cuddle up to a teddy maybe

Couldn’t sleep, so I finally got this done for you m'love! Again I wrote this on my phone, so I’ll make some edits and such in the morning! @edwardthreeway

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo” Sam Drake x Reader

Jerking a little woke you.

When you woke, you looked around the room in slight confusion. You don’t remember being on this far end of the sofa, in fact, you don’t remember falling asleep on Sam’s lap. The last thing you remember is sleeping with your legs across his lap and your head on the armrest. But here you are; cuddled up against Sam’s chest, while his arms are wrapped around you like a toddler with a new teddy bear.

When you first started dating Samuel Drake, the last thing you thought of was him being a hugger. Kisser? yeah, but never one for always hugging you, no matter where you are; making dinner, brushing your teeth, sitting at your desk, even laying upright in bed, he always found a way to have his arms around you. It didn’t bother you, it surprised you.

“Sam?” You mumbled against his chest, rubbing your cheek against him since your arms were firmly locked in place on your stomach. Gaining no answer you tilted your head up and chuckled. Sam was knocked out too. Head rolled back against the sofa, his neck completely exposed.

“Your neck is going to hate you.” You whispered.

Tilting your head a little more against his shoulder, you managed to get a better view of his tattoo on his neck; 4 birds flying upwards on his neck, slightly faded clearly indicating he has had them for a long time. You’ve never asked him about it, you always wondered what was the meaning behind them. To you tattoos had to have some kinda meaning, whether it be in remembrance of someone passing, an important achievement in someone’s life or that special day. You never understood people when they got a tattoo “just for the hell of it!”. So what was so significant about this one?

Wriggling a hand free, you feather-lightly run your fingers down his neck, against the tattoo, your eyes studied them. Sam shivered at your touch, making you jerk your hand away slightly.

“You don’t have to stop…” his voice was rough as he slowly woke up “…I like your touch.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you…” you smiled up to him, he promptly shakes his head.

“No no! Don’t apologise.” His voice was groggy as his cheek rests on your crown and his arms tightened around you. He slouches a little to get comfy.


“Hmm?” He mumbles a reply.

“I’ve always wondered…” resting your head on his shoulder again, your run your fingers back down his tattoo “…what’s the meaning behind this tattoo?”

You felt his breath stop a little in his chest, before he let out a sigh and sat up straight. He rolls his head against the back of the sofa and stares up at the ceiling. You started to regret asking him that, clearly there’s a big meaning behind it.

“You don’t have to tell me if-”

“Remembrance…” he cut you of as he continues to stare at the ceiling.

“Remembrance?” You repeated, tilting your head. Making his turn to you.

“I…don’t want to go into huge detail…” his brows furrow a little bit as he looks down.

“You don’t have to.” You smile.

“It…reminds me that even in my darkest times, I’m able to become free from it and choose a new path…” his eyes dart back to you. You furrow your brows at him and he sees the worry in your eyes. He blinks quickly “…you know, some sort of shit like that.” He chuckles, trying to lighten the mood. Your brows still furrowed.

“Sam, if you ever need someone to talk to or help you…” you place a hand on his cheek “…you know I’m here, okay?”

He stares at you for a moment before he smiles “I know you will be…” He chuckles again a little and pushes you down against the sofa, you falling back with a laugh and yell mixed. He’s towering over you now.

“But that’s just a simple meaning behind one of my tattoos.” He smirks down at you.

“One? You mean you have more?” You dart your head up and down his body. He laughs.

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo.” He begins to lean down, your face flushed before a smirk graced your lips.

“I’ll try my best then…” running your hands through his hair “…if not, I’m going to find out what that other tattoo is, one way or another.” You giggle.

“Can’t wait for you to try.” He winks, landing his lips against yours.

Dating Jaebum would include

• him being super jealous when you laugh with the other members
• cuddle sessions on the couch wrapped up together in a blanket cocoon, eating snacks and watching some lame ass shows
• always kissing your earlobe and muttering ‘i love you’ in your ear
• holding hands in public to show everyone that you’re his girl
• spoiling you with meaningful little gifts
• puts his cologne on your stuffed teddy he won for you at the carnival when he’s on tour
• includes late night skype calls and maybe some phone sex
•"I miss you baby girl"
• smiles like an idiot when you fall asleep infront of the camera
• gets back from his tour and surprises you with many gifts
• and sex
• gets you ice cream and flowers after he’s done with practise when you’re on your period
• also when you’re not on your period
• he’d even carry you around the apartment bc you’re his little princess
• him being into you sitting on his lap
• kissing each others cheeks when the other isn’t prepared
• a lot of skinship!!!!
• even in front of his members
• but you two couldn’t car less about their ‘Eeeeeww’s
• taking selcas all the time
• doing weird faces at each other
• bear hugs you when you two are going to sleep
• also a lot of spooning
• sometimes him wanting to be the little spoon
• aegyo all the way!
• you talking about his dream high 2 and dream knight scenes
• and him being super embarassed about it and doing weird noises while kicking the air
• him being dominant af
• daddy kink
• making out on the wall
• shower sex
• lazy morning sex
• vanilla here and there
• you sitting on his face while he eats you out
• him giving you a back massage after a long day of work/school
• and that leads to something more like 99,9% all the time
• you sending him nudes when he’s at practise
• and he’d be like “my kitten needs some punishment i see. i’m coming home right now. face down, ass up on the bed in 3 minutes or i’m not going to touch you for the next 2 weeks”
• and you would just ignore him, putting on the dark red lace he loves so fucking much and waiting for him to come home, lying on your stomach on the bed while munching on some cheetos
• he’d still love the sight though
• but he wouldn’t let you cum all night
• and he wouldn’t touch you for 3 days straight
• so you’d walk around your apartment naked most of the time to seduce him
• and he couldn’t wait any longer
• but the two of you couldn’t even make it out of the kitchen to the bedroom or the couch
• so he’d just fuck you on the kitchen counter
• just thinking of it gets me wet fml
• you waiting for a chance to be the dominant in bed just once!!!!!!!!
• and when the chance comes around you’d handcuff him on the bedpost while he’s asleep
• and you’d wake him up straddling him
• and his face when he sees you sitting on his crotch would be a gift for the gods
• and he would want to flip you over when he noticed the fucking handcuffs he normally used on you while pounding into you from behind and spanking you
• and he would stop himself from moaning and coming right then and there when you sunk down on his cock

