her inside his sweatshirt so she would be warm during the ride home. When we arrived, Remus and Sirius were watching a movie in the living room.

“Look what we found under a bench.” James Sirius said as they kneeled down next to us.

“A cat?” Sirius said, suspicious.

“Dad it’s a poor abbandonned kitten.. She was freezing out there.” I said.

“I’ll go get her some milk.” Remus said, walking to the kitchen.

He came back and set a small bowl of milk next to the kitten. She wasn’t shaking anymore so I guess that means she was warmer. I made her a small bed in a warm blanket and we just looked at her being cute.

“Padda..” i said.

“We’re not having a cat!” He said.

“Oh come on! Please dad look at her.. she has no home.. and no family..” I said.

“Sirius..” Remus said, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Please Padda..” I said, giving him the puppy eyes.

He looked at me. Then at the kitten. Then back at me.

“Fine! But you have to take care of her!” He said.

“Yes! Oh Thank you dad! I love you!!” I said, giving him a hug and billion of kisses on his face.

“How are you going to name her?” Remus said, smiling.

“Belle.” I smiled, taking her in my hands.

“Teddy she’s our daugther!” James laughed.

She meowed and snuggled into my hand.

“I have to admit that she’s cute.” Sirius said, petting her.

That night, I gave Remus the cuddles I promised him. Except he also had a kitten to cuddle. Now our family consisted of me, Sirius, Remus, James Sirius, thunder and Belle.


Cuddling (Reaction)

G-Dragon: It was cold, and the freezing temperatures gave you all the more reason to curl up into him. Of course, this would immediately cause Jiyong to happily provide his upper arm as a pillow to pull you in close. He would run his hand down your side tenderly, affectionately pressing your forehead to his. “You’re too far…” (“Jiyong, I can’t breathe…”) “Hm? I can’t hear you~” he would coo while kissing your forehead. 

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 Taeyang: As you were setting dishes back into their respective places, Youngbae was observing you like a hawk waiting for the perfect time to strike. The moment you set down the last piece of china, he would scoop you up in his arms and tackle you onto the couch, all the while squeezing your body like a huge teddy bear. “Let’s watch a movie, babe.” (“Honey, how can I when your body is covering everything?”) “Well, Honey, how else would I cuddle?" 

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Seungri: "You know… Pandas are super soft and cute and totally huggable,” the man would bring up to you every time you wear one of his shirts to bed. “Then maybe we should go to the zoo some day,” you would reply, completely unfazed by his act. Pouting, Seungri would follow you under the covers, whining like an attention-deprived puppy. Lightly laughing, you would react by pulling him closer to you, catching him off guard as you wrap your arms around his waist. 

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 Daesung: Daesung was not a morning person. And neither were you. So when light began trickling in through the window, both of you groaned. You were about to get up when Daesung suddenly pulled you up against him, catching you off guard by cutely nuzzling your neck. In turn, you would allow yourself to become enveloped by the singer, letting him hug you the way he wanted to. It was going to be a very blissful morning. 

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 Seunghyun: He wasn’t home yet, and you were alone under the covers, thinking about the lack of body heat next to you. Suddenly you felt a hard chest against your back, and long arms wrap around your torso. Immediately sinking into Seunghyun’s body, you would let the calm wash over you as his legs would tangle with yours. Resting your hands on his arms, you would tilt your head back to meet his lips with your own.

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Channie, 42 + 9!

“Chanyeol…” You muttered, burried underneath a plethora of pillows and your boyfriend’s limbs. “I can’t breathe, you’re on top of me.”

“Who needs to breathe when you have me to cuddle with?” Your eyes peeked through the rubble to find Chanyeol’s toothy grin and smiling eyes.

You wiggled and writhed your way out of Chanyeol’s grasp, earning a dissatisfied pout from him.

“Oh, come on (y/n), you said you could cuddle with me tonight.” He whined and shot you his best smoulder.

“That was before I knew you were going to cut off my oxygen supply and lay directly on top of me.” You shot a glare at him right back and crossed your arms.

Chanyeol pursed his lips further.


You squealed as he scooped you up into his arms in a flash, whisking you off the bed and plopping you ungracefully onto a bean bag on the ground near the door.

“Until you are willing to snuggle, no bed for you.” He teasingly pointed his finger at you and smirked.

“Park Chanyeol, you better not be threatening me,” You reached behind you and grabbed a pillow, aiming it at his head as he towered above you.

“Too bad.” Chanyeol stuck out his tongue at you, and if you didn’t know any better you would’ve thought he was five years old. “You’re banished until you promise snuggles.”

“You can’t banish me! It’s my bed too!” You wailed, chucking the pillow from your arsenal at him.

He ducked his head to the side to avoid your accurate throw.

“Maybe if you ask Oppa nicely, he will let you back into the bed without suffocating snuggles.” Chanyeol gave you a mischievous grin.

You huffed in contempt, blowing a stray piece of hair from your bangs as you crossed your arms.

You wanted the bed, and to be honest, you did want to cuddle, but there was a line between soft snuggling and straight up teddy-bear death grip.

You sighed.

“Chanyeol, Oppa,” You brought your hands up to your face in your best attempt at aegyo. “I promise not to shove you away if you promise not to be so rough, okay?”

Chanyeol’s expression melted and he gave you a cheeky grin that almost reached his big ears. He quickly ran over to the bed and patted the spot next to him, beckoning you like an excited puppy.

You got up and skipped over to the bed, nestling yourself beside Chanyeol’s frame. You pushed your back against his chest and pulled the soft covers up to your neck.

“Next time, just stop sprawling yourself out on top of me.” You gave him one last pout as he reached behind him to turn out the light. “I am not your personal plushie.”

Your vision went dark as the lamp was shut off, and you felt chanyeol’s breath against your neck as he chuckled behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, effectively spooning you.

“Then next time,” He whispered into your ear, voice dropping several octaves.

“Stop being so darn cute.”

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Same gif, different story :D Phew, this was another easy one for me because pouty chanyeol is best chanyeol. I hope it was fluffy enough to satisfy you, dear anon!~ (Still working on the ones in my inbox guys, so please don’t worry if yours doesn’t come out right away)


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How about headcanons of the big cinnamon rolls ((Sakura, Nidai, Gonta, maybe Gozu too?;;; Gozu is a cinnamon roll but idk if DR3 anime is allowed;;;)) with a small, shy, and quiet S/O?

Hehe of course it is Anon ^^ Big cinnamon rolls need more love ^_^

Request: Sakura, Nidai, Gonta and Gozu with a small, shy and quiet S/O

Sakura Oogami:

- She honestly didn’t mind that you were very quiet

- She still found you extremely adorable

- You’d often go with her to train but you just ended up watching her seeing as there was no way you could keep up with her

- “Wow! You’re so amazing Oogami - san!”

- You’d constantly compliment her on her strength which would always lead to the two of you going out for a nice protein shake

- She’d often kiss the top of your head which would always cause you to blush

- You’d pretend to hate it when she offers you a piggy back ride but you lowkey love it

- You also really love cuddling up to her, she’s like a big teddy bear

Nekomaru Nidai:

- He always takes you to TRAINING

- He would encourage you to try and push yourself but would always hover close by incase you’d hurt yourself

- He would invite you to every game and make sure you get the front row seat and a pass to see him at the breaks

- If you did come and see him, he’d literally yell at his team saying how amazing you are


- You just kind of.. Awkwardly stand there rubbing the back of your head trying your hardest not to turn bright red

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He loved going outside, each time you would join him, he’d tell you all about his favourite places to find the most beautiful insects

- “S/O - san/kun! Would you like to go on something like a treasure hunt with Gonta?”

- “I’d love to Gonta - kun!”

- He flashes you the biggest smile before getting you a little magnifying glass and a hat

- “Huh? Why the hat?”

- “Gonta wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, the sun is out today so you’d be in risk of getting a sun stroke!”

- Why are you so cute Gonta - kun

- He would hold your hand the entire time which would cause a permanent blush to form on your cheeks

- “Up there!”

- “Huh? Is it on the highest branch?”

- “Can you not see?”

- You shake your head before attempting to jump up to see

- Before you hit the ground again you feel yourself being lifted up until you’re eye level with the branch

- “Woah… Thanks Gonta - kun!” 

Great Gozu:

- Just like Nidai, he’d make sure to get you a front row seat to each game you went to

- He’s happy that you’re so keen to see his successes but he’s slightly scared that the crowd might literally crush you

- That’s why he makes sure to get you a special pass whenever he can

- You honestly feel tiny compared to him, I mean, he’s like a tower!