Long Distance Relationship

Honestly long distance relationship are so much harder than I thought it would be. Its so hard when you both are in a huge time difference. Both are you are maybe busy with work or school or studies that you barely have a huge amount of time to spend together. In a day you only get to spend like maybe less than 6 hours of talking together for the huge time difference. By the time you woke up, he/she is sleeping and by the time you sleep maybe he/she just woke up. You spend time staying up late on weekends just to talk and see them on Skype. Just talk and seeing them but not being able to hold them yet you can still feel them close to you. Every night before you sleep, you hug your teddy bear or wear he’s shirt to sleep imagining he’s right there sleeping next to you. When you walk on the street or eating at a certain place, you see couples around you, holding hands, cuddling, kissing but all you can do is just wish, wishing they we’re there with you. Meeting them maybe just once a year, that special moment you’re waiting for your whole life at the airport. The time you spend together in a limited amount of time yet you can feel so much love. At some night, you would cry yourself to sleep because you miss them so much. Internet connection may sometimes be a huge problem. So you see, being in a long distance relationship takes up so much effort to stay strong together and to love each other conditionally. But eventually everything is worth it in the end.

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I ship you with Ryan :)

You’d make a nice couple with Adam!

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You groaned as you crawled into bed. It was a long day. Nothing rough just busy and long and all you wanted to do was snuggle.

Adam chuckled and grabbed you once you were close enough and pulled you against him. You instantly melted him. Adam started to rub your back softly.

“I love you,” you mumbled into his chest.

“I love you too,” he hummed and kissed the top of your head.

“I’m so glad my own giant teddy bear is real and here to snuggle me,” you smiled.

“Always here for cuddles,” he paused and you could feel his hands moving, “And maybe for some tickles too.”

“No!” you squealed before giggling as he tickled your sides. “I surrender!”

“You give up so easily,” he shook his head. “I’ll stop though on one condition.”

“Fine!” you agreed. “Whatever you want!”

“A kiss,” he told you dropping his hands.

You nodded and leaned up to kiss him but instead began to tickle his sides.

vox machina cuddling headcanons

Grog has a reputation to uphold as something other than a teddy bear, but he’s actually totally a teddy bear if you catch him at the right moment. Typically when pleasantly drunk, or just after sex. He also doesn’t like to stay put for long, because he tends to overheat quickly.

Pike is smol and warm and the perfect size for snuggling although the plate armor can make it difficult. She may be small but she makes an excellent big spoon and is the best at playing with hair and giving massages (Trinket notwithstanding).

Vex is easy with affection when it comes to her family, a touch here or a kiss there, but isn’t big on full body cuddling. She’d rather sit next to someone, leaning shoulder to shoulder, or maybe sling an arm around them. She’s used to snuggling against Trinket’s side, pressing against his warmth, but not being tangled up in someone else. She needs her freedom of movement.

Trinket is a giant teddy bear and is happy to be a pillow for his momma, his uncle, and the extended family. Especially if they bring him snacks.

Vax pretends to hate cuddling unless it’s done as a joke. He rarely initiates but once he’s comfy good luck ever moving again. Vex is the exception, of course. He’ll loop an arm around her without thinking, and she’ll return the gesture.

Scanlan is very particular. He has a hard time sitting still, and despite his licentious behaviour and willingness banish foes by hugging them, cuddling is a type of intimacy he’s not sure he’s entirely comfortable with. He figures he’d enjoy it with Pike, but he’d enjoy anything as long as Pike was present. 

Tiberius wouldn’t do something as undignified as cuddling. He would, however, curl himself around a friend for warmth or comfort.

Keyleth is extremely physically affectionate and will curl up with anyone anytime. Sometimes she’ll become Minxie first and then lay across someone’s lap, other times she’ll remain Keyleth and just tuck herself against someone’s side. She often initiates.

Percy is an octopus. I mean, he’s human, so realistically he can only have four limbs, but somehow they manage to get everywhere. He almost never actively seeks physical affection, but like Vax, once it’s given and he’s accepted it, have fun untangling yourself.