- … But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great (haha) cuddle partner

- You’re the only person allowed to remove his mask

- Even though he literally has to bow down to you so you can reach it

- You always compliment him on how handsome he is without it but he just chuckles and starts pointing out all the best things about you

Idol Couple with Taehyung

And it is time for my love, my bby, my itty bitty ball of squish whose legs are longer than a bad movie, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Backstory time bc backstories are cute as fuck
  • You two meet when you two are MCs together
  • You know how he did that lil show with Sujeong where it was just them and they went over like the top music videos/songs or something like that
  • That’s the type of show you two do together
  • It’s just you two (and the crew of course) and a lil tiny puppy off in the corner that you both spend about an hour cooing over
  • Both of you are already fans of the other's group  
  • You’re already nervous bc MC but then you learn that tae’s gonna be your partner and it’s just well shit
  • You don’t know this part but he’s just as !!!!
  • Bc he’s got a lil crush on you, from seeing you perform and in interviews and backstage
  • He has his moments of being shy and you bring those moments out of him when you two are MCing together
  • He’s all good until you look at him and then his mind kinda just focuses in on the fact that you’re looking at him
  • Does he look okay is his hair messed up is there something on his face or are you just being polite and looking at him while he talks
  • You know how sometimes when he gets shy, he smiles but he bites his lip to hide it and sometimes he does this shy lil laugh
  • That’s him off camera
  • Bc he has no idea how to flirt or how to be subtle about it
  • Plus he’s trying to figure out if you think of this as just a business thing where you both just happened to be together or do you think of it as friendly too
  • He can still talk to you bc even shy tae is pretty outgoing?? like there are lil pauses here and there where he kinda needs a second to chill but then it’s all good
  • On camera though, the V side of him kicks in and he’s able to be all outgoing and his usual puppy self
  • You find it endearing that he gets a bit shy when you talk to him
  • As the day goes on, he loosens up a ton and can actually talk to you without turning !!! 
  • You two get along really well and it’s pretty obvious that both of you aren’t thinking of this as just business anymore
  • When everything is being wrapped up, he asks for your number to keep talking and maybe hang out soon
  • Things just go from there
  • The daily texts turn from kinda flirty ?? is it flirting or is he just being friendly?? to oh okay this is actual flirting I’m down
  • Texts turn into calls, calls turn into late night meet ups at small cafés
  • The platonic affection turns into romantic affection, holding hands, kissing cheeks, hugs that last too long to be strictly platonic
  • It all happens really naturally and effortlessly and the next thing you know, he’s your boyfriend
  • Okay but tae would honestly be s u c h a good boyfriend
  • He just wants cuddles and love and laughter 
  • Cuddles you every single time he sees you
  • He has to have his hello hug maybe a kiss, it can be quick if you’re busy but he needs it
  • It isn’t rare for you two to sneak off backstage, away from the cameras so you can have a lil cuddle session
  • Maybe talk about your days, what the other missed while they were gone etc.
  • Maybe just simply hold each other and whisper quiet lil “good luck, you’ll do amazing”
  • Lil signals for when you two are both on stage and can’t talk but still wanna communicate
  • Still interacting even though you’re supposed to be lowkey
  • But tae can kinda get away with it since he’s pretty friendly but you do have to limit it
  • You both get so excited when the other wins something
  • The second it’s announced bts has won, tae just looks over at you and smiles bc holy shit did you hear that his group won is this real life
  • Late night ice cream dates
  • All the blurry selfies you can handle
  • They’re never uploaded (until after the relationship is public) but he has hundreds on his phone and so do you
  • Similar to Jimin, literally no one is surprised when the relationship is announced
  • Everyone knows and has known since the MC thing happened bc he was giving you that look you get when you see your crush and you were lowkey doing the same thing
  • Tae would probably require the least amount of time to go public bc he seems like a really open person and I don’t feel like he’d like to keep such a huge thing hidden
  • Bc when he’s in love, he is in l o v e, he seems like someone who falls really hard and it’s hard to hide that
  • Especially when he just wants to squeeze you and kiss you and cuddle you and tell everyone that you’re his lil bby teddy bear
  • You both post pictures to announce it since that’s a pretty easy way to go
  • Side note, after it’s all public, you two are constantly seen together
  • You know those lil twitter videos they do, you’re in those all the time
  • It could be something super cute like him filming the two of you walking along bc he thinks it’s really fucking adorable that your feet are in sync with his
  • But it could also be just him kissing your cheek, maybe just showing the outfits you two are wearing that happen to match or maybe he tries to subtly show off the fact that you’re wearing his jacket it’s all up to him and how he feels that day
  • And whenever he misses you, he posts a video of him cuddling the small teddy bear you got for him
  • “Missing my actual teddy bear but this one will do”
Dear Journal,

Today was a foggy and rainy day. I was making breakfast with Teddy when Sirius woke up. He had a pillow mark printed on his cheekbone and it made Teddy and I laugh.

“Goodmorning dad.” Teddy said, leaving a kiss on his father’s cheek.

“Goodmorning my loves. It’s raining again? Merlin I swear someone put a raining spell over London!” Sirius laughed.

“Maybe, but that means Movie day in pyjamas!” Teddy said.

“Oh I really need a movie and cuddle day.” I said, laying the eggs on the 3 plates.

“And there’s something I wanted to talk to you guys about.” Sirius smiled.

“What is it?” Teddy asked, as we all sat at the table.

“You know, since I got my promotion at the hospital, I’ve been able to put more money on the side for an eventual trip or emergency and I realized that I had a lot saved up and I had an Idea.” He smirked.

“Tell us!” I said, excited to hear what he had in mind.

“I’ve been looking around and found this beautiful cottage in the forest. It’s built by a lake and has two rooms and I thought it would be great to have some off times here and there together? We almost finished paying this house and it would be nice to have another home in a quiet place. It could also be helpfull during full moons.” Sirius said, showing us the beautiful little house near the lake.

It was charming. I could see myself there, reading a book by the lake with Teddy and Sirius swimming.

“Pads, This is beautiful! You really think we can afford it?” I asked, knowing my job at our library didn’t get me a lot of money.

“I have a lot saved and I still have money from my old bank my parents had made to me. It could be wonderful to have a cottage.” He said.

“It looks amazing dad! Are we going to buy it?” Teddy asked, excited.

“Well I’ve emailed the lady and she said she was saving it for us, i just wanted to ask you guys since this is a family thing.” Sirius smiled.

“I think this is a great idea!” I said, giving Sirius a big kiss.

“Yes! It’s going to be so great!” Teddy said, hugging the both of us.

“You and your crazy ideas!” I whispered in Sirius’ ear as he laughed.

“What’s life without a little risk?” He winked, saying his iconnic punch line.

“But babe.. I feel bad because I don’t make enough money to pay all that.. I can barely pay the roof on our heads..” I said, looking down.

“Baby I don’t care about that.. I just want you two to be happy. And money is just a number, don’t worry about that love.” He said, kissing my forehead and making me smile.

“There’s your beautiful smile.” He said, making me smile even more.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.” He smiled, kissing me.

We ate breakfast together and watched a movie with popcorn. Teddy was often checking his phone to text James Sirius since he was at home. Sirius would check what they were talking about from the corner of his eyes while the movie played.

“Don’t sneek on him..” I whispered in Sirius’ ear.

Sirius smirked and I unconsciously also took a glance at Teddy’s phone to see him receive this picture from James Sirius. Let’s say his shirt was off and he was a bit sweaty from working out. Sirius and I instantly looked away as Teddy changed position on the couch so we couldn’t see his phone anymore. Sirius and I looked at him once more and he was smiling down at the picture.

“Merlin I wish we had those in back in the 70’s.. I would’ve sent you many of those.” Sirius whispered to me, making both of us giggle.

When the movie ended, Sirius and I asked Teddy if he wanted to watch the sequel of it.

“Oh.. hum.. Actually I’ll be at James Sirius’. He asked me to come over. Is that okay?” He asked.

Sirius and I looked at eachother and tried to hold our giggles.

“Sure! But take your raincoat with you, it’s raining a lot.” I said.

“Okay. I’ll come back tommorow morning so we can go visit the cottage okay?” He asked, his backpack already on his back.

“Okay. Have fun!” Sirius winked.

Teddy left and we started laughing.

“Well, I don’t want to be in the house with those two teenagers around.” Sirius joked.

“Oh stop it! We were just like them!” I laughed.

“So? Next movie?” Sirius said, pressing the remote.

I snuggled closer to him and he wrapped his arm around me. Tommorow we were going for a visit of our cottage. I couldn’t wait to have our peacefull place just to ourselves. Our safe place.

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Ninajgo Headcanon about Cole and his interaction with Sensei Yang

(Semi-spoilers for Season 5 ahead)

Small Background Story:

Ever since the Day of the Departed where Cole turned back into a human and purified the Airjitzu Temple, Cole has been going off to the room where Yang taught his students and meditating there to communicate with Yang and tap into the fraction of ghost that remains with him. Cole tends to go to Yang for advice when he is troubled or just to talk to sometimes. He has sort of become a father figure for Cole, but Cole wouldn’t say it’s that extreme. It took a long while for the ninja to figure out that he was doing this and each one has their own reaction.


-Was the last one to discover Cole’s interactions with Yang

-Thought it was kind of odd how the one who tried to turn them into ghosts is now talking with Cole as a friend and he assumed it was just because they were both ghosts at one point. He got over this by figuring that he couldn’t change his opinion on it and was fine with Cole meditating in the dojo, but not fine with Yang

-Kai normally has a nice deep sleep most nights but one night he was awoken by Jay talking in a pretty loud tone, disregarding the people asleep. But as he got up, he heard more of the ninja’s voices talking in their normal tones, and curious he got up (sluggishly), worked on his hair, and left for the hallway. After having a discussion with the rest of the ninja he found out about Cole’s talks with Yang and asked a couple of questions at first but he trusted Cole so he didn’t mind too much


-The third person to find out about Cole’s contact with Yang

-At first he was sort of… shocked, thinking that the place was haunted at first, but then he realized that he has done some questionable things before so he grew to respect and understand it, and also that it wasn’t really haunted in a bad way.  However he was surprised that Yang was helping them after trying to enslave him and his ninja friends by turning them into ghosts, but realized that people that were once evil can turn good, Garmadon is an excellent example of that

-He first found out when we was going to go talk to Nya about how he couldn’t sleep and just have a small chat maybe (Nya would’ve probably just kick him out of her room and tell him to go get a different teddy bear or something to cuddle) but Jay found that Nya wasn’t in her room and when he was about to freak out and probably scream about how Nya’s missing Nya came up from behind him and shushed him and then explained everything about why she was up to visit Cole and ask him about his talk with Yang since it was new to her and of course in the process explaining Cole and Yang’s chats together


-He started to see Yang for advice shortly after the Day of the Departed where he was not exactly used to his new ghostly scar and sought advice for it, and who better than the one who turned him into a ghost in the first place

-He had noticed that the formerly evil sensei had been very hospitable to Cole and his ninja team when they took a footing in the Airjitzu Temple, and Yang had been especially kind to him when he communed with him

-At first it was just for advice on a decision he was struggling with or how to act in a certain situation but after a while he just started going to Yang sometimes during the day instead of only at night to just talk to when he is bored or just needs to vent out some anger, and Yang was perfect for this

-Of course Cole just considered Yang as a friend but Yang acts more like a father figure to Cole because sometimes he just seems… lost. Thus he comes to Yang for help which makes the sensei feel significant since he serves a purpose and he know he won’t be forgotten by Cole, at the very least. He used to concern himself with what the other ninja may think at first but he has seen that they have grown to understand Cole and Yang’s connection. Of course none of the other ninja or even Cole himself would say that Yang was a father figure to Cole and that title for Yang would be a bit extreme


-The first to find out about Cole’s chats with Yang

-He understood why right away realizing Cole’s past as a ghost and understanding his personality and position in all of this

-He had found out when he realized that Cole had been leaving his room at night randomly since Cole’s room is right next to his. At first he thought not to intrude on his business but he then thought back on how they were all a team and they shouldn’t keep secrets from one another

-He confronted Cole about it when Cole was walking to the dojo once, Zane catching him on his way to the room and talking to him about it. Eventually Zane got Cole to open up about it and try not to be stealthy about it, hence the others hearing Cole’s footsteps (since Cole isn’t trying to hide it anymore) and finding out about it at their own times


-The fourth one to find out about the contact between Cole and Yang

-He completely understood it although but needed a bit of an explanation of who Sensei Yang was since he of course was not present at the temple and since it was Cole’s explanation he made it sound good. He also understood it from the perspective of how much he leaned on his father for support and advice after he became good and started to help the ninja

-Found out when he heard Zane’s door creak once and decided to investigate since Zane never left his room since they have declared the Airjitzu temple as a base. When he investigated he found Zane heading upstairs which he followed and this led to Zane waiting outside the Yang’s dojo. Lloyd asked why he seemed to be waiting for something and what he was waiting for leading to Zane explaining everything with Cole and Yang which he understood from his perspective with him and his father


-The second to find out about Cole and Yang’s talks

-She at first thought it was a bit odd but learned to accept it and think about his side of things, after all she probably couldn’t change his thoughts about it anyway. She had first learned about Yang after the ninja came back from the Airjitzu temple and explained the story since she of course was not their

-Some nights she heard footsteps that were definitely one of the ninja (she knows them very well) but decided it was probably Kai going to tend to his hair or Jay going to get something to drink. But after a while it just seemed off and after a while the footsteps sounded too loud to be Jay or Kai’s, she realized after a while, so she decided to investigate. She was surprised to see Cole and asked him questions, leading to Nya learning about Cole’s contact with Yang

-She decided to stay away from Yang’s dojo because she was afraid she might accidentally kill him by maybe getting spooked and then immediately reacting with water

-She wonders what would happen if she splashed water on his ghostly scar, would it hurt him immensely or even…? No, no, she didn’t need to think about that, there would never be a time where she splashed the scar… hopefully